Aunt Jemima Image To Be Removed And Brand Will Be Renamed, Quaker Oats Announces | TODAY

Quaker Oats has announced that the image of Aunt Jemima will be removed from all packaging and the brand’s name will be changed. The move comes amid rapid cultural change in the wake of nationwide protests. TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones reports.
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Aunt Jemima Image To Be Removed And Brand Will Be Renamed, Quaker Oats Announces | TODAY

100+ comentarios:

Gaming and stuff
Gaming and stuff:
As a black person, I never felt offended by Aunt Jemima in fact I thought it was pretty cool that a black woman was being represented.
Nocturnal X
Nocturnal X:
Ok, this is just getting ridiculous.
Riveragaming 99
Riveragaming 99:
I guess popeyes commercials are racist now
So... everything with a black person on its logo is racist?

Someone please explain to me this "logic"!
Cole Tawney
Cole Tawney:
It’s a lady on a syrup bottle... calm down
Random Blitz
Random Blitz:
I’m Hispanic, when I saw Aunt Jemima I always thought black people had made the best syrup in the world, not once did I think of a plantation.
My whole life has been a lie.
яøçК çнæłК JæУнÆШк
яøçК çнæłК JæУнÆШк:
When children go to the store with their parents and see Aunt Jemima I highly doubt little kids think anything of it and even understand what it is
Michelle Zamora
Michelle Zamora:
I don’t see anything wrong, Is just see the pancakes 🥞 period.
Trice Pugh
Trice Pugh:
Giiiiiiirrrrrrrrlllllll imma have to say shut up. I have never been offended by aunt jemima. Omg I felt that brand tasted better. Lord I think yall could have let aunt jemima stay 🤦🏾‍♀️
So if they are removing black labels are they wanting blacks to be less noticed?
While you’re at it, what of the “White House?”
Stir Fry 369
Stir Fry 369:
I honestly loved the Aunt Jemima packaging, I thought of her as a great cook.
John P
John P:
The Quaker Oats guy must go too since he is based on a religious stereotype.
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa:
The older image may have made her look like she was a servant or slave with the way she wore the scarf on her head i suppose, but they changed that image. The current image doesn't look like a servant or slave at all. So whats the issue?
It’s time we complain about Samuel Jackson asking me “what’s in your wallet?” In the Capital One commercials
John Torres
John Torres:
Maybe the new name will be "The Most Politically Correct Syrup You've Ever Tasted"
An original Username
An original Username:
So much for chiquita bananas, not all Spanish women have banana hats on their head
Malika Lovesauce
Malika Lovesauce:
“Uncle Ben...u next”. Also does Toucan Sam have to go if he offends LgbqandT? Do the prostitutes get offended by Trix cereal? This is too much smh
Ice Fury, Director of Shield
Ice Fury, Director of Shield:
The real question is: what are we being distracted from today?
As a Mexican I demand for every Taco Bell to shut down 🤦🏻‍♀️
I wish I had enough time on my hands to get offended over syrup :(
New Channel
New Channel:
The woman who raised me with love and compassion was the strongest sweetest black woman I have ever met. I shall promptly begin to erase her memory from my mind. God forbid I should hold her as a mother image.
Joseph cool
Joseph cool:
When I was a little boy I thought Aunt Jemima was my grandmother on the box. Stop this madness please.
Jennifer Duncan
Jennifer Duncan:
Are they going to target Lil Debbie next since she’s white and privileged 🤣😂
Bloom Layne
Bloom Layne:
Oh my god no one even thinks that unless they have serious issues
Brandon Wootten
Brandon Wootten:
The world is just giving me a huge headache. What should be said and can’t be said. Understandable but still.... I’m done.
All I see is just a happy picture and yet people think it's racist? wtf..
This video currently has more dislikes than likes...... A lot of people don’t agree with this, including me :/
N G:
This doesn’t make any sense. The name “Aunt Jemima” is literally based on a song from the 1870’s. Also, if Aunt Jemima is racist, then as an Italian I would like every single Italian man with a mustache to be removed from pizza boxes and food products.
The modern image of Aunt Jamima just looked like your average mom.
Raul Verduzco
Raul Verduzco:
No one:

Snowflakes: EVERYTHING offends me.
ron l
ron l:
So it's taken them 130 years to just now realize this is somehow racist? When will the stupidity end?
It would be real funny if they replaced the logo with a white person.
A. Rael Mantilla
A. Rael Mantilla:
1950: We’ll have flying cars in the future!

