Attorneys representing Kyle Rittenhouse say he was wrongfully charged after 'acting in self-defense'

Attorneys representing Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen charged with homicide in the shooting deaths of two protesters and the injuring of a third in Kenosha, says the 17-year-old has been wrongfully charged after "acting in self-defense."

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Flawless Strategy
Flawless Strategy:
"he managed to walk right past police." "where he escaped to Illinois" Media is fu&^ing evil.
the idiot that pulled the handgun should be changed with attempted murder as it wasn't self defense because he was actually going after Kyle!
Hunter Ricci
Hunter Ricci:
“Walked passed police” like how they skip over the part where he was trying to turn himself into those police
Dylan Dennis
Dylan Dennis:
"Escaped to Illinois and surrendered" Damn talk about pushing an agenda
Richard F
Richard F:
“Escaped to Illinois” c’mon stop with the ridiculous wording trying to blow things up. He lives 30 minutes away. I drive further than that everyday to work.
I hope this kid goes after the MSM like Nick Sandmann did.
Ja Mu
Ja Mu:
Media is b.s.

"Where he shot three protestors" yeah okay bro. Media needs to be be sued for real
The Lonely stoner
The Lonely stoner:
Killed a pedophile and 2 felons and they call him a murderer
Dumpster Jerry
Dumpster Jerry:
Self defense all the way, when you get attacked by a crowd you’ll wish you had protection too.
This news doesn’t show Kyle retreating and trying to get out of the situation before being chased by thugs with a skateboard and a gun. FakeNews! Free Kyle!
He didn’t “escape” when he wasn’t under arrest or wanted.
hirap buhay
hirap buhay:
He was literally running away from every person he shot. What does that tell anyone? self defense, like come on, he's definitely not the aggresor.
"Kyle worked as lifeguard, where he allowed black and brown kids to drown"

Edit: CNN has just contacted me and offered me a full time position as a reporter
Tomahawk Tom
Tomahawk Tom:
We need more Kyles
Oh, we also need the media to stop lying to everyone.
Matt Stillmunkes
Matt Stillmunkes:
"Escaped to Illinois," Just state the news without your opinion.
Tim Cantrell
Tim Cantrell:
He WAS acting in self defense ! He saved lives putting down those scum. How do l contribute to his defense fund ?
Shelly Dunn
Shelly Dunn:
Uh, he's a minor... why is his name and face being plastered every where? I thought that was a no no?
midevle gameing shoo
midevle gameing shoo:
Ed Seda
Ed Seda:
The Media is going to try to smear this kid just like they did Nick Sandman.
Get Real
Get Real:
“Protesters” don’t burn a city down. RIOTERS
They’re trying so hard to paint this kid as the villain instead of the actual assailants! Put me on the jury he walks on everything! 🇺🇸
Karvas XD
Karvas XD:
Are they gonna charge the guy who got shot? He had a gun pointing at kyle, that pathetic rioter should be prosecuted
Ruby Roo
Ruby Roo:
he WAS acting in self defense, he was clearly spacing himself from them, they followed, he fired at them... the end
Not The Fake Headline: “Rittenhouse kills two homegrown terrorists.”
The district attorney wants to persecute Kyle for just defending himself from a pack savages. Civilized people don't act like this, they don't act like animals. I feel like 99% of the violent mobs have to have a rapsheets about the length of a mile.
"escape to Illinois" the kid went home to bed 😂😂😂
Jorzy Navarossy
Jorzy Navarossy:
Those were not protestors. Peaceful protest is a respectable American right. Those were rioters.
He was overcharged so they can intentionally lose the case.
Carmine Caster
Carmine Caster:
He WAS charged wrongly, he defended his life against idiots attacking him for putting out fires.
Kyle’s background? They ought to talk about the 3 who were shot & their backgrounds: a pedo, an abuser & a felon.
Why is this stupid newscaster not telling the facts about he tried running away twice for he had to defend himself that he was being attacked by an angry mob
Brad Ameen
Brad Ameen:
Tmj4 I would highly recommend reporting without bias. His lawyer just got nick sandmann 80 million dollars for defamation.
pink fluffy unicorn
pink fluffy unicorn:
So his crime is that he was a minor with a gun that should not have been there.. yet interestingly he is being charged as a adult 🤔
P Lan
P Lan:
This "reporter" lost all credibility once he called them "protester." The mob was angry with Kyle because he put out a dumpster fire that these insurrectionists were trying to use to blow up a gas station. He was initially attacked by a sex offender who was a multiple convicted felon. Very clear cut self defense here. But in these in these times even cops are facing the death penalty with obvious self defense situations.
Frankie Medina
Frankie Medina:
“Allowing him to escape “ what ?? 😳🙄The police didn’t know at that time they came across each other what had just happened
Ed P
Ed P:
They weren’t protesters ....they where rioting in the streets, The kid was just defending himself all three of those guys had prison records.
Tyler Perazzo
Tyler Perazzo:
He was trying to surrender to the police; when he walked towards the police car they told him to get out of the road and drove past him. This news segment is highly misleading.
D B:
He shot and killed adult felons who were trying to harm him. Funny how the media never shows the video of these criminals chasing after him and shooting before Kyle fired a single shot. I hope kyle ends up sueing all these media outlets and makes them pay for their lies.
David Abby
David Abby:
Can we get the background on these " Model citizens" that got shot. Kid was in self defense!! Free Kyle !!! Hashtag that Facebook or twitter!!
Smell my finger
Smell my finger:
"Perfect student with high aspirations in life defended himself against mob of felons, rapists, pedophiles and violent weapon-bearing rioters."

