Barkley & Willian Knock Out Liverpool as Kepa Stars | Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Chelsea beat Liverpool in a confident display at Stamford Bridge, putting themselves in the hat for the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup. The Blues advanced thanks to goals from Willian and Ross Barkley, as Billy Gilmour impressed in midfield.

? Who will Chelsea face in the quarter-finals? Let us know in the comments!

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The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup:
Who do you hope to get in the quarter-final? 👇👇
Martin Tyler can hardly contain his enthusiasm over Kepa's triple save and Barkley's thunderbolt.
Pool: We are gonna win 4 trophies
Aston Villa, Chelsea, Atletico and corona virus: I don’t think you have the facilities for that, Big Man
Alexis Kurti
Alexis Kurti:
Kepa proved himself in this match,
Hope Lampard starts trusting him again...
Joshua M
Joshua M:
8:00 the crowd reaction for giroud’s attempt is pure gold
Absolutely gutted for Olivier. He deserved a goal for the work he put in.
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara:
Remember Josh Mcechran he was suppose to be Chelsea's answer to iniesta. So please don't overhype this kid let him develop without too much expectation.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
I hope Kepa stays. We really need him. He's still so young and has so much room for improvement. Hope lampard makes the right decisions and doesn't sell him.
UmerPK 4
UmerPK 4:
Some time on the bench is all he needed, to get his fire back.
Well done Kepa!! 👍
Daniel Messent
Daniel Messent:
I love how Martin Tyler sounds like he just wants to go home.
Kepa should be really proud of how his team performed
adoont Alle
adoont Alle:
I hope Kepa plays like this every game
Blazed TBS
Blazed TBS:
I’m so proud of kepa... hasn’t played for a while, and is doing his best to be first pick
This is the liverpool I know. This is how I'm used to it!
Ken Kim
Ken Kim:
Minamino is literally a Ninja. I can't see him.
Jozzie Okes
Jozzie Okes:
bring my boy kepa, never stop my man!!!!!!!!!!
Davide Baldon
Davide Baldon:
Great action and goal by Barkley! And that young 18yo kid what a surprise!
N. Jah.n
N. Jah.n:
Fantastic 2nd Chelsea goal! Great respect for such a perfect run!
Kato Chelsea
Kato Chelsea:
Brilliant performance from our lads
This is the greatest FA cup win I've ever seen. It's my first season.
Alyoo F Kova
Alyoo F Kova:
Ah these days when kepa was still world-class...
Levente Ferencz
Levente Ferencz:
Kepa is back. Finally.💪🔥💙
HarvEY SpEcter.
HarvEY SpEcter.:
Ross Barkley's goal is truly beautiful 6:10
What a sweet win from Chelsea.
Mabruk Dassah
Mabruk Dassah:
It takes alot of confidence to score such a goal ross barkley ✊🏾
Sean M
Sean M:
Watching this after getting ziyech, Werner, and havertz. When Barkley is on his game he’s a real force. My mans going to have to fight for minutes but I still fancy him and think if he improves his passing he could stay at Chelsea for a long time
M M:
Really appreciate the longer highlights, something every channel should learn from!
Renzooo _97
Renzooo _97:
estos son los partidos que valen la pena, ambos con ganas, ambicion, juego, dts increibles. Me esta gustando mucho este chelsea ojala pueda seguir asi
Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh:
Kepa has shown how he can improve and has done well in goal so I hope that he stays at Chelsea
ben crowe
ben crowe:
Lampard dropping Kepa was the best thing that could of happened... Just for the pure fact Kepa had to prove himself against Liverpool and he done just that and showed us why he’s a world class keeper. Just needs to try and replicate that when the season restarts...
Сергей Ильин
Сергей Ильин:
"Челси" молодцы, спасибо за победу!!!
Athletico Madrid: Unlocked the liverpool mode
Liverpool fan here, Chelsea deserved this win, we didn't play well. But allegiances aside, I'm happy Gilmour had such a great game for his boyhood club, and he showed some really great ability too, hopefully he has a bright future ahead of him!
Kepa unbelievable save ..
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
The days when kepa was decent... oh I miss them
Евгений Евгений
Евгений Евгений:
Save made by Adrian (8:07) is worth seeing from different cameras.
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy:
Kepa looked strong this game. I'm sure he wants that starting position at Chelsea back
Jonathan Rivero
Jonathan Rivero:
I laughed so hard (0:08) "It's the b-day boy, Rudiger" fail
AXE Gaming
AXE Gaming:
Even without 8 of their best played out Chelsea are beasts
Pindo Zalukhu
Pindo Zalukhu:
I love this line up for chelsea, i hope conte and pulisic get the starting line up
Hero zul
Hero zul:
In Chelsea we trust, in Chelsea we loyal. I know i not gonna wait for a long time for winning a cup
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12:
Gilmour control very well 💯 , Barkley & Kepa back to their best ☑️ .. Excellent performance 💙
Henrico Smara
Henrico Smara:
8:00 Azpi with the help of Lampard’s vision
Kenneth Carvalho
Kenneth Carvalho:
That seems like the best Chelsea has played all season....
The Title should be "Kepa Redemption" because he was benched 6 times in a row by Frank Lampard for having bad performance. And this match proved that he still can improved more and show the haters what his capable of when he was giving chance back. #KeepTheKEPA
Atta boy kepa! always believed in you!
Akshay Kanda
Akshay Kanda:
I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but as a Chelsea fan. This could’ve been atleast 4-0! Great win lads but we need to be even more ruthless if we’re gonna get the top 4
