Awakenings Festival 2018 Saturday - Live set Joseph Capriati @ Area V

Watch the full live set of Joseph Capriati at Awakenings Festival 2018_Saturday_Area V

#techno #awakenings #josephcapriati #amsterdam #hardtechno #technomusic
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100+ comentarios:

Tomas Otero
Tomas Otero:
Joseph Capriati one of the best djs in the world
Denis Höger
Denis Höger:
gread musik I just love it thanks from germany
Hector Fernandez
Hector Fernandez:
Can't wait to see him this weekend at EDC. He's so handsome and talented.
Rob K
Rob K:
Relentless, uncompromising, devastating! Great set
Haha the guy on the phone @ 1:15:42😂😂

„Yo...?...fuck it..“
Tomas Otero
Tomas Otero:
All the ones who played here are Legends
enrico ska
enrico ska:
the Best Joseph waiting him in Turin for the KFF18
Joseph Capriati tonight , at SunWaves Festival , in Mamaia ! :)
It would be awesome if you could publish all of these records on Soundcloud too 😍
Marcos Vieites Barreiro
Marcos Vieites Barreiro:
43:30 carl cox 🚿🚿🚿😂😂
Eduardo Najarro, Jr.
Eduardo Najarro, Jr.:
Off the charts.
Gonzalo H
Gonzalo H:
The only bad thing I see about awakenings is that except for the closing set, the rest of the day is like you are dancing in hell with that sun :S
Irrespective of the hype machine, Capriati doesn't mess about...Class. Edit: Cox in to have a listen & hug 😎
Michele Spatola
Michele Spatola:
God of Techno !! ♥
Galimir Grablev
Galimir Grablev:
Never disappoints <3 JC !
Jan-Ole Wernéry
Jan-Ole Wernéry:
1:26:15 , Best wishes for capriati
Ailen Lo
Ailen Lo:
19:54 bombaa
Giovanni Orifici
Giovanni Orifici:
14:16 spaccio in diretta
David Sandoval
David Sandoval:
so many acapellas i love it
Csekő Norbert
Csekő Norbert:
This man is a punisher!❤👀😎😎
I love it!!!
Greg Woodin
Greg Woodin:
That stage is sick
Jon Egestti
Jon Egestti:
Alex Márquez
Alex Márquez:
0:30:40 Nice moment
Hush Sleep
Hush Sleep:
A lot of people are commenting wrong track titles on tracks that our completely ours.
For everyone wanting to know the tracks Joseph played from us here are the right times and the titles that belong to the times in the set.
11:00 Hush & Sleep - Sacrifice (unreleased)
47:00 Hush & Sleep - Soar (Ellora Recordings)
1:26:00 Hush & Sleep - Poison (Unreleased)
1:40:00 Hush & Sleep, Rudosa - Synergy (Unreleased)

Stop publishing different artists and track names if you don't know the exact artist and his track. Thanks!
He is the Man! Great progressive tunes, love it
Only DASQ Music
Only DASQ Music:
Miguel Silva
Miguel Silva:
25:40 BOMB 🌋♥️🔊
Alejandro Acevedo
Alejandro Acevedo:
22:00 Klaudia Gawlas - The Lightnings (Original Mix)
49:42 Klaudia Gawlas - The Siren
1:08:22 Ilario Alicante - Rotate (slam remix)
masic 7
masic 7:
Mi smo i biti ćemo fini.. :D
1:33:00 track id please?

