Attorney for Breonna Taylor's family, Ben Crump, on grand jury decision

Ben Crump, the attorney for Breonna Taylor's family, gives his reaction to the grand jury decision not to bring charges related to Taylor's death. One officer was indicted on wanton endangerment for allegedly endangering Taylor's neighbors. Crump also provides an update on her family's reaction.

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John Doe
John Doe:
"Hmm, should I study the case and tell them what ACTUALLY happened, or nah..."
This guy has lost every single major civil rights case. Why do they keep hiring him?
skip slick
skip slick:
Divisiveness shown yet again... Black white black white black white...
John John
John John:
Ben !!!!! you’re her attorney if you don’t know what happened in the quart room you should be fired
Justin Donaldson
Justin Donaldson:
Lamestream media lies is why we're here, made up narrative and lack of facts reported lead to the riots.
Kuro Jorm
Kuro Jorm:
Looks like someone is bucking to be the Al Sharpton for a new generation.
And if you did get 40% you are set for life man.
Gotta get them endz am I right?
Sunshine Coupons
Sunshine Coupons:
These lawyers suck.... Should of waited for you the verdict then sue...
James Hall
James Hall:
Queen Mary I
Queen Mary I:
Ahhh, a person who gets paid professionally by exploiting racism, is getting upset for someone exploiting racism.
2020 - the year of hypocrisy, and learning how to gaslight
Clearly they haven't read any details or court documents
breadstick 90
breadstick 90:
Wasn’t ben crump the same attorney who said George Floyd wasn’t high when he was killed and also said Jacob Blake was an innocent man and trying to break up a fight even though the dude sexually assault his girlfriend who had a restraining order on him.
This dude is obviously not a good lawyer.
Robertlovesmelissa Cruz
Robertlovesmelissa Cruz:
Wasnt this the attorney for the other person who was shot
More brain training from the Washington propaganda machine. Learn to accept no accountability for government. They don't answer to you.
MissQuinne 888
MissQuinne 888:
This man is lying to make money from grieving family’s ..... this man is embarrassing
a. barker
a. barker:
Start the healing. Vote out McConnell. He fingerprints are all over this.
TS 1552
TS 1552:
The KY attorney general is a FOOL.
The Meek Shall Inherit
The Meek Shall Inherit:
Yeah right, $12 million to the lying lawyer and family says it ALL.
Kama Kaze
Kama Kaze:
How does a dead person get due process?
This is stupid
Belkis B.
Belkis B.:
A lawyer that doesn’t respect the law. And getting richer with every lawsuit.
Life is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful:
This man is making BANK! Been a lawyer for some of the biggest cases involving police misconduct
Vincent Aguilar
Vincent Aguilar:
David Johnson
David Johnson:
Lawyer has settled out of court, end of story. 30 pieces of silver. Give it time they are going to be exposed.
lenora perry
lenora perry:
Where Hunter Biden. Where the coverage???? Fake news crimes against the people.
fierro por la 300
fierro por la 300:
Wylene Walker
Wylene Walker:
New wave is about to begin!
I Am Cedric Powell
I Am Cedric Powell:
I want justice for Breonna Taylor I do. But don 't sell me that everything was the police were so bad and the other side was so good. Not a good place to start.
Anthony v
Anthony v:
Voice Of The Composer
Voice Of The Composer:
Crumb is no good. Like he's the only attorney out there. This guy is shady from the word go.
Mega Raichu
Mega Raichu:
Breonnas boyfriend shot at the cops and they shot back he got her killed
Ms Amy
Ms Amy:
Where did this guy get his law degree, a barbershop?
Honest question: Why is this man ALWAYS the attorney for these cases? Are there no other lawyers available? He is the default hire in every's bizarre. And not particularly impressive/persuasive.
fred bear
fred bear:
He said she said.
Regina Maddox
Regina Maddox:
Afro Mamba
Afro Mamba:
1:32 he failed to mention that there were bullets coming FROM Breonna’s apartment
2020 Vision
2020 Vision:
Southern hustler.
Cripy Leaf
Cripy Leaf:
Ben crump is the embodiment of feelings over facts.
Regina Maddox
Regina Maddox:
Deborah Leroy
Deborah Leroy:
It makes me wonder too why this officer wasn't charged. There is something not being shared with the public.
Damon Hayden
Damon Hayden:
Gale needs to stop talking about the cops its about Breonna just like she done Coby
Strong odor
Shaun Hensley
Shaun Hensley:
Raids need to go.
alpha alpha
alpha alpha:
Stop expecting justice from a demonic system built for devil
Smith Smith
Smith Smith:
From yesterday from the Police Tribune: “Police reports showed that Taylor and Glover ended two phone calls from the jail on Jan. 3 by telling each other that they loved each other, WAVE reported.

