Barcelona To Sell Griezmann, Luis Suarez & Other Stars In Big Overhaul! | Transfer Talk

Welcome back to Transfer Talk on Football Daily. There are loads of stories bouncing around the world of football worth paying attention to.

This week our headline story is of course Barcelona, where Ronaldo Koeman has just arrived as manager. The former Dutch international and coach is ready to crack the whip in Catalonia, with a number of established stars like Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and even Antoine Griezmann all available!

We also look at Manchester United’s latest target, Douglas Costa, who could be an alternative to Jadon Sancho. And look at who Juventus want to bring into their forward line in Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette.

Another striker who could be on the move is Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi, with Premier League new boys Leeds United keen on the Belgian, while Wilfried Zaha could finally have an exit strategy out of Crystal Palace with a selection of European giants all interested.

Finally we finish in Liverpool, where the Reds are struggling to agree on price for Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara. Not only that, Everton are closing in on their first big signing of the summer in Napoli’s Allan.

It’s a bumper show, so let us know your thoughts and comments below. As always, remember to like and subscribe!




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Kian Storer
Kian Storer:
Great ideas from Ancelotti if Everton had the funds bringing in both Doucoure and Allan would revamp the club massively.
Poor guy trying to fix the club with young players:
First player to enter : pjanic
27m for Thiago is a bargain, LFC are asleep 😴
CRose 9
CRose 9:
As a Barcelona fan, I honestly feel like this is what was needed 2 years ago at a slower pace. Now everyone is freaking out an we're caught playing catchup
Samrat Adhikari
Samrat Adhikari:
but in Barca TV, Bartomeu said Greizmann is in the list of "Untouchables" along with Lenglet, messi, de jong, ter stegen
edit: also dembele and semedo
Swohm Chattopadhyay
Swohm Chattopadhyay:
Costa will be a good move to United. They need some talented players to keep up this club.
Raihan Alfitra
Raihan Alfitra:
Dortmund didn't sell Sancho to MU so they can sell him to Bayern Munchen.
Andrè Viljoen
Andrè Viljoen:
I honestly want to see messi somewhere else. And to see how good he really is
Jonathan Kerr
Jonathan Kerr:
Costa wasn’t injured much this season. That was last season. He was left out of the line up by Sarri since he actually likes to drive forward rather than pass negatively or square for 90 mins.
Piet jan
Piet jan:
Griezman is not leaving barca. He was listed in the "not for sale list"
Shitty Everyday
Shitty Everyday:
I think Liverpool are just trying to spend as little as possible right now so they might be trying to get Bayern to settle for future payments. Our biggest gap we need to fill right now is CB so they probably just don't want to blow it all on Thiago. He can probably fill in at CDM and let Fabi defend if it comes to that, but a quality CB to replace Lovren has to be a priority.
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson:
Dear God if we get Zaha 😍
They are not selling Griezmen. Bartomeu said in his interview with Barca tv.
Phurba Sherpa
Phurba Sherpa:
Imagine cr7 leaving Juve for PSG as reported and messi leaving Barca for PSG as rumored.
2021 season would be lit
Cameron Noel
Cameron Noel:
As far as im concerned there wont be an actual update on thiago until bayerns season is finished. As for barca, guys like suarez and alba shouldve been sold last year. And Semedo is horrible, but somehow a valuable asset and probably the only player they can move on with fair compensation.
Koala Bear
Koala Bear:
Barça need to pick a mix of young players with potential and ready to play now like aubameyang and kante
Matt Clayton
Matt Clayton:
I’d rather give Greenwood the game time than have an ageing and injury prone Costa
Lindokuhle Innocent
Lindokuhle Innocent:
I think we’ll get Sancho, Man United need to pay up!
Deepak Mawar
Deepak Mawar:
United should go for Ismaila Sarr. Cheaper option to Sancho and has done well in the prem. United would then have the money to strengthen the squad, instead of splashing all the cash on just one player
Mr RightNow
Mr RightNow:
I pray PSG dont go after Greizmann.. he didnt want us at the beginning of the season so dont look to join now
Taurean Philpott
Taurean Philpott:
but to answer your question, im excited. he could be the perfect person to get the respect of the dressing room whilst also playing the barca style with mre vertical play like Luis Enrique.
Aubrey Ntjana
Aubrey Ntjana:
Personally. Barcelona should go ahead and transfer the players. As I believe that it's time to rebuild as said, and actually change tactics.
Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta:
Before selling griezmann,, barca should remember how they mismanaged coutinho
Taurean Philpott
Taurean Philpott:
Why is it so easy to make fun of Barcelona's appointment of coach when your team has Ole? he wasnt seen as the right one when he came in? His first possible signing is Van de Beek, which your team wanted Joe. And lampard, arteta etc have done quite well. Especially with us bringing in Alfred Schreuder and possibly Henrik Larsson as assistants id say its pretty exciting
jake chambers
jake chambers:
The players they want to get rid of are old on inflated wages its going to be hard to find team willing to pay wages let alone pay a fee
Griezmann was on the not to sell list.. Where do you get your info?
Uchenna Junior
Uchenna Junior:
Griezmann is among the untouchables and wont be sold, only if a club reveals interest for the right price🚶🏽‍♂️
Batsman should go to Leeds I would definitely put him in my fantasy team
Kopano Moletsane
Kopano Moletsane:
Clearly Woodward has time to play. Now Barca are getting Van De Beek😭 #Whack
Eden Basnet
Eden Basnet:
Barca shouldnt be selling players like suarez. First they should sign youngsters and develop them among the veterans
Vikram Iyer
Vikram Iyer:
you missed semedo, dembele and griezmann. Bartomeu himself said there are only 7 non-transferables
Gustavo Herrejon
Gustavo Herrejon:
Griezmann and dumbele were two other players that they said aren't gonna be sold
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Barcelona need a major squad overhaul this summer
Solomon K George
Solomon K George:
I know where this is going. Leo Messi is gonna leave. REASONS?
#1 Don't sell what leo likes. WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. eg: Neymar
Players that make this happen: Suarez, Pique
#2 Rumour is it Messi leave for PSG. For people who don't know, HE CAN leave for free. He may Negotiate on his wage and do so. To ANY CLUB HE LIKES or COACH or PLAYERS (you know what to expect).
#3 Messi was GRATEFUL TO BARCELONA. Emphasis on WAS
#4 There is SOO much problems between Players and Management. Something that I will do if I was Messi. Just leave Barcelona for the sake of Barcelona. Barthomeu can sell the CLUB and try to ditch his opponents* and he would still LOSE. MESSI MAGIC !
*Contenders running for President
James o Donoghue
James o Donoghue:
Does anyone else think that £27m for Thiago is a great deal? Even if you could wait for him next year for free I’d still take that and be sure of it.
HALAM899 Live
HALAM899 Live:
Great video today keep it up your doing amazing job
There are rumors that Messi might transfer to PSG
Mustafa Hawli
Mustafa Hawli:
I think Barcelona will sell dembele, suarez, jordi alba, pique, sergio besquets, rakitic and semedo. Messi’s chances on leaving barcelona are 50/50 he may if he does i hope he joins Man city or Juventus
Timmey Scaria
Timmey Scaria:
Selling 23 yr old Arthur for 80m