Edit: TKNO - Sanctuary (avision remix)
mouse declic
mouse declic:
just perfect set.
Antoine Grd 1
Antoine Grd 1:
Heavy !
amazing capriati i was there !!! see you in malta 2018 <3 gringos
GEEEEZ that beast track that he drops in after hi hat line at around 55:44 is the kind of track a DJ can say when asked what did you /do you like to play" You say this track here will sum it up, it's what i was about. Holy fuck balls that's a good f'n track, its modern sounding but takes me back to late 90's in some clubs that made soup of normal and fed it back to you on a plate of bass in your pants and a whole lot of "wtf was that? were they, on the dance floor straight up? uh yes they were" Hey maybe the kid becomes DJ and can play the club he was accidentally concieved. ? if that song is on i'm getting someone pregnant.
Beatmaster Smalls
Beatmaster Smalls:
Track on 1u47 1u48... love that one
Nemanja Zivanovic
Nemanja Zivanovic:
Sabrina Castreje
Sabrina Castreje:
track list plis !!! :)
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez:
This set is amazing! Go Italia!!! BOOM!!
Sergio santos
Sergio santos:
40.40 Bomba viuu
1:36:00 extcasy exxelent&fckn great mix 💥💪💣
Thomas G
Thomas G:
Can’t stop watching Lea S. @ 13:10 😍
Mateusz Wereszczyński
Mateusz Wereszczyński:
48:40 🙏🏻
Javier Eraso
Javier Eraso:
wooow some day !!!
Bomba!! Magnifico Joseph!! 💥
D R:
Pure Power
Kris Warren
Kris Warren:
32 minutes onwards!! Stapppp that 🐝🙋‍♂️🔥
Rúben Simão
Rúben Simão:
Grande! 🙌💃🕺
alejandro murillo
alejandro murillo:
Es un maldito crack !
Silvia Silvia
Silvia Silvia:
Che set Madonna mia! 🧡🔝
vesna maksimovic
vesna maksimovic:
Normandie Briggitte
Normandie Briggitte:
Joseph Capriati great Dj 🎶🔊 💪👏👏💕 Argentina here iamnormandie 🎶
Wow Capriati always play with the heart !!!!
suzanne healy
suzanne healy:
Really enjoyed this set
sonja ketels
sonja ketels:
Omg supper de luxe thanks
Marianna Barletta
Marianna Barletta:
Sei una Potenza ! Italiana pugliese ti seguo sempre da Dortmund !!!😜🙆🎶👋👋👋👋🎶✊✊✊✊🎶🎶🎶
Sam Fucious
Sam Fucious:
Beast mode I love it!!
Nadia Nikolova
Nadia Nikolova:
Naddy N
Naddy N:
This is amazing bloody music!!
pedro frias
pedro frias:
Federico Meucci
Federico Meucci:
La bionda che fa ballare le bocce all'inizio è qualcosa di fantastico
Mr G
Mr G:
Edolardo Raspelli
Edolardo Raspelli:
1:42:50 i brividi Peppinnnn
Masha Игоревна
Masha Игоревна:
Обожаю ❤
Akos Fekete
Akos Fekete:
Grande Peppino!!! what a set
chris darcy
chris darcy:
Track at 1hr 1 min is amazimg
Med Hamdy
Med Hamdy:
24:00 <3 <3
Ricardo Oliveira
Ricardo Oliveira:
Fodaaaaa! 💣🔥🚀🙌
Andrea Costa
Andrea Costa:
A 1:06 cosa ha fatto !!!!! Bellissimo
Mariano Alvarez
Mariano Alvarez:
1:54:20 ??
Lino Liguori
Lino Liguori:
il nostro Peppino colpisce sempre 💣💣💣💣
fvck it
fvck it:
Tears Point
Tears Point:
Karim Benzema 14:22
domenico mangano
domenico mangano:
19:40 top
Ronny K.
Ronny K.:
Wie schon gesagt top djs wo man merkt das selbst die richtig Spaß hatten einfach nur geil awakenings 😊
Walyson Veras
Walyson Veras:
07:04 track id pleaseee??
Ary Bustos
Ary Bustos:
Baldovino Falco
Baldovino Falco:
The King is Joseph ❤️ orgoglio Campano
indira canas borja
indira canas borja:
❤️❤️ ❤️❤️
Caio Vinicius Giallorenzo
Caio Vinicius Giallorenzo:
Alessio R
Alessio R:
grandeJoseph Capriati sei speciale
Oliver Sky
Oliver Sky:
1:15:00 Industrialyzer Solid Buzz
Armel Besic
Armel Besic:
PacoPepe DaFakinGod
PacoPepe DaFakinGod:
14:19 😎
Che sound.......!!!!
Loko Jo
Loko Jo:
wonderful sunglasses
elias Salazar
elias Salazar:
The king kong.. Joseph capriati!!! 👌
J Trx
J Trx:
Nu pazz 🖤 😎
Damiano Casetta
Damiano Casetta:
💣💣Italy reigns💣💣
Felipe Alonso
Felipe Alonso:
How many people there??!!😮
Leo /Sknn
Leo /Sknn:
15:40 Body language - Layton Giordani
azim lah
azim lah:
Great set!
cristian suarez
cristian suarez:
Mr. Jurz
Mr. Jurz:
This stage is so fucking awesome
Cristóbal Hernández
Cristóbal Hernández:
Track id min. 15:40???
Docr Cordoba
Docr Cordoba:
1:30 track id for? Por favor!!!
julian torres
julian torres:
Dame un hijo capriati <3
Gaetano Setaro
Gaetano Setaro:
Sergio santos
Sergio santos:
41:00 track nemes