The leaked documents showed that Glover called Taylor 26 times from jail between January of 2016 and January of 2020.

It also showed she took calls from another inmate on seven occasions during that same time period, WAVE reported.

Police installed a tracking device on Glover’s red Dodge Charger and found he visited Taylor’s home on six occasions in January.”

“The report included pictures of Glover actually picking up packages at Taylor house and pictures of Taylor at the trap house police had been watching, WAVE reported.

Eventually, police linked Taylor to Glover in February after he gave her phone number as his own when his car was towed for a parking violation.

Then detectives confirmed that Glover was using Taylor’s address as his own, too, WAVE reported.

“Detectives received Jamarcus Glover’s bank records from Chase Bank,” the leaked report read. “On these bank statements, Jamarcus Glover used 3003 Springfield Drive #4, Louisville, KY 40214 as his mailing address.”
Ken Covert
Ken Covert:
The New Al Sharpton?
Henry Matthews
Henry Matthews:
Wow! Just as bad as a ambulance chaser make sure you want to throw up
Gibs me dat.
Jack Ski
Jack Ski:
Y is there NO VIDEO of this ?
chris northcutt
chris northcutt:
crump the chump !
Because he shot first and used her as a shield
Jacob No last name
Jacob No last name:
Ruined 666 comments. Lmao
Sunny Girl
Sunny Girl:
Crump has a good gig going, except to see a lot of this guy. All Sharpton Playbook 101.
john giglio
john giglio:
Benjamin Crump is the Black Michail Avenatti!
Is it any wonder that when you say "lawyer" and "liar" out loud, the words sound almost identical?
DC Trucking 30yrs
DC Trucking 30yrs:
It systematic
Racism 1000% [email protected]@!!🤬
Robert Rios
Robert Rios:
That neighborhood was probably closer lol... This is a waste of time smh its bigger issues... The subject shouldn't be the police. Its the system dummies
stephen davis
stephen davis:
1000 comment right here stand up every one and stand as one
GRT_Racer294 Mad Hour Sports
GRT_Racer294 Mad Hour Sports:
Why is Crump interviewed? He would never bring a case to court. He got paid and that's all he cares about. He also keeps pushing a lie.
Edward Hines
Edward Hines:
They have homeboy on strings. Like a puppet
T ruth
T ruth:
SHE wasnt an EMT...She was an EMT for the city for 5 months.She was fired as EMT at the same time a dead drug dealer was found in her car 4 years ago nov 2016......Why is everyone allowed to lye?
Robertlovesmelissa Cruz
Robertlovesmelissa Cruz:
Why were police at brianas apt in the get go
Jack Ski
Jack Ski:
all proceeding in a grand jury should be public
Vengeful Elf
Vengeful Elf:
Just looking for Minecraft ideas! Blah blah blah
Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith:
Indengeouis lives matter
tyler durden
tyler durden:
Me and my co-council’s think… Methinks this guy went to a 5th tier law school
Dave Slattery
Dave Slattery:
Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), which provides that government attorneys and the jurors themselves, among others, “must not disclose a matter occurring before the grand jury.”
John Culley
John Culley:
For years leftist lawyers have been trying to attack the secrecy of grand jury proceedings in an effort to compromise the institution and intimidate grand jurors. Fortunately, the AG is standing behind the sanctity of the grand jury. He can always file an information if he disagrees with the Grand Jury.
Regina Maddox
Regina Maddox:
Look how quick..he patronizes "You know Gayle King"..the devil sent him in...And Y!!! Does he represent all of the so called race cases against the system...ACTIN LIKE HE CARE!!! SUCH BS!!!
daniel de lewis
daniel de lewis:
I'm just glad the evidence finally came forward that Brianna Taylor herself fired the first shot. Yes it's true , Brianna fired the first shot. Her boyfriend himself finally admitted it. In the words of Michelle Obama "it's true ; you can look it up".
Nice pay check for you Crump.
Melvin Stephens
Melvin Stephens:
Man this crap been this way since the beginning of time for us ain't no need for you to keep talking about it on the news and and then the public and ain't s*** going to get done stop talkin about it
Divine Divine
Divine Divine:
That man doesn't do anything BUT settle. These victim families hire him and meanwhile he's settling on every case that I can remember going back to Trayvon Martin (RIP). He speaks out and says the same thing. This is his biggest settlement, correct??!
The Dingo
The Dingo:
How is it that you guys can’t see the amount of thumbs down you are getting🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️. Do you not see the obvious??? You DO NOT have your finger on the correct pulse of the nation.
One point he made........ there are two justice shin American. But it has nothing to do with being black. And everything to do with the amount of GREEN.
so brianna had a dead body in her trunk at one time as well,but thats normal in the black community!
I have absolutely no idea how this guy made it through the LSAT let alone law school and any state's bar exam. Is Kentucky really this hard-up for lawyers? This attorney's inability to use basic subject-verb agreement should be enough to give anyone pause with regards to his ability to represent him or her in a court of law.

