Batman: Gotham Knights - Official World Premiere Trailer | DC Fandome

Watch the world premiere of Gotham Knights. Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family - Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin - to protect Gotham City, bring hope to its citizens, discipline to its cops, and fear to its criminals. You must evolve into the new Dark Knight and save Gotham from chaos.

Your legacy begins now. Step into the Knight.


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Robin: i do not kill people
Night wing: i do not kill people
Batgirl: i do not kill people
Redhood: anyways i started blasting
The second Jason drops someone Bruce is gonna come out of hiding
Lutfur Rahman
Lutfur Rahman:
Bruce: "No guns, they're too lethal"

Red hood: "I missed the part where that's my problem..."
So are we going to ignore that the COURT OF OWLS is in this game?
“The technology is a bit outdated”
Robin: *so anyways I started teleportin’*
“Strict no-killing rule within the bat-family”
Jason: *so anyways I started blastin’*
Eliud Medellín
Eliud Medellín:
“This game makes you feel like Batman is really dead” 10/10 Masterpiece

Key Epic
Key Epic:
Bruce: "If you're watching this...I'm dead."

Also Bruce: Chilling in a café in Florence.
Bruce: “if you’re watching this, I’m dead”

Me: Press X to doubt
Aladdin's Joy
Aladdin's Joy:
Bro DC is killing it right now
G.2.L Music Boxx
G.2.L Music Boxx:
Now show more Nightwing and Red Hood co-op gameplay I wanna hear the banter between the both of them and their co-op attacks
There better be a dlc with a playable Alfred using his fists and a shotgun
Bruce: "the technology is a little outdated"

Robin: * fuckin teleports *
No one talking about Jason's scar. Looks like someone tried putting a smile on his face.
So, how much of this game is just "dammit, Jason, cut it out!"?
Batman: If you’re watching this, I'm dead.

Red Hood: FINALLY!
Bruce: "If your watching this, then know Im gone, but will eventually return as a playable character in a DLC format to make you all lose your minds."
Seiya Go
Seiya Go:
me playing the game:

"sneak into the factory"

me as Red Hood: "so anyway I started blasting.."
Mark Herman
Mark Herman:
WB: We know it's Not an Arkham game, we're sorry! But it's a really cool game. You'll like it! We swear to Go..."
Arkham Fans: "Swear to me!"
Batman: remember, no killing

Red Hood: ya'll hear somethin?
boujee dex
boujee dex:
So if you could put this trailer into words. My words to be exact “ When the Dark Knight has Fallen; The Order of the Owls will Seek prey once again.”
I keep coming back to watch this trailer because it's just super awesome. I'm excited thinking about how this game is gonna go and end. In my personal opinion I don't think Batman is dead, they purposely cut off the news reporter when he's talking about them discovering the body of Bruce Wayne but you don't get to hear him say if he's dead or alive. My guess is, he's been captured by the Court Of Owls somehow (guess we'll find out in the storyline) and he's been brainwashed into becoming a Talon and he'll be a boss you have to fight at the end of the game, that or either he's just been captured and not brainwashed but you need to save him at the end after discovering he's alive? I don't know but I really don't believe that he's dead, it's a pretty ballsy move to kill off such an important character just like that.
Love how Red Hood’s gun shots syncs with the background music
2021 is gonna be an incredible year for DC
Red Hood: “So anyway, I started blasting...”
Bruce: some of the technology is outdated.

Robin: Turns invisible.
Mike 2400
Mike 2400:
Man i'm loving how this game looks. I just hope it has an excellent story just like the 4 Arkham games did. And i hope for some alternate costumes, especially for Red Hood lol.
Ji An
Ji An:
DC: We're totally nailing it!
Marvel: The Avengers has a wardrobe problem.
Mason Horsley
Mason Horsley:
Ra's: Hey
Bruce: Hey
Ra's: How's Damian?
Bruce: Who?
Jona Laurenson
Jona Laurenson:
Bruce: “I’m dead”

Hardcore Batman fans: “As I play this, I’ll wait for your reveal”
memes of production
memes of production:
Let's be honest batman isn't dead,

