Barack Obama's historic 2009 inaugural address

Watch Barack Obama's first inaugural address on January 20, 2009, after being sworn in as the first Black president in US history.

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Harris makes history as Biden says 'don't tell me things can't change'
I can’t believe this was 12 years ago.
That’s what you call the biggest crowd in inauguration history, Donald. 😂
Lindsey West
Lindsey West:
"I thank bush for his service"

See that's called DECENCY
M J:
Look at that crowd, everyone was filled with love and hope - none with hate.
Titus Maximus
Titus Maximus:
Now that is a crowd
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin:
First President I voted for at well spent!!!!
Charles E
Charles E:
Trump hates Obama for this. Form is temporary, but class is permanent.
Gadri Pericles
Gadri Pericles:
A real president... America has been without a president in the last four years
Maria FERNANDA Sias:
Like him or not he always gave great speeches
Back when presidents fought each other over political ideals but there was no doubt they had America's best interest in mind. When the orange man fights for something, it's too obvious he is fighting for himself.
Absolute Andro
Absolute Andro:
Man, I was 7 years old when this man became our president. Now I'm 19 and had casted my vote for his vp who is now our president. The years have really passed all of us by.
Sorry, Joe, but we can’t move on without punishing Donald
Ada C
Ada C:
Damn this feels like just yesterday! Oh how time flies 😭
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas:
The crowd for President Obama's inauguration was massive compared to the pathetic little gathering that tRump received .
Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar:
Whatever you say, this guy is a GREAT orator
Thank you, president Obama , for these heartfelt words that I join you and hosts of citizens in echoing. A new beginning supporting the groundwork set by our founding fathers. God bless America .. now we must get to work.
Justin Hopkins
Justin Hopkins:
Whoever thought Trump would come after this wonderful man? Like Obama, Biden will have to clean up the disaster of another failed GOP administration.
lostgame series
lostgame series:
Best President ever in my whole life
Shorty Rock
Shorty Rock:
Always good to hear this man speak, always.
Aurora Roy
Aurora Roy:
One of the most loved presidents,
My man !!!!! Obama is and always be the coolest guy in the world
Juice Lord
Juice Lord:
This man warms my soul.
Fish King
Fish King:
I am soooo happy! Today is going to be such a great day ❤ Congratulations Jeo Biden 😇✌
Johnny Exama
Johnny Exama:
Unreal how this moment still feels new.
Trump: My crowd was larger blah blah blah. Good riddance he's gone!
Lakergal raviellah
Lakergal raviellah:
My favorite orator of all time.......... His public speeches have really helped with my public speaking
Khuong Truong
Khuong Truong:
A president for all people
God how we miss this level of leadership! 😭
We're back.
Adam Adams
Adam Adams:
I memorized this speech. It was and continues to be a testament to Obama's magic as an iconic oratory marvel. I love this speech so much, and I'm not even an American.
I will never forget that Inauguration.
This is how a real president addresses his country
Akey Hisson
Akey Hisson:
Damn look at that crowd.
Sydney Nicole
Sydney Nicole:
I’ve never forgotten this day. Love Obama. I’m so happy for Joe Biden today !
Jonathan Fox
Jonathan Fox:
Not a single comment on how huge his crowd is, just a lot of love and no room for hate.
Kathleen M. Higgins
Kathleen M. Higgins:
Besides everything else. He's a healer. I so needed to hear that.
Sigh ~ Whew!
Jhaison Rheighley Huykugo
Jhaison Rheighley Huykugo:
This speech still gives me goosebumps!...Joe now has alot of mess to clean up which that carrot clown left behind...Hopefully the US WILL MAKE A GREAT TURNAROUND THIS YEAR !🇺🇸
maame boatemaa t
maame boatemaa t:
A decent human being the exact opposite of trump
The Thinking Man
The Thinking Man:
Time actually flies. How did America move from this point of national unity and hope to the darkness, fear and division of the last four years...
Jessica Massie
Jessica Massie:
Its crazy to remember this. I was out there in the crowd, with friends who hadn't voted for Obama.
The MAN, the LEGEND.
I was there that day 12 years ago. It was a day of such hope and relief. I definitely feel a similar hope and relief today. 🙏🏻
tre jones
tre jones:
This man has got to be the greatest public orator
IG: Knives_Royale
IG: Knives_Royale:
The man!!! Whooo
Bejoy Jacob
Bejoy Jacob:
The best president 🙏🙏🙏
Donna Noe
Donna Noe:
This swells my heart every time that I hear it.
Janvier Munyaneza
Janvier Munyaneza:
This event was really great. No hatred on everyone's face.
J Rekic
J Rekic:
Just this huuughe crowd...imagine trump declared he had the boggest crowd at inauguration from all presidents 😂🤣💩
Captain Downtown 2.0
Captain Downtown 2.0:
I remember watching this when I was 5. Now I am 17 wtf.
Boosted Damo
Boosted Damo:
I know Trump didn’t have more people in attendance but he said he did. #Lies
Minsoo Kang
Minsoo Kang:
