Behind Kylie Jenner’s Glittering Met Gala Look | Vogue

Kylie Jenner's look involved four months of back and forth, several sketches, and a lot of lavender ostrich feathers.

Director: Lucas Flores Piran
B-Camera: Nico Kuhn
Camera Assistant: Alex Cohen
Sound: Turner Curran

Editor: Theo Rosenthal

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Behind Kylie Jenner’s Glittering Met Gala Look | Vogue

100+ comentarios:

Naomi Andrew
Naomi Andrew:
I just feel bad for the people who spent months making the hat for it to not be worn lol
ayla h
ayla h:
For everyone saying kylie was ignoring kendalls anxiety attack
She handled the situation perfectly by trying to distract her sister
Leontine Evans
Leontine Evans:
Kendall’s outfit was stunning
Dr Madhur Bhatia
Dr Madhur Bhatia:
Literally no one talking about how ostriches must have been harmed for making the dress.....for 1 time wear
08:37 she is like: "Gimme the thing, the small thing"
Travis: "your daughter?"
Kylie: "yes, for the picture, quick"!
Princess Sophie Punzalan
Princess Sophie Punzalan:
The people attending the Met seem like the Capitol peeps in Hunger Games
#Mermaid Fun
#Mermaid Fun:
“Get rid of the f**ing hat” come on you could’ve said it nicer
Dang I rlly got 900 likes woo thanks
savannah eckstrom
savannah eckstrom:
I can not believe she had THAT hat and didn’t wear it WITH THE SLEEVES ITS CAMP GO FOR CAMP SIS
Ellie Delgado
Ellie Delgado:
I also feel bad for the animals that got their feathers taken out for this :(
jen rose
jen rose:
am i the only one that thought kendall’s look was better
It looked like Travis was getting ready to go to a star wars convention lmao
Geidi Primes
Geidi Primes:
when she said "it's showtime" it was cringe af
Versace: designs headpiece by hand using several different skilled workers requiring talent money and time
Kylie: eWW gEt tHat oFF mY hEaD
Christina Davies
Christina Davies:
Travis vibe is coming off like he’s over it and he’s just not feeling it anymore with her..🤷🏼‍♀️
Hailan Johnson
Hailan Johnson:
everyone's all helping kylie then there kendall who literally does makeup and hair puts on the dress and is ready
Silly Yu
Silly Yu:
“It’s okay. Everyone knows I’m tall asf.”😂😂😂😂
I feel bad bcoz they didn't use the hat and I know people are gonna say "oh they are gonna get paid" but they put so much effort in it
Mazy C.
Mazy C.:
Nobody’s going to talk about the creativity of these designers?,
Tasnim Rubaba
Tasnim Rubaba:
Zendaya: cinderella
Kendall and kylie: stepsisters
Kim: stepmother
Made for each other
Lama Eltayeb
Lama Eltayeb:
Kylie: I’m so stressed
The team who are actually stressed out: giggles
Those were real oastrich feathers. Disfusting.
When she laughs smiles her face like deforms? that’s so crazy to me, is that all the filler or is that just the plastic surgery?
Oziel Garcia
Oziel Garcia:
I couldn’t spend a whole day with them! They would just talk about themselves
Kiwi Gacha
Kiwi Gacha:
Stormi has more money then I will have for my entire life
drew phillips
drew phillips:
This makes me greatfull I wasn’t born a millionare lol atleast I’m nice to ppl
Diamond Nerd
Diamond Nerd:
"i need one of 'them' to restitch my waist."
anii t
anii t:
kylie reacted the right way when kendall had an anxiety attack . she distracted her , that’s what i have to do to my sister too and it always helps her
Amanda PinkGelato
Amanda PinkGelato:
Vogue giving these girls 'fashion legitimacy' is the worst thing.
Harmony Star
Harmony Star:
I'm dying at the comment that someone said Travis looked like he was going to a star wars convention.
rachel wilper
rachel wilper:
the people leaving these hate comments are hilarious. at the end of the day you’re fueling the kardashian fame train. if you don’t like what you see, simply look away.
notice how no one screamed travis as he walked out he must have felt super hurt and kendall too cause when she and kylie came out they only screamed kylie
I have seen some comments saying that when Kendall told Kylie that she was having anxiety and was about to have an anxiety attack Kylie handled it badly but she didn’t! She asked Kendall if she should wear the taller shoes either to distract her and take her mind off of anxiety (which is a perfect thing to do in a situation like that) or she asked her because she may of known that Kendall felt uncomfortable because she was so tall compared to Kylie and it looked weird. Kendall may have said thins off camera or something and so Kylie asked if she should wear taller heals so she doesn’t feel so awkward but Kendall said it’s alright because she is already y’all and everyone knows that. Also when Kylie told them to get the hat off of her head I think she was joking at least it kind of sounded like she was being sarcastic or funny because throughout the whole video you can kind of tell that everyone is joking around with each other.
Kelly Perez
Kelly Perez:
So were gonna act like we haven’t seen this design on Pinterest way before she did it 😂😂😂😂😂
You know what's a stressful day for me? FINAL EXAMS

