August 6th 1945 - Hiroshima Atomic Bomb | HISTORY CALENDAR

TODAY IN HISTORY, August 6th,1945 - Preparations for the deployment of the first American atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. With this act, the government in Tokyo was to be forced to surrender and the Second World War to be ended in the Pacific region. In truth however, the drop hit innocent civilians, of whom 100,000 lost their lives through the explosion and nuclear radiation. 80% of Hiroshima was destroyed. The destruction of Nagasaki city three days later, also by an American atomic bomb, serves as a reminder to the world for peace, to this day. Therefore the sixth of August has been proclaimed as World Peace Day.

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31 comentarios:

karla tatiana
karla tatiana:
75 years later this day...August 6th 2020
Vanessa Kalakesh
Vanessa Kalakesh:
Has anybody noticed that these only happen in august? Like this was in August and Beirut explosion was in August too
v j
v j:
And the Beirut explosion happened nearly on the day of this tragedy.

Peace cannot be given without tension. Our government shan't let their egos cause pain and misery. This is a sign of what could happen if we are wreckless and destructive.

My respects to you, the victims of both disasters and those to come
Mohini Lata
Mohini Lata:
I live in Canada, but I'm still scared
Osvaldo Andrade
Osvaldo Andrade:
then Japan now is America´s friend, beyond me how low japan can get, felt sorry for those lives
It all worked out in the end
Larry Townley
Larry Townley:
San Anton
San Anton:
...does this guy think we pronounce both b's in "bomb"?
Hank Yu
Hank Yu:
Japan killed 3-10M people across Asia in WW2. They started it, they never admit it and they never apologies for it. Now they are whining for 160k people killed to stop the war they committed. Did you ever hear German whining for Nazis being killed?
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Hagoromo Otsutsuki:
Cuma gua orang indo
And looked what happened to USA now?! The revenge is the Covid19. Watching this after the catastrophic happened to Beirut.
Herbert Alves
Herbert Alves:
The successful Soviet invasion of Manchuria (China) was the real cause of Japanese surrender in August 1945, not the nuclear bombs.
The strategic consequences of the loss of Manchuria and Korea for the Japanese were tremendous.
I get disgusted and outraged every time I'm reminded of this hideous act of crime against innocent civilian people.
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Sadly, Japan is responsible for the 2nd bomb. As long as it saved any American Lives - after Pearl Harbor - I'm proud we won the tech war and dropped it. Japan and the Nazi's and probably the Russians would surly have dropped the bomb on us. No need to re-write history. It save hundreds of thousands of lives of both US and Japanese if we had to push in conventionally.
Bapi Bapi
Bapi Bapi:
K. G. R.
K. G. R.:
Consider the facts.

The AXIS powers (Nazi Germany; Imperialist Japan; and [briefly] Idiotic Italy) intended to dominate the whole world and were also rapidly SEEKING the technology to create a catastrophic bomb of their own TO DROP IT on the United States, among other countries, and THEY WOULD HAVE USED IT if they had it.

The Americans suffered 26,000 casualties, including 6,800 dead, taking the tiny island of Iwo Jima.

The Americans suffered 62,000 casualties, including 12,000 dead or missing, taking the tiny island of Okinawa.

In Okinawa, the Japanese had convinced the locals that the Americans would torture and kill them (which is both ironic and pathetic, since it was the Japanese, not the Americans, who mistreated civilians and prisoners of war – ask the Pilipino or Chinese civilians, or ask the British and American POWs what the Japanese did to them). So civilians killed themselves rather than face the American servicemen (who in fact provided food and protection to the locals after routing the Japanese soldiers). Rather than surrender and allow for a quicker end to brutalities of war, the Japanese were trained to fight to the death, INCLUDING CIVILIANS.

So to invade the big Island of Japan would have cost MILLIONS of lives on both sides, not a few hundred thousand, sad is the bombing was. America WARNED the Japanese and urged surrender repeatedly BEFORE EACH of these bombs, but the Japanese REFUSED to surrender.

So WHY did America drop the bombs in Japan? Answer: the Japanese decision to attack and attempt to destroy the Pacific American naval fleet moored at Pearl Harbor without any declaration of war; the barbaric Japanese approach to warfare and treatment of prisoners; the inhumane Japanese treatment of ALL the populations they invaded; the insane Japanese refusal to surrender so as to throw every weapon – even themselves and unarmed civilians in suicide – to increase death even when failure was inevitable and continuing was futile; and of course most fundamentally, the Japanese evil decision to JOIN FORCES WITH HITLER to wreak havoc and death on the world in an effort to dominate EVERY other nation and all people.

So cry me a river about the deadly bombing.

Yes, we can all be sad—truly sad—about what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, because war is hell and should be avoided if possible and death of ANYONE is contrary to our basic gift of life. But make no mistake about who is at fault. Having sown the wind, Japan reaped the whirlwind.

You self-righteous internet moralists suggesting that the American decision to drop the bombs was “evil” or "genocide" is a cartoonish misjudgment reflecting utter ignorance of the real-world factors involved.

One more thing; what kept the RUSSIANS and the AMERICANS from pulling the trigger throughout the cold war and blasting away with a nuclear volley? It was the realization -- based on the remembrance of Nagasaki and Hiroshima -- of what that would mean for humanity. So in a terrible but real sense, the sad death of those Japanese people was not only the consequence of Japanese evil and essential to ending the war, but it most likely saved the world from later utter destruction.
Yamashita did'nt surrender.
Danish Mohi ud din
Danish Mohi ud din:
Take it up
The Gibus
The Gibus:
From Pearl Harbor to-
Trenton Whaley
Trenton Whaley:
Quickest genocide in this planet's history. I couldn't imagine the pain..
아오 속시원하네 ~~!
Aryan Kulkarni
Aryan Kulkarni:
So bad to Japan
Jürgen Klopp
Jürgen Klopp:
This time I Was This Faster The WW1 Didn't even happened!
gilson mozart
gilson mozart:
The Japanese feared the soviet communism more than the american nukes. Actually Japan chose to surrender to US with or without the nukes. Good for Japan, otherwise it would had become another Cuba.
Nerinav Shrestha
Nerinav Shrestha:
Forgiven but not Forgotten.
Eddie Crane King
Eddie Crane King:
Hasn’t Japan started World War even before the Germans in 1937? They made a huge mistake by attacking China and US at the same time, there is no chance that they could hold two front lines. Their defeat was obvious at the moment when they attack Pearl Harbor.
The Eagle VISION_
The Eagle VISION_:
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ❤️🥀
Sarah Ashcraft
Sarah Ashcraft:
I know its a touching matter but dis why u don't mess with merica
Ahmed Jarah AJBOMB3r
Ahmed Jarah AJBOMB3r:
World peace day?! Or the world most outrageous crime in history?!
Back then the Japanese had it coming. They killed so many at Pearl Harbor.

Today the enemy is the United States, the source of terrorism. No balls to do things directly. Plus the Vietnam war, and elementary schools in the Middle East that US bombed and then claimed it was an accident due to poor communication. For how many decades now has US been trying to start war with Russia? First it was to end communism. Now it’s because Russia is defending the Middle East when US had no right to be bombing them. US also claimed Russia was manipulating Americans on the presidential election. All Russia did was expose what Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were actually like. One way or another one of them was gonna be president.

The real question should have been who allowed Trump to run for President.
Harry Ballz
Harry Ballz: