Bayern With Persuading 2nd Half! | SC Freiburg - Bayern München 1-4 | All Goals | MD 28 – Bundesliga

#SCFFCB | Short Highlights from Matchday 28!
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Watch all goals from the Bundesliga match between SC Freiburg and FC Bayern München from Matchday 28 of 2021/22 season!

Goals: 0-1 Leon Goretzka (58'), 1-1 Nils Petersen (63'), 1-2 Serge Gnabry (73'), 1-3 Kingsley Coman (82'), 1-4 Marcel Sabitzer (90'+6)

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Perfect Champions
Perfect Champions:
The best midfield duo of goretzka and Kimmich is back. Kimmich was sensational in this match and goretzka coming back after 4 month and scored
Ayasmita Chakraborty
Ayasmita Chakraborty:
Goretzka scores a goal to make the come back day memorable 😄....Congratulations to Sabitzer for his first goal....❤...Congratulations to my team ❤....MIASANMIA 🔴⚪
Debasmita Chakraborty
Debasmita Chakraborty:
Congratulations bayern ❤
What a comeback for leon😍❤
Sabitzer's first goal ❤
Goretzka back in form with his first start after injured
M.K🌙 :
Goretzka is probably one of the best headers in Football, congrats also to Sabitzer, Another cut in goal from Coman, Gnabry copied Sane's hair
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
Fab win, especially with Dortmund losing. I thought a mistake had been made when Lewandowski was taken off with 30 minutes to go and started to worry when Freiburg equalized, but all turned out good :0) Onward and upward and hoping for a great result on Wednesday. Great to see Goretzka and among the goals again :0)
gnabry changed the entire dynamic of this match. The scoreline is flatterin though, freiburg deserves a point
Feeling Very happy 😊 about sabitzer's first goal
Albert Kuo
Albert Kuo:
0:54-0:56 before sabitzer scored, did anyone notice Sane's gesture 😂😂 He just walked away.
Omar Cruz
Omar Cruz:
Sabitzer I miss you so much. Very glad too see you scoring again. 😍
Goretzka celebrated his goal like a king! And yes, Gnabry changed the game.
Matthew Su
Matthew Su:
Albeit it was tie in the first half, Bayern's performance in the second half was superb!
Goretzka's header was brilliant! Gnabry and Coman's shot has sealed the victory. Sabitzer's goal before the last final whistle just added another point for Bayern. The team is invincible!
Stunning stuff! This is what we need for the second leg vs Villarreal
Elipsis Corter
Elipsis Corter:
The composure from Gnabry🔥🔥
shally ardhany
shally ardhany:
what a memorable comeback for Goretzka
Young Wise Rich TV (@PatrickOnSocial)
Young Wise Rich TV (@PatrickOnSocial):
What a day for everyone who scored.
Welcome back goal for Goalretzka 🤧
Super goals from Gnabry and Koman 💥
First of many from Sabitzer 💯
100 Freiburg goals for Petersen 🙌
What a team👏🏼🔥
Gerald Mbelwa
Gerald Mbelwa:
Muller celebrated Gnabry's goal (bayern's second) even before the ball went in...🙌🏽
Samuel Paiva
Samuel Paiva:
O time de casa foi bem mais quando o Bayern de Munique que joga não tem como para e um rolo com presor imprecionante 🦈🦈🦈🇧🇷🇩🇪
Tech Gan
Tech Gan:
That long pass from Upamecano tho.. superb !!!
Dayton Outar
Dayton Outar:
Bayern looking good. All players look healthy and fit for upcoming Champion's League.
Pandji Aryo Poerwono
Pandji Aryo Poerwono:
Kingsley is a true beast
blue line
blue line:
A big win for the big team, congrats.
Honest Ghostnaldo fan
Honest Ghostnaldo fan:
Kimmich proving why he’s the best midfielder in the world
Bayern is gonna win Bundesliga 10 times in a row without a doubt 👏
messi messi
messi messi:
Gorertzka is back. Come Davies and we see the full Bayern squad for the champion league. No more injury plz .
finally sabitzer goal. its been very tough for him being played out of position due to people lacking on the midfield and injuries.
Roy Jordi Hiro TL
Roy Jordi Hiro TL:
Goretzka and amaizing goal whith his comeback, coman onfire and sabitzer finally score goal again for bayern this is the real fc bayern munchen power level
Daniel yo
Daniel yo:
Goeretzka is a hulk
Those forearms😮
Dot 21
Dot 21:
Goreztka after come in a Davies...keep healthy..keep fighting spirit..keep strong agresivitas together for always win... Bundesliga and very important for winner trophy Champions leage...FC Bayern Munchen you my spirit of life...i m from Indonesian..
Coman always score bangers🤩
Carlin o pequenino
Carlin o pequenino:
Brasil, mia San mia ❤️
Bertrand Boutin
Bertrand Boutin:
Das ist meine FC BAYERN de MUNICH....
La perfection dans l'exceptionnel !..
najeeb ladha
najeeb ladha:
I felt so happy that Sabitzer scored.
Bayern fan
Bayern fan:
People have really made me upset because they say that bayern was cheating because they think that there were 12 players on the pitch that is completely wrong
Máximo poder
Máximo poder:
Nice sabitzer, es tu primer Goal 👍🏻
Maria Isabel Lira
Maria Isabel Lira:
Was a hard game and Bayern show is the best team ❤❤❤ none moro happy than Goretzga with his goal 🤍🤍❤
12 player 😂😂😂😂
Zurin Zurain
Zurin Zurain:
Bayern Munich could be in trouble after having 12 players on the pitch for 17 seconds of their win over Freiburg.
12 players...the great Bayern
congratulations sabitzer for your first goal !
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan:
And when you think you've seen it all in football, the referee stops proceedings at 86 for 4+ minutes because Bayern had 12 men in pitch 🤣🤣

