Barcelona vs Bayern Munich, Champions League, Quarter-Final - MATCH PREVIEW

Barça play Bayern Munich at the Champions League quarter-final stage, with Friday's match coming live from Estadio da Luz in Lisbon, Portugal. Will Lionel Messi produce more magic against Bayern as he did in 2015? Or will this be Robert Lewandowski's time to shine? Let's discuss...



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HERE IT IS, THE MATCH PREVIEW! And don't forget to check out MoreTalkFCB for the press conference reaction later today. What do you make of those Bayern quotes?
Noor Al-Thani
Noor Al-Thani:
1 like = 1 percent chance of winning against Bayern 🔵🔴💪🏼
"Ter stegen is only on his way to become world class" oh god i havent had good laugh in 2020 so far.
Ziyad Musthafa Musthafa
Ziyad Musthafa Musthafa:
It is such a satisfying feeling when you receive that talkfcb notification
Sebastian Serrano
Sebastian Serrano:
I hear a LOT of people talking trash about Barca, saying we don’t have a chance. I hope they keep that same energy after Messi masterclass🐐
Aashish kumar
Aashish kumar:
"Whenever you need a fireman, Messi is the man to call"
Gert Hajredini
Gert Hajredini:
Idk why but jamie just gave me the biggest confidence boost lets goooo barca
shadow 0614
shadow 0614:
Barca really have to get there level up they should shut the mouth of the criticism. We have to win🔴🔵
Jamie is so excited for the game he is even breathing heavily whilst speaking😂
anir s
anir s:
Now Bayern legends and fans have done a big mistake
Bring Critical to Messi=Death
Anurag Nepal
Anurag Nepal:
It might seem Difficult

But it's not impossible
Jamie bro thank you for the consistent, fun,informative and enjoyable content ❤
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas:
The last time beyren were this confident they lost to chelsea
Jose MJ
Jose MJ:
The attitude should be
1% chance 99% faith.