This should be the title for that is what happened.
Richard Ong
Richard Ong:
"Escaped to Illinois"? He lives in Antioch which is about a 25-30 min drive to Kenosha.
I think that Rittenhouse should have stayed home, but he was right in defending himself.
International Bro
International Bro:
As much as I disagree with killing. It looked like he was defending himself.
Liam Fitzpatrick
Liam Fitzpatrick:
He has a history of violence with videos circulating of him just weeks prior to the shooting beating up a woman. Keep defending him though.
He had no business being there.
The people he shot and killed were not protesters. STOP SAYING PROTESTORS!!!
K Black
K Black:
They aren’t protesters they were rioters and looters
Kyle is a American Hero
David Vik
David Vik:
Why is the media doing a "deep dive" into the life of a minor? I thought that was illegal.
Panik Attack
Panik Attack:
Dude tried to execute Kyle at point blank range with a handgun. Dude is lucky that Kyle missed center mass, and got him in his arm.
The three BLM shot by Kyle Rittenhouse

Joseph D. Rosenbaum: convicted sex offender, level 3, sexual misconduct with a child (bald dude, shot after he tried to dropped kick Rittenhouse when he was on his back)

Anthony M. Huber: pled guilty to false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon, strangulation domestic dispute, and battery (skateboard dude, shot after trying to bash Rittenhouse's head in with skateboard)