The future:
Natalia Reyes
Natalia Reyes:
I will miss her face on the maple syrup bottle I grew up seeing her face on it ☹️
Zac S
Zac S:
That “syrup” is processed corn garbage anyhow, eat real maple syrup and save yourself all kinds of guilt.
Beerus Sama
Beerus Sama:
We’re getting close to “Everything is now somehow racist.” It’s ridiculous we have to share this planet with these idiots...
this is stupid. i lowkey buy this syrup bc the lady looks so warm, nice and inviting 😊
Son Goku
Son Goku:
Y’all went too far 😂. This is how you lose credibility for your cause
They have gone too far., we are about to loose the history of this precious country ...and no I’m not racist im Mexican but I love America and it’s history ...this is ridiculous
SS dipping sauce
SS dipping sauce:
This is insanity. Aunt Jemima is legendary LEAVE HER ALONE! 😠
David Max
David Max:
Has anyone ever thought that lady is an incredible cook and the brand wanted her to grace the cover of the syrup bottle?
Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor:
Im not sure how to feel about it. It's an honor to have black faces represent on one of the most globally recognizable brands ever known. I don't want black people to loose that coveted marketing position. Use this opportunity to demonstrate the strong ability use of black imagery to sell a product. Perhaps it's possible to negotiate with quaker oats market a new image and background representing todays black people or sponsor contest offering full scholarships for black people and other prize options for the advancement of black people whose image is so synonymous with their product. In recognition of racial inequality perhaps Quaker Oats will collaborate with the public to create a proper representation and rotate the image to feature all races and LGBTQ, the disabled to be more inclusive.
Don't just throw this away.
Mrs Pete
Mrs Pete:
I wonder if there’s going 2 be a riot over this 😂
ron l
ron l:
When will black crayons, markers and color in general be banned?
Shiva Rose
Shiva Rose:
This is BS I remember eating it when she had a durag and then they replaced it with afro. It reminds people of American history. Period!
So are we gonna get rid of the mariachi guy on the tapatio or get rid of the leprechaun on the lucky charms?
I’m going to miss seeing Aunt Jemima’s face stare down at me as I eat my hot morning pancakes lathered in syrup
Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann:
Love Aunt Jemima, always thought of her for her success, and goodness. Nothing to do with her color, she is very Beautiful❤️She will be greatly missed😢
Selam Ab
Selam Ab:
All I see you when I see that photo was the comfort of mother love I don’t understand why then celebrating Black history day? Or why famous African Americans still making movies about slavery??
When I saw aunt jemima I always thought of a black woman being a great cook .
Martha Mendoza
Martha Mendoza:
I never thought of racism growing up with aunt gemima
Alisa Hisein
Alisa Hisein:
Increasing black representation by removing black representation on the box? 🤔
robert guy
robert guy:
We haven’t had a problem with it for 100+ years but all of a sudden “everyone” is crying about it.

Edit: I haven’t heard one person whine about it.
Refined Gentleman
Refined Gentleman:
As a black dude, I love Aunt Jemima. She represents a wholesome mom who can cook very well. I wish these people would shut up.
Michael Tamares
Michael Tamares:
PC culutre gonna remove the bear from panda express.. Endangered species should not be exploited. Lol
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez:
Now all of a sudden everything is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and intolerant. This is getting ridiculous and it needs to stop!
Kid: Aunt Jemima, why are you so good?

Aunt Jemima: Cuz am black!!!

-MadTV lol
I can’t believe they are getting their ways with everything. I put my friends in their place when they start playing the victim card. Oh, I’m Asian. I had my fair share of “racism”, didn’t dwell on it...what’s next Jesus portraits are too white? Maybe I should start a movement to ban the word “oriental rugs” nah, I’m too busy enjoying life and making the best out of it.