He's just chilling in another cave with noble 6
I really wanna know everything that lead up to his death, now blowing everything up is a bit extreme because you would have to assume his wards inherit the property, I’m also interested into what happens with his money and company also was he found dead in the batsuit? Are they gonna do a AK/DKRs where Batman’s identity is known? I’m sure a detail like that wouldn’t give away the story
John Crum
John Crum:
Feel free to read all 10000 comments; there's only three different ones.
"Beware The Court of Owls, that watches all the time, ruling Gotham from a shadow perch, behind granite and lime. They watch you at your hearth, they watch you in your bed, speak not a whispered word of them or they'll send The Talon for your head."
Batman: '...the technology is a bit outdated', Robin proceeds to teleport and Nightwing goes invisible.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
Who else is looking forward to the mission where it turns out Batman is still alive 😱😐
Still can’t believe we’re getting the court of owls in this game
Ruston Henry
Ruston Henry:
I really hope they have other characters you can play as down the line. I would love to be able to play as Batwing or Batwoman.
Daniel Branc
Daniel Branc:
If Nightwing and Red Hood won't roast each other when you play as them I don't want this game
Oscar Clarke
Oscar Clarke:
Honestly, this game looks so fresh and amazing!
Not gonna lie, I'm a bit bored of Ol' Brucie's cool that we will be focusing on the Batfamily
Kinjiro Tsuchiya
Kinjiro Tsuchiya:
This looks freakin sick!! Heck yeah I'm hyped
_Tatm _
_Tatm _:
Have been waiting for my whole life to finally get a game with nightwing or red hood as main playable characters.
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu:
I can't wait for this to come out, going to get it for ps4, the game looks amazing. I have finished the whole arkham (main) series which consist of Arkham knight, arkham origins, arkham city, and arkham asylum but I heard this game wasn't going to be a continuation of the arkham series which is fine. It's also going to be available for xbox one and ps5 at least thats what i heard.
"Jason, you can't keep killing people!"
"What? They're rubber bullets."
Kang Ruckus
Kang Ruckus:
I cannot stop watching this!!! The hype is real!!!!!
Frankie Jimenez
Frankie Jimenez:
man seeing Jason's sad face turned right after Batman's death shows that there's still some human in him even if he was revengeful
Mayer Yedid
Mayer Yedid:
Playing as Red Hood and fighting the Court of Owls? Oh hell yea!
Bruce: ''Most of the tech may be outdated''

Teleporting Robin: ''I missed the part where that's my problem''
IOoze Mayonnaise
IOoze Mayonnaise:
I'm pretty sure the body they found in Wayne's Manor is Hush's.
That meme You searched
That meme You searched:
Plot twist: batman died to fight joker in the after-life.
I wish there's an option to disable the suit damage, if it's any similar to tge arkham games. The wear and tear to the suit is cool, it's just that I wish there's an option to disable it
Kamal Hayes
Kamal Hayes:
If we survive into 2021 this looks like it's going to be a great game.
Aidan Phillips
Aidan Phillips:
"Some of the technology is outdated"
Robin: *turns invisible*
Random Guy
Random Guy:
I hope this game is well optimized for PC , and will look more stunning than any other game.
Joey Renegade
Joey Renegade:
Love that we’re finally getting a game involving The Court of Owls.
Crusader Dank
Crusader Dank:
Batgirl, Nightwing & Robin: *Hits enemies with sticks & batons & throws punches*
Red hood: "Haha.. Guns go boom boom"
Bruce: "If you're watching this...I'm dead."

Also Bruce: Yes...but actually no.
Howard Mell Jr
Howard Mell Jr:
Nightwing: doesn’t kill
Robin: doesn’t kill
Batgirl: doesn’t kill
Redhood: it’s free real estate
Logan Shaw
Logan Shaw:
I'm actually more excited for this then I was for Arkham Knight cause the trailer looks a lot better on this
Captain Rick
Captain Rick:
I'm sure that even if Batman isn't in the game storywise,
I'm sure you'd still be able to play as him in some way.
Am I the only one that likes the way robin looks now. He actually looks like a badass character and not some cheesy sidekick
Misty Rains
Misty Rains:
Ok so might be a weird idea and obviously improbable but I really think it would be cool if at the end it turns into a battle for the cowl scenario in which the 4 characters all fight to determine who will step into the role of batman and you get to choose which of the 4 you want to be and become batman by defeating the other 3
Yash Varma
Yash Varma:
Batman: I'm dead
Literally everyone: I'll just wait till you come back
Tauseef Asad
Tauseef Asad:
The game I was waiting for🔥
Kelly Green
Kelly Green:
I can't wait for this game to come ouf
Love it. I got chills.
When I saw this trailer I was like no way, a continuation from the Arkham Knight game.
Everyone: *punches and kicks with some melee weapon action*

