Barcelona vs Bayern Munich ● 3-0 ● UCL Semi Final 2015 Highlights In HD

Recalling the night Gerome Boateng will never forget, In the 77th minute, Manuel Neuer’s hurried free-kick gifted Barcelona the lead as Messi picked up possession and a pocket of space to fire the ball past the floundering German international.
After just 3 min, The mercurial Messi picked the ball up on the right after a pass from Ivan Rakitic as Bayern defender Jerome Boateng came out from the center to meet him. In the blink of an eye and in one of the most iconic moments of Messi’s career, the forward took four lighting quick touches before nicking the ball through a floundering Boateng’s legs, leaving the German international in a heap on the floor so when Boateng turned to get up, he saw a truly delightful finish as Messi dinked the ball delicately past the onrushing Neuer and out of the reach of the covering Rafinha.


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