Barcelona FIRE SALE: Will Ronald Koeman sell Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique & Ivan Rakitic? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Gab Marcotti weighs in on Ronald Koeman's appointment at Barcelona and how the new manager will proceed with rebuilding the squad. Marcotti says with president Josep Maria Bartomeu's days numbered at the club, the board will be looking for Koeman to restore "peace and tranquility." Marcotti also addresses Lionel Messi's future at the club and questions how many players Barca can realistically sell given their high wages.

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Nehru E
Nehru E:
Barca's playbook last few years: Messi cuts in from the right, knocks one-two with Suarez in the middle and curls shot into bottom left hand corner of goal OR! WAIT FOR IT... INSTEAD of one-two with Suarez, he passes it to Alba on the left, who squares it back to him and he curls it into left hand side of goal.. WOW!!! Barca's entire playbook!!!
As long as Fartomeu is still there, it's gonna be the same.
Pankaja Kulkarni
Pankaja Kulkarni:
To be honest, I feel bad for setien. He tried his best, and the large part of Barca's loss was due to bartomeu but still that poor guy got fires
Quang Bui
Quang Bui:
Bartomeu is distracting everyone with this new coach
Saint Rich
Saint Rich:
The only way Koeman can succeed on his job is when he's in charge of the dressing room if those veteran players continues to dictate who plays then we should wait for more humiliations this season
Akash Deep
Akash Deep:
Being a Madrid fan , I would love to see the changes because Barca are really healthy and Vital for the football World. I hope Ronald refurbishes the team and kicks some oldies out of the squad.
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
Koeman is good appointment. Hopefully he will make the right moves. Time for some players to move on. Pique, Umtiti, Alba, Busquets, Suarez, Vidal, Rakitic - their time is done, thank you for your services.
Xpkresx Lost
Xpkresx Lost:
Tbh man... I think Koeman can make it work. He just has to step in there and first and fur most say “We will not play around Messi” it’s not a secret that everyone on the team passes him the ball expecting him to always create magic.. Koeman should play like this imo..

Lw Fati, St Griez, Rw Messi
Cam Coutinho
Cm FDJ, Cm Pjanic (younger players too)

The defense... they need to focus on that mainly In the transfer window, get some fresh legs back there.
Ncep Suherman
Ncep Suherman:
Will he be able to do that though? especially suarez, Messi will be upset if they sell Suarez and Koeman can't afford to make Messi upset if he want to manage Barca for long.
I would only keep Suarez because I still think he has 2 good years left, but definitely pique and rakitic
Perseus A.
Perseus A.:
If we get Donny Van de Beek he’ll be a good signing, as Barça are in need of a midfield goalscorer.
John Kimmel
John Kimmel:
Both Real and Barca have gone through three managers in a season. Amazing
Piyush Kumar
Piyush Kumar:
*How to rebuild Barcelona:*
Sensible transfers for the summer transfer window: 1) Eric Garcia/ Pau Torres
2) Donny van de Beek/ Ibrahim Sangaré
3) Sergiño Dest/ Kenny Tete
4) Lautaro Martínez/ Donyell Malen (maybe both)
Much needed departures for this transfer window: 1) Arturo Vidal
2) Sergio Busquets
3) Sergi Roberto
4) Ivan Rakitić
5) Antoine Griezmann
6) Neto
7) Jordi Alba
8) Samuel Umtiti
9) Gerard Piqué
10) Martin Braithwaite
11) Ousmane Dembélé
12) Luis Suárez
Tauqeer Ahmad
Tauqeer Ahmad:
Since 2017/18 own goal (9) is Barça’s 2nd top scorer in UCL. Messi is topping 32 goals Suarez has scored just 8
Alexandre Nabais
Alexandre Nabais:
With Koeman being dutch and Barca having a great relashionship with Ajax I would try to do a Suarez + money(15-25M) swap for Van De Beek.
Suarez was one of the few Barcelona players that had a quality play vs Bayern
Sayfur Rahman
Sayfur Rahman:
It’s totally messed that you have to inform a player while making change to a club barca needs to find a life with out him otherwise they will never be the same
Stefan Kazimirovic
Stefan Kazimirovic:
That should have been done at least two years ago. But they are Messi’s friends.
Barca's problem is not 'old players', it's the complete idolization and expectation of results from Messi. It's gotten to the point they won't even sub him off if he's playing a bad game and when Messi is a ghost on the pitch the team might as well be playing with 10 men.
nxtlvl nlkr
nxtlvl nlkr:
I already predicted Wijnaldum going to Barca, he will fit perfectly there. But it seems that Koeman put him on the top of his wishlist!
Shervin Seil Sepour
Shervin Seil Sepour:
Bartomeu did not consult Messi about the next coach. Bartomeu himself said in the fake interview that he has not spoken to Messi yet since the tragedy and later announced the Koeman arrival. goes to show some people who think Messi is running it all there at the club. no such thing. They don't acknowledge Messi enough.
Koeman was waiting for this very moment, only this humiliation has allowed the players to think about leaving.
Shouldnt barca work on selling messi now so he doesnt leave for free next summer
In a dutch football show he said they’re going to focus on youthplayers. Kinda like chelsea had to do last season
Mércio Júnior
Mércio Júnior:
Maybe it’s time to stop “building” around Messi and it’s time to actually build an independent squad because when he’s gone Barca will need someone who will step up
Why don’t they just make messi the manager,Yes he is one of the best players ever but it’s ridiculous how the board have to consult him on every decision they make, it’s just player power, so if Messi has most of the say if Koeman does something wrong and Messi isn’t happy about it and guess who is going to leave first 🤔🤔🤔
Nid Hoggr
Nid Hoggr:
I wish Puyol wanted to be the manager. I believe he has it in him to be a great coach, he practically did it on the field while he was playing and his influence would be a perfect motivation for the whole team.
No wonder the club is going down hill if you got to get a players consent to bring in a manager. Is Barcelona run by Bartomeu or is it run by Messi Alex Ferguson once said no player is bigger then the club
Nandakishor Vinod
Nandakishor Vinod:
It’s simple these players could have left with so much respect and honor but now it seems they will get kicked out and I feel bad about that but they brought this upon themselves
Just watching the bayern barca game it clear that Suarez legs are gone, he almost got no pace on him. I think pique might be faster than him
Colin Maltman
Colin Maltman:
Pique should be the first to go. Getting away with it for too long now.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington:
What will happen:
1) Messi will stay with Pique
2) Busquets and Rakitic will leave to the MLS
3) MSN will return with Griezmann and dembele going the other way

I predicted 3 years ago- I’ll see it happen in a few weeks time!
Ernesto Chunguane
Ernesto Chunguane:
Força Barcelona
Letlotlo Naledi
Letlotlo Naledi:
Look. Some clubs need certain players. As a group they are old men but as individuals they have quality. 1 club out there wants a Rakitic. Another wants a Vidal. Another wants a Suarez. As individuals their still good
But the real question is, what does this mean for Christian Pulisic?
Anonymous One
Anonymous One:
Hard to imagine this but how about sell messi. And build a new team. Get the money you can get for him and move on. They play to his strengths. Thats why their football is one way. And not just messi, but pique, suarez, vidal, semedo, rakitic, busquets need to go.
Funny how espns interpretation is different to Barcas interpretation. Barcas interpretation. The sporting director and his team around him has alot of the say to transfers who gets sacked and who comes in. So why dont they read what Barcas management says instead of make stuff up.
There WAS a time when 29 to 32 WAS GOOD no more it seems like that in the game.
Blackman is God
Blackman is God:
Mourinho looking at all this dead wood Barca wanna get rid of and thinking to himself....... 🤔🤔Maybe I should collect most of it and make fire like I did at Inter.
Munty Al-Bazaz
Munty Al-Bazaz:
As a barca fan, all that needs to happen so we can be good is if bartameau leaves. Simple
If we could afford him, he would be a great _re-signing!_ *_YN🔴WA_*
matthew aiken
matthew aiken:
"You would be mad to appoint a manager without previously consulting Messi." That sums it up😂
Ngl still. He wasn't great at Everton. Feel this is based more on sentiment than anything. Optimistic tho.
FeelsBadMan n
FeelsBadMan n:
Only those 3? Dude add Bosquests, Vidal, Jordi Alba to the list please.. they are useless and outdated. Heck even Sergi Roberto isn't a Barcelona player he is a Newcastle type of player.
I believe Koeman cannot decide who to sell or who to buy.
Players we need to sell

Sergio busquets
Gerard pique
Jordi alba
Arturo viddal
Sergi Roberto
Luis Suarez
Shorya Sethi
Shorya Sethi:
Is Pique not good enough for bench for Barca? Also count his leadership skills and experience and he can mentor and help youngsters to settle in the squad.????
the best thing to do is combine the youngster with experienced player in a club. selling all those player is not a good idea at all.
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez:
I have always said that pique was and always will be an overrated defender. He probably fits better for clubs like celta valencia etc.
Ali qureshi
Ali qureshi:
Sell everyone except for pique coz it is impossible to find a replacement of a player who is irreplaceable
Muni AON
Muni AON:
De jong will finally play where he should
shahrukh khalid
shahrukh khalid:
All i see is barca in their awesome kit home and away (black kit) start playing good.
Semedo cb lenglet alba
De jong pjanic
Messi griezman/ Martinez. dembele
Hopefully not Griezman since coutinho/ messi/Griezman likes being nr 10
Tactical Manager TV
Tactical Manager TV:
He he wants to rebuild. Which he should
Kindsaza DK
Kindsaza DK:
Commentators while watching Barca be like: "Messi has the ball, playes it to some guy, Messi again, Messi, Messi, ohh just past the post.
Zakaria Hussain
Zakaria Hussain:
Before I click the video I check the preview to see who the pundits are going to be. If I see Jules, Sid or Marcotti I click!
mustafa abdullahi
mustafa abdullahi:
There's no chance they'll sell 17 players this summer
Obyno Omere
Obyno Omere:
Barca's transfer policy has been horrendous of late. I couldn't understand the purchases of Malcolm, Braithwaite, and Kevin Boateng. I cannot imagine Barca turning into AC Milan and Manchester United, clubs that have fallen off their perch.
Barca shud fire d aged players like vidal , busquests, Suarez may b give a season then see either play greezman or sell him his worth is around 120m euro he is not here to fry omlettes for d team
Bartomeu must go now - days ago.
The Bosman Viewing
The Bosman Viewing:
Pique has been distracted from the game for years, bring in Puyol to have a word with him
Please Barca dont fall like AC Milan 🙌🏻
If de jong was in madrid, he would make a good couple with luka will be like a pirlo together.
Amigos FC will be the same until next season. Won't change before Bartomeu leaves
r3 1
r3 1:
Bale : come join me, in the golf course- no defence and you can walk.
Carlos 11
Carlos 11:
If he sells Suarez and rakitic he already a legend lol
Gavin Page
Gavin Page:
Why leave the dutch team before the euros? Doesn't make sense and he's walking into a toxic situation where he'll still be expected to deliver quick results even though they need to sell 8-9 players and replace them 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The fact they gotta ask for messis approval on who’s manager is crazy lol no player should be bigger than a football club no matter how good u are
Tom Vaassen
Tom Vaassen:
I think Koeman is going to surprise us. He doesnt need to win the treble he needs to start the rebuild for the next board to pick up on. A bit like how Rijkard forged a base for Pep to have suc6 with.
Big Speed's
Big Speed's:
When Messi i was winning he wasn't the leader. When Messi is leading he has killed careers and done more damage to Barcelona growth. To be honest, no ever talk about him as a great teammate. Everyone is silent
Who's gonna buy these old players who maybe have max. 2 years left playing in the highest professional league?
Abubakar Sadeeq
Abubakar Sadeeq:
So Messi was consulted before Koeman was appointed?... Hahaha..

I thought Barcelona was bigger than any player.
alan O Connor
alan O Connor:
Luis Enrique benched messi for some games. And look what he won at Barca.
Habaal Shem
Habaal Shem:
It's pitty Barca lost its identity and will never be the same. Not like Pep's time, not like Enrique's and even not like Cryuff's in the early 90's.
Pep's Barca, alongside Ajax 1995 & Bayern 12'-13'- 3 best and greatest club teams forever and ever by far.
Give a 👍 or ❤ if you agree with this comment.
Lol Bartomeu always tries to sell or buy players at the last minute. When every club knows your desperate. Same thing happened when Neymar left and they scrambled to find a replacement. Dembele and Coutinho were over priced.
RedSnapper 17
RedSnapper 17:
Barcelona needs to go back to 433...sergio rebeto vidal suarez rakitic out
Remember when barca would dominate any midfield with Iniesta/Xavi? They haven't controlled the midfield since. Messi is basically a free roaming CAM last few years
Francisco Leon
Francisco Leon:
Luis Suarez might play his final World Cup in Qatar he will be like 35
Suarez to Ajax yes please !
It sounds stupid but Manchester United should sign Suarez for 2 years
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses:
Koeman needs to get the best of dembele Barca need speed and legs
Jim Cherian
Jim Cherian:
ESPN: it's all Ronaldo!!!
Souness: it's all Pogba!!!
Gab : it's not messi,'s fault
Moreno: it's all coutinho
it will take years to get rid of them. Barca won t be good for years
Anthony Leon-Diaz
Anthony Leon-Diaz:
Wait a minute.....when your trying to decide who to support but then you realize Neymar and Muller both knocked out Mexico in the world cup LMAO
Youtube Comment Section
Youtube Comment Section:
Messi should leave period you can’t build a team with Messi you have to build a team around Messi and it just won’t work anymore
Asim Azmi
Asim Azmi:
Problem with Barcelona is messi, involving in team board mess instead of focusing on pitch
He’s a good manager but I don’t like his attitude especially the way he left Southampton. He is going to have so many dressing room problems
Lunasmoke Zim
Lunasmoke Zim:
Why is a club consulting a player before getting a manager?? Even if he wasn't 33 and on the decline, and he was at his prime. I wouldn't let this happen at my club!
Norbert Janssen
Norbert Janssen:
The level of knowledge they have at ESPN FC is staggering. Ajax has bid placed of 15 million for Suarez. Which will likely become a little more. Sevilla want Rakitic back which will get you some money. But it's not only the cash you get for these players it's the enormous wages you get rid of that's good for the club as well. If you keep selling those kind of players and you get 2 to 3 talented youngsters in the squad, mix them with the older players you get a decent team if the tactics are right. The only thing they can't do is splash another 120 million for one player. But that was never the Barcelona way before so why does everyone assume they will continue that in the future.
Mohamed Moiwo
Mohamed Moiwo:
I want Barcelona to bring .Martinez and sell surez
55 million for Suarez ?
Messi stays
Vidal bye bye 30 million ?
Busquets 🤐 retire
Piqué retire
Oh we fucked up ? What now
Buy some good defenders like Davies and de ligt
Rakitic to Sevilla is almost guaranteed Suarez will go to Ajax and pique will most likely retire soon
Zakaria S
Zakaria S:
If they don't bring new blood as soon as possible they will end up like AC Milan. A dead team that nobody is talking about anymore. They are running out of time.
Perseus A.
Perseus A.:
If they don’t leave, they’ll take a pay cut, simple.
Wieslaw Sobocinski
Wieslaw Sobocinski:
FC Barcelona potrzebuje teraz duzo czasu i spokoju i zmiany w zespole w oczekiwaniu na laskawszy los
Alex Jim
Alex Jim:
Wont sell pique he has to many friends in the board and has roots with Barca. Focus on the youth the high salary playing aren't coming into work.
Messi fan girls want Suarez gone, the only player who scores in the big games and under pressure lol it’s going to be funny to watch Barca without Suarez 😂
Ben Houston
Ben Houston:
Yes Suarez is gone.
They need to sell everyone over 30 bring back Coutinho from loan and buy Neymar back. They have solid young players
add: Busquets to the list! Alba... Pique...
Luis Escamado Nhamue
Luis Escamado Nhamue:
He was a good player. But we know him as a coach from benfica. He was never special. Maybe he will be good at barça. Its his house.
Paolo Legaspi
Paolo Legaspi:
messi shud stay barca atleast one year