Aunt Jemima Image To Be Removed And Brand Will Be Renamed, Quaker Oats Announces | TODAY

Quaker Oats has announced that the image of Aunt Jemima will be removed from all packaging and the brand’s name will be changed. The move comes amid rapid cultural change in the wake of nationwide protests. TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones reports.
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Aunt Jemima Image To Be Removed And Brand Will Be Renamed, Quaker Oats Announces | TODAY

100+ comentarios:

Gaming and stuff
Gaming and stuff:
As a black person, I never felt offended by Aunt Jemima in fact I thought it was pretty cool that a black woman was being represented.
Has anyone ever thought that lady is an incredible cook and the brand wanted her to grace the cover of the syrup bottle?
Random Blitz
Random Blitz:
I’m Hispanic, when I saw Aunt Jemima I always thought black people had made the best syrup in the world, not once did I think of a plantation.
My whole life has been a lie.
Refined Gentleman
Refined Gentleman:
As a black dude, I love Aunt Jemima. She represents a wholesome mom who can cook very well. I wish these people would shut up.
Nocturnal X
Nocturnal X:
Ok, this is just getting ridiculous.
Fatality, reality , Await the final call
Fatality, reality , Await the final call:
When children go to the store with their parents and see Aunt Jemima I highly doubt little kids think anything of it and even understand what it is
Michelle Zamora
Michelle Zamora:
I don’t see anything wrong, Is just see the pancakes 🥞 period.
I wish I had enough time on my hands to get offended over syrup :(
Michael Strawn
Michael Strawn:
Honestly I’ve always found her inspiring. She was one of the only black women to be shown on any type of food item.
Holy crap, I am actually really mad about this. I know this is just some maple syrup but I absolutely *love its name because it's cute and memorable.*

People are unbelievably sensitive and I hate the way society is turning out to be.

Also, *I'm black. People need to grow the heck up and stop acting like toddlers*
Vicki Figueroa
Vicki Figueroa:
The older image may have made her look like she was a servant or slave with the way she wore the scarf on her head i suppose, but they changed that image. The current image doesn't look like a servant or slave at all. So whats the issue?
Stir Fry 369
Stir Fry 369:
I honestly loved the Aunt Jemima packaging, I thought of her as a great cook.
Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann:
Love Aunt Jemima, always thought of her for her success, and goodness. Nothing to do with her color, she is very Beautiful❤️She will be greatly missed😢
Cole Tawney
Cole Tawney:
It’s a lady on a syrup bottle... calm down
SS dipping sauce
SS dipping sauce:
This is insanity. Aunt Jemima is legendary LEAVE HER ALONE! 😠
Outworld Cowboy
Outworld Cowboy:
It’s time we complain about Samuel Jackson asking me “what’s in your wallet?” In the Capital One commercials
Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor:
Im not sure how to feel about it. It's an honor to have black faces represent on one of the most globally recognizable brands ever known. I don't want black people to loose that coveted marketing position. Use this opportunity to demonstrate the strong ability use of black imagery to sell a product. Perhaps it's possible to negotiate with quaker oats market a new image and background representing todays black people or sponsor contest offering full scholarships for black people and other prize options for the advancement of black people whose image is so synonymous with their product. In recognition of racial inequality perhaps Quaker Oats will collaborate with the public to create a proper representation and rotate the image to feature all races and LGBTQ, the disabled to be more inclusive.
Don't just throw this away.
Doug S
Doug S:
Aunt jemima looks like my nanny that practically raised me so the picture always gave me a feeling of comfort. Ima take a few swings at the air now.
John P
John P:
The Quaker Oats guy must go too since he is based on a religious stereotype.
TOTALLY RAD!! with josie!
TOTALLY RAD!! with josie!:
I didn’t realize breakfast could be racist.🤦‍♂️
Joseph cool
Joseph cool:
When I was a little boy I thought Aunt Jemima was my grandmother on the box. Stop this madness please.
Okay EVERY RACE— start calling out every brand to stop misrepresentations of your culture.
They have gone too far., we are about to loose the history of this precious country ...and no I’m not racist im Mexican but I love America and it’s history ...this is ridiculous
Carlos Gutierrez
Carlos Gutierrez:
Now all of a sudden everything is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and intolerant. This is getting ridiculous and it needs to stop!
Josh Pressman
Josh Pressman:
I guess we can’t display black people on any brand anymore. If Aunt Jemima is so offensive and racist why didn’t anybody complain about it until this week. This PC crap is just ridiculous.
Denise Throndsen
Denise Throndsen:
I 100% disagree with this! I’ve always loved Aunt Jemima’s name and picture. It has always made me happy and have a cozy feeling. What is wrong with a black woman who is a good cook having her lovely picture on products? This is so ridiculous. The black community wants equality yet they want pictures of them removed?
Bloom Layne
Bloom Layne:
Oh my god no one even thinks that unless they have serious issues
Madeline Rios
Madeline Rios:
I always thought Aunt Jemima was just the supreme cook and a great representation of a powerful woman
Jackson Tappertv
Jackson Tappertv:
Mani Hardaway
Mani Hardaway:
I really have mix feelings about this issue the initial reasoning although it might have been racially motivated I think it has done more good then harm ; grow up I was very proud to believe the owner of a famous brand was black n u can't imagine how much that has motivated other young ppl of colour
ExcuseMe Missy
ExcuseMe Missy:
Please help me here: So the racist stereotype is that mature black women are really good cooks?
joe ryan
joe ryan:
I love Aunt Jemima and never ever thought of her other than great morning breakfast syrup and moving the bottle around in an animated fashion like a toy when I was little.
The U.S. is turning into bizarro world.
Lg Mg
Lg Mg:
I guess popeyes commercials are racist now
Ice Fury, Director of Shield
Ice Fury, Director of Shield:
The real question is: what are we being distracted from today?
John Torres
John Torres:
Maybe the new name will be "The Most Politically Correct Syrup You've Ever Tasted"
A. Joseph Mantilla
A. Joseph Mantilla:
1950: We’ll have flying cars in the future!

