BEHIND THE SCENES | Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilón sign for Tottenham Hotspur

Go behind-the-scenes of Tottenham Hotspur's double signing of Gareth Bale and Sergio Reguilón as the pair joined from Real Madrid.

Sergio signs a contract with the Club until 2025 and Gareth joins on a season-long loan.

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I love how happy Reguilon was when he walks in and sees his shirt!
Matt Wood
Matt Wood:
Sergio looks like a kid at Christmas. He’s so excited!😂
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And that my friends...
was the last time Bale mumbled Spanish.
A R:
The last time so many non Tottenham fans watched their Youtube channel was during Jose's first training session.
Walter Ngano
Walter Ngano:
Reguilon actually had the audacity to talk to Bale in Spanish 😂😂
So happy to see Bale back in Spurs, and James Rodriguez enjoying his stay in the Premier League. Wish you guys all the best!!! you deserve to play not on the bench
10K Subs With one video challenge
10K Subs With one video challenge:
Sergio says something in Spanish

*Gareth’s like “whatever man”*
Ziya Okut THFC
Ziya Okut THFC:
Doctor: You were in a 7 year coma.
Me: Oh boy! Can't wait to see Bale score goals again.
Josh Mansfield
Josh Mansfield:
How many times did bale say “can’t believe I’m number 9” haha does he not want that number 😂
Freya murtem
Freya murtem:
United lost everything . And their first match too.
subbing to everyone who subs to me
subbing to everyone who subs to me:
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.
Martin O Neill
Martin O Neill:
As a madrid fan I'm truly gutted he's gone, scores a belter to win a copa del rey, scores an over head kick nd one more to win a champions league final, stepped up every time Ronaldo was injured or just out, hes a real talent nd a madrid legend whether the fans or club wants to admit it, wasted at Real nd I hope he does the business at spurs he deserves a good run
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Can I get 69k subs?:
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100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge:
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kxndai .m
kxndai .m:
I actually rate Levy after what he’s done this window!
I feel so sad to see both bale and james Rodriguez leaving madrid like this, both were my favourites
Alister David
Alister David:
absolutely no-one:

Gareth Bale: "errh YEAH"
Jack O'Hea
Jack O'Hea:
Bale the whole video “can’t believe I’m number 9” and “ye”
aadit sharma
aadit sharma:
If bale cuts his hair to regular, there might be some silverware for spurs this season.
David Webb
David Webb:
It’s like being a kid on Christmas morning 😂
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy:
I'm so confuse why Zidane not use Gareth Bale incredible talent..He such great player.
Some ting Long
Some ting Long:
Sergio kinds looks like winksy also matches how tight winksy wears his shirts
s man
s man:
That reaction from Sergio on seeing his shirt....priceless
4AM 33Svan
4AM 33Svan:
Meanwhile : Man Utd fans crying in the corner 😂
BALE! Thanks so much for all the glorious moments you've given us true madridistas. I loved you since the hat-trick at the san siro and I''m so excited to see you thriving hopefully, and happy again at spurs. Will watch mourinho and bale closely this season. Hope reguilon replaces carvajal when dani gets older.
janarjan khadka
janarjan khadka:
Bale literally looks so happy and excited
John Bennett
John Bennett:
As a Real Madrid fan, it’s nice to see Bale excited about football again. Hope he does well
Jose Lazalde
Jose Lazalde:
Bale called Reguilón “Regilon” 🤣
Danish Legos
Danish Legos:
Why does the camera sounds like those sounds they use in the “ Scary Movie “ movie ?
When you forget Bale is from Wales and can talk fluent English
So this is what it’s like to sign more than one players. From a Utd fan
Tommy Heal
Tommy Heal:
Reguilon: *says something Spanish*
Bale: "huh?"
Harvey Bishop
Harvey Bishop:
It’s great to see from a spurs fan that a new signing who is a promising future star is exited and wants to do well for the club
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100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge:
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This is so cool! Two mates making the move together, made me so happy....thanks for sharing the behind the scenes stuff. Our club, needs to come out of the dark ages and get with the terms of access to fans, the way the team plays and the club is run... can't be reminiscing about 99' forever, or else we'll be the new..old Liverpool. 3-1 loss at home to Palace yesterday....jeez, its gonna be a loooong season >:(
Wishing the Tottenham club strong, beneficial and successful
Jacqui Hyslop
Jacqui Hyslop:
This is how many goals Gareth and Sergio will score
Mar Cruells
Mar Cruells:
Alguien que hable español?
Sergio's English proficiency must have been a credit to his interactions with non-spanish speaking idol Bale
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Bale saying "yeah" in every sentence
Mag Tan
Mag Tan:
I ain't even a tottenham supporter and these signings have got me gassed
Can't wait to see them on the pitch. Excited overload 💖🤩
Lilo Kilo
Lilo Kilo:
Remember guys bale’s on loan😭
Johnny Black
Johnny Black:
So weird to see someone else with Rose`s number. Club legend and i will miss you always!
Kwamez Waye
Kwamez Waye:
Happy for them ... More success in their endeavors
Nathan Caines
Nathan Caines:
I really really like reguilons personality seems proper happy, good vibes
Gareth davies
Gareth davies:
I'm a proud Welshman and a UTD fan... But it's bloody awesome that this Football legend 💪 is back in the the Premiership whare he belongs.. with the people (team) that love's Him.. all the best Gareth stay GOLD Baby!!
Akash Kunte
Akash Kunte:
Sou 2-5 Tot
The future looks hopeful.
paul gibson
paul gibson:
Return of the Messiah he will rub of on all those envolved with Tottenham it showed today at Southampton
Some ting Long
Some ting Long:
Im still dreaming 😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍
For those that don't know, Bale is actually Reguilon's idol and he has been a big fan of Bale since he was a youth player. There's a photo of them together when he was a teenager and an interviewer asked which player he admires and he said Bale straight away
Basically Ahyan
Basically Ahyan:
someone give me a dollar for every time bale says YEA, #COYS
James Roome
James Roome:
Reguilon looked so excited to be there.
Love them. Omg cant wait to see them play!!
M C G:
Regulion looked like me at Christmas getting my spurs shirt lmao
James Long
James Long:
Sergio looks like he’ll fit straight in!! Also welcome back king
Junxiong Ng
Junxiong Ng:
Sergio look so happy when he saw the shirt, what have RM done to him? lol
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe:
Good for Jose that he got Gareth bale as replacement for Ben Davies and I m sure Reguilon is for bale’s back up in the lb position
The best signings for Tottenham this season
I want to see an old Bele with short hair...
alex xoxx
alex xoxx:
The fact that they came together. Already have chemistry. The premier league is really going to be good this season. Nearly Every team is about to go hard.
Someone just wakes up from a 7 year coma : Doctor! Is bale still playing for Spurs???
Doctor: well yes but actually no
Ajs 1988
Ajs 1988:
Sergio couldnt wait to put that shirt on. I love the geezer already
Thabo Rametsi
Thabo Rametsi:
I really like Bale Bale eventhough im a Gooner. I think how Zidane treated him was deplorable
Michael Vivie
Michael Vivie:
The Epl is gonna get all the attention this season.. So many teams with quality players..
Michael Archer
Michael Archer:
So glad he has came back really didn’t think it was possible
IDontKnow FC
IDontKnow FC:
I love how theyre covering them both equally
Captain Meow
Captain Meow:
Come on your spurs ❤ Fan in Vietnammm
I‘m happy that he‘s back in Tottenham. I hope he will play a great season.
fahri husaini
fahri husaini:
I cant imagine how good pl this season. Oh my God.!!
saucy nonchalance
saucy nonchalance:
mourinho Loves fast and offensive backs
hope sergio integrates quickly.
T Moon
T Moon:
Want to see the players' reactions when they saw Bale for the first time back at the club.
Literally Bale: "Can't believe I got number 9!"
Kyle Wiesner
Kyle Wiesner:
Big up to Reguilon. Looks excited to actually be apart of Tottenham and play alongside Bale.
Ryker Inc
Ryker Inc:
I’m going to miss bale. One of my favorites at Madrid
Jay Romeo
Jay Romeo:
Sergio says something in Spanish
Gareth’s like “huh? whatever man” 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ajay Yadav
Ajay Yadav:
Bale from Madrid to return back Tottenham it's like going back where we've started to progress 😥
I will raise my expectations for this season 🏆.
IDontKnow FC
IDontKnow FC:
I wanna meet reguilon, he seems like a really nice guy
cesar saldana
cesar saldana:
Sergio 'top' Reguilon
Just imagine son and Garett bale laughing all the time😂😂
Sri Harsha
Sri Harsha:
Gereth "THE FLASH'' Bale is back baby.
5O Nurul Nabila Aziz
5O Nurul Nabila Aziz:
I noticed that Spanish boys really have beautiful eyes and beautiful smile. 😂 welcome to the spurs
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour:
YouTube is getting real comfortable with these double 15 second no skip ads.
Leatile Raseroka
Leatile Raseroka:
Levy went from being disliked by the fans to everybody's favourite man
Kevin gregorio
Kevin gregorio:
This what I always love to see behind the scene actions
ari sanjaya
ari sanjaya:
Happy to see bale coming home again 🔥
Gareth introducing himself to that lady like nobody knows who he is is hilarious
After years of little to no transfer news. We have got so much all at once.
I'm from London so I've been conditioned for this with our buses.

I can't wait to see Bale in action.
Benjamin Hutton
Benjamin Hutton:
Petition for Gareth to get his old spurs hair back
Joell Matias Sierra Diaz
Joell Matias Sierra Diaz:
Francis Leggett
Francis Leggett:
A new game. Take a drink every time Bale says "yeah"
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta:
Bale is a one can deny what he has done for Real Madrid..Total respect and all the best 👍
Colin Thorogood
Colin Thorogood:
Love how Sergio was so happy to see his shirt
Sethabutra Viraseranee
Sethabutra Viraseranee:
Welcome both Sergio and Garath (back home), I hope both of you had a great time here at Tottenham. Lets win trophy together this year. Spur deserve some trophy
As a Leeds fan I’m so happy to see this man back in the prem, but hope he’s injured on 2nd jan 😂😂😂💙💛👀
Undeniable Paradox
Undeniable Paradox:
Mistakes were made that day... many, many, gut wrenching mistakes... 💍