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100+ comentarios:

Pablo Fernández
Pablo Fernández:
1:03:38 Gol Athletic (Williams)
1:14:16 Gol Barça (Pedri)
1:38:28 Gol Barça (Messi)
2:20:00 Gol Barça (Messi)
2:48:24 Gol Athletic (Muniain)
Nazir Al Mashouj
Nazir Al Mashouj:
Messi is the man of the match today⭐️🤩🤩
Raton Roy
Raton Roy:
Pessi=Pedri+Messi.I don't know how did ronaldo fanboys know the future??
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
*FT:* Athletic Bilbao 2-3 FC Barcelona

Pedri 14' ⚽️
Messi 38' ⚽️
Messi 62' ⚽️
Shashank Mehra
Shashank Mehra:
That was a Quality front three .
Imagine Messi scoring all woodwork.
Messi wasn't lying when he said he was feeling good in the la sexta interview
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Messi and Pedri link up again just brilliant. Messi could have easily had 5 tonight, what a performance from him. We are now up to 3rd so let's build on this. Vamos!!!!
GRFXDNIGHTRO Entertainment
GRFXDNIGHTRO Entertainment:
Pedri value = 100M
The messi an Pedri Combination 😍
SINA rezaei
SINA rezaei:
Messi's second goal was beautiful. Barça must play with the system 4_3_3.Ricky had to come to the game
Harmandeep Singh
Harmandeep Singh:
Leo deserved a hattrick🤩...unlucky to hit the post...would've been beautiful goals.😇
San Reddy
San Reddy:
Messi bossed the game 🎮 👏 Unlucky hit the post two times hattrick missed.. But got 2 goals and Barca got 3pts! We Move 💪
Cristiano GroNaldo
Cristiano GroNaldo:
Messi masterclass 💙❤
Simeon Moore
Simeon Moore:
The whole team contributed even Greizman and that I how Barcelona should be playing
Cosa Nostra
Cosa Nostra:
FRENKIE DE JONG remains the best of them all🇳🇱🦁
A 1992
A 1992:
Our defenders play with a lot of fear, they must have to fight more with the opponent's attackers and not let them shoots
Sabith Tp
Sabith Tp:
മലയാളി ആരെങ്കിലും കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ, 🔥
Jawhar Alavi
Jawhar Alavi:
4-3-3 is the best for barca.. But defense still has to improve a lot..
Cou Martínez
Cou Martínez:
Messi y Pedri ❤
Sophia Popescu
Sophia Popescu:
The goat activated himself today...very very good match for us . It was very tensioned the entire game but we finally win an important one. Really good dembele, PEDRI, de jong , jordi and griezmann, besides an extraordinary messi that was in his mood ❤💙
Greatest of all time.
Greatest of all time.:
Barca you did great. Messi was on fire as always. Pedri is sensational. No matter what but our club always has the best talented players.
Ev vlogu gelsin diyenler +1 like atalımda Cihan abi görsün 😂
Kim bu bayraklara like atmaz❤️🇹🇷❤️🇦🇿
Gianluca Jäck
Gianluca Jäck:
Im a Bayern Fann we loose vs Holstein Kiel in the German Cup
Kim bu bayraklara like atmaz ❤️🇹🇷❤️🇦🇿
arantxa hamargarrena
arantxa hamargarrena:
Messi - Pedri ❤️💙
M. Fitri
M. Fitri:
Leo Messi MOTM🔴🔵
Tobe act
Tobe act:
Messi is so good he even assisted athletic Bilbao lol. He's the 🐐 tho
PEDRI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ammar abidi
ammar abidi:
Why do they do that high five everytime😂😂😭😭
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar:
If u are heart patient then plz don't watch barca matches 😂😂😂.
There are always some thrills, u can't watch a match peacefully. But yeah barca got the win, it was unlucky that messi didn't get the hat trick and his silly mistake at the end. And teach lenglet some blocking skills . He should have done better there ,he could have blocked the shot.But barca got the win which is nice.
Win next match and secure the 3rd position and after that pray for Atletico to loose point 🙃🙃🙃
Shah Murad TV
Shah Murad TV:
Koeman got the rythum!
FM football Gamerz
FM football Gamerz:
Messi was bang Comeback
Messi-pedri, Medri do great
Gabriel Russo
Gabriel Russo:
Finally Kooman had Grizmann and Dembele positioned correctly it. The team played much better today. Hopefully they will keep it up.
brick forge12
brick forge12:
From now I think that barca should have never changed its initial formation. 4 3 3 is the only formation that fits to that team for so many years
Jerry puma
Jerry puma:
Koeman out .
조아 조아 조아
سمير احمد
سمير احمد:
messi king of the match❤💙
MoRe FuN
MoRe FuN:
It,s very very happy to see GOAT's 2goals😍😍
سمير احمد
سمير احمد:
Hey history writer do not close the pages messi❤
Mohammed Saneeh
Mohammed Saneeh:
Plss i wud love to have a trial at barca academy in DUBAI for the youth team plsss i play right back and i am 14
Isaac Kantah Gyamerah Mensah
Isaac Kantah Gyamerah Mensah:
Well done guys ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
You guys jinxed it for the last goal from atb
Navand Tarudin
Navand Tarudin:
The beautiful game
Jayden Vassell
Jayden Vassell:
Can i get 1 Sub
Can i get 1 Sub:
*I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*
Nicolas Buela
Nicolas Buela:
The title why 1-3?