Realistically with Messi in the team, we have more than 1% chance.
Vamos barca👍
Jake Maremma
Jake Maremma:
The last time I had this much anxiety was when we had to do a come back against PSG. For a whole week my friends where on my case telling me how sh*t Barca is, how we can never come back, FC Messi is dead. The day of the match it was even worse. But as you all know we got the job done I didn't stop believing even after cavani scored and celebrated like he found the cure for cancer. When the whistle blew I won't lie I cried Infront of all my boys I had never been so happy in my life and since than I haven't experienced such pure happiness. Long story short if we pull this off tomorrow the water works will be back on in pure happiness once again. I can't wait.
This is the BIGGEST game of our season. It is the game which will show how we fare on against Europe’s elite.
We should absolutely play Dembele. It's now or never. What are we saving him for any more? He has to start.
Tomorrow guys, tomorrow it is. No matter what happens, I'm going to back this team until the 90th minute if they put an honest fight. We are facing probably the strongest Bayern for a quite time and I am just like (I assume) many others therefore extra excited on what Barça can bring on to this clash. Dembélé in squad, Messi in form and an almost full choice squad can make a difference. With all that said, as we have said we shouldn't expect a win just like that, but be confident and don't crush your hopes to early 💪💪💪thanks for this video, you are really hyping us up. #Viscaelbarça 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴
Lets hope Coutinho does not "6ix9ine" us!
S Z:
When ur to early talkfcb hasn’t commented yet
Aditya Arya
Aditya Arya:
"We can do this, COMON" gave me goosebumps. Thanks for encouraging all barcelona fans Jamie ❤
Alhassan Zainul Abideen
Alhassan Zainul Abideen:
The intro is classic. Hopefully Barca will surprise the world tonight.
Can Lewandowski score a free kick with his head as pele?
Dr. Q
Dr. Q:
"As Always Visca El Barca"
Raj Gorhe
Raj Gorhe:
My prediction 1-1 till 90 minutes and 2-1 victory in extra time 🔵🔴
Mouhamed vamé
Mouhamed vamé:
The club that win tomorrow will surely have the trophy
aakash bhandari
aakash bhandari:
Two men ter stegan and messi has big role to play..
Vishesh Verma
Vishesh Verma:
Who's here after Barca lost to Bayern 8-2?
Ruman Maharjan
Ruman Maharjan:
Once someone said," it ain't about how hard u hit, it about how hard get to hit and keep moving forward that's how win is done"
Iqbal Firdousi
Iqbal Firdousi:
Literally the first comment
Not asking for likes , just saying
I couldn't wait to see Jamie's upload,❤️
Praneeth Kumar Sajulu
Praneeth Kumar Sajulu:
How have you fallen, O mighty Barcelona?
From a team terrifying the opponents to the team being terrified now.
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray:
The Team who wins this game wins it all for me ❤💙
If there’s one player who loves to let his performance do the talking... it’s Messi
Daniel Odutola
Daniel Odutola:
Who is here after the demolishion haha 🤣😂🤣
From a Liverpool fan, I genuinely hope u guys win, I’m rooting for Messi. I think the way the media have hyped up this Bayern team is absolutely incredible...not even one of the great Bayern side’s! COMEON BARCELONA!!!!🔴🔵
iyke nwosu
iyke nwosu:
I belive in our team, we will overcome this, it might seem tough but we shall see messi magic again
I just wish quique does well with the subs and not bring them at the last moment.
shavan baychue
shavan baychue:
It's funny how he said lewandowski can do anything and only say he score is goal lol 🤣
Sudhanshu prakash
Sudhanshu prakash:
Brother, whatever happens in the match. But with all these uploads you have earned a huge respect from us fans
Frank core
Frank core:
Just watched the match... Barca 2 : 8 Bayern... Lol... 5:03 "Prove everybody wrong" haha
akash sharma
akash sharma:
We are fc bayern and we have finished your club good night!
Jochen Peiper
Jochen Peiper:
This video didn't age well...
I am very scared but it is all Barca in this game we need to go all out and prove the haters wrong LETS GO BARCA
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
Messi is having his worst season in over ten years, also Messi: involved in 56 goals.
Lewandowski having the best season of his entire career, ALSO Lewandowski:involved in 61 goals.
And you tell me Lewa is better than Messi? Come on. Those bayern guys are jokes. Even when Messi plays shit, he makes a difference.
Shashank Patil
Shashank Patil:
I think Dembele is gonna change the complexion of this match. He's the X factor...☺☺
Shri Khedkar
Shri Khedkar:
It is very funny to hear this after the match😂😂😂😂
Samuel Johnston
Samuel Johnston:
Who’s here after they lost 8-2
prof_ pure
prof_ pure:
When you were showing pictures Barca vs Bayern I wanted to see the picture of Leo Falling Down by boeteng
Fc Barcaray
Fc Barcaray:
I really love the Motivation from Jamie at the beginning 👌
Mr. Cubing Legend
Mr. Cubing Legend:
Hi. Hope we win. Visca el Barca! And first

No one cares about me being first.😢

This is ridiculous
Looking what happened with PSG and atalanta. It gives me massive hope that we can do it with one game.
call of duty swet
call of duty swet:
i really want to see dembele play a match without getting injured
khobby Blu
khobby Blu:
The enthusiasm in the voice of Jamie can be felt 😍🔥🔥🔥
Gergely Papp
Gergely Papp:
Rumenigge's words are absolutely ridicuolus.
These days Neuer not even in the top 10 goalkeeper's in the world,
and Ter Stegen is in the top 3.
suk ya mum
suk ya mum:
i was waiting for ur upload😂
Wilda Beast
Wilda Beast:
most of these quotes have been twisted by the media, none of them said it that way
Aritra Ghosh
Aritra Ghosh:
Another day, another upload
Av 10
Av 10:
You're the only one I know that makes match previews and more your the best YouTuber ever, don't know why you don't have over 10 million subscribers, keep up the work🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ZRK King
ZRK King:
When talkfcb uploads nothing can stop me feom watching it :)
O.T Malvric
O.T Malvric:
Listening to this knowing barca lost 8-2 is painful xD
Shivam Shikhare
Shivam Shikhare:
I'm a Bayern fan and I can definitely say these statements aren't even given in first place. Media houses have twisted them. Get your sources right next time before making videos like these
really excited for the game... hope we win ...... btw love from india jamie
Grant Du
Grant Du:
Welp that aged poorly
noob master
noob master:
Jamies here...stop everything and watch his video😅
Nishan Neyohang
Nishan Neyohang:
There is literally no one like Jamie and talkfcb❤️

