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A man of the match performance from Daniel Podence on his first Premier League start helped Wolves to a dominant win over Everton. Goals from Raul Jimenez, Leander Dendoncker and Diogo Jota sealed the three points

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Podence is different gravy
Stephen Trout
Stephen Trout:
Ruben Neves clearly learning from the maestro Joao Moutinho, wonderful range of passing.
PadgMcNally 14
PadgMcNally 14:
RIP jacko one of the greats he will be missed 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Molly H
Molly H:
El Sprint tremendo que se avento Adama para que fallara hasta yo me enojé como Nuno
tK Bandito
tK Bandito:
Neves proved in this game how good he can really be, he run the game. Podence made a real good impression aswell. Well done to the lads in a absolute masterclass.
Milan Vazé
Milan Vazé:
The top four is still in reach, here’s how: Man Utd run in: Palace, West Ham and Leicester. Leicester run in: Sheff Utd, Spurs and Man Utd. Chelsea run in: Norwich, Liverpool and Us. Our run in: Burnley, Palace and Chelsea. You would expect Man U to reach top 3 based off of current form and attacking strength although West Ham could be tough as they are scrapping to stay up but for hypothetical reasons let’s assume that Utd finish third and win all three games. Leicester have a really tough last three games with opponents who have found good form recently in Sheffield Utd and Spurs who are fighting for Europa League football and then Utd who seem much stronger than them at the moment, so it looks tough to see where they can get points from in these last 3 games. And Chelsea have a tough run in with Norwich (although they are already relegated, some relegated teams seem to find form once the pressure has been lifted off of them) next Liverpool trying to chase down the record for 100 Premier league points and then us. We are currently 5 points behind Chelsea who are in 3rd and if we both beat Burnley (which will no doubt be tough as they could still get a Europa League position) and Palace (who have nothing to play for) and Chelsea beat Norwich and lose to Liverpool the gap is down to 2 with everything to play for at Stamford Bridge, and Chelsea have been quite poor against bigger teams this season (barring the 5-2 earlier in September) Obviously there is still a lot that may not go to plan but we must ensure that we put in similar performances like this Everton one in our next three games... COYW 🐺
ete añañin
ete añañin:
Let’s go wolves 🐺 go for all!!!! UCL is coming blessings
Rossi Jackson
Rossi Jackson:
Should have been 6-0
And i'm also sad Benfica never managed to extract the full potential of Raul Jimenez like The Wolves are doing it! Much respect!
Rolando Yareth
Rolando Yareth:
Soy mexicano y ahuevo el Raúl con si gol
Cam'ron Cottam
Cam'ron Cottam:
Should have been a 4/5 nill victory
Neves is so wonderful
H Thomas
H Thomas:
Nuno should play podence then bring on traore in the later stages of a game imagine being a defender played 60 mins of football your probably getting tired then traore comes on and is running at you , you literally would stand no chance on stopping his pace going around u
i hope i'll see Wolves in 1 or 2 european finals! Great respect for everything they've achieved and for being such a good team! Will eventually have to visit Wolverhampton as soon as i can! Keep it up Wolves and "go for the throat!" ;)
Moi GL
Moi GL:
Vamooos Wolves!!!
Legion Of Kinsmen
Legion Of Kinsmen:
God Bless Jack RIP... COMB!!! 🐺🇬🇧✊
Akbarsyah Muaz Yunus
Akbarsyah Muaz Yunus:
RIP Pickford 😂
This 1st 11 is really good they should start it every match
Storm Playz
Storm Playz:
That music after the goals lol
Carlos Mariño
Carlos Mariño:
Mms que penalti tan perfecto
Shaun Nicholls
Shaun Nicholls:
How long have they played L'Amour Toujours when a goal is scored?
goulashi gabor
goulashi gabor:
Podence is electric influence on the pitch..he has to start every game...
No unnecessary dislikes yet...
Antonio DJCV
Antonio DJCV:
vamos wolves!!!
GD Charles
GD Charles:
Honzix CZ
Honzix CZ:
Neves and Jota And this passes = Goal
Tony Velasquez
Tony Velasquez:
Vamos wolves!!
johnny miro
johnny miro:
Go 🐺
trevaan richards
trevaan richards:
you would have to show the time on the screen
Ariel Guzman
Ariel Guzman:
Enrique Luna
Enrique Luna:
What Jota needed jaja
Futuro 07
Futuro 07:
R9 🦊
claude cretat
claude cretat:
Never penalty
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues:
Podence is electric influence on the pitch..he has to start every game...
