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Ray Traced Shooting Star
Ray Traced Shooting Star:
0:19 Halo Infinite Looks Last Gen?
2:37 Warzone Season 5 Teasers
4:00 PUBG Season 8 Launch
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6:02 Stalker 2 Trailer
6:34 Squadrons Impresses
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7:33 Rogue Company Closed Beta
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9:03 Army Pauses Recruitment of Gamers
There wouldn't be any backlash if Microsoft wasn't all about "the world's most powerful console" all the damn time. It was a dumb idea showing an old build of the game, what did they expect will happen? That people will just understand it's an old build after you've been saying "the world's most powerful console" constantly for the past few months?
Miles Scarbrough
Miles Scarbrough:
People don't expect halo to always push the graphical boundaries, but they expect it to look better than halo 3
Wacky xx
Wacky xx:
There's nothing wrong with the visuals. They look just as clean and crisp as any 2006 game ...
"Power of tower best graphics" few weeks later "graphics dont matter"
Apparently their art style was: “Ten years ago”
Neon Black
Neon Black:
“ThE wOrLdS mOsT PoWeRfUl cOnSoLe”
Microsoft keep flexing that "Th3 w0rLd's M0sT p0w3rFul c0nSoLe" even more.
John Doe
John Doe:
New halo infinite should be titled "Halo:kids" cause everything looks like a fkin toy.
I gotta pee
Jason Villasenor
Jason Villasenor:
Stop telling the world it's the "worlds most powerful console". I'm sure some will stop complaining. It's similar in a way to the pokemon shield situation.If you tell your fans to expect better animation (in the case of pokemon) fans will be upset when you don't follow through. Same with xbox if you're shouting about the "world's most power console" and "it will look best and run best on xbox series x" how do you expect fans will react
Graphics in this game is not even close to next-gen.
Ricardo Pérez
Ricardo Pérez:
I actually don’t mind how the game is looking, is clearly just the lighting, however I am pretty salty that the game is looking like a Chinese version on how it handles the blood and violence
Ivan Karamazov
Ivan Karamazov:
Monke is now the face of Halo. That is how disastrous this demo was.
Tennyson clothing
Tennyson clothing:
I've heard it all now from ms

Our most important showcase but we showed an old build due to......covid
Michael Aufmuth jr
Michael Aufmuth jr:
Can’t explain enough how much I love this video format, straight to the point
Just feels like every time I see a particle effect, I should be seeing a dozen times more. Don't care about texture quality and such. I want it to rain sparks and smoke all the time. Halos usually have this fireworks show quality and it's missing here.

Watch a vehicle explode in Reach or the way elite shields pop or just...any explosion ever in old games.
André Bourbeau
André Bourbeau:
infinite's graphics are fine and the gunplay looks solid — the demo stunk because of the inexcusable amount of technical issues, and because they chose the absolute lamest section of the game to show off (fight some fodder, go up an elevator, and press a button to start a cutscene)
Deep Darkness
Deep Darkness:
People seen to have forgotten the Gears 5 trailer and demo I see the finished game came out looking wayyyy better than the demo , but ok
Nic Corbett
Nic Corbett:
Just imagine, “Why’d you join the Army” “Oh I played for US Army CS GO so I figured I’d do the real thing, plus they said they had all the guns from the game, was a no brained for me” 😂
Zach T
Zach T:
I mean tbh Halo 4 was groundbreaking in terms of the Cutscene graphics at first I thought they were Live action when I first played it
Eric Fellenz
Eric Fellenz:
The explosion in that season 5 trailer wasn't a nuke. It couldnt have been since that same helicopter landed 1 or 2 minutes after the explosion
This is supposed to help convince folks why they should invest in next gen and bring in NEW fans. DESTINY 2 looks better
I love how warzone devs have time to do all this easter stuff , but cant fix me having 3 helmets and a different operator skin on my operator at the start of the match . or focus on the cheating , optimizing and balancing the game . they have time to add Skins to the store every single day , but not the fix for LOTS of bugs and glitches that exist in the game . Like come on .. focus on the real Problems.
As long as the frame rate is stable and the game deliver a good story I could care less about the graphics honestly.
Sovereign Rose
Sovereign Rose:
It looks like halo went for the fortnite look... wtf, halo always looked real under bungie but now its kiddish
I'm more upset about the shitty sound design. I was wishing for a return if the classic gun sounds with more polish but they are just garbage. Especially the warthog
They trailer looked good to me but I didn't re-watch it with a magnifying glass. Clearly demo lighting imo and most likely a demo/test level. Halo has always been about the large scale gameplay and you can't capture that in a 5 minute trailer. The second to second game looks pretty fun, the gunplay and movement looks very solid and more Doom less COD which I would argue is closer to the bungie halo origins.
The Army can’t recruit through public platforms but we are forced to be subject to leftist political bullshit no problem. Lol the industry has its priorities straight.
Tom Fraser
Tom Fraser:
Id like to thank you for keeping people up to date. since I work almost every day.Thus i have very little time to check out whats happening so this roughly 10 min saves a lot of time and keeps me in the gaming loop. :] thank you
I remember when the "elitist crowd" was us, the PC players. And now console users complain about graphics... As someone who's been thoroughly enjoying TMCC on PC with the Halo 1 and 2 remasters looking real good, I don't think this one looks bad at all. I think it looked good, the gunplay looked pretty solid, hopefully the story delivers, so far I enjoyed 3 on PC.
Really talking graphics as the main thing on a game is such and old thing to complain about. Just give me an overall enjoyable game for a change.
Sim W
Sim W:
Would love to see you do a full break down and review of tanneberg, looks cool
Microsoft butchered the Infinite reveal. Those blocky pillars everywhere look horrendous!
Maxime S.
Maxime S.:
Always watching these informative "Gaming News" you put out. Please keep it up
I'm not the only one who's looking forward to the episode where he says the release date for dying light 2 as been announced?
grimmreaper 1
grimmreaper 1:
hi levelcap, love the vids, hope your doing well❤️😇😎
Norbert Soltész
Norbert Soltész:
ah yes the next xbox so powerful, this is what it takes to get 4k/60 fps.
Bob Joe
Bob Joe:
I’d rather play an enjoyable game rather than a pretty game
Every body go watch Digital Foundry's video on this. They have an explanation for all of it..
Strike One
Strike One:
All I want for Infinite is for the blood effects and explosions to be solid, Halo is meant to rated M. Dumbing down the experience with generic robot enemies to replace organic ones that bleed when shot at and leave blood stains is pretty lame for a shooter.
Gary T
Gary T:
Craig the brute be like, "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the jackal feasts toniiiiiiiight."
0:50 you’re welcome 🥛
I think it looks good?
and I've been smashing Doom Eternal non stop
Immortal Syndicate
Immortal Syndicate:
End up liking RC more than I thought I would
CS-GO *and* Gears of War? My god, You couldn't have made me want to play a game less without telling me that I'd have to castrate myself to play it.
Ichabod 79
Ichabod 79:
Thanks to the interwebs nothing will ever be good enough to satisfy the new generations..I hope someone starts Global thermo-nuclear war soon.
That brute looks like Tech 9 with fangs lol. 343 fix your faces!
Cool X
Cool X:
Bennie Blanks
Bennie Blanks:
This happened because Microsoft has leaned heavily into the "most powerful console ever created" schtick.