Buying 30 yr old pjanic for 70m
Good deal (juventus)
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman:
Barca: let’s sell most of the squad to rebuild a team around a player we should be thinking about a replacement for🤣
Everything is coming true from my fm 2010. Liverpool the top club in England and the world. Barcelona dropping spurs becoming a top 4 club. Aubameyang needs to go to Barcelona. How s5upid is Barcelona
My guy straight up called him doogless Costa lmao
Seba Corsair
Seba Corsair:
Messi should go to Manchester City.
Match made in heaven.
Im a liverpool fan and 27m Million for Thiago is a Bargain considering they could be asking for more than that i think we need to just get him he will be valuable for us for the next couple of seasons if we get him
Basil George
Basil George:
I dont know why but i definitely agree with koeman decision of selling griemann ....This is the essence of a Pro Coach
Not Recommend
Not Recommend:
Suarzez is definitely leaving Ajax wants him back and Donny van de beek needs to sing to Barcelona he’s a good attacking midfielder
Sanket Pawar
Sanket Pawar:
Bring in alaba ,umapcemano,Thiago,Sancho ,haland ,havertz.
Connor Theobald
Connor Theobald:
I think if Lionel Messi wants to leave he should leave a player that is kept at the club even though he’s one of the best players in the world could have a negative affect on the team and it already has
Callum Mckechnie
Callum Mckechnie:
Gives greenwood a chance to become main rm if costa joins
Deno عدنان بن موسى Musa الشيخ
Deno عدنان بن موسى Musa الشيخ:
Greetings and good morning
I am a Real Madrid fan
Barcelona is one of the most important clubs in the world I can't deny that.
Seeing them in state of chaos it makes wonder what's happening?
The football world should stop and see what's going on? Messi and Co are and will always be one of the best players I ever seen.
The Barca management team are not helping the club they are destroying it from inside out.
As a Madrid fan as Football fan please find a way to keep the current situation under control, This not the time to make massive changes due to Covid 19 financial difficulties.
It's not wise to do dramatic changes just because of one season.
Rebuilding any club takes time money and a clear strategy case in point Liverpool.
It took Jurgan Kloop four years to achieve the goals set by the club and himself.
Sorry for the long comment hope my message is well received.
Best wishes and regards
Adnan M Alsheikh a.k.a Deno Musa
Big Burrito
Big Burrito:
i hope Barcelona play in a 343 next season. Lenglet, Todibo and maybe Pique or Busquets in the back 3. De Jong and van de Beek in midfield, Jordi or Firpo on the left and Semedo or Sergi Roberto on the right. Front line can feature Messi centrally at false 9 and more pressing forwards flanking him, similar to how two defensive minded 8s can cover for a more offensive minded regista. they can play Griezmann and Carles Aleña in these roles but they really need to bring in a quality forward that can press

