Barkley & Willian Knock Out Liverpool as Kepa Stars | Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Chelsea beat Liverpool in a confident display at Stamford Bridge, putting themselves in the hat for the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup. The Blues advanced thanks to goals from Willian and Ross Barkley, as Billy Gilmour impressed in midfield.

🤔 Who will Chelsea face in the quarter-finals? Let us know in the comments!

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The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup:
Who do you hope to get in the quarter-final? 👇👇
Pool: We are gonna win 4 trophies
Aston Villa, Chelsea, Atletico and corona virus: I don’t think you have the facilities for that, Big Man
Bernardo GOAT
Bernardo GOAT:
Kepa proved himself in this match,
Hope Lampard starts trusting him again...
Martin Tyler can hardly contain his enthusiasm over Kepa's triple save and Barkley's thunderbolt.
Athletico Madrid: Unlocked the liverpool mode
Ken Kim
Ken Kim:
Minamino is literally a Ninja. I can't see him.
Henrico Smara
Henrico Smara:
8:00 Azpi with the help of Lampard’s vision
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara:
Remember Josh Mcechran he was suppose to be Chelsea's answer to iniesta. So please don't overhype this kid let him develop without too much expectation.
Joshua M
Joshua M:
8:00 the crowd reaction for giroud’s attempt is pure gold
Daniel Messent
Daniel Messent:
I love how Martin Tyler sounds like he just wants to go home.
Cammy M
Cammy M:
martin tyler really needs to retire, no passion in his voice anymore
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
I hope Kepa stays. We really need him. He's still so young and has so much room for improvement. Hope lampard makes the right decisions and doesn't sell him.
Akeeme Williams
Akeeme Williams:
This is the liverpool I know. This is how I'm used to it!
salt guy
salt guy:
Bad defenders: exists

Fabinho:it’s free real estate
This little kid put a curse on Liverpool😂
7:00 Barkley takes out camera
Bruh martin tyler didn't even react when kepa literally did three excellent saves in succession, he's a living corpse
Kidos Kudos
Kidos Kudos:
6:08 van dijk says don't turn?
Athletico really changed liverpool
Nico Mostodon
Nico Mostodon:
why everytime Chelsea scored, Martin Tyler sound like his dog just died?
the most biased and lazy comentator ever!
slimjim 08
slimjim 08:
7:25 I hear that same line in FIFA all the time
Dylan Ryan
Dylan Ryan:
7:26 martin on fifa 20 hahahahaha
Pedro very fast despite his age
A W:
FIFA: yea, lets give him 75 pace
8:00 Giroud goes one on one with the keeper and hits the bar and the commentator sounds like he couldn't care less
Fabinho: Mustafi get out of my body.
Olivia Romberg
Olivia Romberg:
This game was unbelievable
When I first watched it i was screaming
Btw I am a big Chelsea can
are where
are where:
Please coach..let KEPA keep his position.
Rifat Nawaz
Rifat Nawaz:
Absolutely gutted for Olivier. He deserved a goal for the work he put in.
Kepa should be really proud of how his team performed
Gabe Felix
Gabe Felix:
2:37 Karius in disguise.
UmerPK 4
UmerPK 4:
Some time on the bench is all he needed, to get his fire back.
Well done Kepa!! 👍
Kevo Ngugi
Kevo Ngugi:
Martin Tyler lost it...
adoont Alle
adoont Alle:
I hope Kepa plays like this every game
Yash Bhootda
Yash Bhootda:
is it just me or the commentators didnt seem excited at all
shaheer khan
shaheer khan:
7:23 that run by Pedro though 🙄🔥🔥
the guy with no damn brain
the guy with no damn brain:
Liverpool: you'll never wall alone
Sarr: you'll never walk again