What did they expect, particularly after Sony showed Horizon?
Loving the new outro level !
Halo will never look "next-gen" (whatever that means) simply because the art style was always very boxy. No matter how many polygons you are going to throw at it, a box will remain a box or it won't look like a Halo game.
I Psychosis I
I Psychosis I:
Ah the army is stepping for a future war where states compete in e sport style arenas.
William Fletcher
William Fletcher:
People’s reaction for Halo Infinite graphics -

Person 1: “I though it looked pretty good.”
Person 2: “Their are some issues but hopefully they will be fixed by launch, it was an old demo after all.”
Person 3: “These graphics are SOOO BAD, it’s worse then Minecraft!!!!!!!, WtF what a Fortnite ripoff. That’s it 343 has killed officially killed Halo.”

I am probably person 2.
Richard Payne
Richard Payne:
Graphics are good enough. They are putting ray tracing into minecraft ffs its all just getting a bit silly. Give me a better engine and improved mechanics more controls and potential for gameplay... the one thing that has not changed in a good while. Its like a michael bay transformers movie all explosions and bluster an pretty sights with nothing really keeping you watching.
If you are looking for "groundbreaking" in a Halo may have missed the spirit of the game.
Jiff Bombastic
Jiff Bombastic:
Ah yes, THAT image
Dalton Sanford
Dalton Sanford:
I love how how people have started to actually believe that teasers apparently always represent the final build of a video game, proceed to get mad at something they dont like, then have their expectations low when they actually get the game and dont like it cause they're fucking idiots. Love the world we live in.
Bomblance Man
Bomblance Man:
Will you be giving versus the eastern front a review?!!!
My thoughts on Halo infinite?
See you starside halo fans. we've never needed cutting edge graphics
Imagine buying a gaming chair when you could buy a recliner
Spit Fire
Spit Fire:
u v got all the amazing exclusives that Sony has, and with Microsoft (and halo fanboys) putting all their chips on halo i thought this trailer is going to blow me away. But after watching the presentation live i d rather play some of the indie games they showed instead
Breakdown Entertainment
Breakdown Entertainment:
I think the halo gameplay looks good , not awesome outstanding but good.