And of course moretalkfcb❤️
Subhradip Chakraborty
Subhradip Chakraborty:
It's so clear bayern fear us.... When you fear your opponent you talk like this... They fear messi and they should
Griezmann is clutch in these situations
Steven Salazar
Steven Salazar:
Bayern CEO said “phonzie will have messi in his pocket” smh I wonder what he’s smoking
Dier Ryskler
Dier Ryskler:
There's hope at the end of the tunnel. .... Visca barća
Deepak Patra
Deepak Patra:
Literally clicked right the second it was uploaded 😄
Roopesh Pillai
Roopesh Pillai:
Well barca proved everyone right 😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie I love how your are so consistent on this YouTube Channel and how you pour your heart to Barca, but I have a question, how long have you been supporting barca?
Rahi Da Silva
Rahi Da Silva:
I swear whenever I watch his videos I get so happy and a few moments later I'm nervous again😂
Harsh Mehta
Harsh Mehta:
That Rummeniege guy has a huge mouth. He says Ter Stegen isn't a world class keeper and says Alphonso Davies will be able to stop Messi because he hasn't been outpaced or Dribbled past often this season
Styllone Stiff
Styllone Stiff:
I think our best 11 with everyone fit and playing well is

Dembele griezmann messi
De jong puig
Alba lenglet pique semedo
Ter stegen

For the future tho I would like to see this

Fati lautaro dembele/trincao
Pedri Puig
De jong
Grimaldo todibo araujo emerson
Ter stegen
Kaleb Wondwossen
Kaleb Wondwossen:
I like how you've given us hope. let us pray we can go through!
Abdullahi Ahmed
Abdullahi Ahmed:
Riqui Puig announces himself to the world tomorrow Culers. If only Setien picks him.
You're so inspiring. I started to watch your videos 2 years back and I've never missed anything. God bless you. Love from India.
Omkit Raha
Omkit Raha:
I'm having a BIG & important question to ask guys..... How before every single match Setien tactics leaking out to the media, but from the opponent side there is just no hint at all, never ???? 👀🤔
Najeeb Rahman Lutfi
Najeeb Rahman Lutfi:
Am I the only one who feels that Dembele 💥will make a big change in the game 🔥🔥🔥. So excited for this match !!!
Amol Paradke
Amol Paradke:
In the end your making Messi and Ter Stegan angry and you know what comes next 😂😂 Bayern be aware
Druid SadwyrnEmrys
Druid SadwyrnEmrys:
well, I wouldn't poke the GOAT like that when there is only 1 game
Good luck to FCB in the UCL semi❤️
Caleb Melaku
Caleb Melaku:
"They are confident but Barca believe " what a vow from jamie
I swear Jamie is making less nervous abt this match, thank u so much for posting back to back content it’s really appreciated
Naeem Jafar
Naeem Jafar:
He just had one great season at 31 years of age and they start comparing him to man who is doing this every season for last 12 years
Jay Gupta
Jay Gupta:
Thank you so much for the motivation !! You are the reason I am still being optimistic about our match.
Starkido entertainer
Starkido entertainer:
Let gets to it...... A day to the match. Awwww can't dream of my beloved barca going out because I won't want to pass the night without eating, all cules let get to it!!!!!!!! We're barca!
Ammar Bin Mohammad
Ammar Bin Mohammad:
Time to prove the haters wrong,We can do this and we will,Victory will be ours hopefully💪💪
Hopefully Barca f***ing lose so Messi leaves and joins Manchester City
Michael Boadu
Michael Boadu:
I like the voice at the prediction part😂.
"We can do this!!!. Come on!!!"
Just a fun fact
Goals scored this season:
Harsh Pandey
Harsh Pandey:
Thank you Jamie!! For everything I mean. For restorating the lost confidence in us as fans and everything else!
Siva Prakash
Siva Prakash:
I couldn't watch football for a long time due to my work...
But during this pandemic football is the only thing that drives my day 😂 and your videos are amazing hope to barca in semis
Mafia Geek
Mafia Geek:
If you are this early you deserve a heart from Jamie
Sina Fawaz
Sina Fawaz:
Let's go boys 🔥🔥🔥
Zulkarnain Patel
Zulkarnain Patel:
Hey Jamie you forgetting us here from Africa on the time zones 😭
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
I needed a laugh Ter Stegen on his way to world class
mambet messi
mambet messi:
Who is after barca 2 bayern 8😀😀😀
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
Less than 24hours to go nervous 😬 yet excited 😆 BARCA ALL THE WAY❤️💙