Aurelien Tchouameni 2022 - Welcome to Real Madrid | Skills, Goals & Tackles | HD

Aurelien Tchouameni - Welcome to Real Madrid 2022 | Skills, Goals & Assists | HD
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Tchuamendi along Camavinga and Valverde will be a scary midfield for any attacker. Valverde and camavinga have two lungs. Valverde might have 3.
Tim Alk
Tim Alk:
it's safe to say that this guy does it all. Literally a mix of Casimero and Modric, tremendous signing for Madrid.
EDIT: I meant 80% Casi 20% Modric 😊
Ak Ram
Ak Ram:
World class midfielder 👌he's a player who loves Madrid, not like Mbapp€
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
Being called up for the National Team says a lot about this young Man.
Mahmoud Anis
Mahmoud Anis:
Better than pogba already
Power, vision, dribbles and a net shaker.
Mauricio Hurtado
Mauricio Hurtado:
Him as a CDM is going to be a real tough midfield in Madrid.
CMK is mutating to CTV!
Julio Rodriguez Diaz
Julio Rodriguez Diaz:
What a Sign, what a player…..
Welcome to Real , Hala madrid !
Impresionante jugador, es prodigioso, una fuerza de la naturaleza que lo tiene todo: robo de balón, anticipación, clase a raudales para salir de la presión, facilidad para hacer goles, juego aéreo... en fin acierto total del Madrid, no importan los 100M que han tenido que pagar por él, es un jugador para más de 10 años, vale cada céntimo pagado.
Con él, Camavinga, Casemiro y Valverde, el Madrid tiene uno de los centro del campo más potentes del mundo, no puedo esperar a que comience la próxima temporada para verlo en acción!!!!
Lucas Gabriel
Lucas Gabriel:
Tchuameni, Valverde e camavinga o que esse trio vai jogar no meio do real Madrid vai ser um absurdo🔥✨
Christopher Dufrene
Christopher Dufrene:
Dire qu'il venais de Bordeaux incroyable sont parcours et encore il reste que de belle chose à accomplir pour lui
Nando Jiménez
Nando Jiménez:
He's really an awesome player 👏
Shadman Sakib
Shadman Sakib:
2:23 I just love this tackle <3
Oriona Patrick
Oriona Patrick:
Let me guess, you’re a Real Madrid fan like myself and you heard the news about the new signing & you’re coming to see how good he is 🫠😁
Tchoumeni, Camavimga, Valverde where you you can rotate between who goes forward, who stays back depending on the different situations... great midfield. Only thing I am "concerned" is that this midfield as of now, will be very focused on counterattacking football
The Fútbol Show
The Fútbol Show:
Tchouameni, the complete/perfect defensive midfielder, what a player!
il fait déjà parti des meilleurs, mais un jour il sera le meilleur milieu de terrain au monde #FCGB💙🤍
Rayan Ramzi
Rayan Ramzi:
Tchuamendi if he keeps his skills level like this to next year for sure that he going to be one of best players in world
Dee 4HD
Dee 4HD:
Tackling and shot power is impressive
Uyy what signing! I can’t wait to see him debut! 🔥
Edgar Coto
Edgar Coto:
El medio campo del Madrid no puede ser legal la CMK Y la TVC increíble 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gopal Sawant
Gopal Sawant:
pin point this guy\
Frances national squad is just insane. packed with so much talent, they really are going through a golden age period with all this quality. i'm expecting big things from them in the WC. what a team. so much strength in depth. they probably have the most well equipped squad in world football.
Mahmoud Hamidoun
Mahmoud Hamidoun:
Finally We will have a DMF that can move with the ball
Bryan StaysLifted
Bryan StaysLifted:
After 7 mins. I’ve seen enough. He’s good !!!
Nour El Islam Mokrani
Nour El Islam Mokrani:
Rudiger and him would give Real Madrid the defensive solidity that it has been missing since Ramos and Varane left. If he and Casemeiro step on the field together, Courtois will take the day off.
Vitor Henrique Lopes Da Silva
Vitor Henrique Lopes Da Silva:
he is a good midfielder, has marking and wins on tackles, but still needs to improve his passing!!! for me it will be a substitute for casemiro. not from modric !!!
wojownik z czarną bandaną
wojownik z czarną bandaną:
Rudiger, Tchouaméni= 🔥
Tabish Ghezali
Tabish Ghezali:
He is gonna be a monster mark my world no doub about it. He really chose thé wright team
Dalisu Ngobese
Dalisu Ngobese:
He's such a destroyer!!