And it is far worse when they show ultra awesome grafics in the videos and downgrade them in the final game.
I like the new art design, reminds of halo 1 but with alot more triangles
Paul van den Berg
Paul van den Berg:
Cmon level, if you have watched JackFrags video regarding the sneak previews of Season 5 for Warzone, its deff not a nuke since the little bird starts to land infront of the one hallway.
Tommy Nguyen
Tommy Nguyen:
2:45 Cloud is in Call of Duty!?!?
The magnum redesign is enough for me to not buy halo infinite.
Linus Sandell
Linus Sandell:
I'm actually getting really annoyed reading through the comments of this video, sure everyone can have their own opinions but stop giving halo crap for their graphics. Sure, they might not be up to standards for the most realistic looking game but the graphics are fucking beautiful, there's a difference between good graphics and realistic graphics. Tbh, I'd much rather have a smooth running game that more people can affordable buy, than a "realistic" looking running piece of crap that only 10% of the community can actually run with their pc's. This game is optimized for an open world experience, the graphics are actually impressive seeing as this is a rushed demo with covid going around. The only problems I have with the demo are how slow sertain things render such as the clouds and shadows aside from that the game-play is very nice.
Got that title right! Graphics of the gameplay are so current gen and not impressive for what was expected
silver phantom
silver phantom:
I wonder how many people know that the trailer was meant for e3 months ago
Modern Gentleman
Modern Gentleman:
Nothing about Halo fills my expectation of Next-Gen. Yes it looks like a very polished xbox game. But Next-Gen? Hell no! And it was recorded on pc?????(rumors)
Brad DeVoir
Brad DeVoir:
Holy shit thank you LevelCap! I was having the same thoughts on the Graphics, thought I was the only one. Thanks!
Here we are again in 2020 talking about graphics the order 1886 was beautiful! But gameplay was sluggish and campaign was short... But graphics are good soo 10/10 stupid people man! Lol
matteo forghieri
matteo forghieri:
stalker 2 trailer doesnt look like in game footage, doesnt look like prerendered cinematic footage. i am pretty skeptical about that game
I'm sure they will update the textures, particles, and lighting before release. It seems like that is one of the final phases in 343s development cycle.
Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark:
I’m tired of sprint, bloom and hit markers (especially in campaign) in halo. This is not “back to basics”. The audio and animations are all 343 and look and sound bad.
What disappointed me is the phantom flying animation it seemed more clunky and cartoony than a ps1 game halo combat evolved had smoother flight paths than what I saw in that trailer fortunately its an early build
lookatmyfaceand kissme
lookatmyfaceand kissme:
Craig getting up there
they need to stop blaming it on covid 19 they have been working on this game for a while now they havent just started it a few months ago and they constantly say xbox is gonna be superior. Where are those 16 teraflops at?
ReverseHollow 18
ReverseHollow 18:
I would rather have a fun game then have good graphics and its just a demo that was made months ago
Jeff Helms
Jeff Helms:
This is a early build so just keep that in mind.
Tannenberg on PS4 is really good.
Somehow getting kills with the rudimentary WW1 weapons feels so satisfying.
I also like the more realistic approach: you get shot, you die.
Josh Feldman
Josh Feldman:
Keep in mind it not only has to run 4k 60, but 4 player splitscreen. So ofc it wont look amazing, graphics dont matter gameplay does
im fine with the halo graphics tbh. sure, i was expecting them to be better and I guess we haven't really gotten to see how it really looks yet, but i wouldn't mind it. I just wanna play some halo, it looked like fun. I wanna continue the story and fight some classic halo aliens
Joe Blais
Joe Blais:
The click bait is strong with this one
AOC kills it again^^
Agent Playboy
Agent Playboy:
Future of the military is gamers. I signed up to be an infantryman, never said I was smart.
Thicc Nick
Thicc Nick:
I’ve never seen so many people get upset about graphics in an alpha build from May of a game that hasn’t released yet
this week in gaming. gamers dont understand how games are made and dont understand how graphics can change based on linear vs open world. Sean W made a great video checkmating this whole argument. give it a watch.
It's outdated they put minimal effort into the product ion
Karan Phull
Karan Phull:
Judging on how PlayStation and Xbox are behaving...theres no need to Invest into the next gen anytime soon... definitely worth waiting a couple years before they fix the bugs and hardware issues.
Halo looks fun to play. More GFX goodies would be nice but I would be fine if it could run on low end hardware. More friends can play with then.
to awesome
to awesome:
I am really glad you post these videos, I’m super busy and don’t have much time to play games like I used to sometimes going 12-14 days without touching my PS4. I like to be able to keep up with what is going on. Thanks to you I’ll be playing tannenburg today, just hope hell let loose may be ported to the next gen consoles in years to come.
Nick Blake
Nick Blake:
I care more about gameplay/multiplayer. I could care less about grapics. I just dint want it to look like shit like halo 4 dull colors/textured maps
Joe Hall
Joe Hall:
yeah i thought it looked hot garbage, plus basically just Destiny with halo skin
Smooth operator
Smooth operator:
Its on pc..master who?
An exciting game over Graphics just like Max Payne
That Herman miller chair price is on point...HM is wet dream of every office sitting employee :)
It just looked way too clean and the blood and vfx looked bland and no lightning from the blasters or variety just one big light over it
Phil Conway
Phil Conway:
Wasn't this also showcased on a PC? Why would you brag about the strongest console and then show it on a PC? Really shows off their lack of confidence...
Jet Bizzle
Jet Bizzle:
Then why show it at all?! if the Demo is not complete? Aaaaahg!!