The future:
An original Username
An original Username:
So much for chiquita bananas, not all Spanish women have banana hats on their head
Dr. Bert Fegg
Dr. Bert Fegg:
I’ll just have to start buying food products with pictures of white people on them then. I mean, I wouldn’t want to look like a racist...
Frank Murphy
Frank Murphy:
X: "This brand name is problematic and harmful! You must change it!"
Y: "That is totally unnecessary."
X: "OMG, why are you so upset over a syrup bottle? Get a life!"

Gaslighting sure is easy when things turn out in your favor, ain't it?
Julie Hill
Julie Hill:
"These images are triggering and respresent terror amd abuse."

What's next. Little Debbie's logo about to be whacked by feminists?
Bella D.
Bella D.:
Being represented as having exceptional cooking skills is racist?? Wow, I'd be happy to have my picture on the box!
When this came out, many white families would never sit at a table with black people let alone eat they're cooking... And vice versa. I always thought it was nice to have Aunt Jemima on the box.. in a spirit of togetherness over the love of yummy breakfasts 🤗
Jake Tarter
Jake Tarter:
Not for one second in all my nearly 30 years on this planet, even growing up with a black step mom, have I ever seen or thought of Aunt Jemima as a derogatory symbol.

Welp, guess I know which oatmeal brand to never buy, the list just keeps growing!
I love Aunt Jemima 🍓 keep her on the label.
this is stupid. i lowkey buy this syrup bc the lady looks so warm, nice and inviting 😊
Layne Chester
Layne Chester:
She earned that image
I for one definitely feel less guilty about the worlds condition. Thank you Quaker Oats.
I just assumed Aunt Jemima was a real person and amazing cook. I am Canadian so buy local maple syrup and never this table syrup in the last 15 years but no idea that Nancy Green saw nothing but her product and face plastered in stores for someone else to profit
Mr. Harajuku
Mr. Harajuku:
Y’all went too far 😂. This is how you lose credibility for your cause
Raul Verduzco
Raul Verduzco:
No one:

Snowflakes: EVERYTHING offends me.
This video currently has more dislikes than likes...... A lot of people don’t agree with this, including me :/
Moises Rodriguez
Moises Rodriguez:
It was a beautiful art, a memory of mom and me making pancakes.
Rigid Wing
Rigid Wing:
When I was little I had a close call with Aunt Jemima, in a grocery store one day a "Aunt Jemima" was giving away samples of pancakes. As my mom and I was at the check out she to me if I did not be good she would send me home with Aunt Jemima. Well I was good for a day or two till samples were gone. I did like her products.
Aunt Jemima doesn't deserve to be taken down she's a beautiful symbol and shows even in tough times theres still hope, that's why you have a good stack of pancakes with some aunt jemima syrup...
Kemar Sinclair
Kemar Sinclair:
THIS IS SO EXTRA. Aunt Jemima is an icon of food branding. I'm a black person, and quite frankly, this is being taken too far. Don't ruin traditions, black or white, we all share good memories with her pancakes. Just seeing her face brings joy.
Eva H
Eva H:
I honestly didn’t know it was a stereotype 🥺 like I see Cholula with a Latina on the bottle and don’t see it like that either, all my life I didn’t know this was a stereotype. I wanna give a shout out to my parents and family for raising me to accept everyone, and not hate one n other and to love everyone regardless of their color💛
Trice Pugh
Trice Pugh:
Giiiiiiirrrrrrrrlllllll imma have to say shut up. I have never been offended by aunt jemima. Omg I felt that brand tasted better. Lord I think yall could have let aunt jemima stay 🤦🏾‍♀️
Toast Boy
Toast Boy:
Rest In Peace Aunt Jemima you made my pancakes taste better with the love you provided😢
Willem Dafuck?
Willem Dafuck?:
Something is wrong with this planet.
James V
James V:
I've been using the brand for 60 years and I've never thought of it as being racial.....
I’m going to miss seeing Aunt Jemima’s face stare down at me as I eat my hot morning pancakes lathered in syrup
Que lastima, la imagen de Aunt Jemima me gusta mucho, la mujer que aparece me inspira cariño, calidez y mucho amor, ella me ha acompañado durante toda mi vida, en la casa nos gusta a todos.
Miryam Hernandez
Miryam Hernandez:
The way she explained it....she’s right....I never thought about it. Terror and abuse.
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant:
I never had a problem with it. To me, it’s syrup, and it goes on my pancakes and waffles. To get rid of something this small isn’t progress. But, I guess since we can’t get what we want, we go after the little things that don’t have any real significance.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
You've taken a talking point off the table. Literally. As with Uncle Ben.
Hiding history will not change it.
Thrustin Justin
Thrustin Justin:
Gonna rage against anyone driving a jeep Cherokee.
Paolo Apacible
Paolo Apacible:
i love aunt jemima!!! been using this syrup ever since i was a kid changing the name would decrease sales
Rhonda Furr
Rhonda Furr:
I love the product. I hope they keep the recipe and change the name/logo. They should have done this long ago.
Malika Lovesauce
Malika Lovesauce:
“Uncle Ben...u next”. Also does Toucan Sam have to go if he offends LgbqandT? Do the prostitutes get offended by Trix cereal? This is too much smh
Steevie Keys
Steevie Keys:
Aunt Jemima symbolizes kindness, attention to quality, and love. The black women in my life growing up were so sweet to me. If I owned a restaurant yes I would discriminate and only have women of color as the chefs running the kitchen! BRING BACK AUNT JEMIMA! In the meantime I will be purchasing another brand.
Oh finally , now I can buy syrup without having a full blown panic attack thinking about the injustices of this world . The left are truly the revolutionaries of our era
Carlos Cr
Carlos Cr:
I honestly never ever think about racism when I saw that brand I was thinking about a cute aunt making pancakes 🤷🏾‍♂️😔 innocent me
Martha Mendoza
Martha Mendoza:
I never thought of racism growing up with aunt gemima
david steward
david steward:
All of the people who think this “cultural appropriation”, y’all are just soft...plain and simple...
Ok, after listening to the interview I can see how that's an issue.
Since I was a kid I loved Aunt Jemima syrup and pancakes saw her a kind lady that I was eager to have every weekend her pancakes and syrup. I still do and never thought anything of racist. There are other food items that we have that just gives us a old fashioned and wholesome experience. Never thought of anything. I think people are getting offended about everything nowadays that I just feel that we have gone back in time sadly. Instead of going forward.
Miss Faz Tudo
Miss Faz Tudo:
Congrats, americans! You're making history! 🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤
Lionel Vargas
Lionel Vargas:
Really? I'm from the south. And I relate this to a beautiful loving woman who cooks with love. I'm also Hispanic. If you've eaten at Ninfa's Tex-Mex in Texas and know the history of Momma Ninfa, it is not racist. It's a term of love just like Aunt Jemima. Everyone has a matriarch who can cook with love. If we get remove Aunt Jemima, then love is leaving our nation.
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez:
Noooooooooooooooo!! Well.. I guess we're one step closer to looking the same and fitting with everyone else's sense on how we should look like. In other words, this is asinine.
Dutch The Gawd
Dutch The Gawd:
A manager at a job I was employed at was dealing with threats from coworkers that if they don't get a raise the would quit. He asked me if I was going to do the same. I told him I don't make threats and please don't insult me by offering a raise if I give you 2 weeks notice because if you are willing to pay me more to get me to stay that means you could have been paying me that the whole time. They knew their logo was racist from day one but fear of losing money is making them admit it. They could have paid me that respect this whole time.
Kush Hood
Kush Hood:
this is so dumb i always though she was the inventor of the pancakes and always thought she was the best person in the world for making em ☹️
While you’re at it, what of the “White House?”
As a white guy, I grew up in Montgomery with the sweetest black ladies in the world that worked at a boarding house. These ladies cooked the best breakfast, lunch and dinner that I can remember - I loved those amazing ladies then, and still do. Shame on Quaker's decision, wanting to be woke and erase the dignity of character, no matter the color. Switched to Log Cabin.
All I see is just a happy picture and yet people think it's racist? wtf..
B Graham
B Graham:
I have to say I'm kind of glad Aunt Jemima is going. I always thought it looked kind of stupid.
We haven’t had a problem with it for 100+ years but all of a sudden “everyone” is crying about it.

