Basketball inventor Dr James Naismith celebrated by Google Doodle

Google is celebrating the anniversary of the day professor, doctor, and coach Dr James Naismith published the rules to the game he had invented, basketball.

Born on 6 November 1861 in Ontario, Canada, Naismith showed an interest in sports and physical education early on.

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6 comentarios:

Lana Perez
Lana Perez:
Thank you, doctor you will be remembered forever ✌💕
R Willis
R Willis:
The rhythmic pattern of the basketball bouncing from start to finish is the same as Money by Pink Floyd
Nick Guh
Nick Guh:
Who are the two girl Basketball players supposed to be?
Chris King
Chris King:
But wait... he was a slave owner so now what?
Fredy Johnson
Fredy Johnson:
ow i thought this ghuy was still alive RIP