princess Hn
princess Hn:
Selfish can't be honest
Selfish can't be honest:
The best speach ever in history of America 👍
I watched this instead this morning, because I desperately needed some inspiration. It did the job.
Your Master
Your Master:
Thank god we can call it history!
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales:
That is still the Country I want to live in, that kind of Country my kids deserve to have! How short our memory is. But I still have faith.
Mr. Lach Thea
Mr. Lach Thea:
Great president of America 🇺🇸
Wilson Holts
Wilson Holts:
Here in January 2021 after watching Biden's Inauguration address.
One step at a time towards to progress desired.. 💯🙏🏾💯
Carlos Kimbrough
Carlos Kimbrough:
A man who could bring the country and the world together in a unifying speech, no divisive rhetoric or fears of conspiracies, one of the greatest of all time! Thank God for president Biden that can continue bringing this nation back together after the horrible 4 years we had to endure
HIGH Life:
The high hopes. A real President, eloquent, articulate, intelligent, and gracious. The mess 45 left is gagging. We the people need to “ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country”. Biden is no Kennedy, no Obama, but praise god not the one whom we will never mention. Reaffirm U.S. is great, we earned it and we’ll stand strong behind it. Never a tinpot creep to taint our legacy. Biden needs us.
12 Years Ago when America was better during the Obama years than trump.
Ry Insane
Ry Insane:
2009: breaking barriers for President
2021: for Vice-president
Josh Dun
Josh Dun:
Imagine we use to stand this close to each other🙃
Imagine, two of the people who died in the Capitol riot were there rooting for Obama after voting for him. How did they get radicalized to hate him and half the country?
YK Harris
YK Harris:
HOPE OVER FEAR. thats all you need to say
Thanuel Israel
Thanuel Israel:
Lol! Compare this to the orange guy's departure crowd! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣👍
Guido Motshagen
Guido Motshagen:
Feels like a lifetime ago.
369 Rising
369 Rising:
Michael Dennis Tooley
Michael Dennis Tooley:
Filled with such insight of the possibilities of the century. In spite of many illusions it's still is ☮️🕊️
Obama's days are not forgotten...!
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon:
We can do this again! Best man for President!!! Biden/ Harris 2029.👣✌🏼 Correctionev...Obama was/ is the Man👣
kelvin sparky
kelvin sparky:
Back when the USA was a shining city on a hill, with this new Era, we pray this great nation regains its glory. God Bless America
I remember when I was in middle school and they made us go into the auditorium it was like a dam movie. Good memories
The Famous rleon!!!
The Famous rleon!!!:
I remember watching the Lion King in the first grade while watching this inauguration in school.
nellie carroll
nellie carroll:
We love him ☘️🇨🇮💐💕then and now 🎂
Kinda weird seeing big crowds........................after everything we've been through for the past 11 months :(
Lynx O
Lynx O:
I remember that like it was yesterday. Damn I'm getting old quick 😟
love life
love life:
He was the youngest president so far! 🥰
And Joe Biden it's the oldest ! 🥰
I'd take him as the UKs prime minister
Mengyang ZHANG
Mengyang ZHANG:
My favorite speaker!! Feel like I grew up listening to his speeches... Miss him so much on the political stage
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson
Verbs describe us #culturacastildeviata #artgoeson:
I still remember watching that back when I was in college on an old tvset. Such historic moments!
when obama left we knew we were done for
Carmen Marquita Criner
Carmen Marquita Criner:
"We are willing to extend a hand, if you're willing to unclench your fist." President Obama. The very best💞
President Joe Biden we love you just as much and have faith in your leadership💞
Charisma O
Charisma O:
I was there and there was a vibration of love, hope and unity!
Faarah Saalah
Faarah Saalah:
Obama's inauguration I Was a child. 12 years ago at that time I was began in school! And to day I Want to began in university.
Michael Ray
Michael Ray:
Class, class, class, I love people with class 😍❤️

Clase, clase, clase, amo a la gente con clase 😍❤️

Classe, classe, classe, j'aime les gens avec classe 😍❤️
Rob Rusia415
Rob Rusia415:
What a great site to see .. will tell me grandchildren how I stood in the crowd to witness this amazing moment
Gangster Action Gamer
Gangster Action Gamer:
Trump says his rallies are huge.
Well jokes on you Donnie!
Juana Art
Juana Art:
Will always remembered as the one and only!!!
EDWARD 0383:
My inauguration crowd was biggerly. Period!!😂😂😂
This is crazy. It's been 12 years already wow 👏
Anthony Pepe
Anthony Pepe:
In all things Praise God.Thank You Lord for blessing our nation with God fearing leaders.
Harmit Singh
Harmit Singh:
Love love
David W
David W:
Child : mommy mommy.... what are all those people.
Mother : It's called a crowd dear. We used to have them back then.
Stan Lee
Stan Lee:
😪 Remember when we use to could go outside
morgan challinor
morgan challinor:
Remember watching this in English class what a day