Edit: I haven’t heard one person whine about it.
Jonathan G
Jonathan G:
Well Richardson. aunt Jemima represents good southern cooking that we love so keeps your leftists feelings to yourself and realize your opinion is shared by only 20% of the country
I’m just now noticing Aunt Jemima was no longer on my syrup bottle when I went grocery shopping today. I had to look it up and found this video.
Roy Rice
Roy Rice:
New Law: No logos, caricatures, drawings or photos of ANY human can be used in advertisements again. Real Simple.
james sparks
james sparks:
Interesting fact : Aunt Jemima is based on the common "Mammy" stereotype, a character in minstrel shows in the late 1800s.....the more you know . 🌠
What Exactly is the issue with aunt Jemima ?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t get it! This world is messed
Google User
Google User:
You can use my image, I'll gladly take Aunt Jemima's spot!
Tomorrow Watkins
Tomorrow Watkins:
She tripping! She look like Aunt Jemima ijs why is she offended
Allens and Mi
Allens and Mi:
I love Aunt Jemima Her face is in my childhood.
Sergio Serrano
Sergio Serrano:
They should re brand it “Aunt Karen”
Karl Burris
Karl Burris:
What is wrong with us? Do not see anything wrong with this. The image of a beautiful black woman endorsing a food product is a positive message... See her as the symbol of everyone’s mom that cares for her family and those around her. Her warmth is something that has been lost with the arrogance of those people who are selfish and just want the image of power. My god, we have drifted so far from the love and caring feelings of the past. When I was a kid, our moms were Aunt Jemina. They cared for people and were sincere in what they did. We have lost our humanity. Am so ashamed of what we have become..
I never saw any racism in Aunt Jemima, or Uncle Bens for 53 years. Therefore, like a child, i needed racists to make me see the racism. Don't forget it's a great lesson for our children.🙄SMH.
So are we gonna get rid of the mariachi guy on the tapatio or get rid of the leprechaun on the lucky charms?
smug kid has bread
smug kid has bread:
We gonna miss this brand :( I'ma buy for my legacy edit: they removed the logo :(