Bayern Munich, Hoffenheim nearly ended match due to offensive fan banner | 2020 Bundesliga Season

In the midst of a 6-0 Bayern Munich win over Hoffenheim, a fan banner in the Bayern section was unfurled, which was offensive to Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp. Teams were cleared off the field and match abandonment seemed to be on the table before the teams re-took the field and dribbled out the last 10 minutes of the match.

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Bayern Munich, Hoffenheim nearly ended match due to offensive fan banner | 2020 Bundesliga Season

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FOX Soccer
FOX Soccer:
What was your take on how the teams decided to finish the match?
Elkins Four
Elkins Four:
That moment when you're a Brazilian in Germany and have no idea what's happening. -- Coutinho
Teratik Koanan
Teratik Koanan:
Respect Bayern Munich team.​The​y tried to​ stop their fans​ and​ take action on​the​ rules.
Marshall Roll
Marshall Roll:
For everyone asking what happened: several German teams, most notably Leipzig, Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg, and Leverkusen have been exempted from regulations, particularly the 50 + 1 rule, in which a club must own a majority of its shares to compete in the Bundesliga. Many other German teams view these exemptions as harmful to the game and hate the money and success that these clubs enjoy as a result. The banner the Bayern fans unfurled today criticized Hoffenheim’s Dietmar Hopp, who has injected large sums of money into Hoffenheim and is responsible for much of their success. Also, many “traditional” German clubs tend to dislike Hoffenheim because they are from a rural area and therefore struggle to fill the stadium, yet they have had a lot of success over the past few years.
Belf R
Belf R:
Imagine showing up at the 77th minute to watch the game and you see them just juggling the ball and walking around like its an amusement park lol
Lucio Maruca
Lucio Maruca:
The fact that the two teams started passing together that was so much sportsmanship that why we play the beautiful game
Mthuli Pedzisai
Mthuli Pedzisai:
How come referees don’t do this when there is racism
Martial would take this opportunity to score a hattrick
Lloyd B
Lloyd B:
I love Bayern to death but I also want to see this same reaction to racism in the future compared to some billionaire who got sad cause he read some unfavorable words about him.
dean syahzrain
dean syahzrain:
This is what other teams in other league should do when they are facing this kind of stupidity. Kudos to Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim. 👏🏻
Gian Garcia
Gian Garcia:
lmao I love how they just started knocking the ball around
R K:
This was perfect opportunity to beat Lewandowski record 5 in 9
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz:
Well played by both teams. However, it is unfair that a team has to pay for the actions of their fans. A team has no control over that.
I just loved how senior Bayern players took the lead and made them take the banner down. They did because they can ! That's some respect earned over time and hard work.
Read the whole comments section but still got no clue what was written on the banner
Shaquille Stephenson
Shaquille Stephenson:
Do this when players are racially abused aswell
Stephen Chan
Stephen Chan:
Before this incident I don't know much about Hoffenheim and don't even know Dietmar Hopp's name. Having read some materials, I think he deserves a lot of respect for his dedication to the club where he was once a youth player.
Ivanovic Kahn
Ivanovic Kahn:
2:00 Oliver Kahn, a legendary goalkeeper
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn
Tuấn Anh Nguyễn:
As a Bayern fan I am really ashamed of this action. That's not what a big club will do. Some extremist elements have relied on 50+1 to cause these behaviors.
It would be nearly impossible as a player to get in the head space to continue competing in any sport after an experience like that.
Lil Pold
Lil Pold:
Everyone saying that this wouldn’t be done after a racist attack: if there where two racist banners in one game the game would definitely get terminated. Luckily this doesn’t happen in the Bundesliga
Kinda saved Hoffenheim from more embarassing defeat
KJack Timothy
KJack Timothy:
Respect to Hoffenheim for continuing and giving Bayern 6 points ✊
Y D E R F:
now imagine if the players got together like that when it comes racism
jersey lim
jersey lim:
Absolute disgrace on the beautiful game. RESPECT
I Gede Widiana
I Gede Widiana:
Thats why i love football, respect for both of the team
Jody Alvian
Jody Alvian:
the most warmhearted team, FC Bayern
Cat Versus
Cat Versus:
I thought it was about racism, turns out it was about criticizing a billionaire who broke the system legally.
Max Scherzer’s blue eye
Max Scherzer’s blue eye:
The last 5 minutes is pure gold if taken completely out of context; players juggling with each other and the keeper etc🤣🤣🤣
Class from Hoffenheim players , I’d be desperate to score at least one goal if I were to be losing 0-6
Beautiful show of sportsmanship, I could never be prouder of this sports
Tony Carrol
Tony Carrol:
Glory to the Bayern fans! Well done guys!
Won’t stop A game for racism tho lol
RedDot Chanel
RedDot Chanel:
Respect for bayern munich👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Haidar Kizildag Azim
Haidar Kizildag Azim:
This is PROFESSIONALISM. This is what makes soccer beautiful
Norman Fernèe
Norman Fernèe:
Love how the two teams are just playing with each other
Visca El Barça
Visca El Barça:
Coutinho is like:

mr white fox
mr white fox:
Respect for Bayern doing this
Xavier Fakhouri
Xavier Fakhouri:
Imagine if he called offside halfway through that
Muhammad Alfa
Muhammad Alfa:
I dont know why but seeing both side passed each other seems to be beautiful ☺️☺️☺️
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams:
Completed passes "3,076" Intercepts "1801"

Stat watchers and people checking the game cast will be confused
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams:
15 mins of two teams kicking the ball around. Perfect description of a Sunday League Match.
Obi_Wan Shinobi
Obi_Wan Shinobi:
So in the past 10 days or so there have been 3 instances of fans protesting or disrupting the game in some way. People need to chill out.
Danish Harraz
Danish Harraz:
Dortmund fan, Respect from the Bayern team to tell off their fans on the insult. As much as i dont want them to win the league, they deserve the 3 points and just because of some of their own digusting fans that they almost cut points just because of the insults. Glad to see the 3 points still stand for bayern.
“The least they can do is have a keepie-uppie competition I think”
5:03 😂😂 He kept his legs open on purpose to get nutmegged 😅
Afif Majid
Afif Majid:
I've seen man utd midfield passing the ball slower than this, no lie
Alex Aleksey
Alex Aleksey:
Respect to Bayern Fans.
Nihaqus Yuhamus
Nihaqus Yuhamus:
great respect from Bayern’s team. They are not backin up their fans for doing wrong
Just applause 👏
Kristian Santosa
Kristian Santosa:
I bet someone will put the clip from 4:14 onwards on YouTube 10 years from now and label it as
*Most obvious match fixing in football history* for clickbait
For3Kidz !!
For3Kidz !!:
Respect this team. Great!! 👏👏👏
I understand that what they said was bad, but u dont gotta end a game for it
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
I can’t be the only one confused on the reaction that the fans are in the wrong. The Bayern fans are just upset that some guy bought a club and took advantage of a rule that was in place, so everyone is mad at the Bayern fans for getting mad?
Jeffrey Mak
Jeffrey Mak:
Respect for Bayern Munich
Hafiz Suryadani
Hafiz Suryadani:
Hats off for those players
Kal Konstantine
Kal Konstantine:
They really hanging out in the pitch during a game 🤣🤣
Rome Grad
Rome Grad:
1. WTH happened? 2. We need to see that same energy when it comes to racism in football
Kees Hogendoorn
Kees Hogendoorn:
Finally someone take action against people like that.. should be done by more players and refs
These are absolutely incredible scenes
Khor Lim Long
Khor Lim Long:
Salute to Bayern team.
bokir mandara
bokir mandara:
When you see oli kahn walking from the pitch, you know it's not good 😄 I miss him play with Effenberg. They both look so charismatic.
Shun Kazami
Shun Kazami:
Should've given Hoffenheim 5-6 goals. Make the score 5-6/6-6 rather than 0-6
Michael Drigo
Michael Drigo:
I dunno why the Bayern did that, but Dietmar Hopp just trying to save Hoffenheim by buying the club. At least they didn't broke or denied the rules of Bundesliga. This is insane tho 🤦🏻‍♂️
Nishant Nemani
Nishant Nemani:
Bayern Munich - Always stay classy, on the field and off it!! Of all the fans in the world, Bayern's are the most spoiled. They pay almost nothing to see one of the world's greatest teams play week in week out. This reaction was absolutely unnecessary.
Sports Seb
Sports Seb:
Good job letting the game play out not the fans but Bayern playing and not trying to score and showing respect #respect
