Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona, La Liga 2020/21 - MATCH PREVIEW

Atlético Madrid face Barcelona at the Wanda Metropolitano on Saturday, in a crucial match at the top of the La Liga table. With the pressure firmly on coach Ronald Koeman to get a victory. There will also be special attention on Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann, who've been in the headlines this week. What will be the outcome?



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Michael P
Michael P:
For me, Dest HAS to start to deal with Carrasco's pace
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny:
We need to win no matter how the performance is these three points are crucial let’s hope the Barca players are on point tmr
Nhlanhla Gumede
Nhlanhla Gumede:
What we need:

1. Passing with intent
2. Outside shots
3. Goals!
Divij mahajan06
Divij mahajan06:
Hoping messi and griezman scoring again
And burning the asses of haters
Huge game...tough game , keep up the unbelievable work Jamie VAMOSSS BOYS cannot wait VISCA EL BARCA...pls give Puig minuites Ronald 🙏🔵🔴❤️
Haneen Hadi
Haneen Hadi:
Barca without messi is like talkfcb without aero.
Bryant Ramirez
Bryant Ramirez:
Here before Aero writes his essay😎😂😂
Russell James
Russell James:
Must win game..Another final so early in the season!
PhiStol TV
PhiStol TV:
That backline gives me PTSD & epileptic shocks at the same time everytime you show the line-up
Garyshan Kethees
Garyshan Kethees:
If Griezmann's form clicks in, our attack will be nearly unstoppable.

Can't wait!😉😁
lunar eclipse
lunar eclipse:
Riqui should play cuzz last season he held his own against them and caused them problems
Finally! The international break is over!
I have not missed an upload since December 2019 😂 it’s been that long since I missed an upload
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona:
Mr Good Ebening could do a big favor to us if he beats Real Madrid.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
When ur so early Aero hasn’t commented
Slayer claps You
Slayer claps You:
Greizmann is a shadow of his former self in atletico
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
Grizi just needs a haircut and he will thrive
Sarfaraz Gill
Sarfaraz Gill:
Jj T
Jj T:
A win tomorrow could turn the season around momentum might be on our side after a win so hopefully we can get it done 💪🏾
Sebastian Ebanks
Sebastian Ebanks:
Negative: I don’t think we can win we will draw. Positive: every time I predict Barcelona not to win we win 😂😂😂
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
This is Griezmann's chance to shine, his last chance against his old club, if he can't do it. It's bench time for the rest of the season sorry.
Really need to get this right...every game is huge both for the league and to instil confidence back in these players which will help hugely in the UCL aswell as league.
Mackwin Dasilva
Mackwin Dasilva:
Coutihno needs to do more outside the box shots like before
Ousman Arbab
Ousman Arbab:
Dest must start this game, Felix is dangerous I think dest will take care of him
Joe Seyi
Joe Seyi:
Jamie, listening to the passion in your voice when delivering these match previews and reviews despite all the disappointments in recent years is truly remarkable. I watch all your videos immediately I get post notifications and I love the way your videos instill passion and confidence about FCB in me. Keep going bro, hope you keep breaking new grounds. Visca el Barca
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles:
I was just chating on your flick chat and got a nottification, cant wait to watch the preview.
Michael A
Michael A:
The big plus is that Busquests won’t play. I would like Dest to play instead of Roberto. I would go for 3-1 Barca, 2 from Lionel Messi and one from Dembele.
Using Dest instead of Roberto atheltico will hit on counter and dest can recover in time
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson:
Griezmann needs to prove his self today , in fact the whole team needs to prove themselves . It's a very BIG match , I am already scared of loosing 😩
Leo GT
Leo GT:
Messi assist griezmann and then Griezmann assist messi after, MY GOD WOULD THAT BE INCREDIBLE 😍😍😍
Edwin ng'ang'a
Edwin ng'ang'a:
i have one fear. aged pique who must play and slow roberto... i wish koeman realises that and goes with dest..
Thabisile Malinga
Thabisile Malinga:
Bro so happy that you still posting contant as usually even thou some us cannot aford to join the membership
I was getting worried when it was past 6pm and this video still wasnt out
ramos is hurt...we have time to get more points
Mounir Mbogo
Mounir Mbogo:
Dest played the classico so why not the derby ?
Jishnu Bhattacharyya
Jishnu Bhattacharyya:
❗️Koeman's full interview ahead of #AtletiBarça

🎙Koeman: "We have to respect players like Leo Messi. Asking him questions about his relationship with Griezmann after a very long trip is very disrespectful."