“Turning mole hills into mountains!”
Don Rob
Don Rob:
Rhonda Peralta
Rhonda Peralta:
Stupid, I love all the pictures and memories, no stereotype hype here!!
Mani Hardaway
Mani Hardaway:
I really have mix feelings about this issue the initial reasoning although it might have been racially motivated I think it has done more good then harm ; grow up I was very proud to believe the owner of a famous brand was black n u can't imagine how much that has motivated other young ppl of colour
Google User
Google User:
You can use my image, I'll gladly take Aunt Jemima's spot!
Matt Ford
Matt Ford:
So you want to erase history cool but you can't history can never be erased
Amulya Nakka
Amulya Nakka:
Aunt Jemima is literally my favorite syrup😢
ManOnTheMoon 69
ManOnTheMoon 69:
That is a dumb reason to change a brand becuase someone thinks its racist, i cant wait for the next season of southpark to blast all of 2020 lol
Rigid Wing
Rigid Wing:
When I was little I had a close call with Aunt Jemima, in a grocery store one day a "Aunt Jemima" was giving away samples of pancakes. As my mom and I was at the check out she to me if I did not be good she would send me home with Aunt Jemima. Well I was good for a day or two till samples were gone. I did like her products.
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy:
This is dumb I bet the popeys lady from the commercials is next D:
Oh finally , now I can buy syrup without having a full blown panic attack thinking about the injustices of this world . The left are truly the revolutionaries of our era
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L:
Okay guys, I want Mario and Luigi to stop being Italian, and saying some of their catchphrases
Smoke on the water
Smoke on the water:
I'm offended that Michael Jordan's logo insinuates black people are good at dunking a basketball.
Doug S
Doug S:
Aunt jemima looks like my nanny that practically raised me so the picture always gave me a feeling of comfort. Ima take a few swings at the air now.
Gamer Geek22
Gamer Geek22:
Welcome to a world of sensitive softies now
James V
James V:
I've been using the brand for 60 years and I've never thought of it as being racial.....
Leroy Shipp
Leroy Shipp:
What about crayons? They're colored. .does this mean we have to get rid of them also?
MsNandi Marie
MsNandi Marie:
Get ready because Uncle Ben's rice is changing as well.
Andy Lin
Andy Lin:
By that logic, Panda Express, P.F Chang’s, Taco Bell...RIP
Jen Jen
Jen Jen:
Nothing is enough and I’m afraid nothing will ever be enough 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jonathan G
Jonathan G:
Well Richardson. aunt Jemima represents good southern cooking that we love so keeps your leftists feelings to yourself and realize your opinion is shared by only 20% of the country
Thomas Fields
Thomas Fields:
Who even really thinks about a logo on a food item?

I mean it's one of those things that just is familiar you don't really think about it it's kind of stupid.

Uncle Ben is next.
Layne Chester
Layne Chester:
She earned that image
Hey folks: Idiocracy is REALLY here now...
Bella Estrella***17
Bella Estrella***17:
Paolo Apacible
Paolo Apacible:
i love aunt jemima!!! been using this syrup ever since i was a kid changing the name would decrease sales
RJ Fisher
RJ Fisher:
Uncle’re screwed!
Steevie Keys
Steevie Keys:
The new public enemy number one: Juan Valdez.
So I can’t have breakfast with my favorite black woman anymore? Take the leprechaun off Lucky Charms cereal, because it’s racist.
just_a_Dud3 !
just_a_Dud3 !:
Im offended Frosted flakes has an animal it hints animal abuse. (That how stupid it sounds)
Guess me and my extended family better start stocking up to last us a good while.
TOTALLY RAD!! with josie!
TOTALLY RAD!! with josie!:
I didn’t realize breakfast could be racist.🤦‍♂️
Don Ochoa
Don Ochoa:
Today her family came out and complained. They don’t want their great grandmother / aunt taken off the box.
shinysonic 35
shinysonic 35:
Aunt Jemima: 🥶🥶🥶🥶

Chef boyardee: no one
1:16 Inferior really?! Thats what you get from that image
Ok, after listening to the interview I can see how that's an issue.
Dr. Bert Fegg
Dr. Bert Fegg:
I’ll just have to start buying food products with pictures of white people on them then. I mean, I wouldn’t want to look like a racist...
Richard Hoffman
Richard Hoffman:
Quaker Oats has an old white religious minister on its box, is that “problematic”?
Last Name First
Last Name First:
This had just gotten way out of hand. I'm 50 years old, been using Aunt Jemima products for the majority of my life. Not once did I make a connection with slavery or it being a racial slur. It's breakfast food. Nothing more. Getting rid of Aunt Jemima is going to accomplish what ? What about Mrs Butterworth ?
Ruin another good thing while you’re at it.
Jeff swiney
Jeff swiney:
Hiding or rewriting history dooms future generations to repeating the mistakes of the past!