Good luck to those who have finals or will take them! ♡
Isabella Bernasconi
Isabella Bernasconi:
she seemed rude when she was saying ‘SLEEVES? STOP YELLING AT ME’ and when she referred to the ridiculously skilled seamstresses as ‘one of them’. like i know i don’t know her personally but she did not come off well in this video
Celebrity Gaming
Celebrity Gaming:
Kendall: I’m literally having freezing anxiety
Kylie: *looks at her* “Do you think i should wear my taller shoes?”
I thought the lady introducing the dress was prettier than Kylie
Alvi Fariha
Alvi Fariha:
Let's admit they Kylie is living her best life..
Lil meow meow i thought he's dead Ma bad
Lil meow meow i thought he's dead Ma bad:
You know what's more harder and stressing

Final Exams while fasting
Jade Lin Lee Chen
Jade Lin Lee Chen:
IMO I think Kylie is by far the most annoying of all her sisters. She talks SO LOUD and SO NASAL. It hurts my ears.
Amira Gugu
Amira Gugu:
Kendalls outfit was really stunning
Ali Khan
Ali Khan:
No one
Literally no one
Makeup artist: *when will she shut up*

Don’t take it seriously it’s a joke
Dee Kerei
Dee Kerei:
7:33 one of them - wow
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali:
Shoutout to all the designers and seamstresses for creating all the looks for the carpet! They don’t get enough credit
Dillan K
Dillan K:
Cannot get over the fact that she didn’t wear a short “Kris” bob and the hat it haunts me
Soml Fashion
Soml Fashion:
This looks stressful, almost like a wedding.
Cristina Maria
Cristina Maria:
Kendall is the most beautiful, because she’s so natural!
Smoll Bean Ushh
Smoll Bean Ushh:
I love how in the end, Kanye and Travis are just standing up there behind the glitters with the poker face vibe😂
Cloudy Belle
Cloudy Belle:
If zendaya is the cinderella, then these would be the stepsisters 😂😂
Esme Rojas
Esme Rojas:
People watching this in 2020 Everybody:CORONAVIRIUS
Dini Vitri
Dini Vitri:
Sorry Kylie you should know, you're more younger than Kendall
But your face look aged than your sister.
i'm tell this without hating, but it's true
Rea Duchess
Rea Duchess:
I love their looks!! But is it just me or does the sketch for Kylie's dress look nothing like the final result????
Alice Williams
Alice Williams:
Kylie sounds like Azzyland when she’s yelling sleeves
“Cmon family, it’s show time! It’s f*cking show time!”

Alina Ray
Alina Ray:
Are those Kendall’s feathers at the floor of the MET? @9:41 LMAOOO 😂😂💀
Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin
Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin:
I didn’t expect her to be loud that much.
" It's ok, everyone knows i'm tall as fu** "
Elmira Jackson
Elmira Jackson:
I'm not gonna lie really like Kendall's outfit orange really suits her
GW Gaming
GW Gaming:
That was kinda mean that Kylie took the hat off that the people made for her must of took a while to make
K S:
i didnt realise the extent of how much of a daddys girl she is until i saw her in the video
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda:
I’m obsessed with Kylie’s and Kendall’s dresses💕
I appreciate everything I have but I would love to be in her shoes one day. Just to go to the Met
Katrina B.
Katrina B.:
Kim’s getting ready video is so much more warm and welcoming
Its. Kidree
Its. Kidree:
Kylie is wearing my whole life
Arnie Shayne Bodino
Arnie Shayne Bodino:
When Kylie going to met gala and need to buy some expensive gown.