🎙Koeman: "I have not seen a problem between Leo and Antoine. This is just an attempt from the media to create controversy."

🎙Koeman: "I don't understand why we play games at 9pm! It doesn't help anyone. Teams that play at this time get home very late, especially now since we have matches every 3 days."

🎙Koeman: "I don't see Messi outside Barça. I will not answer any more questions regarding Leo."

🎙Koeman: "It's very important that Pep continues as a coach. He's a reference for all managers, and I'm happy for him. I congratulated him on his renewal yesterday. If he is happy, I'm happy."

🎙Koeman: "We're happy that Coutinho has returned without problems. He's a very important player. We will talk to the medical staff to see if he is fit enough to play tomorrow."

🎙Koeman: "Tomorrow is a very important match, and we must get a good result. The season is still long and many things could happen."

❓Riqui Puig?
🎙Koeman: "Riqui is one of the players that need to work hard in order to get minutes. He has shown that lately by training very well. He will play when he deserves it."

🎙Koeman: "I am going to defend Leo. If I have a 15 hour trip back to Barcelona and I was asked those questions he was asked, I would be frustrated. Again, I hope Messi stays at Barça because what he has done here is extraordinary."

that was all 👍
electa mbuyi
electa mbuyi:
Barça need to get this 3 points no matter any performance against Atletico
matti magongo
matti magongo:
Pedri and De jong are always starting??when will Puig start....
Mostafa Azadegan
Mostafa Azadegan:
FC Barcelona YouTube Video Title: 
They put Messi and Griezmann in the title to shut up the haters.
Paogoulal Kilong
Paogoulal Kilong:
No matter how bad we play,,,i just want the 3 points...Visca El Barca
Royal Yunus
Royal Yunus:
remember Griezmann was the first man to score at the Wanda ...
Karan HD
Karan HD:
Coutinho can bring some serious threat from his shots outside of the box.🤩
Conê Skeyer
Conê Skeyer:
pjanic gives some hope that we could win the game
Frederick Capella
Frederick Capella:
I don't get why we bought a dedicated RB, a pretty damn good 1 so far, only to continue playing a rotational player in Roberto.
Ashfaq Mustapha
Ashfaq Mustapha:
Quickest click ever in my life🤣❤
I really hope Barcelona does not start the game off slow.
Justin Lopez
Justin Lopez:
This going to be a good game
MANpro 107
MANpro 107:
I don't care about the chanpions league winning or any of that stuff, all I want is:
Not get humiliated in the UCL
Have a well built team
Have a confident team
have a stable team
finish in top 2 for La Liga
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
Messi will score mark my words!
I don’t think it won’t be easy game for us. But hopefully we get a win. This will be another challenge for Koeman and the team.
MANpro 107
MANpro 107:
I BEG EMERY TO SOMEHOW BEAT REAL... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
ondela zulu
ondela zulu:
dambouz masterclass incoming.
Kowsik Roy
Kowsik Roy:
I would not raise my expectation high because whenever i raised my expectation we lost or draw..... So Im waiting for a draw or lose😢
Upadh lok
Upadh lok:
I am at nepal and it's 1Am and waiting for jamie video💛💛💛
Lots of love💛💛
This is the weakest barcelona in the last 20 years
PESky Maestro
PESky Maestro:
Let's hope that we can pick up points against Athletico considering their talisman is out (unfortunately)
Shay Gonzales
Shay Gonzales:
We need to be on the front foot and get an early goal or two
Great game,
Camrin Lombard
Camrin Lombard:
I honestly love griezmann he is one of my favorite players I hope he scores and gets back into his top form forca Barca 💙❤️
Saket Tiwari
Saket Tiwari:
It is the first time i have been so early here in the comments! I hope Jamie drops a heart, big fan mate...❤️🇮🇳
Early this timeeee!
Was waiting for thiss!
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
I totally agree with jamies lineup prediction i hope this is gonna be it
Black Boy Play's Chess
Black Boy Play's Chess:
Long live Barcelona.
Long live Jamie.