Rawan Kandeel
Rawan Kandeel:
your videos are always amazing but one thing I have noticed is that the brightness is very high that u sometimes cant see clearly. 🙌
tareq ahmed
tareq ahmed:
Full midfielder.. Excellent deal 👍
Suhail Muhammad
Suhail Muhammad:
Underrated player 🤌🏼
What a player this Real Madrid will be a wall next season
Gabriel J.
Gabriel J.:
Não arruma nada contra o talento brasileiro
Daniel Varney
Daniel Varney:
Imagine him and camavinga with these fire tackles.
K Major
K Major:
Im relieved that he chose football over money..well done boy👏
Lana Al harbi
Lana Al harbi:
great ! This player has potential
Suhail Muhammad
Suhail Muhammad:
Underrated player 🤌🏼
Frank Gonzales
Frank Gonzales:
El Real Madrid ya lleva 3 años con necesidad de ir reformando su equipo. Por suerte , este año se ha dado todo y se ha ganado una Champions y una Liga... La champions muy sufrida (con mayor gusto ganada) por que muchos sabíamos que el equipo estaba ya para ir reformándose. La llegada de gente era ya muy, muy necesaria, y el equipo debe conformarse YA. El Real Madrid NO puede esperar 3 años más por Mbappé. Hay que ir buscando cracks para todas las posiciones del campo donde hay gente que se nos va a jubilar pronto, y hay que buscarlos y traerlos ya. Mbappé perdió su tren. El tren de las estrellas. Mala elección por parte de Mbappé...
Pat Hua
Pat Hua:
Modric and to a lesser degree Kroos don’t grow on trees. Very shrewd for Real to acquire the best available midfield talent out there. Inevitably the way Real midfield plays will change as these players take over. They can learn from Kroos and Modric, but never fully replace them. They will have their own identity!
winfield knight
winfield knight:
Just imagine a midfield trio of Valverde, Tchouameni and Camavinga. Great replacement to the outgoing Kroos, Casemiro and Modric. Madrid always a step ahead. The VTC may prove even better than the KCM in the future
Camavinga, Valverde,Tchouameni🔥🔥🔥
Abel Tran
Abel Tran:
Best things always belong to Real Madrid
Taha Abdülkadir YILMAZ
Taha Abdülkadir YILMAZ:
Real can change the own middilfield. They may put a de bruyne style player in front of camavinga and tchou a few years later.
Mohsin Tanvar
Mohsin Tanvar:
what a baller RM❤
Real Madrid example of perfect run club. Their president know this bussiness. They always build team for last at least 10 years and players always want this dream team. When some players want that club, it's takes half billion changing their minds lol :) But Real also understand football, they know football changed, so this time they dont go with Los Galacticos and divas. (Psg and oil teams will be ruined, they follow 10 years behind) They building with team players. İn the past with C ronaldo transfer, they stealed M United's thunder. That transfer smartest and best transfer in history. Real's midfield perfect right now but this team also need serious striker after Benzema. Real building amazing team and success not coincidence. Next 10 years Real will be succesfull and top team again.
Sergio Pérez Lima Espinosa
Sergio Pérez Lima Espinosa:
The Cmavinga+Tchouameni combo will be scary!
martin hanssson
martin hanssson:
valverde tchouameni camavinga will be insane for the future. But Case is only 30 and will play as a worldclass cdm for atleast 4 more years.
J Strada
J Strada:
PSG and Liverpool were after him but he had decided for Real Madrid
Ali Hamed
Ali Hamed:
Welcome to Madrid 💜
Anish Mukherjee
Anish Mukherjee:
2:23 Remarkable!
Gabriel Gomes
Gabriel Gomes:
Guy is a combination of Pogba and Kanté🤯
Edo Shael
Edo Shael:
Superb player, nice signing for Madrid.. Real madrid is going to win UCL again..
Real madrid defence will be super tight next season, i assume just like bayern under hynckes.
miracle ekeh
miracle ekeh:
Young casemiro. He's good at interception. 💪
Oscar Ignacio Rodr'iguez Vargas
Oscar Ignacio Rodr'iguez Vargas:
Am I the only one who thinks he plays a lot like Zidane on his prime? Honestly he has it all
Lee Rios
Lee Rios:
i love it . wise transfer for madrid.
Mark York Whites
Mark York Whites:
Okay so he can defend like Van Dijk, tackle like Bobby Moore, has a turn of pace and the control of Messi, can pick a pass like de Bruyne, and score with both feet and his head.