"Just because something is legal, doesn't make it right." I completely agree. However, just because something is legal does mean that you can't ignore standing statutes, discard case law precedent, and abridge the totality of the facts and circumstances pertaining to a legal question before the court.

The gleeful willingness of so many Americans to offer the false equivalency that by demanding an in-depth review of the previous factors in this (or any) grand jury proceeding is akin to a celebration of loss of life is not only asinine, but it should give us all great pause with regards to things to come. God help us.
Tammy Dobbs
Tammy Dobbs:
Absofrickinglutly NOT Right!!!
We’re all the nabbers black
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson:
Gail's right he didn't know who it was. He actually thought it was rival drug dealers. His words.
Bryan F
Bryan F:
Family got $12 mil, looters got what they wanted, people on both sides were killed during violent protests, and the cops were found innocent of wrong doing by a grand jury based on all evidence. Think we can let this rest now and move on with life.
Jordan King
Jordan King:
Remember this, police officers are "State Actors" funded by Taxpayer's dollar and I believe the Bluelivesmatter movement is nothing but Propaganda to exalt "State Actors". You can say anything you want about Benjamin Crump, but he plays for keeps just like any other civil rights Attorney.
Isa Romano
Isa Romano:
The usual in America. "Pay to make it go away."
Roger Boyd
Roger Boyd:
With breonnas trap house out of business where are the Louisville addicts going to go? No consideration was given to the addicts by the police at all....
Diego Ruiz
Diego Ruiz:
Who’s policing the police ?
a o
a o:
Trump 2020!
598 dislikes, why?
Sean Kazmi
Sean Kazmi:
All you have to do is read the law enforcement code of ethics. It clearly states:

As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve the community; to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all to liberty, equality, and justice.

The police officers in this case do not represent these ethics nor do many as we are now witnessing thanks to social media. Can’t imagine in past how bad the injustice was when camera phones weren’t around.

We need complete police reform in the US. No one is above the law and justice needs to be fair and just.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker:
This lawyer should give folks a reason to pause. He sure shows up at all these type case. A new type AMBULANCE CHASER? Either way, I would not use hime. He has too much baggage!
Lena Castaneda
Lena Castaneda:
Lawyer did respond to the two police officers that were shot, where is the line for justice. Protesters, riot, loot, money paid out, revenge shooting.. enough already
Red Oak Miller Time
Red Oak Miller Time:
Hopefully the Supreme Court Justice will served charges of wanton endangerment against the 3 officers that shot of a total of 32 times with 40 caliber weapons against the suspect firing his 9mm 1 time at the officer thinking he was protecting his home from an intruder who turn out it was officers serving a "no knock warrant". 👀👂👂🏻👂🏼👂🏽👂🏾👂🏿
Karina Gonzalez
Karina Gonzalez:
The Tatum Report has the actual police records showing that Breonna was indeed on the search warrant. She didn’t die as an EMT she was made to resign because there was a situation where she was implicated In a HOMICIDE.... which shed the light on the questionable people she associated with. the media doesn’t tell you this!! Look up the Tatum Report.👏🏽
Angel Limon
Angel Limon:
Cool framing device, Mr. Crump.
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin:
The family got 12million for the wrongful death but the cops were not charged because they followed the law as stated there would be no justice if those cops were charged
The ninja on the mountains
The ninja on the mountains:
again more thumbs down than likes
Anonymous one
Anonymous one:
The grand jury decision IS just and does reflect the laws as they are written. They don't like the law, fine but the officers acted within the current laws on the books. Work to change the laws. It is all reactionary emotions. You need to check emotions at the door when dealing with law. The decision was right.
Alonzo Johnson
Alonzo Johnson:
Oh yeah blm
Mike Ross
Mike Ross:
someone correct me if I'm wrong but I've seen several other sources say that the no-knock warrant was changed to a knock warrant hours before ? also I have heard from other new sources that the boyfriend did admit that they did knock?
Dessert Man
Dessert Man:
This guy is no more than a ambulance chasing two bit lawyer using the race card and black America for financial gain By the way business is real good for him right now
Rob Blaettler
Rob Blaettler:
I love the part where he has the nerve to say that there’s two justice systems one for white one for black. Kinda unfair isn’t it? Kenneth Walker shoots at a cop, injuring one, charges were dropped and he files a lawsuit?