8 minutes added on🤯
M Press
M Press:
Go Freiburg, Go Freiburg!!!
Sadly, Bayern may forfeit this match for having 12 players on the pitch late on.
Yehudyn Portuguez
Yehudyn Portuguez:
Bundesliga is so exciting... you never know who's going to be the 🏆
Liviu Moraru
Liviu Moraru:
Who laughed there before Sabitzer scored? 😂
very nice training before the real match, against viareal
❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️🤍❤️,mia San mia Forever thank you Bayern ,let's go bring at home onother champion 💪 come on
Sigma 1
Sigma 1:
It's that rocket shot sabitzer goal
kingsley coman...pure magic. Gnabry wasn't far behind either.
Ayu Anggraeni
Ayu Anggraeni:
Hulkretzka is back the goal comeback
Đới Như Anh
Đới Như Anh:
Sad that Lewandowski didn’t today, haizz…. 😞😞😞😞🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Siuuu madre mía
Vamos por la champions
I hate that toxic little kids disrespect bundesliga and say "this is only training match" or "lewandowski would be exposed if he plays in epl". Just enjoy football.
Petersons goal was so satisfying to look at
Admino uploading highlights faster than Alphonso davies running with the ball.
Eduardo Villegas
Eduardo Villegas:
Parece que Sane se está aburriendo de jugar en el bayern 😞
Alex Xd Luna
Alex Xd Luna:
Kimmich The Best!!
Kel Barbosa
Kel Barbosa:
meu bayern e foda demais
Adriel Hutson
Adriel Hutson:
Lol this Bayern team's movements and tactics are unbelievable.......the way those goals were scored also would be very frustrating to all Bayern's opponents.......
Edgar Ajanel
Edgar Ajanel:
Con 12 jugadores en la cancha eso cualquiera..

Retro Pes
Retro Pes:
And he's only gone and scored
Shame for Freiburgs brillant second non beaten run
survivor turnover
survivor turnover:
finally sabitzer lets gooooooo
Nammuiteu Pame
Nammuiteu Pame:
I Loved you ❤️❤️ Sir Robert Lewandowski all the times
Samar Singh
Samar Singh:
This team will score 7 against Villarreal
Samuel Yee
Samuel Yee:
Bayern doesn’t need to use coercive approach that came from a Stasi club; BFC Dynamo to win 10 consecutive league titles as domestic rivals are not strong enough
ali !
ali !:
Ofcourse they won. Now they play with 11 outfield players plus a goalie. 😆
The Notorious
The Notorious:
Fc Bayern do something we can't lose Marcel and Gnabry
Evandro Gouveia
Evandro Gouveia:
10° consecutive Championship!
Amani Charles
Amani Charles:
What a sprint Lucas Hernandez on Gnabry goal and he celebrate before the shoot
Samuel Goldwyn
Samuel Goldwyn:
Still dont understand why Sabitzer choose to leave RB..
b d d
b d d:
mia san mia good game and good play in south korea🇩🇪🇰🇷🇰🇷🇩🇪
I heard gnabry suspended by DFB for 45 days, when will it apply from on?
Luis Arthur
Luis Arthur:
boom! ❤️❤️
Omed Saed
Omed Saed:
Musiala came on and NO ONE CAN CONTAIN HIM ARHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Асад Каюмов
Асад Каюмов:
Why we should watch 90 minutes, if we can freely watch 5 goals in 1minute😃😁
İ love you Bayern
Korney Baychurin
Korney Baychurin:
Was it really Flekken?
Hari P
Hari P:
For highlight this is quite light 😁
[email protected]:
12 jugadores 🤣🤣
Ека Вторая
Ека Вторая:
dattrian wira
dattrian wira:
12 vs 11 😆
Bayern With Big 3 #MiaSanMia 🖤💛🖤💛🖤
Edoardo Runtu
Edoardo Runtu:
Jona Curry30
Jona Curry30:
Next: Villarreal on Wednesday
Felipe De Jesus
Felipe De Jesus:
Can anybody explain me about 12 players on match?
Mhmmd Hasbi65
Mhmmd Hasbi65:
Form indonesia🇲🇨
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury:
Daniel Nasution
Daniel Nasution:
Bayern is getting stronger 10 seasons to win
emir firas iman
emir firas iman:
I'm Juan Ka
I'm Juan Ka:
Always 12 players😅😏👍
Farmers leugue 🤣🤣
Is it Gnabry's resurrection?
Youssef Ayman
Youssef Ayman:
Sane gave up lol
Dairy Dairy
Dairy Dairy:
Bayern Munich nihh bos senggol dong 🔥🔥
Cley Courage.
Cley Courage.: