Barcelona v Dynamo Kyiv | LIVE Reaction & Watchalong | UEFA Champions League 2021/22

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8 comentarios:

Meet Gadhiya
Meet Gadhiya:
Win to win hove hai chahe 1-0 ho ya 8-2 🤷‍♂️. Well done Barca 👏👏👏
Neeraj Agarwal
Neeraj Agarwal:
When will be the AFC Asian Cup final round draw
ᴩᴍ ƒʊzεδʜзαδ
ᴩᴍ ƒʊzεδʜзαδ:
Barca will play Europa next round...😉🤪
Nirajan Thami
Nirajan Thami:
Plan A,
Plan B
He is talking about barca.
Pique has more goals than luk ding dong
According koemen he is more dangerous than neymer in the box☺️☺️
RayFoot ™
RayFoot ™:
1st comment after watching the stream 💕

Edit: abto Heart dedo Asmr hd
noman ali
noman ali:
Late football hd 🤣😆
Swarup Kar
Swarup Kar:
Now its like luuk is having something of koeman.why?.i would prefer umtiti over him