Batman: Gotham Knights - Official World Premiere Trailer | DC Fandome

Watch the world premiere of Gotham Knights. Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family - Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin - to protect Gotham City, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals. You must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save Gotham from chaos.

Your legacy begins now. Step into the Knight.


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Robin: i do not kill people
Night wing: i do not kill people
Batgirl: i do not kill people
Redhood: anyways i started blasting
Bruce: “if you’re watching this, I’m dead”

Me: Press X to doubt
Prometheus 306
Prometheus 306:
Bruce: "If you're watching this...I'm dead."

Also Bruce: *Chilling in a café in Florence.*
Mr Khan
Mr Khan:
Bruce: the technology is a bit outdated
Technology: teleportation, flying, invisibility, pink energy bullets
Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris:
Batman: "I'm dead."

Death [duct-taped to a chair]: "DON'T LISTEN TO HIM, HE'S-" *_whack_*
Batman: '...the technology is a bit outdated', Robin proceeds to teleport and Nightwing goes invisible.
Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman:
Bruce: "No guns, they're too lethal"

Red hood: "I missed the part where that's my problem..."
2:56 Imagine Bruce, "miraculously" back from the dead, comes scrambling out from under the pool table like "JASON, I SAID NO GUNS!"
Aladdin's Joy
Aladdin's Joy:
Bro DC is killing it right now
Seiya Go
Seiya Go:
me playing the game:

"sneak into the factory"

me as Red Hood: "so anyway I started blasting.."
O m e n
O m e n:
Bruce: If you're watching this, I'm already dead.

Also Bruce: *Probably chilling in another cave.*
The second Jason drops someone Bruce is gonna come out of hiding
So are we going to ignore that the COURT OF OWLS is in this game?
John Crum
John Crum:
Feel free to read all 10000 comments; there's only three different ones.
Key Epic Podcast
Key Epic Podcast:
Bruce: "If you're watching this...I'm dead."

Also Bruce: Chilling in a café in Florence.
Mason Horsley
Mason Horsley:
Ra's: Hey
Bruce: Hey
Ra's: How's Damian?
Bruce: Who?
“The technology is a bit outdated”
Robin: *so anyways I started teleportin’*
“Strict no-killing rule within the bat-family”
Jason: *so anyways I started blastin’*
G.2.L Music Boxx
G.2.L Music Boxx:
Now show more Nightwing and Red Hood co-op gameplay I wanna hear the banter between the both of them and their co-op attacks
Mike Hawknballs
Mike Hawknballs:
Looks more promising than the avengers game. And this is only using characters from one city
Cinda DiMaggio
Cinda DiMaggio:
Bruce: “Some of the technology is outdated...”
2 minutes later: *Robin teleporting*
Man of the West
Man of the West:
Batman always overshadows his proteges. A story about the proteges stepping up to fill the void is a great premise!
Batman: If you’re watching this, I'm dead.

Red Hood: FINALLY!
Batman: dies
Nightwing: *smiles*
Batman in the coffin: "You're laughing, you're laughing, I'm dead and you're laughing"
SuperNerd Joel
SuperNerd Joel:
If Batman is dead, guaranteed he’ll be resurrected as a Talon boss fight
Godd Howard
Godd Howard:
Bruce: “I’m dead.”

Hardcore Batman fans: *Sure buddy.*

Ji An
Ji An:
DC: We're totally nailing it!
Marvel: The Avengers has a wardrobe problem.
Bruce: some of the technology is outdated.