Skywalker CFC
Skywalker CFC:
Kepa is a world class Goalkeeper. He should stay focus in every matches if he want to regain his place in starting eleven.
Lola Ch
Lola Ch:
3:45the best goalkeeper 😍
R L:
Thank you Chelsea!
Minati Bera
Minati Bera:
In this Kepa has shows his masterclass.
Toni Ywaya
Toni Ywaya:
now this was more like the CHELSEA i loved to watch....TAKING SHOTS and not just blindly passing hoping someone taps a goal!!!!! Congrats blues...enjoyed watching
Marko San
Marko San:
Congrats Chelsea for going through to the quarter final for the Champions League
Craig O neill
Craig O neill:
Mount has such strange technique with free kicks! The future looks bright for Chelsea
shaheer khan
shaheer khan:
7:23 that run by Pedro though 🙄🔥🔥
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares:
Hence proved Kepa is the best manager of all time.
Bruh martin tyler didn't even react when kepa literally did three excellent saves in succession, he's a living corpse
Yeonjun Dani
Yeonjun Dani:
Chelsea had really impressive displays here
CFC Star
CFC Star:
Well played from the Lads, gd to see Kepa bk in the Team sum Top saves👍💙🙌💪
with the EPL finally returning this week, time to rewatch this :)
Random Fan
Random Fan:
A year Later im still watching this video.
Liverpool made 2:2 With city and couldn’t beat Chelsea, Chelsea Made toblem lose 3:0
Unbelievable from Liverpool Fc here.
scorpion Gaming Ok
scorpion Gaming Ok:
Chelsea is my favourite team btw
slimjim 08
slimjim 08:
7:25 I hear that same line in FIFA all the time
Ruri M F
Ruri M F:
I knew it Kepa. You dit it. It's just about time buddy.
If only barkley was consistent. He could be incredible.
scorpion Gaming Ok
scorpion Gaming Ok:
Chelsea to Glory
beast mode
beast mode:
Liverpool: we'll never walk alone
Sarr: you'll never walk again
are where
are where:
Please coach..let KEPA keep his position.
Marek Pytela
Marek Pytela:
Ross was something else in this match🥺😍💎
Darvin Selvam
Darvin Selvam:
Calling in Ray Hudson to commentate. Perfect man for the job.
Lloyd Kalunga
Lloyd Kalunga:
With our kepa in goalkeeping I believe we can beat bayern
Mark Davis
Mark Davis:
As a Liverpool fan I’m gutted But have to respect frank and Chelsea game plan
hot dog
hot dog:
I tell my son all the time it's who comes to play that day...the team that ranks the highest doesn't always win...and this is the outcome...also last week leicester city loss to norwich..1-0..
Kepa is the man!
Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven:
Does anyone agree that Willian was lucky with his goal. He shot straight at the keeper. Fortunately the keeper spilled the ball. The previous chance that he got he should have converted. But again he shot on the near side of the keeper rather than the far side.
Zahid Pangarkar
Zahid Pangarkar:
Kepa has "cemented" his place. You know what i mean😁
Bozkurt 61
Bozkurt 61:
Come on CHELSEA come on CHELSEAAA 👏👏👏
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin:
Liverpool : no one can beat us after this : anyone can beat us
Toán Đỗ Văn
Toán Đỗ Văn:
kepa was excellent in this match
Martin Tylers mood this entire match has been my mood this entire season
archit agarwal
archit agarwal:
Firmino is actually the key winning player for Liverpool
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
What goes up, must come down; 3 loses for Liverpool in the spaced of two weeks.
ЧЕЛСИ вы МОЛОДЦЫ 👍❤👍❤❤❤❤❤
Luke Valentis
Luke Valentis:
When you realize Someone that missed a pen against some people that lost 4-1 to a team that lost 5-1 to the people that lost 3-2 to Wolves scored against someone that's 22 points ahead of the people that lost 3-2 to Wolves.
I am coming back to watch this sting team performance..any Chelsea fan here lets have self-belief and hope the team does to Leicester - 28/06 👍🔵
Gonna miss Pedro, Willian and Giroud
Kepa was extraordinary
Jacob Walkerツ
Jacob Walkerツ:
Top class keeper keepa should start every game from a Southampton fan
Peter Strakowski
Peter Strakowski:
Lampard has the potential to be the best manager in the world because he has kept chelsea in a top 4 spot in the league he got them to the round of 16 in the CL and won against Liverpool and wants to make big signing also he already manages a club like Chelsea which are one of the best in the world and its only lampard 2nd season of being a manager we'll done👍👏
Shree ashwin s
Shree ashwin s:
I miss this version of kepa
โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบย
โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบย:
We are Chelsea 💙⚽️👏🏼✌🏼🎉
ananthan arunasalam
ananthan arunasalam:
Chelsea will went to a finals🙂🦄
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Line Up


Kepa 1 (GK)
C. Azpilicueta 28
A. Rudiger 2
K. Zouma 15
Marcos Alonso 3
R. Barkley 8
B. Gilmour 47
M. Kovacic 17
Willian 10
O. Giroud 18
Pedro 11


Adrian 13 (GK)
N. Williams 76
J. Gomez 12
V. van Dijk 4
A. Robertson 26
A. Lallana 20
Fabinho 3
C. Jones 48
S. Mane 10
T. Minamino 18
D. Origi 27
FIFA: yea, lets give him 75 pace
First goal i think adrian was caught off guard by van dijk. Vandijk seemed to move to the right almost avoiding the shot.
Eli B
Eli B:
I just got recommended this after our 5-3 loss to Liverpool 🤦‍♂️
S Kiran
S Kiran:
Willian had whole goal frame to shoot only to send straight to goal keeper.

It was lucky goal but Willian needs to do better than that if he needs 3 years contract
Abu Taher
Abu Taher:
It was this match that made me see what all the hype around Gilmour was about
Sir Tuğrul Güven
Sir Tuğrul Güven:
You don't need an enemy if you have a goalkeeper like Adrian.