Aurelien Tchouameni 2022 ● Welcome to Real Madrid ⚪

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100+ comentarios:

Here We Go ❤️
Tchouameni / Camavinga midfield duo will be unstoppable! Hala Madrid!
Latif Demir
Latif Demir:
Luis Rivas
Luis Rivas:
Madrid’s scouts have been amazing these last couple years.
Vladimir Mun
Vladimir Mun:
Vini, Rodrygo, Camavinga, Valverde, and now tchouameni are our future <3
Pedro Vinícius
Pedro Vinícius:
Tchouameni, Camavinga and Valverde = Unstoppable Defensive Midfield.
Anin Waloda
Anin Waloda:
His takles are just like Kante 's , his compure is insanely good , a Dynamo in the midfield ,
Kenny Sabillon
Kenny Sabillon:
Wow our future midfielders look absolute insane
Fábio Santos de sa
Fábio Santos de sa:
Joga muito parabéns grande jogador
i've never watched CDM comps so i might be talking out of my ass but Tchouameni's defensive range looks incredible, the way he sticks his body out and manages to come out with the ball even from behind his opponent is crazy
Jonathan Willian
Jonathan Willian:
Não sei quem são os olheiros do Real Madrid, mas tem que parabenizar o trabalho em, só visionário da bola! 👏🏼⚽
This is a perfect Casemiro Backup, for the Future 🔥😍😍

