Barcelona vs Bayern munich 3-0 UCL-2015 highlights and Goals

Barcelona vs Bayern munich 3-0 UCL-2015 highlights and Goals

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my jamz
my jamz:
Who's here after Barca's 8-2 loss against Munich
Joel Ivuso
Joel Ivuso:
Who's here after hearing the 2019/20 quarter final champions league draw
Layton Glover
Layton Glover:
Who’s here after Barca beat Napoli and are playing Bayern in the quarters

Well this aged well
Sakiel Messi
Sakiel Messi:
Who's here after they got slapped up by Bayern😭
bro ok
bro ok:
I will never forget when barca used to be a European giant now they cant beat freaking osasuna
Nav B
Nav B:
Who's here after Barca's 8-2 loss against Munich
Edwin Cortez
Edwin Cortez:
Who’s here after the Bayern destroyed Barca 🤧
Lets hope messi will shave his beard & cut his hair like here so he feels like its 2015 again & make boateng do a breakdance again😂
I feel sorry for Neuer. How much did he have to save.
Never thought I would miss people in the stands
La Coruna
La Coruna:
Who's here after they qualified and now they are again against Bayern
Sucky Sucky Fucky Fucky
Sucky Sucky Fucky Fucky:
Messi showed Neuer who the real boss is
Who’s here after the absolute annihilation of barça by bayern munich
I will never forget this match
Devanshu Puri
Devanshu Puri:
Keep calm and Messi will do his magic again.
I am Morpheus
I am Morpheus:
Who is here after Barca beating Napoli in the pre quater
Virtual realistic
Virtual realistic:
Who's here after Barca wins Napoli?
Knightzy AS
Knightzy AS:
Who’s here after Barcelona got destroyed by Bayern Munich 😭😭 2-8
Ant gotchu._.
Ant gotchu._.:
Who’s here trying to stop crying after barca got their ass whooped
Nikiforos Savvidis
Nikiforos Savvidis:
Who's here after 2-8?
James Ziyun Wang
James Ziyun Wang:
Whos here to reminisce the good times after bayern just destroyed barca 8-2
That front 3 will surely go down in history as the best to ever play together. Such a shame Neymar felt he had to leave. Could’ve dominated on the European stage for years to come
MITTZZ 2002:
2015 : 😍😍
2020 : After 8 - 2 lost 😫😫
MelloDemooz -
MelloDemooz -:
4:28 is the bit you’re looking for
Sigi Bergmann
Sigi Bergmann:
so crazy, that day he was one CL goal over ronaldo... if barca didnt play like shit the years after, he would already have so many more than him
saudi drift
saudi drift:
Who's here after 8-2 for bayern
Adil Numan Çelik
Adil Numan Çelik:
2015 Bayern Munich first game: Masterclass from Messi scoring 2 beating them 3-0 at home.
2019 Liverpool first game: Masterclass from Messi scoring 2 beating them 3-0 at home.

but completely different 2nd legs. So many things changed since then, but Messi still delivers.
raisa Payeeel
raisa Payeeel:
so who's here after bayern winning the match?❤️
Abdullah Urslan
Abdullah Urslan:
Boateng is injured due to watching these highlights.
Who is after Barca Bayern Munich 2-8😔... Really painful
John Michaels
John Michaels:
So sad, from this to 8-2...
Aaron Rodrigues
Aaron Rodrigues:
We meet again
Donald Dump
Donald Dump:
As a Barca fan,I feel really nostalgic after watching this. We were really great.
I'm here after Barca beat Napoli. Let's hope they get the job done against the German giants! Visca Barca!
Reinaldo Martinez
Reinaldo Martinez:
Lyon: Pass you
City: No, come in
Lyon: I insist .. come in
City: No thanks, I don't want to
Lyon: Me neither
Lupul Singuratic
Lupul Singuratic:
Who is here after Bayern beat Barcelona with 8-2?
Cameron Daly
Cameron Daly:
Who’s here after Barca’s 8-2 defeat to Bayern
maazin shaikh
maazin shaikh:
4:26 ❤️ such a joy to watch again n again n again.And also Martin Tyler with his legendary commentary 💯
nemo 777
nemo 777:
I like how people very easily forgot that Bayern played without Ribery Robben and Alaba that game that basically means playing without an attack
Rest IN Peace Barcelona 🌹🥀 May your soul find peace
Abi Canales
Abi Canales:
Who’s here after the 8-2 🤣
Jayanta Borgohain
Jayanta Borgohain:
Messi only destroyed Boateng. But Alphonse Davies destroyed whole Barcelona team..
yes. you are here because you want to see the old barcelona. the one that they would dominate Europe with Real. best days
Stefan Fernandes
Stefan Fernandes:
Messi plis save Barca again 🙏🏾
Comedy Jar
Comedy Jar:
This didn’t age well....
Andriy Shevchenko
Andriy Shevchenko:
Who’s here after Bayern destroyed Barca
Mario Burlacu
Mario Burlacu:
Who s here after 8-2?
Who’s here after 8-2😂
rxckstarr !
rxckstarr !:
whos here 2020 after bayern is beating them 4-1 in the first half of the champions league 😭🤣
Who's here after our 8-2 win .
Who's here after Bayern beat Barca 8-2
Sad Hus
Sad Hus:
Who is after 8:2
Samir Elamr
Samir Elamr:
Who’s here after 8-2
Lyrics Zone
Lyrics Zone:

