Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 7-0 (agg) - Semifinal 2012/2013 (English Commentary) Full Review

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona 4-0
Barcelona vs Bayern Munich 0-3
Robben goal muller ribery messi gugatv

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Pepperoni Pizza • 12 years ago
Pepperoni Pizza • 12 years ago:
Who's here after bayern win 8-2 vs Barcelona lol
Jamal Idris
Jamal Idris:
Who is here after Bayern won 8-2 against Barca Today 😱😱😱
J N7
J N7:
Like si vienes después del 8-2
When Muller is in the field..
Germany 7 Brazil 1
Germany 4 Argentina 0
Germany 4 Portugal 0
Bayern 8 Barcelona 2
Bayern 7 Barcaelona 0
Bayern 10 Arsenal
Bayern 7 Tottenham. 2
Definitely the destroyer.
Fernando Mty
Fernando Mty:
Back then we thought 7-0 in two matches was humillating
fahri zulfikar
fahri zulfikar:
Seeing Jordi Alba blocked by Muller is most satisfying
Aamir Hita
Aamir Hita:
Müller still slaying and killing 7 years after, UCL 2019-20 barca vs bayern
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas:
2013: Bayern destroy Barca.
2020: Bayern destroy Barca: the sequel.
Lil Aze
Lil Aze:
Müller blocking jordi alba for robben was one of the most genius things I've seen
Egharevba Kingsley
Egharevba Kingsley:
Robben is so underated one of the greatest footballer I ever see.
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino:
Muller haunting Barca since 2013.
Albertus Kelvin Putra
Albertus Kelvin Putra:
This is the peak of Germans football. Dortmund beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the same semifinal with Lewy's quattrick. Making it all German final in Wembley. Bayern won treble at that time and year later Germany won World Cup.
Rafat Ahmed
Rafat Ahmed:
Muller has deadly instincts. He is almost always at the right place at the right time.

Muller destroyed barca again😂. Some things never change.

Wow so many likes ... thanks guys.
Nor Priest
Nor Priest:
2012-2013: Muller > Messi
2019-2020: Muller > Messi

Muller best player in the world 😂
Natalia Rutkowski
Natalia Rutkowski:
I guess we're all here to look for comments saying "Who's here after Bayern won 8-2"
Aryan Bagai
Aryan Bagai:
Only legends know that pique plays for bayern
Policia Anti-Pendejos
Policia Anti-Pendejos:
Estas son las personas que vienen después del Barça 2 - 8 Bayern 2020
Who's there after the 8 2 ???? Omg😱😱😱😱😱😱 R.I.P Barça and mostly Vidal
2013: Bayern 7-0 Barcelona 2 matches
2020: Bayern 8-2 Barcelona 1 match...
joselito vasquez
joselito vasquez:
This Will happen this friday
The Past Avatars
The Past Avatars:
8 to 7 years later to this day,nothing has changed.
This Match reminds me Germany-Brazil :). Germans sometimes can be very cruel :)
Saurav Sharma
Saurav Sharma:
hope this repeats this friday
Ankur Bagai
Ankur Bagai:
The way Muller shoved him like nothing was awesome
nevin usa
nevin usa:
Anyone here after the sequel: Bayern 8-2 Barca? 😂😂
Anybody after the UCL draw?(2019-2020)
Josep Maria Bartomeu
Josep Maria Bartomeu:
Pique scored such a beautiful goal. It made jupp celebrate too. Absolute legend👌
Nothing Holds Me Back
Nothing Holds Me Back:
Who is waiting for this year UEFA Quarter Finals:
Bayern Vs Barca