Was stolen btw but had to use it loooooool
8:07 "YEEEEAAAAA - oh"
Jonathan Rivero
Jonathan Rivero:
I laughed so hard (0:08) "It's the b-day boy, Rudiger" fail
Andrés Mateo
Andrés Mateo:
2:40 me recordó a Karius :c
Alex Castle
Alex Castle:
2:39 karius?
Atta boy kepa! always believed in you!
Josiah O'Connor
Josiah O'Connor:
bring my boy kepa, never stop my man!!!!!!!!!!
Muh Ilyas
Muh Ilyas:
Kepa wow
Levente Ferencz
Levente Ferencz:
Kepa is back. Finally.💪🔥💙
Gaurav K Rathore
Gaurav K Rathore:
4:15 real life shaolin soccer thug goalkeeping (London edition).
Tony Chukwunwike
Tony Chukwunwike:
Martin Tyler is finish. He needs to retire now
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
The days when kepa was decent... oh I miss them
7:25 with Timo Werner chances like these will hit the back of the net.
Bad _Samaritan
Bad _Samaritan:
Where was the overated Japanese Ninja, or was he applying the "Ninja ninjistu" to vanish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CFC Star
CFC Star:
Well played from the Lads, gd to see Kepa bk in the Team sum Top saves👍💙🙌💪
B̷l̷a̷z̷e̷d̷ T̷B̷S̷
B̷l̷a̷z̷e̷d̷ T̷B̷S̷:
7:27 That sounds familiar 🤔
B̷l̷a̷z̷e̷d̷ T̷B̷S̷
B̷l̷a̷z̷e̷d̷ T̷B̷S̷:
I’m so proud of kepa... hasn’t played for a while, and is doing his best to be first pick
8:01 Look at VVD hardly trying to get back
Ravi Ghadwal
Ravi Ghadwal:
Wow... 3D Effects
I just got recommended this after our 5-3 loss to Liverpool 🤦‍♂️
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
What goes up, must come down; 3 loses for Liverpool in the spaced of two weeks.
Jonathan Rivero
Jonathan Rivero:
8:08 They thought
Ashjeev Sobrun
Ashjeev Sobrun:
Ehsan Issey
Ehsan Issey:
4:54 sakit ooo 😂
Yayati Jadhav
Yayati Jadhav:
Commentator sounded like he was slipping into coma. Such a dead voice!
Adrian might have had a concussion...
#nerves of steel
#nerves of steel:
Mom ,the wifi password is stolen mom , we're back to default settings 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lola Ch
Lola Ch:
3:45the best goalkeeper 😍
david agazuma
david agazuma:
"he in the clear" I was expecting a "no flag"😂
andres iniesta
andres iniesta:
frank lampard made blue shirt batter it is a great player as well as manager chelsea made best clube in primer league history love fo lampard
Dar E
Dar E:
4:00 Azpi, Alonso, and Pedro cheering Kepa on after his masterclass
Darvin Stinson
Darvin Stinson:
Calling in Ray Hudson to commentate. Perfect man for the job.
Joseph James
Joseph James:
Martin Tyler just doesn’t care anymore 🤣
Victor Gachiani
Victor Gachiani:
Kepa send a message to Lampard and man of the match Billy Gilmour
Евгений Евгений
Евгений Евгений:
Save made by Adrian (8:07) is worth seeing from different cameras.
Dawson Dilworth
Dawson Dilworth:
Video starting out like...
MetroKarma3 Crewz
MetroKarma3 Crewz:
"Heres the birthday boy Rudiger "
Kero kerem
Kero kerem:
Billy 💙💙💙
Aiden Hoffmann
Aiden Hoffmann:
Give this Chelsea team 2 or 3 years they will be great and winning the league again
Wondering Soul
Wondering Soul:
Gilmour needs more mins ..
First goal i think adrian was caught off guard by van dijk. Vandijk seemed to move to the right almost avoiding the shot.
Chinelo Amazue
Chinelo Amazue:
Liverpool now has one problem: Adrien
Zaini Zain
Zaini Zain:
Bye2 Liverpool!! Hope Liverpool kick out from UEFA CL by Atletico also hahahahaha~
Сергей Ильин
Сергей Ильин:
"Челси" молодцы, спасибо за победу!!!
Kepa unbelievable save ..
Luis Gustavo G. de Anchieta
Luis Gustavo G. de Anchieta:
Anas Seyta
Anas Seyta:
3:58 ----------- 4:04
Klopp said "shut up and say ok to the referee "
Kato Chelsea
Kato Chelsea:
Brilliant performance from our lads
04:58 no no no you can't have him he's ours
Sonia Saif
Sonia Saif:
If it wasn't for that Pedro 1on1 blunder or 3 crossbars. Liverpool would have lost 6-0
with the EPL finally returning this week, time to rewatch this :)
Robert Krymm
Robert Krymm:
Adrian have coronakarius''
Waseem Ramzi
Waseem Ramzi:
That's the real Liverpool we all know about 😂😂😂
scorpion Gaming Ok
scorpion Gaming Ok:
Chelsea is my favourite team btw
Shree ashwin s
Shree ashwin s:
I miss this version of kepa
Ahh that title "Kepa stars"
scorpion Gaming Ok
scorpion Gaming Ok:
Chelsea to Glory
Abednego Sowah
Abednego Sowah:
Perfect days by His Name guy's pls we need to keep on quickly like our's years as the club be lovely
Yasmin Guimarães
Yasmin Guimarães:
0:31 mdss era so passar a porra da bolaa🤬
Anfield 😂😂😂😂
Napoleon 1461
Napoleon 1461:
Come on CHELSEA come on CHELSEAAA 👏👏👏
8:05 I surprisingly found this funny when they found out it hit the bar
Sreejith mhr
Sreejith mhr:
07:01 worth seeing in 3D 😁