Those good old days
Ryan Lue Chin
Ryan Lue Chin:
Who’s here because they want the same result to happen 3 days from now
Dark Galaxy i_o_l_o_i
Dark Galaxy i_o_l_o_i:

The comments:
WhO's hErE aFtER 8 2
Zlatan x 10
Zlatan x 10:
Who’s here after the 8-2?😂😔
I love chicken
I love chicken:
Barca fans will watch this to remeber when Messi tricked Boateng and neuer
Jack draw
Jack draw:
I remember this match 2015
Viktor vatansever
Viktor vatansever:
Who’s here after 8-2
PriinceBrvce - Amad will be world class
PriinceBrvce - Amad will be world class:
Boateng got his revenge 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kazi nazmul hasan
kazi nazmul hasan:
Who's here after 2-8.
Who's here after 8-2
Life as a real madrid fan was so hard when we were beaten by city. But now when barca got 8goals in their net I'm the happiest person in the world for the moment
Hamza Habrat
Hamza Habrat:
Who is here after Barcelona got clapped. 8-2 😂
Vinson Polumati
Vinson Polumati:
Who is here today after Barca battered Napoli
Dion Canolli
Dion Canolli:
Whos here after 8-2? xD
The real fcb❤️😭
nadhem 7LM
nadhem 7LM:
Who watched the 8-2 last night 😂😂
random person
random person:
Who’s here after Barcelona got hammered 8-2
All Rounder
All Rounder:
Who's here before just few houra left for Barca v/s Bayern😍
GaVy. Official
GaVy. Official:
Why is this video has recommend before the semi final =)))
Noah Heath
Noah Heath:
Who’s here after watching Barcelona and Bayern 8-2
Frander Cortez
Frander Cortez:
This is the Barcelona we need in these sad times.
Prince Traway
Prince Traway:
Who’s here after Barca got demolished 8-2 by Bayern Munich. 😭😭😭
Abdulhakim Isse
Abdulhakim Isse:
who is here after Barca lost 8 - 2 to bayern munich in the quarter finals
Jeedan Ahmed
Jeedan Ahmed:
here after 8-2 😂😂
FL1X VerKys
FL1X VerKys:
Who here after 8-2
Who's here after the 8-2 defeat 😂😂😂
Shyam Vyas
Shyam Vyas:
Here after 8-2
Sadegh S
Sadegh S:
wish best for Barca. Hope they beat Bayern 🙏
Who's here after the 8-2
Ian Rodriguez
Ian Rodriguez:
Who’s here after the 8-2
mightyrod dd
mightyrod dd:
Whos here after barca got thrashed by bayern?
A’ D
A’ D:
Who’s here after Barca lost to Bayern 8-2?
Leonel Messi
Leonel Messi:
This quarter Final will be a test for Barcelona .. I wonder if Boateng will be present to face Messi or be hidden during the game .
Pragya Chhetri
Pragya Chhetri:
Who's here one day before ucl qf match of Bayern vs barca 2019/20?
Who’s here after Barca just lost 2-8 too Bayern.
Who's here after Bayern's win over Barca?
Mondli Styleman
Mondli Styleman:
Who's here after the 8-2 defeat 😹😹😹
Arnav Anup
Arnav Anup:
This hasn't aged well..
And of course this is recommended to me now
MUHAMMED Afthab 10
MUHAMMED Afthab 10:
I came here dreaming the next ucl game of barca and bayern(20/21) be like this.
HunchoCheeks 445
HunchoCheeks 445:
Who’s here on game day?
if you saw his second goal live in the stadium or even live on tv you saw a genuin wonder
Roman Zehe
Roman Zehe:
Who's Here after watching 442oons MSN-Song?
Pronto The Don
Pronto The Don:
who's here after bayern beats barca😪
Tac Di sha
Tac Di sha:
Who is here after 8-2?
Milka Tuc
Milka Tuc:
Who is here after 2-8 ? :DDDD
This is in my recommendations after Bayern thrashed Barca 2-8 🤣