Lol Thanks for the likes Guys. Didn't expect though. Either way match is gonna be interesting.🔥
Ernest Ho
Ernest Ho:
muller is always there, every time stuff like this happens
Ayodamola Ajala
Ayodamola Ajala:
Here after 8-2, obligated to like 😂👇🏿
Hloni M
Hloni M:
Who's here after 8-2?
Who's here after 8-2
Who’s here after the 8-2? 🤣🤣🤣
hugo dbz the life
hugo dbz the life:
what a pleasure to see that after 8 2 beautifulllllllllll!!!!!!
Enisa Zukorlic
Enisa Zukorlic:
This is a big chance that Bayern wins against Barcelona in the champions league (
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson:
this one 7 0 the most recent encounter between them just yesterday ended 8 to 2 that means Bayern Munich surely knows how to defeat Barcelona
Lalo Gutierrez
Lalo Gutierrez:
Well, the humiliation again
Foosiya Maxamed
Foosiya Maxamed:
Who watching this Bayern vs barca 2:8 in 2020😂
Joshua Bongiorno
Joshua Bongiorno:
The greatest performance over two legs in Champions League history...🔥
Harry Christianto
Harry Christianto:
The best humilating matches that ever I seen
@4:13 you can tell jupp heynckes was a striker, when he was doing the header for muller xD
Josep Maria Bartomeu
Josep Maria Bartomeu:
3:44 what a finish by the greatest striker of all time😍. Absolute legend😂😍
Sebastian Acosta-Galvan
Sebastian Acosta-Galvan:
Who’s here while watching Barca - Bayern 2020. Currently 1-4 rip Barca
Barcelona: I fear no man
But that *thing*
*points at Bayern*
It scares me
bayern 8-2 much and they are still hungry
DreamAK 25
DreamAK 25:
Whos watching after the defeat of Barcelona
Mohamed Akram
Mohamed Akram:
Why do Germans love number "7" ?
Ana repušić
Ana repušić:
Ribery played so beautiful footbal that year,hell of underated player.
Nymgmhb A
Nymgmhb A:
Never forget when xavi said the grass wasn’t cut well after the first leg
Francisco Monges
Francisco Monges:
2:17 Notice, Müller's fourth goal is remarkably similar to the fourth scored by Müller himself in the last victory.
I want this Müller to play tonight ❤
Mayank Awasthi
Mayank Awasthi:
Waiting for barca vs bayern again this ucl 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pechofrío Lionel Heladessi sin champions en 5 años
Pechofrío Lionel Heladessi sin champions en 5 años:
Who's here after Barka dogs gets 8-2'd? 🤣🤣
Kai Gaming
Kai Gaming:
Oh yeah this is the perfect video for all the toxic Barcelona/Messi haters to surface. Back to your caves, trolls.
ngawang lungtok
ngawang lungtok:
2:28 Jordi Alba showing how football "shouldn't" be played.
t L
t L:
History really likes to repeat doesn't it🤦🏽‍♂️
Dion Canolli
Dion Canolli:
Whos here after 8-2? XD
Bishnu Mahato
Bishnu Mahato:
Muller the assist king with most no of goals in this game
Josh Sam
Josh Sam:
Who here after robben came out of retirement
jose ramirez
jose ramirez:
Vine a recordar esta violada luego de la otra violada de hoy xD
Todo el mundo fanaticos de Barca pero no del futbol. Insistieron que el resultado 7-0 no era realista 🤯 . Vuelve a suceder , ahora 8-2 sera real? 😭 😂
Sadath Ali
Sadath Ali:
Literally Nobody
Youtube Recommendations : 🤣
Alec Reactions
Alec Reactions:
Who is here after today’s Champions League Draw?
Andrew Musique
Andrew Musique:
Muller humillando a selecciones y clubes, un clásico 😂
Fariz Muammar Rachman
Fariz Muammar Rachman:
Pique’s goal alone deserves Puskas award... just so so hard to shoot with knee, bend it like that and turns into a goal tbh..
Pedro Fernandez
Pedro Fernandez:
good nights the catalans :) :) :)
ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ
ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ:
Quien aquí despues del 8-2...
LionHeart 23
LionHeart 23:
Can’t believe it’s been 7 years. Time flies.
proof it had nothing to do with the goalkeeper, but all with Müller.
Gabriel Alfaro
Gabriel Alfaro:
I guess Barcelona won’t eat any breakfast this morning because they already 8-2 much
Jaden Katrina
Jaden Katrina:
Who’s watching after Bayern 8 Barca 2 😂😂😂😂
Kapil Singh
Kapil Singh:
Imagine if there were fans in stadium and the 8-2 destruction match was played at Camp Nou. 😂
Daniel Joseph Ila
Daniel Joseph Ila:
The former Real Madrid player, come back in Baryern color....... That's a good one Reuben
Ajay Mohan
Ajay Mohan:
The History Repeated again For #FCBAYERN Today -> AUG 15 2020 (IST)





Who is here right after the match ✋
Pablo Miranda
Pablo Miranda:
15-2 aggregate 😂😂😂😂😂
Shakeel Akbar
Shakeel Akbar:
3:37 Messi's reaction is priceless 😂🙌🏻
Mario Aguilar
Mario Aguilar:
Lewandowski do your work BEST player 2019-2020
ishaq yesir
ishaq yesir:
Who's here after barca got defeated by Bayern 8-2
Nguyen Tung
Nguyen Tung:
Who's here after watching Barca's 2-8 loss with Bayern Munich ? :))
POV: You're here after Bayern beat Barcelona 8-2
Marcin Mrówka
Marcin Mrówka:
Who's here after today's 8-2 demolition ? Miasanmia
Like si viniste por que en cuartos se enfrentaran
Mahfuzul Ifty
Mahfuzul Ifty:
1:58 lahm the wall
Tobillion TV
Tobillion TV:
Who’s here after the 8-2
Jayden Kim
Jayden Kim:
Again in 2020
(If they had Robben and Ribery it could've been 10-2)
Bradley T
Bradley T:
Lol they just did it again with out 2nd leg
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny:
We all know why we are here again...
Get ready for another big clash on Friday!
Usted no aprende verdad?
Beto valverde
Beto valverde:
This is in my recommended after the 8-2 damn
Fahad B
Fahad B:
Whose here after Barcelona got thumped 8-2? 😂😂😂
iwan1997 harleris
iwan1997 harleris:
8-2 its so satisfying
stef anast
stef anast:
Who else is here for the game tonight
Mohammad madrid
Mohammad madrid:
2020 now 8-2 😂😂🌺
Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu:
Who's here to comment "Who is here after the 8-2" but found out someone already added the comment before him?
Mihackers Team
Mihackers Team:
Who else is here after 2-8 barca Loss.
Philip Makedon Македонски
Philip Makedon Македонски:
8:2 yesterday, der FC Bayern München ist der Wahnsinn
Alfredo Jimenez
Alfredo Jimenez:
I’m here to see the best team in the world 😂😂😂
The Mun Wardy
The Mun Wardy:
Who’s here after Bayern destroyed Barcelona 8-2
shaban samwi
shaban samwi:
Where is here after 8-2