Jazzy Wayz
Jazzy Wayz:
Chew-on-many is like a mix of Maradona, Pelé, Cryuff, Messi, Ronaldo Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy and Mr.T
Real Madrid
Real Madrid:
Courtois Alaba,Militeo, Mendy, Carvajal,Rudiger
Valverde,Tchouameni, camavingha
Vini jr, Benzema and Rodrygo
The future
Keshav Kannan
Keshav Kannan:
Welcome to Real Madrid!
Juega casi igual que camavinga lol , lo unico que el juega con pierna derecha 😎
He's like casemiro and kante combined
أسيد الزعبي
أسيد الزعبي:
Abdul Muhaimin
Abdul Muhaimin:
A perfect bulldozer 🥲🥲
Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé :
2:24 la mejor parte
Miguel Fdez
Miguel Fdez:
No está mal, pero habrá que ver si hace lo mismo en una liga de nivel como la española
A new tank will be for the future in the place of Casemiro
Su Karto
Su Karto:
Real madrid is the best young gun..
Valverde camavinga aurelien rodrigo vinisius and combined with best finisher best falsnine king benzema.. best mentoring by modric kroos casemiro.. nice project oppa perez
J Strada
J Strada:
Madrid future looks bright
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow:
He is little short like Modric.
Well his playing style also resemblance to Modric.
It's like watching a young Modric.
Bráulio Bravo
Bráulio Bravo:
i can imagine him and camavinga together 🤍🤍
Toni E
Toni E:
Vaya monstruo polivalente...
Modric Kroos and tchoumeni will be fire. He can do all the work while Kroos and modric ball
Dany Umanzor
Dany Umanzor:
Ahora el Madrid necesita un lateral izquierdo que sea Veloz y que tenga calidad con el balón
gaming guru
gaming guru:
I imagine madrid midfield next season..waoo it's too Scary 😳🤯
Cool and Near
Cool and Near:
Every ball he take it, player always fall to the field ..
Excited to see how he performs outside of a farmer's league.
Alfiyan Ibnu sofyan
Alfiyan Ibnu sofyan:
Semoga bersinar di real madrid
Nacho Duran
Nacho Duran:
Ya ves maquina Touchamení
Vocal One
Vocal One:
He’s basically a future casemiro
Cotioras Silviu
Cotioras Silviu:
Hes play it's exactly as Pogba in Juve days!
Skyzof 62
Skyzof 62:
Great skills but does he really worth 80millions? seems like a big price for such a young player
Damn!! That's a fucking beast
Tarkan Uygurtürk
Tarkan Uygurtürk:
Çok yetenekli görünüyor sakatlık yaşamasını istemeyiz. Çocuk şimdiden izlerken zevk veren bir oyuncu olmayı başarmış
Jennifer Enebeli
Jennifer Enebeli:
Nice video, keep it up
Madridismo al Día TV
Madridismo al Día TV:
⚪⚪⚪⚪Bienvenido al Real Madrid CRACK!!!.
Camavinga the new kross Valverde te new modric tchouameni the new casemiro
João Paulo
João Paulo:
Tchouameni, Camavinga and Bellingham (IF YOU COME) nobody holds this midfield 🙅🏾‍♂️🔥
His style of play is very similar to carlos henrique josé francisco venancio casemiro's style of play but I think he will be better than carlos henrique josé francisco venancio casemiro 🤘.
A lot of money is a priority for Mbappe and he stayed in PSG, but this French player will have a lot of support from Real Madrid fans as many cool teams tried to buy him but he ignored them all because he only wanted to play for Real Madrid. 🤍🤘
young dave
young dave:
Nainggolan vibes 🥷 🔥
Muhammad Shallal
Muhammad Shallal:
He must get better on the long pass.
Daniel 117
Daniel 117:
Parece mejor que Casemiro.
Mazlum Yumitkan
Mazlum Yumitkan:
New version of Casemiro 👍
Claudio Benjamin Osorio
Claudio Benjamin Osorio:
Casemiro 2.0 but faster and scores more goals
dvd yangi
dvd yangi:
Tchuameni and Rudiger great Welcome to Real madrid gooo
Anders B
Anders B:
Those might be the longest legs in football
ait yahia mazigh
ait yahia mazigh:
reminds me of Yaya Toure
Joako ADB
Joako ADB:
Sinceramente me parece un muy buen jugador, pero nunca pagaría 100 millones por un futbolista que no es determinante para la obtención de un resultado (cómo si son los delanteros o extremos)
Manuel Franchini
Manuel Franchini:
Black young french players are fantastic in this moment!