Robin: Turns invisible.
Shadowfan1 The Skelebro
Shadowfan1 The Skelebro:
Batman: remember, no killing

Red Hood: ya'll hear somethin?
IOoze Mayonnaise
IOoze Mayonnaise:
I'm pretty sure the body they found in Wayne's Manor is Hush's.
D P:
There better be a dlc with a playable Alfred using his fists and a shotgun
Mark Herman
Mark Herman:
WB: We know it's Not an Arkham game, we're sorry! But it's a really cool game. You'll like it! We swear to Go..."
Arkham Fans: "Swear to me!"
Tristan Campeau
Tristan Campeau:
Plot twist: batman died to fight joker in the after-life.
Alexander Jr Manguiob
Alexander Jr Manguiob:
"There a new Avengers Game!" and DC responded with "then give them a Batman Game"... Wwwwwooooooooooowwww!!!!
boujee dex
boujee dex:
So if you could put this trailer into words. My words to be exact “ When the Dark Knight has Fallen; The Order of the Owls will Seek prey once again.”
Jona Laurenson
Jona Laurenson:
Bruce: “I’m dead”

Hardcore Batman fans: “As I play this, I’ll wait for your reveal”
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck:
Trailer was kinda meh for me until I heard the “no one talks about them”
Now I can’t wait
Salvador Teran
Salvador Teran:
Bruce: -"I'm dead"

A year later: Comes back from
caveman times while modifying history with the Bat-Symbol as a sign of Justice.
2021 is gonna be an incredible year for DC
Bruce: “Some of the technology is outdated.”

Tim with a teleportation device: “and that became a problem to”
Luciano Bruzzone
Luciano Bruzzone:
Bruce: "Most of the tech may be outdated."
Me: *looks at my old pc*
Danker McMemes
Danker McMemes:
Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing: "Sticks are the cooler weapons, no shooting, Jason"

Red Hood:"So anyways, I started blasting"
Digital CJ Gaming
Digital CJ Gaming:

RED HOOD: heheh, guns go boom
This is literally just going to be me and three other people fighting over who gets to use glocks instead of batons on people.
Tarık T.
Tarık T.:
Batman: Dead
Red Hood: haha pistol go brr
Dan Thanatos
Dan Thanatos:
Bruce: “please tell me you’re using rubber bullets”
Jason: *nervous laughter*

Ayyyy thank the people for the likes!
IceCream Enthusiasts
IceCream Enthusiasts:
Batman: I'm dead

A bunch of Owls with nothing better to do: Hello there!
Danie Bosman
Danie Bosman:
DC: Batman is dead

Us as fans: "Is he though? "
Relaxing To Gameplay
Relaxing To Gameplay:
*team watching the video*
"I'm Dead"
*Then Robin says to everyone smugly*
"Batman told me where his secret hideout is ^_- ... just saying"
Daniel Esquivel
Daniel Esquivel:
"This is a Code Black."

"Ruckus, what the HELL is a 'Code Black'??"
Spin The UFO
Spin The UFO:
Batman: *dies*

Jason: So anyways i started blasting
D 1 ᛉ
D 1 ᛉ:
Arkham fans be like “The hell you supposed to be” 😂
Everything DC is doing right now, needs to CONTINUE.. Let Snyder have his Justice League, let Warner and whomever makes these amazing Batman games keep making them.. LET THE COMICS OF DC REIGN! wooooo!
Love how Red Hood’s gun shots syncs with the background music
Kawaii Chamelio
Kawaii Chamelio:
I'm a little worried about the Rpg elements that are included in this game. I hope it isn't a thing of if I'm a lvl on I have no chance against a lvl 10 and same thing for the enemy A.I
Darth Varma
Darth Varma:
Batman: I'm dead
Literally everyone: I'll just wait till you come back
Robin looked like Connor from Detroit: Become Human lol
"bruce wayne is-"
Me: Don't you dare
I really like Bruces look here. It is exactly how i imagine the looks of Batman.
Crusader Dank
Crusader Dank:
Batgirl, Nightwing & Robin: *Hits enemies with sticks & batons & throws punches*
Red hood: "Haha.. Guns go boom boom"
Joshua Copeland
Joshua Copeland:
Bruce: "I have died."
Literally every Batman fan: *DOUBT*
Go go Power Rangers ! ! ...
glendar jj
glendar jj:
This looks like everything marvel avengers wasn't. One can only hope
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Batman: dies Nightwing: smiles Batman in the coffin: "You're laughing, you're laughing, I'm dead and you're laughing"
I’m going to love this game.
Jason SKg
Jason SKg:
Red Hood: “So anyway, I started blasting...”
Kinjiro Tsuchiya
Kinjiro Tsuchiya:
This looks freakin sick!! Heck yeah I'm hyped
God Gaming
God Gaming:
Me : this is a game
Also me : is it ?
:Of course is it
:Wait I think I should google it
Glenn Fontanilla
Glenn Fontanilla:
Bruce: If you're watching this, I'm already dead.