Edit: I’ve completely forgotten about Marc Cucurella coming back from loan, he will certainly be the best option on the left flank
It is way too late for Sancho. 108 million or however many would not do it. Borussia set a date, so it is too late for Sancho. He stays.
they literally such said griezmann was staying.
Odyssey Studios
Odyssey Studios:
If Messi was to leave, where would he go??
Chillin90s Vibes
Chillin90s Vibes:
That is a good amount for thiago cause is still 29 man Liverpool should just biy
swapping Jimenez, for Higuain? really, Juventus??
Ashwin Krishna
Ashwin Krishna:
Van de beek is perfect for barca mid field and is available at a much cheaper price . They shld sign him and get ridnof all the dead woods in the club .
Jugram Haschwalth
Jugram Haschwalth:
Sell Semedo Griezzmann Dembele Umtiti Rakitic Braithwaite
As a Barca Fan I would say don’t sell some youngsters like Todibo,Junior Firpo, Dembele, and Puig they all still have potential.
Ritabh Pandey
Ritabh Pandey:
Michael Edwards is the transfer god. Whatever he thinks is right, almost always is!
Griezmann said he was an OM fan so he'll never make it to Paris.
Stick Griezmann on the thumbnail despite being named as an untouchable.
liverpool refuses to pay 27 million for Thiago that's rediculous he can go to man city and rejoin with pep and let liverpool tin their regret for the rest 3 years.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz:
Barcelona needs to clean house adding Messi as well, have them learn from Bayer Munich, bring young players
Oane Schriemer
Oane Schriemer:
Griesman is a great player he’s just at the wrong club
Ronny Quatre
Ronny Quatre:
Douglas Costa is a really good player, he just didn't get enough trust from Sarri....
#BartomeuOut... need i say more. So much craziness takin place with him at the center of it all. Every decision made in the last 4 years seems like it came out of an act of desperation. Koeman is not gonna fix anything if the board continue to make the decisions as they have been. They will be working against Koeman. Can you imagine the amount of work Koeman has to do now to build a team from scratch. La Liga starts in less than a month. What can Koeman possibly do in that time. I'm sorry for both him and Setien. They both came in during a horrible period of leadership.
Andrew Blunt
Andrew Blunt:
R.Puig.. A.Fati and DeJong must stay, along with the Stegen and Lenglet, these 5 players should be the spine of the new team. The Ajax lad would be a brilliant move, low cost at the right age at 22.
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling:
if griezmann were to leave, atletico should be the first to try sign him
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes:
I don't think Liverpool need Thiago. We have Fabinho, Henderson, Keita, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Milner and even Curtis Jones who can play in CM. That's more than enough players to cover the three spots. The only position we were desperate (a backup for Andy Robertson) for has been covered through the purchase of Tsimikas. We could do with like-for-like cover for Mane and Salah, but that would cost upwards of 80 million for say a Sancho, and we just don't seem to have that.
Tanishk Dhawan
Tanishk Dhawan:
Who else thinks that we need more La Masia graduates to turn over FC Barcelona?
I think if suarez leaves messi will for sure want leave too
i can see messi to psg as mbappe play mostly striker and they have like a but ton of money
Thomas More
Thomas More:
The best club to pronounce Batshuayi gets him
farida yasmin
farida yasmin:
Thanks to Bayern for the humiliation cause it goes in positive way for barca
Kevin Round
Kevin Round:
spend 80m on Maguire then almost miss out on Bruno for being cheap now missing out on Sancho utd have terrible business sense transfer wise
Purple Skunk
Purple Skunk:
Griezmann will stay and play striker Suarez will bench
FSG is being especially frugal recently and it's because of conflict of interest (Fenway, after all) and "lack of funds" (not really, they could spend more if they want but the current amount earned isn't making their quota). Annoying but what can be done from a fan's perspective when at this time a fan's perspective holds less due to lack of stadium attendance?
Hidden In anxiety
Hidden In anxiety:
Bartomeu has already said griezman won't be sold
Kevin J
Kevin J:
Suarez to ajax will be nice
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
I dont think lacazette will leave unless we receive a hefty bid.
I’d take D costa
E E#Boos
E E#Boos:
What Barca need is klop
Awesome Football
Awesome Football:
I dont think Douglas Costa will help Man u we should buy a backup RW and develop Greenwood at RW for one more season before we move him to ST.
8 goals at the final phase of the champions league? I should bloody well hope most of them go, it's a clear sign that team has ran it's course. Individually most of them are still worth good money, it's just as a group that the magic is gone. If they wan't to find themselves they need to invest in a solid midfield to work behind Messi, and some world class strikers that fit in the short pass play model barça prefers. It's a tall order and they are paying now for not investing more in their youth programs, which is where the renovation should have come from. Where Messi came from. The warning sign was when those kids started leaving. Their parents and agents must have got wind that the management wasn't up to speed. And now we see a classic case of soccer club entropy. Barcelona is dead. Long live Barcelona!
Conspiracy theory: the independence aspirations of Catalunha goes against the control of Madrid, which is the financial capital of Spain. My guess is this is where the indication to downgrade the club came from, de-investing in it, as a way to reduce nationalistic pride in the province. You want to be independent? You can't even govern FC Barcelona! That or they just got lucky with the past generations of squads and, in reality, are thick as hammers. SCP Lisbon has the best youth squads possibly in the world, yet can't win a national championship more than once every 3 decades. So thick as hammers is a thing.
Barca has to overhaul again like they did under Pep back in the day. Only, there is no Xavi, Iniesta or any other phenomenal La Masia talent. When Messi retires, its lights out but the powers that be decided best way to do it is to exchange a loved, 23 year old Arthur Melo for 30 year old Pjanic who play the same role.
Randi Sallah
Randi Sallah:
Neymar for Zaha....... Really...? 🤔.
I love you guys but you guys need to do more research. Bartomeu had an interview and said griezmann and dembele are also not going anywhere..
Stikma le'Gecko
Stikma le'Gecko:
I love the videos when the guys don't appear in screen. I can understand these videos which are great by the way.
wouter kramer
wouter kramer:
Why would koeman want donny van de beek when he put him on the bench in the Netherlands squad
Shahid Willie
Shahid Willie:
I don't think they can sell every body in the same window
harsh sharma
harsh sharma:
NOTHING, i mean NOTHING will change at Barca, untill Bartomeu is at the helm !
Boney __
Boney __:
In my opinion, don't sell Griezmann
Suárez is past it, he’s not Barcelona level anymore, well when they were winning .. but he’s more Tottenham level rn. Lost his pace etc..
Rod 23
Rod 23:
If Suarez leaves ima be mad pissed
Sjoerd Siemes
Sjoerd Siemes:
Koeman is going to ruin it by bringing Dutch players who are not good enough. Like almost every Dutch coach does. Van Gaal with Blind and Depay, Koeman at Everton i think. De Boer with Riedewald.
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy:
I still can't believe Barca swapped Arthur for Pjanic. One of the worst swaps of all time.
Jom Undi..Weekly buzz!
Jom Undi..Weekly buzz!:
Its not a overhaul, its digging a grave!
Luke plays Everything
Luke plays Everything:
I think Liverpool should wait to get him for free but yet again we could just pay the 27 million idk
Gci messi is pretty good for transfers as well