I would go with Dest over Roberto because we have seen way too much that experience alone DOESN'T win games
lll-Denny-lll HD
lll-Denny-lll HD:
I love going on the toilet and watch talkfcb while taking a dump
Christopher Barthelus
Christopher Barthelus:
We need the pace that dest provides at rb. Roberto is not good enough in defense.
Juan Kitshoff
Juan Kitshoff:
Now I have to watch the game from 10pm😭. I'm supposed to sleep early cause of exams
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
I'm extremely confident in Barça. We've got what it takes.
TTV Ãwêsømë
TTV Ãwêsømë:
We need this win in order to contest
Coby Kenneth
Coby Kenneth:
Barcelona will play well. But my only concern is Felix and how he'd cus a lot of problems in our defense. That's just my fear
marvin walker
marvin walker:
blesi day my friends i would go with dembele ,continou, messi r.puig de jong en pjanic ,dest pique lenglet en secret there is a reason why i would go for r.puig agains j.felix
Mouhamed vamé
Mouhamed vamé:
I'm so happy today I got my exam🙏
Athyia Alna
Athyia Alna:
The reality of this game coming has me shaking in my boots omg. Griezmann is making me so freaking nervous. Alright. I think he should start behind Messi. Focus on keeping possession in midfield, moving the ball around and crating chances. Once we're two up he can go and try to score. We cannot start this game on a bad foot and I don't think he can take the extra pressure. Second half set up some more goals then try to get your own. This is my plan. Signing in from a location completely out of my mind. #forcabarca
Shine banana
Shine banana:
I dont think pedri is that good of a winger, but as a midfielder he is insane
Omar T Vlogs
Omar T Vlogs:
Second to watch boom 💥 Jamie you are the best
jithin p thambi 4049
jithin p thambi 4049:
Feelings at Crt tym
Omkar Barve
Omkar Barve:
Was on your channel, searching for match have spoiled me Jamie bro 😅
George Jen Joseph
George Jen Joseph:
I'm feeling the pressure
Shrizann Acharya
Shrizann Acharya:
We need to win and end that inconsestency
Sleepy Slippy G
Sleepy Slippy G:
We are gonna lose
I have a strong feeling
Hope barca can prove me wrong
Smrutika Panigrahi
Smrutika Panigrahi:
I don't think my heart can take watching this match. Post international break.. Atheleti in the form of their life.. Barca in the worst form of their life. I think I need to work out or meditate or something before this match.
Here before Aero!
Dreamer The Truth Matters
Dreamer The Truth Matters:
Jamie, it's an embarrassing situation we have found ourselves in. The first time to see FCB sitting 💺 at this spot and down with huge points lost.
Ten Musique
Ten Musique:
Your team predicton is spot on 😊, how did you know
I gotta be the first! Yaaay
Darshan Pandya
Darshan Pandya:
Let's Hope for the best ❤️🔴🔵
Harsh.V Singh
Harsh.V Singh:
I can feel that Jamie when Griezmann strikes after combining with messi. Please Grizu and Messi shut up the critics
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Will be a tough one but I think we will edge it 1-2. We need to be disciplined and on job from the get go. Visca el barca
sammy chigunta
sammy chigunta:
We need to win this game tormmew and we need more young blood in the team.
Abdiaziz Osman
Abdiaziz Osman:
Great video Jamie... always love your content prediction is we will win by 2:1
Wow what do you use for this stats Jamie
jeron windeth
jeron windeth:
We need the best of grizemn
Zohaib Afridi
Zohaib Afridi:
It’s a good lineup but I want to see Francisco trincao on rw and countinho on lw.
Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666
Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666:
Yeh guys we ain’t winning this athugtico Madrid is too good this season! Mark my words it’ll be 2-0 to Madrid
Yin Morgan
Yin Morgan:
This is a must win 💯
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff:
I really don’t want Roberto to start but knowing koeman, he will probably choose him.
Leon&Co Gaming
Leon&Co Gaming:
WHAT A GAME! I predict 2-2 though...
Mike's Original
Mike's Original:
Everyone is so worried. I'm very sure we'll win 👍 no matter what.