Nicholas Ganga
Nicholas Ganga:
It was a bravo game from fcb, my worry is our defence esp Cb hey we are in trouble guys.
Barca thx for the win 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
PWR Worthy
PWR Worthy:
Messi that goat of the goats
سمير احمد
سمير احمد:
Yahya Maulana
Yahya Maulana:
Good formation guys
Luke Williams
Luke Williams:
Alexis Sosa
Alexis Sosa:
The perfect spike resultantly complain because yarn effectively snow aboard a gullible gusty bassoon. ahead, earthy pine
Abdelmajid AlNsour
Abdelmajid AlNsour:
LIO 🦁 is the GOAT 🐐
sly chan
sly chan:
stop posting PSG videos, we have to stay focused on ourselves February 16 is a big day for all of us 🙏 and if we win let's stay calm above all don't provoke you have to stay calm until the return match
Farzin Jamal
Farzin Jamal:
1-3 or 2-3? Make a decision
Lionel Messi my favorite
Rai akash
Rai akash:
Hoping you guys invite Jamie from TalkFCB for a live
simp ayo?
simp ayo?:
messi for another totw
Mahmudur Rahman
Mahmudur Rahman:
mohamed muuze mohamed
mohamed muuze mohamed:
King of the much Messi
I'm just realizing that it's not greimann that has no confidence it's his teammates that don't have confidence in him every game I see him make runs and nobody passes the ball to him everybody is passing to messi and messi is the goat but u can't expect messi to deliver every time your his teammates u have to make plays too
Luke Williams
Luke Williams:
Its Kk
Its Kk:
Guys it will be fun if you invite players as well!
قطر الندى
قطر الندى:
Sherak Helix
Sherak Helix:
Messi messi messi
Team Franco
Team Franco:
Orxan Həsənzadə
Orxan Həsənzadə:
Random Dude
Random Dude:
You not playing in the champions league next year
Game Boy Chris 23
Game Boy Chris 23:
Adam Samee
Adam Samee:
We winn
Antoinne Griezmann
Antoinne Griezmann:
Nice link up from pedri and messi this is more than an internet or wifi connection
said el khalil
said el khalil:
Barça a ganado 2-3 y no lo que habiasis escrito 1-3
Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar:
Oscar mingueza hasn't gotten a video
Leon 281
Leon 281:
iam say : 2-1 for barca but 3-2 nice this is better than me .
Fabrício Ataide
Fabrício Ataide:
Na Catedral de San mames
اسماعيل عيسى
اسماعيل عيسى:
Yes Barcelona gewint
Mulanguhu Francisco
Mulanguhu Francisco:
Pop messi
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach:
For Ronald koeman coach and all Barcelona players ... the way to win consistently to win is to think really want to win ,, have the intention, enthusiasm, high confidence you can definitely win, don't accept and get angry if you get a draw or lose, you must winning basically. from the beginning of the match to the end must play very aggressively, pressing, high presing, powerful, a lot of running for the ball, good finishing, strong defense, by closing the opponent's cross, and not letting the opponent, shoot the ball into the goal Barcelona. from outside the penalty box, or inside the penalty box
Fran 2005
Fran 2005:
El mejor equipo del mundo ataca de nuevo.
Satvik Reddy
Satvik Reddy:
Leo CK
Leo CK:
I wanna see people that hate Koeman commenting right now.
What are they going to say 😂😂😂
Mirna Madi
Mirna Madi:
why does it say 3-1
Mohammed A S
Mohammed A S:
Messi uyir
Muhammed Mujthaba
Muhammed Mujthaba:
Messi like fane
Gokul V S
Gokul V S:
Suberb Match... Just a Small Mistake at the last minutes... But No.... Don't Be Over Confident for next match... We want to win at least next 10 Matches... Ok.... Don't Sign Mephis Depay it will be become Another Mistake For Barca... Search For An Young Goal Machine Lick Haland In Our Second division Team.....
alex misbah
alex misbah:
Para que está música no vale para nada
How about another joke?
How about another joke?:
3 points to Griffindors 😂
Tabacchum Taba
Tabacchum Taba:
Messi is the king of football
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar:
Again I am telling this - Messi palys Barcelona wins if he's having a bad day Barcelona has bad day - we need a team play to win a team which plays and the crown is Messi hope to see a better barcelona it was a good effort by Messi Pedri De Jog Dembele need more of other names here really are you listening
A 1992
A 1992:
There is a saying in English football that this team is not sharp ...
Barca is not sharp enough yet 😑
A 1992
A 1992:
We were a little more ambitious and serious in this game, but it is not enough, it takes very very more seriousness and ambition to win the tournaments.
Marceliñ Marie Dominique
Marceliñ Marie Dominique:
Messi Messi messi