Gauge P. Grosskreutz: felony burglary, theft, probation violation, felon in possession of a firearm (one arm dude, shot after attempting drawing a concealed handgun on Rittenhouse after feigning surrender)
Jamie Ritchey
Jamie Ritchey:
He was running towards police, HE SAW THEM AS THE GOOD GUYS!
Tickets well and truly punched. Pleased to see he has the heavy hitters representing him.
Bradley Hewitt
Bradley Hewitt:
How is a minor shooting a pedophile chasing him down against the law.
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones:
Have u guys watched Kyle beating up a girl at his high school it's on YouTube now
Christopher Salazar
Christopher Salazar:
"Protesters"... We are all Kyle today. If the left wins, the persecution of those that cherish their rights will continue.
He should have been charged with minor in possession of a firearm, but that is it. There was no murder. He was not the aggressor. That was clearly 100% self defense. There are several videos on here that break down the timeline and have video and witness testimony. Even testimony from a reporter who witnessed the whole thing. Hands down, no question in my mind any more, it was self defense. At first, I thought the kid was guilty and then I watched all the videos and saw the evidence.
Darin Haviland
Darin Haviland:
can the jerk that yelled "get him" when Kyle fell when he was being assaulted be charged with felony for assault causing the death of the violent protestor that attacked Kyle?
Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall:
Yo he was 17 with grown men chasing him I'm glad he clapped back
Jack Kinder
Jack Kinder:
Good thing he had a rifle to defend himself, those rioters would have most likely killed him if he hadn't had a weapon
Brrs Graham
Brrs Graham:
"Protesters"?!......maybe try and recoup some media integrity by more accurately describing those shot as "Violent rioting convicted felons"? Does the truth not support your political narrative?
What did you expect him to do? Get killed?
After it happened, again, should he have ran back into the mob?
No he "retreated" to safety where he could be easily found, not "escaped"
And these thugs with guns lighting shit on fire aren't "protestors"
tommy Gardner
tommy Gardner:
I am still stuck on a seventeen-year-old being out on the streets with a gun. We notice that is not your language in Step 1 of addressing this. You are not in control of this narrative.
I hate how these dam news reporters try to twist reality. He didn't flee the area. He went up to the police and they let him go. Clear self defense. Everyone is tired of the lamestream media.
Oh, more use of the Leftist's new scary tagline: Long Rifle and Long Gun. Really scary stuff lol!
These men are not protesters, they're rioters, looters, arsonists=terrorist. Kyle was defending himself=innocent.
christopher Manning
christopher Manning:
Dam shame, the boy protected himself. Once he is innocent I would sue alot of the media that twisted the story.
Christopher Giordano Ayala Turpo
Christopher Giordano Ayala Turpo:
Free kyle.
Un heroe que defendio a los latinos de los naizs comunistas.
How about u stop ur bs and show the moments when he was being attacked by these savages ?
BIG Show
BIG Show:
They had to bring up charges this fast before an investigation could show the truth otherwise there would have been more riots
This might be the most misleading thing I’ve ever seen
Get ur FACTS STRAIGHT B4 reporting BS! Our country is in complete TURMOIL due to news like this being reported daily.
juan l. rodriguez
juan l. rodriguez:
Well some guy just got shot in Portland let's see where this is going to take us to America on fire
bryan boada
bryan boada:
Wow... I don’t think it’s possible to leave out anymore details from a story. Blatantly obvious narrative being pushed.
Big ol Chilin
Big ol Chilin:
Kyle is a minor. My heart goes out to Kyle and all the other minors being used as “pawns” in this political game.😢
Akira Express Trucker
Akira Express Trucker:
"Protesters" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Umm, two of the protesters lived 30 minutes and 41 minutes away. So take your narrative and go home.
"Where he worked as a life guard" gosh you can just tell he was an evil person that wanted to kill 😑
I'm glad he is getting a strong legal defense team!
Lil Psycho
Lil Psycho:
3,000 sex offenders liked this video.
jules george
jules george:
When you have a gun and walk into a group of people who have different opinions than yours you are the aggressor and who bought this teenager a deadly weapon to play police with?
Here comes the riots 2.0 if he gets off.. i can see it alrdy
Marc Miller
Marc Miller:
They lose their "Protester" label as soon as they start chasing and attacking him. 🇺🇸
I hope he pleads innocent to all charges. No deals.

Good luck finding 12 people to convict

Isaac Clark
Isaac Clark:
I watched all videos he was acting in self-defense
Jeff .Lavoie
Jeff .Lavoie:
Learn to code journo’s!
Kyle, keeping the streets clean.
Paulie Tonoro
Paulie Tonoro:
1:19 we saw that in the original vid
Esli Ortiz
Esli Ortiz:
"escaped to Illinois"
Ezekiel God is strength
Ezekiel God is strength:
I hope he wins the case and sued the news media for defamation of character
Jim BoB
Jim BoB:
Does anyone know his address? I want to send him a 💜
Veezo TV
Veezo TV:
Devil Dog US Marine
Devil Dog US Marine:
God bless this hero
David McCauley
David McCauley:
Two things, they were no protestors and 'escape to turn himself in'?!? What?
Larry Williams
Larry Williams:
He just killed every white child with evil intent 🔥🔥🔥
Juan Aguilera
Juan Aguilera:
Love how you didn't show the video of him beating that girl
Jadof Darmati
Jadof Darmati:
Self-defense is when you get randomly attack and you defend yourself, but in this case he went into his enemies with a rifle, and then he responded after they got provoked by his behavior
Phillip Garcia
Phillip Garcia:
From what I know Wisconsin doesn’t have a self-defense law🤦🏻‍♂️
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly:
I ask you when (even in cases of violent murderous gang members) have we ever seen a minor so thoroughly reported on and his identity so exposed ?