Attitude and Style: a Conversations with Iris Apfel

Join style icon Iris Apfel and former New York City Ballet member and dance photographer, Steven Caras for this special presentation from the Kravis Center’s 2015-2016 ArtSmart Lunch & Learn series. In this intimate talk, you’ll gain insight into the life and career of Apfel and her colorful road to success. Excerpts from the documentary made about her, titled IRIS, will be viewed and discussed.

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Such an amazing lady. So glad for this opportunity to get to know her. She and her husband are so interesting and talented. Someone to look up to. So sad we can’t all get to know her personally. 💜❤️💕
Marion Williams
Marion Williams:
I truly love love her style!! She's fantastic and been around for a long time so she knows what she's talking about!!!
Esther Gutierrez
Esther Gutierrez:
Iris is my inspiration! I’ve always loved fashion and can relate to her gut feeling of liking something when shopping. When I was in middle school my peers made fun of me for wearing high waisted jeans and now it’s all the rave! I wear lobster print dresses with flamingo earrings and sequin flats and ROCK IT. I don’t care what anyone says or thinks of my clothes as long as I’m happy. Going back to school for interior design this fall after soul searching. I’m weird and proud!
K Z:
This interview is fantastic! So much history of NYC and the decorating community that I’ve never heard about.
Carla Henn
Carla Henn:
Mrs. Appel, you are a national treasure, I've been following you for several years, thank you for sharing your stories.
Angela Zikking - De Groenen
Angela Zikking - De Groenen:
Great interview!
She got a great sense of humour, she's such an interesting lady.
Pitrak Onal
Pitrak Onal:
Thanks for this video, this made my day. I really wanted to get to know this lady better, and now I do. If there is a heaven for me, this is how the angels would dress.
Daphne Diener
Daphne Diener:
Thank you so much for this amazing interview !
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio:
All of us in this chat want to meet Iris: we must all have the same sensibility of breaking the rules. We should get together with each other to have a group which would support us all.
Donna Nancekivell
Donna Nancekivell:
I adore this woman, I would love to spend a few hours with her............Donna in Toronto
Cool Breeeze
Cool Breeeze:
Good stuff 👍👍 I've been on to IRIS for a nice little while so this is a treat surprised i didn't catch this sooner but better late than never.
sherry mcdowell
sherry mcdowell:
A true fashion and design icon! Amazing glad I discovered this interview and thankyou for posting!
Such an absolutely AMAZING lady!! I love her!
Bom dia, por favor tem a versão em português para uma amiga!! Grata !
Patricia Downs
Patricia Downs:
I love seeing jazzy ladies it's the thrill of the hunt finding different things I know I have my own style I will never see anyone wearing what I wear I have alot of clothes and they have a history behind them I'm 68yrs old I've been going to thrift stores since I was in my teens back then they had good quality clothes just couldn't say thrift stores then my mommie taught me I have items dating back 40yrs and are timeless my mind dictates my style
Betty Howell
Betty Howell:
Iris is wonderful I would love to meet her I feel like I know her from watching the clips of her on TV
Ananda Garden
Ananda Garden:
A wonderfully magnetic woman, and a wonderful interviewer. Surely they could have re-miked her to remove the crackle or at least removed it in post (not difficult!!!!!!!!!).
Susan Mercurio
Susan Mercurio:
I wonder what Iris would think about the BHG phase of "neutral colors": beige, white, grey, etc.
Keith Nichols
Keith Nichols:
Ms Apfel comes across as most interesting despite that her microphone is apparently misplaced, and the result is most distracting.
Sherry Kelley
Sherry Kelley:
What a classy lady she is. And so funny.
Tina Rennett
Tina Rennett:
One of my heroes
Jackie Hawley
Jackie Hawley:
Love her!
twerkin the city huh
twerkin the city huh:
Is that sound iris' bones creaking?? Lol jk
Anna Pieropan
Anna Pieropan:
Happiness secret
John T Reddick
John T Reddick:
Please get someone to correct and/or edit your transcript/subtitles "Heintz"... 57 as in the catsup fortune. Astoria and in Queens, NYC, etc.
twerkin the city huh
twerkin the city huh:
Lmao ....."too old to be pregnant & too young to die"!!!!!
Kenneth Carlsen
Kenneth Carlsen:
Enter the dullest interviewer ever!
She looks like a gypsy that stumbled on African cave filled with folk craft. There is nothing stylish about it, it's more of a blob of color (all hues at the same time)