Imagine the scenes if Hoffenheim attackers took the ball to Bayern's half and scored 6
Richard Smoker
Richard Smoker:
i'm just an american getting into the sport and this is what i end up seeing when i look for bayern highlights lmao
I was impressed with them abandoning the match because I thought it was to do with racism until I read the comments about what the banner said 🤦‍♂️
Juan Gerardo Ledezma Sanchez
Juan Gerardo Ledezma Sanchez:
impresionante, mis respetos Bayern Münich, Nadie puede usar este deporte para aprovechar las cámaras para insultar a nadie
Umbert Caseres
Umbert Caseres:
Fox can post this but still can’t even post highlights on time. Embarrassing!
Thats soo cool, how the players reacted
Jay mylan
Jay mylan:
What if Bayern was losing the game, would they do the same?
Smoke Sleet
Smoke Sleet:
So many questions
What does it say?
Why is the score 6-nil?
What happened to the fans?
Why even play the game if it’s 6-nil?
For why is he blowing on his fingers like that?
How amazing would it have been if the two teams decided to form a giant circle, keepers and all, around the center spot and have a group mixed rondo between the two teams? Like, Chinlone-Jon Bois-We don't care about this farce anymore style. How amazing would that have been?
Bangers &mash
Bangers &mash:
What did the banner say? Great ref reaction! That’s how you control a match respectively to the players!
m ch
m ch:
Still more exciting than the NFL!!!
Munich class act!!
City Fan
City Fan:
Why don’t they do this in Italy for racism
Efran Marbun
Efran Marbun:
This is how club need against racism.
Absolutely epic!
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez:
I love warm ups near the end of the match hahaa 🤙🏼
Respect for the ultras, the only clean part of football
A.K.A Emperor
A.K.A Emperor:
The ref has my props
วัฒนา พาแอ่ว พากิ๋น
วัฒนา พาแอ่ว พากิ๋น:
I am Thai but why when I watch football in foreign countries? It feels right about true love in the world. This is a developed country. But my country is not like that at all😔😔
Handball at 5:08 , referee missed it
jan kij
jan kij:
Support Hoffenheim.💙
Art S
Art S:
You never stop a game for such reason and even for racism. Once you show weakness they’ll be using it in the future to stop any game they want
El equipo más grande de Alemania, y lo demuestra de esa forma, que grande el Bayern. Aguante Boca Juniors
ItsMoi Moí
ItsMoi Moí:
The commentators did a good job
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow:
Imagine if everyone made such a big deal about racism in football.
Respect bayern munich
Armando G
Armando G:
I love Bayern ❤ but those are not real fans! at first i thought they were being racist to our players!
MariNa 21
MariNa 21:
This is how it needs to be done. Condemn racis of all forms in football. Enough of the foolishness and ignorance.
What the heck happened to stopping racism. I mean we're all in this together, either way we need to do the same with racism too!
Fahad Kayani
Fahad Kayani:
Why were they protesting and calling out hoffenheim owner ?
Dimas Aditya
Dimas Aditya:
Beautiful moment :)
Frederic Montanha
Frederic Montanha:
It happened in Brazil back in 2011 but nobody cared and the match was not interrupted. When Ronaldinho 'betrayed' Grêmio to play for Flamengo the fans got really mad at him.
Miguel del Mazo
Miguel del Mazo:
So there is something slower than a keeper with a lead?
Andrew Rodgers
Andrew Rodgers:
Lol amazing how out of touch the establishment is from the fans, those Bayern fans are not the minority
Gera Guti
Gera Guti:
This was beautiful.