Valverde Tchouameni Camavinga 2024/25!!
He is like Pogba - Skills and Technique + Defence + Little More Physicality
Pff Buenísimo defensivamente! Me recuerda un poco a Kante recuperando pelotas aparte de que tiene muy buena visión de campo y Gol😎 Promete mucho el proyecto del RM a presente y futuro. Hala Madrid🙌🏻
Reed Reiner
Reed Reiner:
Great Talent 🤝🏻⚪
Kauã Silva
Kauã Silva:
Joga demais
joao luka alves
joao luka alves:
O estilo de jogo dele lembra o Pogba
Mayckson Matias
Mayckson Matias:
Depois do que aconteceu com mbappe vou esperar um pouco para me iludir, não conheço o jogador mas bom de bola vai ser um grande reforço para equipe.
Camavinga-Tchouameni-Valverde ❤️❤️❤️
Tín Lê Quang
Tín Lê Quang:
wow, lots of big club have good young talents but RM have them too, not only talent but also experienced in big matches, such as Rodrygo, Vinicius, Valverde, Camavinga, ..
West Brumfield
West Brumfield:
Welcome home ❤️🔥
Juanito .10
Juanito .10:
Reminds me a lot of a young Patrick vieira 🇫🇷
Viral Shorts
Viral Shorts:
the new Paul Pogba such a physical And strengh💀🔥
Dav C
Dav C:
Do one for Darwin Nunez, he's coming to Real Madrid after tonight's Final.
Cody Ferrell
Cody Ferrell:
He's good. But Camavinga going to be the talent to watch in coming years for that Real midfield.
B S:
Florentino will forever be scarred by the fact he sold Makelele to Chelsea and with him the chances of winning the Champions League. He knows how important defensive midfielders are even in todays game. Just look at Casemiro, Camavinga and Valverde and now possible this kid
mohamed alhoti
mohamed alhoti:
Casemiro, Tshmoamini, Camviga and Valverde in the midfield, an abnormal force in the event of an understanding in play, no team can match Madrid in the midst of the attack and rebound, the quick attack, Vinicius and Benzema🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sandile Mfeka
Sandile Mfeka:
Good signing
হাবিজাবি ডট কম
হাবিজাবি ডট কম:
Welcome in Real Madrid.✌️❤️
Rohullah R
Rohullah R:
His way of playing jast like toni kroos i love it 🤍🤍🤍
Hard work 💪 bro
Thank you bro keep going...
Gawr Honey
Gawr Honey:
Reminds me of Claude Makélélé.
Welcome to Real Madrid 🤍
Tchoumani e camavinga in major ⚽🤍 <3
Yo Mama
Yo Mama:
Welcome to Madrid Brotha !🤘🏻 Hala Madrid Forever!
Xojiakbar Abdusamatov
Xojiakbar Abdusamatov:
Here we go!⚪
Rene Morales
Rene Morales:
Is this confirmed already?! If so, then 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
She!kh N!ang RMCF
She!kh N!ang RMCF:
Bienvenue dans le meilleur club du monde Tchouameni et temps pis pour Mbappé money 🤣😅
Our French and Brazilian core is gonna be so strong....
Love it!
Hala Madrid 🤍🤍 Y Nada Más
Real madrid is the future for the best young players 🤍🤍
Yasine Brs
Yasine Brs:
It's a great player and young but i think 80M is very much 😐
Miguel Relin
Miguel Relin:
Biem florentino vas progresando
Camavinga Tchouamnei Valverde perfect replacement for the legendary trio Kross Casemiro Modric.
antony would do very well at real Madrid
When France has the best mid field in the world for next 10 years, they can thank Madrid. Tchouameni and Camavinga will be playing together on weekly basis
king Hassan
king Hassan:
How he is gonna accept to be a sub for Casemiro !! He already deserve to play with starting line
Anin Waloda
Anin Waloda:
taking the ball from him is like getting a hair from dough ,
Thanh hung La
Thanh hung La:
Valverde-Camavinga-Tchoumeni 😲
charles kyei Apraku
charles kyei Apraku:
Thanks 🙏 for accepting to come home
Kindsaza DK
Kindsaza DK:
ibrahima mbodji
ibrahima mbodji:
Sénégalais je suis,supporter de l'Espagne aussi... mais franchement tchouameni et camavinga feront mal aux autres équipes européennes dans l'avenir...
mohamed med
mohamed med:
Welcome to Real Madrid ❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata:
Je suis bordelais et il a été formé à bordeaux,on l'a pas assez vu en ligue 1 ,c'est trop court...! Il est excellent et je le vois bien relever grandement le niveau du milieu du PSG,si dembéle arrive,tchouameni,ça peut vraiment être une belle équipe avec une belle ambiance et 2 français en + au PSG,Aurélien si tu lis ça ,viens à Paris mec,on veut te voir faire grandir la France
Mohamed Ramzy
Mohamed Ramzy:
He is gonna wear nr 22 most likely
juan rodriguez
juan rodriguez:
Waviest One
Waviest One:
Remember watching ndombele and bakayoko? Yeah that went well didn’t it…
Here is my question though, he is a defensive midfielder yeah? and there we have Casemiro? how are they gonna play? ofc i love to see Aurel with Cama, but even Cama right now is on the bench due to Modric and Kroos? the real issue for me right now lies on the right winger spot? sure Rodrygo is good but inconsistent, and Asensio is meh... Also i LOVE KARIM! but even him has peaked right now and we can already see his physical age take a toll on him. So i wonder how Real Madrids future set up will look like.
Mouhamed Diop
Mouhamed Diop:
Thiouameni Réal Madrid rék ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Enrique Fernandez Pirez
Enrique Fernandez Pirez:
Tchouameni 🤑✍ N'kunku🤑✍
Real Madrid 13🏆🇪🇸 ⚽️🏃‍♂️👍⚽️🏃‍♂️👍
aji winny channel
aji winny channel:
Tchoumeni, Camavinga and valverde the next midfielder real madrid
And mbappe stays with an aging Neymar, messi and Ramos 😂😂😂
Kemar Roberts
Kemar Roberts:
He seems like a utility player. May need a good coach to get the best out of him.
RJ Moon
RJ Moon:
Looks like he has energy but less vision
Mo mo
Mo mo:
It's Official Done Deal for 80m
Matthew McRowan
Matthew McRowan:
Tchouameni Valverde Camavinga new Casemiro Kross Modric
Ronald Cortez
Ronald Cortez:
French players prove that Africa with better conditions will dominate the world of football
funny vibes comedy
funny vibes comedy:
He play like Pogba
jean Beaudet
jean Beaudet:
Welcome to PSG, like Mbappé !! ;-))
Mohammed Amr
Mohammed Amr:
why RM needs such player ! i think we need an attacker
Alaba, rudiger, militao, mendy, tchoameni, camavinga, vinicius, rodrygo = Real madrid is black/brown 😂❤️
Ag Warren
Ag Warren:
Future mid
Fede. Camavinga
Anandhu Nandhu
Anandhu Nandhu:
Who all came here after the confirmation from Fabrizio Romano Here we gooo 💫💫💫
Anin Waloda
Anin Waloda:
Stealing the ball from opponents is his mission
Anaba Avaa
Anaba Avaa:
tchouameni camavinga valverde futuro madrid
Oppong Nana Kwaku Levis
Oppong Nana Kwaku Levis:
ATM I see nothing exceptional about him .. I’m a Madrid fan tho
Surya C
Surya C:
They should have gone for Pogba on a free transfer.
Dani VM
Dani VM:
Welcome to Barcelona!!!💗💙💗💙
John Doe
John Doe:
Welcome to PSG!
Maykon Almeida
Maykon Almeida:
Mbappe está convencendo ele a jogar pelo PSG!!!
youssef ayari
youssef ayari:
He has chosen psg ( because at real madrid there’s a lot of competition)
Kashir Munir
Kashir Munir:
We should get him asap
Welcome to Paris.🏴‍☠️
kessie, Ferran tore, De jong, gavi, Pedri, 🔥🔥🔥
I'll wait for a Communicado Official! 🤷‍♂️😏
Welcome to Liverpool YNWA
marcos obiang
marcos obiang:
Almost a done deal with madrid
Francis Earl
Francis Earl:
I doubt he'll go after Real have been wasting Camavinga for 2 years
He will start at Liverpool so it's a much better option for him
Liverpool need reinforcement to keep up with City too
Real just isn't the destination any more folks
Deal with it.
Super Mad
Super Mad:
Madrid won't pay 80 Million for this kid
The Uchiha
The Uchiha:
1:46 🤣🤣🤣
Nikos Vardiz
Nikos Vardiz:
I don't want psg to go. If this player is from Madrid, it will be a big blow to the people of Paris. Especially to that shameless psg president. Don't let money come to the fore like mbappe.
no tchouameni no real
Chaman 75
Chaman 75:
Welcome to Paris !!! A Madrid tu seras remplacement comme camavingua qui est en train de briser sa carrière salement. A ton âge on doit jouer !!
ahmed alkaabi
ahmed alkaabi:
Madrid still crying about mbappe
U are really pathetic club crying like little girls because you couldnt get what you want
The man can decide his future by himself and you cant force him to join your club
It is business in the end
The clubs can give their offers and he can choose whatever he wants

And your club will still run after him no matter what and it is really pathetic.
maxime Shelby
maxime Shelby:
Réal Madrid 🥶😂😂. Welcome to paris ❤️😘
Daniel Gant
Daniel Gant:
He’s not there yet
Saransh Dahiya
Saransh Dahiya:
I want Perez to sign 2-3 more amazing players like him this summer❤️❤️
Hala Madrid
MBAPPE will suffer in PSG for 3years full. 🔥
Usama Iqbal
Usama Iqbal:
Is he 100Mn worth 🤔
Syed Abdul Rahman
Syed Abdul Rahman:
Reminds of Ganso. Anybody?