Barbara Hepworth – 'A New Form for Sculpture' | TateShots

Barbara Hepworth’s modernist sculpture was heavily influenced by natural landscapes and environmental forms. From St Ives to Greece she was inspired by the shapes and intrinsic characteristics of coastal lines and organic structures.

In this film, curator Chris Stephens spotlights the physical process and attention to detail behind Hepworth’s work. We also look at the raw materials she worked with and the visionary way she made the inside of the sculpture as prominent a feature as the outside.

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14 comentarios:

Sawhim Innhalf
Sawhim Innhalf:
a star of the highest order.......BH
Thank you for this. Barbara has a special place in my muse.
elevated pursuits
elevated pursuits:
one of the most important artists in English History
anatural collage
anatural collage:
the Woman who set me straight away onto the right part!
david fowell
david fowell:
One of a few artists that have influenced my works in wood and stone ♥♥♥♥♥
please go on at length on the subject of BH please
Tittuss Bonduss
Tittuss Bonduss:
nicely done
Carolyn Burgos
Carolyn Burgos:
Maravillosa su obra
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark:
Anyone from ccs here
Saffi khan
Saffi khan:
she is amazing
Lynxy’s World
Lynxy’s World:
Lynxy’s World
Lynxy’s World:
I have to draw one of her sculptures in detail as my art lesson today #coronavirus
Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski
Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski:
Poor Trees.
Fennel Brisquet
Fennel Brisquet:
very eloquently presented