Barry Keoghan talks Eternals, doing his own stunts & being kicked out of the cinema

The Big Reviewski's Rory Cashin (@roarEcashin on Twitter) chats to Barry Keoghan about his role as Druig in Marvel's epic new movie Eternals.

It turns out, many years earlier, Rory once kicked Barry out of the cinema, and the duo are reunited years later here for this interview! Barry chats about being cast in the all-star superhero movie, doing his own stunts, the "Very Special Barry Keoghan Edit" of Eternals (with loads more stunts), and how the Irish are taking over the superhero world!

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Teku Anon
Teku Anon:
I honestly love Druig. He was smart, showed emotion, but is calculating. Yet is soft for Makkari
The Hutch
The Hutch:
Never seen a character to effortlessly badass as Druig, just the way he stands intimidates me
Charlie Black
Charlie Black:
He was a scene stealer. Loved his performance.
Laura Correa
Laura Correa:
He was the best one in the entire movie
Min Alex
Min Alex:
we NEED to get a directors cut with the full version of Druigs fight scene
I don’t know what he’s saying but he’s adorable lol
Aw Wills
Aw Wills:
he's such a darn genuine cutie
Jeff Soltess
Jeff Soltess:
He seems like such a great wholesome guy, I can't wait to see him more in the MCU!
Kellyann McKillen
Kellyann McKillen:
Ugh Druig and Makkari were so cute really want to see more of them together
Ferrell Kang
Ferrell Kang:
For someone who's had not the best childhood, it's truly a miracle he turned out great!
Druig has a really kind heart. He really does care for people.
J_ Ferdous
J_ Ferdous:
Druig was one of the most powerful, he had the power to control the whole world and he chose not to. He could literally bring everyone to their knees and he didn’t.
Aster Grael
Aster Grael:
He was my favourite in the whole movie. I definitely need to see more of him.
Sonny Taylor
Sonny Taylor:
I went into this movie not thinking much of him, but he blew me away. He's my favorite Eternal and he's pretty high on my list of MCU characters altogether.
They know what they are doing when they casted him. This man had me weak just with his accent alone.
Marcio Couto
Marcio Couto:
I really hope that he's gonna be the next Joker.
You just have to watch Killing of the Sacred Deer and Dunkirk to know that this guy is a great actor.
Patryk Petrusewicz
Patryk Petrusewicz:
Definetely #TeamDruig after watching the movie. Frankly, after seeing the trailers I thought "this guy is gonna betray them all in the worst mind-controlling way possible, you'll see!". And then Chloe Zhao happened, and gave me the most relatable character in the movie (love the others, don't get me wrong!). Not in terms of power, but his internal struggle between what's expected of you and what's right. Plus his bond with Makkari, that's just beautiful! Just my opinion, but I absolutely loved the movie!
Looking forward to seeing this guy as the Joker after watching The Batman. Guy seems a great actor - has the joker smile nailed too. DC future looking v exciting
Cat H
Cat H:
Druig is my newest obsession how did I not know this man existed 😩😭
Farid Musbah
Farid Musbah:
Literally steals the show, every time he shows up in Eternals
For anyone who's having a hard time understanding him with his accent, turn on the captions. They're accurate.
1:39 it is even more devastating to know that he does his OWN stunts, seriously??? what would be the things that barry can't do?! he's a versatile actor that has been slowly recognized by people around, and barry deserves that A LOT. we don't make the rules here. i said what i said.
Raman Srinivasan
Raman Srinivasan:
This guy is gonna be a phenomenal Joker
Thato Kolagano
Thato Kolagano:
I don't know why I want him to play the joker
He would nail that crazy ,creepy or intense factor
Ryan Layne
Ryan Layne:
I want to have a beer with this guy. Seems funny and humble
Druig and Makkari are so freaking cute together. This interview is awesome!!!
Zachary Hullender
Zachary Hullender:
This is the next joker ladies and gentlemen. Going to be an amazing performance
Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird
Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird:
Barry is a BIG bucket of charisma, cuteness, & sex appeal. Druig is easily my FAVORITE Eternal!!!!👩🏾🙌🏾💁🏾‍♀️😘
Tufail Akhtar Mahar
Tufail Akhtar Mahar:
Coming here for berry koegen after watching his deleted scene as The Joker 🔥
Laura Wade
Laura Wade:
I truly thought that druig was Irish I think just because of name. "In the time of the druids" is extremely Irish (only Irish) . Fuckin great they got Barry. I fuckin knew he would blow up
Damn I always consider myself to be pretty good at speaking and understanding English until an Irish person starts talking
Zuraida Zakaria
Zuraida Zakaria:
Go see the movie.Dont listen to the critics.
Barry is adorable in every way.And that pink sweater 🤩
Rodney a.k.a Blue
Rodney a.k.a Blue:
I have been a fan of Barry since the Love/Hate days. Love him to pieces and he is a cutie.
Valeria Andrade
Valeria Andrade:
he’s definitely the best character
aww i want to see the full version of his fight/stunt scenes so bad! i loved Druig’s character
I was impressed with Barry Keoghan.. He is a true natural talent. His presence in the scenes creates a strong impression in me. I hope the best for his future and I'd love to see him get parts that suits his talent.
zach rizzo
zach rizzo:
Barry will be the 4th joker to star on the big screen. He will crush it
I love how i can’t understand Irish people for shit but they always make me laugh.