Also Bruce: Off on vacation from pandemic
Hello World
Hello World:
I wish there's an option to disable the suit damage, if it's any similar to tge arkham games. The wear and tear to the suit is cool, it's just that I wish there's an option to disable it
Aidan Phillips
Aidan Phillips:
"Some of the technology is outdated"
Robin: *turns invisible*
Aidan Paulin
Aidan Paulin:
I'm happy to see red hood being a playable character instead of a dlc playable character
Squilliam Barnacles
Squilliam Barnacles:
Is it bad that I’m interested in this more than I am in the Avengers game?
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw:
I'm actually more excited for this then I was for Arkham Knight cause the trailer looks a lot better on this
i love it and all... but wtf did you do to our boy Jason?! D:
Michael Moncur
Michael Moncur:
Batman: “Some of the technology is outdated”

Robin: “Haha invisibility go brrrrrrr”
Bat Productions
Bat Productions:
Me: Im dead
Also me: sike im actually in florida with ma wife catwoman and we havin kids 😎
Captain Sweeney
Captain Sweeney:
This trailer gave me chills m8 so excited
Spawn TV
Spawn TV:
I miss old comment sections where i could actually read opinions of others to check if our feelings about the game are same or different. Nowadays is full of jokes and memes to score the likes.
Sergo Z
Sergo Z:
F'n awesome, can't wait to play it. It's gonna be legendary.
rin diggy
rin diggy:
Who else is looking forward to the mission where it turns out Batman is still alive 😱😐
KJ Iyere
KJ Iyere:
Bruce: Some of the technology is outdated
Robin: Starts teleporting and going invisible.
max cooke
max cooke:
batman: if ur watching this i am dead
me knowing full well hes not: oh no, anyway
Finally a game with the Court of Owls.... I'm pumped, that New 52 plotline was DOPE
batman: makes a speech about being dead.

everyone: cool so he isn't dead
"If you're watching this, im dead" cliche
IGN: Uploads the new trailer for Gotham Knights
20th Century Fox: Sends a copyright notice
IGN: But why???
20th Century Fox: Deadpool @ 2:59
TFN Watch
TFN Watch:
Have been waiting for my whole life to finally get a game with nightwing or red hood as main playable characters.
Dominus Sātomé
Dominus Sātomé:
When I saw this trailer I was like no way, a continuation from the Arkham Knight game.
Bruce: "I have died"

Me: "I've seen this before."
Weird to go from Arkansas series to this style of gameplay but I’d lie if I say I’m not hyped.
This just makes me want Injustice 3
Ryan Jansen
Ryan Jansen:
They left of Damien intentionally 😈
Kaden Cooper
Kaden Cooper:
I already know me and my boys gonna be fighting over red hood
Darth El
Darth El:
Batman: I have one rule

Redhood: So anyway I started blasting
"Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them or they'll send The Talon for your head."
Steele GT
Steele GT:
“...what is a man, but a miserable pile of secrets...”
Ball Stacks
Ball Stacks:
Looks great but this could’ve been the chance for them to bring back Batman Beyond officially in a video game
That Idiot in the comment section
That Idiot in the comment section:
The court of owls.. This game will be a hoot! (Yeah I hate myself too)
Mouhib Cheikh El Boukhary
Mouhib Cheikh El Boukhary:
Robin: I do not kill
Batgirl: I do not kill
NightWing: I do not kill
RedHood: pew pew
Chokywock Gamer
Chokywock Gamer:
Bruce: I am dead
Me: sings the why you always lying song