Red Hood: G U N S
Alexander Jr Manguiob
Alexander Jr Manguiob:
"There a new Avengers Game!" and DC responded with "then give them a Batman Game"... Wwwwwooooooooooowwww!!!!
Daniel Esquivel
Daniel Esquivel:
"This is a Code Black."

"Ruckus, what the HELL is a 'Code Black'??"
HussO 786
HussO 786:
Just imagine if they made a arkham origins remaster bundled with a special edition of this game. Everyone should tweet arkham origins remastered at them and it could work. Months ago everyone tweeted we want the batman reveal and they actually responded. This would be the perfect time to tweet this to them since they’re actually going to release a game.
Dan White
Dan White:
Finally getting the Court of Owls. About time
Van The Man
Van The Man:
Batman: “I left you everything you’d need”
Everyone else: Gathers advanced super-high tech gear
Red Hood: Grabs some guns
The Sage
The Sage:
I honestly don't know what 2 think about this trailer, it looks cool but also, this is very different from the way Arkham Knight ended off. This may not tie in with that universe at all, but I wonder how this is gonna work since this mentions Batman's death. We'll have 2 find out more, as time goes on.
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty:
Court of Owls was so underrated villains faction.
This is literally just going to be me and three other people fighting over who gets to use glocks instead of batons on people.
"some of the technology is outdated" Robin becomes invisible and can teleport.
Everyone on here is acting like Bruce is really dead but we all know halfway through the game it’s going to be revealed that the Court of Owls turned him into a Talon.
Lol im not giving you my real name
Lol im not giving you my real name:
Can't wait to see how they incorporate the court of owls into the arkham games
The only complaint that I have is that Red Hood looks too old isn't he supposed to be younger than Nightwing? Other than that looks amazing 🌚
Damn this gave me chills! Does anyone know Do I have to play the other games to follow the story? I haven't
Glendar jj
Glendar jj:
This looks like everything marvel avengers wasn't. One can only hope
batman: makes a speech about being dead.

everyone: cool so he isn't dead
Calling it now, at the end Batman comes back and reveals this was a test to make sure that they could care of Gotham if needed. And during the game you go around and find rumors about batman still being around
i hope we get to see the known talons, like calvin rose!
Boyle voice: Chills! Literal chills!
Lourenço Thomaz
Lourenço Thomaz:
Red Hood just looks way too badass in this trailer
O m e n
O m e n:
Bruce: If you're watching this, I'm already dead.

Also Bruce: *Probably chilling in another cave.*
Bruce is probably not ded he’s most likely trapped in the maze from the court of owls comics
Yohaan Amrit
Yohaan Amrit:
99% of the comments: Batman is actually alive and he's chilling somewhere else
1% of the comments: Talking about the game
Andy Sseki
Andy Sseki:
all I can say is...FINALLY A NEW GOTHAM GAME
Kristanto Nugraha
Kristanto Nugraha:
I just go to hypetrain when the Court of Owls get teased.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Batman: dies Nightwing: smiles Batman in the coffin: "You're laughing, you're laughing, I'm dead and you're laughing"
Riddha Bose
Riddha Bose:
is it only me, or does red hood really look like deadpool in this trailer ?
Minh Hoang Nguyen
Minh Hoang Nguyen:
Looking forward to play as Red Hood
Kermit with a mustache
Kermit with a mustache:
Is it bad that I’m interested in this more than I am in the Avengers game?
Joshua Copeland
Joshua Copeland:
Bruce: "I have died."
Literally every Batman fan: *DOUBT*
Akita Mayne
Akita Mayne:
Batman comes out of hiding: THIS WAS A TEST, AND YOU ALL FAILED
nomore rer
nomore rer:
Hope they had split screen feature, so we could play it in 2 player modes.
Court of Owls. Sooo stoked for this!
bat 2000
bat 2000:
Love this plus this is going to be on ps4 which is awesome! Thank you WB