Barcelona Future Midfield



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𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒉𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝑪𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒔 🔴🔵


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71 comentarios:

TIKI TAKA is coming back. Xavi is taking this team to another level. But still, we need to improve a lot to reach top level again.
was expecting the de jong goal vs napoli and also pedri's nutmeg as well as those long balls but we move..crazy how a 10 minute comp doesnt do justice to the amount of talent in that midfield
Dark Knight Creators
Dark Knight Creators:
Barca have the best young midfield among any clubs rn
Kushal grg
Kushal grg:
Barca already has one of the best midfield and the great part is they will only get better with time and if Barca manages to successfully replace Busquets or play with another system with little emphasis on role of Busquets. Oh boy what a midfield we will having in future.
Satyam Sharma
Satyam Sharma:
Imagine if Messi comes back for one last laugh like Dani Alves....that would complete the cycle .....n may be we can give the farewell that he deserved...
Can't wait for when both Arteta's Arsenal and Xavi's Barcelona matured and meet each other in UCL.
Clash of Pep's Disciples... hopefully it goes well for both and can be a start of a new rivalry for the next decade.
Karo Doka
Karo Doka:
barca are again at its best🥰i cant wait every week to watch them play. they play the best football
Nnamdi N
Nnamdi N:
It's pure joy watching these young ballers and most especially the fact that everyone is scoring and no one-man star. That's beautiful to watch.
Acid Nitemerz
Acid Nitemerz:
Where is busquets, he will play for at least 30 more years🔥😂
The Godfather
The Godfather:
After messi departure these kids have filled voids of that sadness with happiness.
Samuel Del Cid
Samuel Del Cid:
Que futuro tenemos 🤩
Muhammad Salar
Muhammad Salar:
Goated as usual 🔵🔴🤩
Gustavo Nuñez
Gustavo Nuñez:
Gavi es una pieza clave para los próximos partidos. No estuvo ante el Galatasaray y cuanta falta hizo.
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة
قناة فيديو ماستر القديمة:
the future is amazing😍🔥 3 of best midfields in the future with us🔴👑🔵vamoos
Mountakha diagne
Mountakha diagne:
Barcelona just need good defender to come make a great history
Pau Alegre
Pau Alegre:
I prefer de jong in cdm, i think that it helps better in the team and it's he's best position
Toledo Garcia Javier Ricardo
Toledo Garcia Javier Ricardo:
la revelacion para mucho años y que puede ser unos de los mejores del mundo. pedri,araujo,gavi, nico, fati, adama y de jong
Hazil Abdul Khader
Hazil Abdul Khader:
Gavi and pedri ❤️💙
Walid Waloda
Walid Waloda:
We need Tchameni from Monaco ,he is the next Yaya toure
Barcelona back to being beautiful
The bright future talent...
This team is gone by on of the best next season
Amazing video bro 👏
Nirvik Khatri
Nirvik Khatri:
make same videos for attack and defence
Paul dissosha
Paul dissosha:
Pedri playing awasome football....
Lushaka Netshidaulu
Lushaka Netshidaulu:
Amazing 🤩❤️💙❤️💙
Issame Mehnoune
Issame Mehnoune:
Pedri best one ✨🤴🏻
Archit Tripathi
Archit Tripathi:
Gavi is a pure warrior
Vansh Nathvani
Vansh Nathvani:
J-kwon Wright
J-kwon Wright:
Is it just me or is the old tiki taka no longer a thing? Because if we look not even Pep's Man City plays tiki taka like it once was
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera:
❤️ GLORIA A DIOS ❤️.....
Israel Nichols
Israel Nichols:
I feel bad for riqui Puig 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺he's such a good midfielder
Barça Herb.
Barça Herb.:
Nice 😃👍
Best team
Rushikesh Gawand
Rushikesh Gawand:
Great video
Arun Dutta
Arun Dutta:
Ansu Fati needs to comeback. He the missing link
visca el barca
Next season 3-4-3 in the diamond
Hazil Abdul Khader
Hazil Abdul Khader:
Frenkie ❤️❤️
George Chima
George Chima:
Spain is lucky
Lafi Mohammed
Lafi Mohammed:
barça is back
shashwat gupta
shashwat gupta:
Riqui puig♥️
Horas de Futbol
Horas de Futbol:
Volvió el TIKI TAKA de la mano de Xabi
Puta que emoción me causa este Barcelona y eso que no soy cule
fahim sharaf
fahim sharaf:
You missed dejong goal against Napoli!!!
barca midf > real madrid midf, and that's a fact
chouieb tarik
chouieb tarik:
need those soundtracks ?
Hayase R6
Hayase R6:
If only they didn’t get rid of Arthur for pjanic 🥲
Antoinne Griezmann
Antoinne Griezmann:
Why don't you always add the song you use in the video
Sufian Ahmed
Sufian Ahmed:
Messi back to Barcelona ?
Reviwin Isaac P
Reviwin Isaac P:
Puig: What the heck
FJ Mercado
FJ Mercado:
Poor puig deserves a better chance
Youdak Star🪄
Youdak Star🪄:
And pablo Torre
ahmad faisal
ahmad faisal:
Riqui puig? 😂
Ignacio Kay
Ignacio Kay:
Where's puig?
Timothy Man
Timothy Man:
0:13 what is the name of the song?
Amanu Bayu Lumaksono04
Amanu Bayu Lumaksono04:
What is song in the 0:56?
Marcel Betlinski
Marcel Betlinski:
U misses frenkie’s goal against napoli
I Farted and it smelly
I Farted and it smelly:
Ronald Koeman ruined barcelona because We would of still haved messi and suarez and another best player and have alot of money so they can buy best players but koeman wasted it on worst players
Alix Sthilaire
Alix Sthilaire:
Shamzid sarkar
Shamzid sarkar:
Hey Tiki Taka is coming back.
Tousif Osman
Tousif Osman:
Who you used this bankground song.
BeaT ShooT
BeaT ShooT:
can anyone tell the name of the last song that played
Felix Adoli
Felix Adoli:
What the hell is this,are you really a barca fan?is this the only thing you have seen barca midfield do
Nicholas Carrillo
Nicholas Carrillo:
I’m surprised that clown El Profesor ain’t here to talk abt how puig is better than all the midfielders in barca💀💀😂😂
reltih floda
reltih floda:
Pleas next time no music just commentary it's so annoying
6A 30 Yash Sarwate
6A 30 Yash Sarwate:
Hilal HSN
Hilal HSN:
Hey , where new video
what's the background music in the first part of the video? anyone who knows?
nguyen ngocanhklv
nguyen ngocanhklv:
First comment