Alyss A
Alyss A:
I want the really cool edition with Barry’ stunt as Druig in the amazon so bad!! 😩 What we got was already so cool, I would loved to see more omg
Alright I’ll say it, I want to marry this man
Cherry Ann Diaz
Cherry Ann Diaz:
my love for this man is growing day by day please he's so cool
Since I've seen him in Chernobyl...I immediately wanted him to be famous.
Glad that he appeared in this movie.
Ahh hes so cute! He did so well in the movie!
So glad he didn't feel the need to dampen his accent. Far too often are Irish and Scottish people told to speak "proper" when we're literally just talking the way we talk.
I simply adore him, he's amazing! ❤🍀
Abigail Amador
Abigail Amador:
His laugh is the most beautiful art form I've ever experienced
ez win
ez win:
hes going to be the best joker yet can't wait
Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith:
He’s great in the movie. Talented actor
GoofyStrict Auntie
GoofyStrict Auntie:
He’s the cutest, isn’t he? The way he pulled up his socks and his pink jumper! And yes, he is a scene-stealer.
apparently he tweeted at Stan Lee like 8 years ago asking to be a superhero, and now he is
Silent Giver
Silent Giver:
This man deserves more spotlights
Barry is such a comic book fan it's so adorable 😄
Da Crammers
Da Crammers:
He's Zuko and I have no problem with it. He played and carried Druig beautifully. Congrats to Barry and the director, Chloe, for doing a wonderful job with Druig ^_^
mary sui
mary sui:
why is he so adorable , i love his accent 😭
olie lapZ
olie lapZ:
He was deep in Eternal. He stole the show
When the movie started I thought he was annoying and stuck up but near the end I started to simp
Alex Riptide
Alex Riptide:
Barry Keoghan is so cute he deserves all the love in the world.
𝐅𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐭'𝐬 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧👑~
𝐅𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐭'𝐬 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧👑~:
Me: He's adorable
Also me: *listening carefully to at least try and understand what he's saying*
He played the Hell outta that part
Rumuel Nathanael
Rumuel Nathanael:
Your Joker is awesome!!! I approve!!
omega styles
omega styles:
Here after the joker scene.
Mimi Wey
Mimi Wey:
His performance was amazing!!!
Mario Pena
Mario Pena:
He's gonna play a really good Joker next year. Just wait and see!!!!!!!!!
Lil Chromozome
Lil Chromozome:
Druig and Makkari is something we need.
A Londa
A Londa:
i've watched eternals and he's such a great actor!<3 but honestly when i was listening to him talking in this interview, the way he speaks has like peaky blinders' vibes. anyone thinking the same thing too? :D
I only understand about 1 in every 10 words he says xD
star butterfly
star butterfly:
Once i watch eternals, now i obsessed with druig
i haven't seen eternals im just excited to see an irish person in the mcu lol
Sarra :
So proud of Barry been in so many care homes such a tough childhood but didn't let that get in the way of working hard and being successful.
Asad Shaikh
Asad Shaikh:
Anyone here after the deleted scene from Batman 👀
i mean the dude was picked to play one of the most iconic characters of all time, of course fantastic actors are singing his praise
I swear he's so fine, like he is very calculating and sort of mischievous? But then he becomes a smol bean for makkari like yes
Heath Ledger finally met his match.
I love his character
Amilcare Schettini
Amilcare Schettini:
Keanu is considered for every Marvel project.
Stuff and things
Stuff and things:
Rumor has it he's playing the joker in the new barman film. Small role in the first but will expand in the next 2 batman films.
i literally love him so much
Dropped Croisant
Dropped Croisant:
I was looking forward to Ikaris and ended up falling for Druig and Makkari lmao
Zian Cale
Zian Cale:
I was having a hard time understanding him in this interview and later, I discover that he is an Irish. Thought so.
he’s so confident and his accent😵‍💫
does this man ever stopped smilling? 😂
Tracy Law
Tracy Law:
Saw the video of Barry's boxing. He deserves more fight scene! And his eyes are beautiful :)
Nina Knowles
Nina Knowles:
Who else been crushing on him since Dunkirk
Mugdalena Crąckowack 🇵🇱
Mugdalena Crąckowack 🇵🇱 :
His character is so cool
Yes I like my own comment
Yes I like my own comment:
Apparently he’ll be the joker
Doctor Brain
Doctor Brain:
Who else came here after that Joker scene? Lol
Annah Kreyling-Hoag
Annah Kreyling-Hoag:
This is the first time I’ve ever heard Barry speak and I wasn’t expecting a Irish accent 😂
I am falling in love with him and his accent 😍😍😍😍😍
I hope he plays joker in the batman man that would be amazing
Nehe Rivers
Nehe Rivers:
Niall Horan has trained me for this moment
Liz Marie
Liz Marie:
We have been robbed. I want deleted scenes
Who’s here after The Batman deleted scene
Hugo Nongbri
Hugo Nongbri:
I just realized. This guy could totally play Conor Mcgreor in a movie 😂🤣
Schecter EvilTwin
Schecter EvilTwin:
I don't know this actor but I just knew he was gonna be Irish by the way he looks, don't ask me how, I dunno if he's North or Southern Irish but I hope he does turn out to be the joker! He has the nose & Jack nickelson smile to make it work, no?
Shahnawaz Khan
Shahnawaz Khan:
Now He's Playing Joker in Matt Reeves's The Batman🔥
I luv him the most in Enternals
damn he is so adorable and talented
this the new joker
Danielle Hurrell
Danielle Hurrell:
I'm in love with this man
I need his deleted scene rn