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Barbara Hepworth first came to live in Cornwall with her husband Ben Nicholson and their young family at the outbreak of war in 1939. She lived and worked in Trewyn studios, now the Hepworth Museum, from 1949 until her death in 1975.

TateShots travelled to St Ives to explore the studio and its gardens, where Hepworth's sculptures are seen in the environment for which they were created. 'Finding Trewyn Studio was a sort of magic', wrote Hepworth; 'here was a studio, a yard and garden where I could work in open air and space'. The film includes archival footage from an interview with the artist from 1973.

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Thanks very much for watching!
Half MT
Half MT:
Very cool old footage. Look how the camera moved around the sculptures. We are deeply lacking in artistic style today.
chadwick smartensup
chadwick smartensup:
her work has had a very big influence on me to way the least
toesin bakedclay
toesin bakedclay:
an introduction that i cannot thank you enough for
her words are truly an inspiration of the highest order
She is like her work--utterly captivating!
Barbara had Helen Sutherland to thank for loaning her the money to purchase Trewyn
It was expected to go for around £2,000 but in the end sold for £2,850
Eduardo Planchart
Eduardo Planchart:
Bello y sentido testimonio de una de las grandea artistas de la contemporaneidad..
Giovanni Quintana
Giovanni Quintana:
Artista,escultora, impecable
Bryan Hoeijmakers
Bryan Hoeijmakers: