Barcelona Legendary Counter-Attacks With Commentary!

In a flash ? Luis Suarez, Neymar and Lionel Messi give a lesson in how to execute clinical counter-attacking football ?Hit Like Subscribe & Enjoy Fc Barcelona’s Legendary Counter Attacks With Commentary!
00:00-00:10 Barcastudio Intro
00:11-00:30 Bayern Munich have it all to do against Barcelona tonight, not only is there Lionel Messi to contend with...They're facing what some people claim as the greatest attacking trio ever assembled in club football. Now the front three have scored 112 goals in all competitions,Bayern Munich have scored 117 goals, now you're in massive trouble, you're nowhere.
00:31- 00:50 Bayern Munich - Fc Barcelona, 12 May 2015 (Goal Neymar)

00:51-01:33 Bayern Munich - Fc Barcelona, 12 May 2015 (Second Goal Neymar)
01:34-02:04 Arsenal - Fc Barcelona, 23 February 2016 (Goal Lionel Messi)
02:05-02:41 in the 91st minute, far too many Real players were caught high up the pitch as Sergi Roberto left everyone for dead and set in motion a counter that Messi finished off. Real Madrid - Fc Barcelona, 23 April 2017 (Goal Lionel Messi)
02:42-03:07 PSG - Fc Barcelona, 15 April 2015 (Goal Neymar Jr.)
03:08-03:38 Atlético Madrid- Fc Barcelona, 15 April 2015 (Goal Neymar Jr.)
03:39-04:11 Fc Barcelona - Manchester City, 18 March 2015 (Goal Rakitic)
04:12-04:32 Fc Barcelona - Real Madrid , 3 May 2015 (Goal Pedro)
04:33-05:03 Tottenham - Fc Barcelona, 3 October 2018 (Goal Coutinho)
05:04-05:25 Fc Barcelona - Juventus , 12 September 2017 (Goal Messi)
05:26-05:46 Fc Barcelona - Ac Milan, 12 March 2013 (Goal Jordi Alba)
05:47-06:11 Fc Barcelona - Chelsea, 14 March 2018 (Goal Ousmane Dembele)
06:12-06:45 Real Madrid - Fc Barcelona, 25 October 2014 (Goal Neymar)
06:46-07:03 Fc Barcelona - Psg, 21 April 2015 (Goal Neymar)
07:04-07:18 Fc Barcelona - Bayern Munich, 6 May 2015 (Goal Neymar)
07:19-07:34 Real Madrid - Fc Barcelona, 21 November 2015
07:35-08:10 Manchester City - Fc Barcelona, 1 November 2016 (Goal Lionel Messi)
08:11-08:43 Fc Barcelona - Dortmund, 27 November 2019 (Goal Griezmann)
08:44-09:15 Fc Barcelona - Inter Milan, 2 October 2019 (Goal Luis Suarez)
09:16-09:41 Real Madrid - Fc Barcelona, 10 December 2011 (Goal Cesc Fabregas)
09:42-10:13 Fc Barcelona - Bayern Munich, 8 April 2009 (Goal Messi)
10:14-10:37 Chelsea - FC Barcelona, 6 May 2009 (Goal Iniesta)
10:38-10:47 Barcastudio Outro
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100+ comentarios:

The Greatest Attacking Trident in the History of Football. 🔱 If you just watch the celebrations, you wouldn't be able to tell who scored the goal. That's what was so amazing about them
We all know about Messi but look at how crucial Neymar's pace, vision, dribbling and finishing were to Barcelona, a truly gifted player.
Messi, Suarez, Neymar Spells Danger, Spells Goal
Ibrahim Ezzy
Ibrahim Ezzy:
When the opposition hears these letters -MSN- their legs shiver

They were just BRILLIANT
It will be great to see Messi and Neymar reuniting at PSG.
Hope Suarez joins too to recreate MSN
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar:
MSN in that yellow away kit was a thing of beauty.
Mbusi Lukhele
Mbusi Lukhele:
Neymar was more clinical at barca wish he never left so soon
Pramit Dey
Pramit Dey:
Thank you for reminding how deadly Neymar can become when playing with Messi
Albert Paul
Albert Paul:
Barca, MSN, Iniesta - Xavi .....Last decade a lot of remember a whole life 🙂
That 14/15 away kit tho😍 god I miss those times😭
Sharbel Tabet
Sharbel Tabet:
Truly shows the beauty of MSN and Iniesta as well. He was clinical moving forward
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Barça under Bartomeu caused their downfall because they refused to rebuild the team for so long and instead kept many older players and signed few players for too high a fee and too high a salary or wage. I hope Barça can get back to being a top team in Europe once more.
Divyajyoti Rayaguru
Divyajyoti Rayaguru:
Barcelona said Suarez isn't good enough. It's because he was helping his teammates scoring the goals. In every goal there is a pass of suarez.
truedbzfan foreverdbz
truedbzfan foreverdbz:
No trio will ever match MSN
As a Juventus supporter I know exactly what it means to play against the MSN
etomino roulette
etomino roulette:
Impressive, Amazing attacking force! Love the video and gotta say the sound/music/commentary choice made it so exciting to watch. Great job.
The front 3 in perfect harmonyyyyy
imagine suarez come to psg and MSN will be back at it again that would be crazy
rest of a history. i'll always remember u guys best trio ever
J K:
Seeing Messi play, I will die with a smile on my face!
samrath sidhu
samrath sidhu:
See that's the difference. In the clip before 2016 there were passes which lead to goal, after 2017 ish it was like everytime it was Messi trying to score a solo goal and suddenly found a pass option . I wish we can again have that good a team ✌️
Villa Yu Haki
Villa Yu Haki:
It was like wolves pack were Going for hunt
V Darmadi
V Darmadi:
Trio MSN Barca incredible...👍👍
Trebron Librando
Trebron Librando:
Messi made his teammates good, if not because of Messi's playmaking and pin-point assists, this team cannot achieve what they have.
Vishnu Rajeev
Vishnu Rajeev:
Barcelona always had great players at all times.
Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Villa, Pedro
Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Iniesta
Messi, Suarez, Griezman
Sad to see a Barcelona without these great stars of football.😔

-From a Ronaldo fan
Nicholas Bridoks
Nicholas Bridoks:
I remember a time when barca bought good players for good value
Leo messi Andres cuccitini
Leo messi Andres cuccitini:
Enrique was a pep level legend 💔
Greatest trio ever❣️❣️
Football GOAT
Football GOAT:
*MSN* Best of Football 💞💞
Rozario Wasana
Rozario Wasana:
Best counter attack we never Saw again, love you all trio MSN...
What ever you never gether again...
Sadman Jawad
Sadman Jawad:
They one have quality to win match
Single handledly. They are together 💥💥.now none of them at barca 😭😭
Henrik Andersson
Henrik Andersson:
Legendary! Love the edit, more of this please
Cimoy Man
Cimoy Man:
The best trio msn.
Syed Saim
Syed Saim:
What a player Messi is truly amazing.
Suyash Sharma
Suyash Sharma:
Now when Messi leaving I'm crying for the N th time watching videos of the goat over and over and over again.
Austin Wheeler
Austin Wheeler:
Rakitic, Coutinho, Suarez, Neymar, Iniesta, Fabregas, Alba, Xavi, all of these huge names have come and gone over the years. Through it, Messi is present and critical in every clip in this video.

Every. Single. One. 👑
Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas:
Old days are gone.... for a club that really built up players for transitioning from another era, they really fucked up this one
Basanta Shrestha
Basanta Shrestha:
you have awesome editing level..
Sajid Ahmed [BD]
Sajid Ahmed [BD]:
Ohh my words!! I am speechless . I am missing this team so so so much 🥺😭😭💙❤️💯
Niaz Ahmad
Niaz Ahmad:
The legendary Trio! 😍😢
Papiya Ghosh
Papiya Ghosh:
Back when MSN used to obliterate BBC on head to head. But overall MSN and BBC were pretty even or BBC was more successful in terms of trophies. But MSN looked far more beautiful in footballing terms.
DannyGOaL Channel
DannyGOaL Channel:
That against bayern I remember being nervous, but then , Suarez and Neymar 🙏💥💥
Leo Sahil
Leo Sahil:
Make video about Messi and Argentina please your editing skills out of this world ✨
Simplesmente lindo
SBC Middle school ICT
SBC Middle school ICT:
Pep Guardiola was destroyed by his own weapons.
Simo Häyhä
Simo Häyhä:
And now we're gonna see Messi, Neymar and Mbappé.
Kai Ma
Kai Ma:
the beat is lit!
Hafiy Hafiy
Hafiy Hafiy:
The best trio in soul amerika
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson:
Now in 2021 it will be MNM.... PSG is in fire 🔥
innit :
2015 barca may have been the greatest squad ever
Laval Bear
Laval Bear:
Aiman Fazli
Aiman Fazli:
Mannn!!! Ur video is great and goated, keep it up, do a lot more, u alwys waiting!!🙏🔥🔥🔥💙❤️
Jobin Jobi
Jobin Jobi:
All the barcalona goals have messi touch ❤️😘😘💕
Saikumar Bandari
Saikumar Bandari:
Luis Enrique... God his style of play is so fast as premier legue... He is am excellent coach..
Super teams are supposed to be hated. Couldn’t hate MSN. They were having a blast and it was a joy to watch.
random relatable friend
random relatable friend:
4:54 mistake
Coutinho not Messi
Toran Afrasiab
Toran Afrasiab:
When you watch the video, u can see messi is everywhere and made everything in Barca
Magical Messi Best in the world
Md Anam
Md Anam:
They're all legend
John doofus
John doofus:
That last goal from Iniesta🥶🥶
All this, is now, a history.
Grey Rainbow
Grey Rainbow:
*MSN* is the most skilled, talented and aggressive attacking line in the history of football ever! The stupidity if Neymar moving to PSG killed all the joy and beauty. I believe that Messi & Neymar with MbPappé will be great too if the midfielder s will do well. I still believe that Coutinho is a high level but the coward Valverde destroyed him. He has the chance to be a great duo with Memphis. Cross fingers
Once upon a time...💔💔
Isayah Pérez
Isayah Pérez:
Haha that goal from Pedro wasn't in 2015 😂
Gilbert Kasikila
Gilbert Kasikila:
None of these goals is a counter attack
Joao Portesantava
Joao Portesantava:
I remember these three together and they where unstable
Blink and you'll miss do you beat a team that can not only hold the ball and maintain the ball, but can also hit you on the break if you try to maintain possession......the commentary is unforgettable.....GREAT EDIT BRO, really makes my heart bleed Blaugrana
10:38 Iniesstaaaaaaa, I made a sliding on my knees back than
When i was a fcb fan and a ronaldo hater. Good old youth days
Joseph Zadd Baah
Joseph Zadd Baah:
The passion of football is no more but hope to see more
lane cappo
lane cappo:
Haha, it was the players that made this video brilliant, but they're gone now.
Ziaul Islam Chowdhury
Ziaul Islam Chowdhury:
Neymar was the Main Key.
After Neymar departure Barca failed ucl
Jesse Cardona
Jesse Cardona:
Can I just say that Barca studio definitely deserves at least a million subs. Barca studio plz reply
Gangmei Charles
Gangmei Charles:
Neymar ruin all by leaving
Ivan Rakitić is the most underrated player in history.
Puga Magar
Puga Magar:
It's like watching Anime
Iworh Joy
Iworh Joy:
The best ever
sultan Sahardid
sultan Sahardid:
Arabic commentary>Every commentary 😎
united' 11
united' 11:
MSN 🔥🔥🔥
H H:
When barca still Qatar Sponsored.. ;)
at that time barca had a lot of potential players
Abhijith Krishna
Abhijith Krishna:
That deadly trio 😍😍
But now😳😳😩
the last goal from iniesta semi final champions league against chelsea will be remembered....
Christian Laurent
Christian Laurent:
I am gonna miss this Barcelona 😢
Mark Prada
Mark Prada:
Counter attack masters: real madrid always.
Simbol WHY
Simbol WHY:
Barca counter is not legendary... Madrid is

Barca is legendary with the way they play
my chanel.
my chanel.:
Kangen rakitic,dani alves, trio MSN,
Harish G
Harish G:
If they sync well scary to think what MNM are capable of doing .
Makrand Dudhe
Makrand Dudhe:
Messi doesn't throw bands or show aggression to prove he is leader or anything else. When he gets the ball or opportunity he shows who's the only boss in the game. Better finisher than anyone else. 🐐
DarkGoat X
DarkGoat X:
in real madrid these goals are too slow to count as a counter attack
Amir Hamza Patwary
Amir Hamza Patwary:
If Messi weren’t born Iniesta would be the only Magician in Europe !
MUhammad R garba
MUhammad R garba:
Suarez passes are underrated
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai:
Neymar is too underated..
Barcelona had other legendary tridents too...Ronaldinho, Etoo, Messi and Henry, Etoo, Messi
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye:
Brasil, Uruguay y Argentina dominando en europa
Vrushabh Khadake
Vrushabh Khadake:
I am just thinking of psg's trio now.
Tihim Rahman
Tihim Rahman:
Now Messi’s leaving FCB😔
Wilson West
Wilson West:
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Easier then you think, series of only two keys Clipcrack on Instagram got that..
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Mahdi Abdelmoula
Mahdi Abdelmoula:
4:57 Goal Coutinho, not Messi
Empu Canting
Empu Canting:
Tandem ter uwoww.. trio MSN 😍😍😍