Luis Ruge
Luis Ruge:
Great job Jimenez!! ♥️
Isai Toledo
Isai Toledo:
La mejor asistencia del año, vaya pase!!
Mart Rojas
Mart Rojas:
Zak Szilagyi
Zak Szilagyi:
Does Traoré even have a brake option?
Thanasis Katsoydas TM
Thanasis Katsoydas TM:
lets go podence
Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith:
From Ireland well played Wolves back on form... RIP ...JACK CHARLTON FROM THE BOYS IN GREEN..💚
jonathan mallard
jonathan mallard:
Having been a (modest) Wolves fan for about 65 years - and watching Neves's pass in this one I've really enjoyed their last few seasons 'under' Nuno's enlightening of the team .
I watched another chap (unconnected) on another website explaining something about his son - who had learned karate from an early age - and what his father eventually told him about what competitions were really about - was so similar to what I think Nuno has been teaching the team - so if you can patiently watch the video from about 25 minutes for another 15 or so minutes - I hope you'll see what I mean.
I leave it up to the sincerity of your support for the Boggies (my elder brother is a Baggies fan - I thought 'Black and Old Gold = BOG = boggies).
This is the website - enjoy it:
Alberto Barrera
Alberto Barrera:
Todo el equipo es excepcional no nada mas Raúl todos son muy buenos y valla temporada están jugando !!!
I am mexican and I love Raúl Jiménez
David Husabø Eide
David Husabø Eide:
Wolfes best team ever 🐺🐺🐺
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues:
Nuno should play podence then bring on traore in the later stages of a game imagine being a defender played 60 mins of football your probably getting tired then traore comes on and is running at you , you literally would stand no chance on stopping his pace going around u
_Ben Ayu_
_Ben Ayu_:
Jota > Sterling
El misa_
El misa_:
Jiménez ❤️
Innocent Momanyi
Innocent Momanyi:
am.a chelsea fan but i really admire this team
spirited goal oriented and very hard-working
i wonder whether jorginho watches ruben neves and dendocker
that attacking spirit is more than Mount zion😂😂😍😍
Jonathan Chase
Jonathan Chase:
World class team, world class goals.
Paradise Arcos
Paradise Arcos:
Let's go for the champions league wolves 🇲🇽🐺
Juan Diego Obando Montesdeoca
Juan Diego Obando Montesdeoca:
Para cuando CAMPANA?????? 😤🤬
Tragic Polorez
Tragic Polorez:
The Mexican sensation 🐐I hope wolves wins the Europe league so Raul Jimenez Stays with wolves
Frostika Gameholic
Frostika Gameholic:
How did get this is not penalty
whats the DU du du du du du du song?
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia:
No era penal, pero fue un buen gol de Giménez
Merveil Meok
Merveil Meok:
Wolves has become a New Mexican team. Interesting. Wolves have thought our team has become a Portuguese team in the EPL. Well, look at the number of comments about this game: Mexicanos.
Black Horse
Black Horse:
Para los pénaltis el mejor !! la técnica que ha desarrollado depurada se come a los porteros que lo aguantan es un Crack Raul !!!
jose Manuel Aguilar Gutiérrez
jose Manuel Aguilar Gutiérrez:
Volves los apollamos por nuestro jugador estrella raul alonzo Jiménez k es el numero 1 de mexico Awuebo cabronez
Azazel Santiago
Azazel Santiago:
Soy lobo no cordero.
Who else thinks sais isn’t that good??? Podence is class he needs to be played more. Also who noticed that Jimenez was too far back and won’t pass the ball when needed to and passes the ball when he doesn’t need to?
Fran Rodriguez
Fran Rodriguez:
Adamma is my favourite player😍😍😍😍
Raul Martínez
Raul Martínez:
Primer comentario
Cesar Lugo Moretti
Cesar Lugo Moretti:
Hoy en día un equipo muy competitivo con jugadores de gran calidad con todo Wolves y arriba Raul Jimenez💪🏻🇲🇽
The mexican sensation, grande raul!
Rodolfo Ramos
Rodolfo Ramos:
los Lobos ganaron el dia de hoy porque no tenían el cubrebocas puesto ajjjaaaj buen golazo de Raul Jimenez que siga brillando.