Me: need to rent some gown in market town and make my own make up
Susan Ackermann
Susan Ackermann:
can we talk anout how talented the designers of the dress are?
Saara Ismail
Saara Ismail:
Why does this make me laugh 0:06 whyyyy?! "It's f- show time"
Emm A
Emm A:
"Its ok. Everyone know i am tall af" :D
i saw a lot of hatred for kylie regarding the ostrich feathers, so i thought i would clear some stuff up. ostrich feathers are cut, not plucked. yes, they grow back. and yes, they _do_ have nerves in the feathers, but only to a certain point, hence why they cut rather than pluck.
7:19 why did she have to say it like that?...
does anyone know the name of the song that plays at the end when kylie and kendall walk out the door?
Imagine if stormi threw up on Kylie's dress before the met lol
Big dump.
Big dump.:
Them: ...
ll Anneverse ll
ll Anneverse ll:
For this dress, ostriches had to sacrificed their life.
Zoha Khan
Zoha Khan:
Kylie: SLEEVES???
everyone: SLEEVES!!!!!!
Hanifah Alya
Hanifah Alya:
Stormi 15 years later
"You know that my mom is kylie jenner"
Ji Yun Hwang
Ji Yun Hwang:
kendall: "i have anxiety"
kylie: "...should i wear the tallest shoes?"
Sofia v
Sofia v:
Props to the designers who worked for months on these masterpieces
GW Gaming
GW Gaming:
Looks like Travis don’t wanna be there lol
Pietra Bovi
Pietra Bovi:
this dress is completely stunning, it takes very talented people to do that kind of thing, truly magic hands. congrats to the team! 💜
igig lim
igig lim:
she handled Kendall's almost anxiety attack
Heather Longwell
Heather Longwell:
her face literally doesn't move when she smiles or laughs?
Terrible Tito
Terrible Tito:
Does anyone else remember when Versace on Twitter confused Kylie with Dua Lipa
Teiah Wallace
Teiah Wallace:
Kylies dress was iconic!! Amazing to think how different it would’ve looked without sleeves & with a hat! Amazing <3
All Azra
All Azra:
This is like my 5th time watching this lmao
John McKay
John McKay:
I love the dress! I think the hat was a staple of the dress but she finished the look by matching her hair with the dress, and it worked beautifully!
Anya’s World
Anya’s World:
Okay it’s cracks me up that her phone was cracked she needs to throw it away and buy a new one lol
Suriya Prakash
Suriya Prakash:
The whole met ball was like children getting ready for fancy dress competition 😂🤠
Harsh Gawai
Harsh Gawai:
Nothing to see dowm here Everyone's hating on Kylie in the comments section
Bota Hillis
Bota Hillis:
For everyone saying she didn’t help with Kendall’s anxiety attack she handled it perfectly she tried to distract kendall
Latha Sridhar
Latha Sridhar:
Guys stop hating on her she is a grateful and amazing person irl she loves and values the people who do soo much for her. She was stressed cause of the backlash is she didn’t look good that is why she didn’t wear the hat. She was a bit rude because she was stressed and we all would be annoyed if we were stressed and a lot on your mind
C R Y B A B Y Y:
I love it how the people were say kIM
natalie b
natalie b:
I’m a Kendall stan so seeing that they never did this with Kendall makes me cry🥺
Tatiana Munoz
Tatiana Munoz:
I bet the people doing her make up aren’t using Kylie brand! 👀.
Rebecca Julia
Rebecca Julia:
The dress looked nothing like the sketches.
h Nej
h Nej:
This is the chaotic energy that I need
MJDS Trading
MJDS Trading:
Kylie looking like a round furball while Kendall looking like a flat flame
Bailey Martinez
Bailey Martinez:
7:57 Kendall literally did that unintentionally but it’s not looking respectable
Chrys A.
Chrys A.:
Okay, but what we really need is lady gaga getting ready