Bella Thorne - Burn so Bright (Official Video from "Midnight Sun")

Music video by Bella Thorne performing "Burn so Bright" from the Midnight Sun Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. (C) 2018 Lakeshore Records

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KDS Edits
KDS Edits:
Ahhh bella, seriously, why do you want to lose your disney image so bad, look at you! You’re gorgeous! I missed this!
Sky and Kid Show
Sky and Kid Show:
We love this Bella Thorne ❤️😍💯
Twist TV
Twist TV:
я кстати только после фильма узнал, что она поёт в реале, а этот парень сын шварца)
I cried 3 times when i was watching the movie. 😢😢
**Midnight sun**

Edit: omg 600+ likes!? Tysm!! ❤️
Greg Romaine
Greg Romaine:
Had no idea who Bella Thorne was until a saw Midnight Sun.... I fell in love with this Bella Thorne!!!
Pop World
Pop World:
Everyone always hates on Bella Thorne for literally no reason. Well, you're not welcome here. 😂
Cesar Tijerina
Cesar Tijerina:
I hate when people say she can’t sing i mean she has an amazing voice
Twist TV
Twist TV:
2019 русские есть?
Twist TV
Twist TV:
❤️❤️❤️ Hey!
Tuaila Sanzo
Tuaila Sanzo:
idk idc
idk idc:
moonlightsomnia 1993
moonlightsomnia 1993:
Miss this Bella
Nobody ever told me
The final chapter to the story
And if I win or lose
Don't know exactly where I'm going
I just keep on rollin'
You never know when your time is through, ooh
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you love with your whole heart
Remember the hard times make ya you
That's when we'll show the world They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky
Can't stop me and you tonight Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights
Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight

When it's too far for me to reach it
I close my eyes and believe it Ain't no other way to do, ooh
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you love with your whole heart
Remember the hard times make ya you
That's when we'll show the world They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky Can't stop me and you tonight
Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight

When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you're lovin' with your whole heart
The hard times make ya you
When you fall, you're gonna hit hard
When you're lovin' with your whole heart
The hard times make ya you They're not gonna break us

Hey, we'll burn so bright
Makin' all the people come to life Hey, the darkest sky Can't stop me and you tonight
Said hey, we'll burn so bright Dancin' underneath the city lights Hey, from way up high
Shinin' down like stars tonight
Veronika Wise
Veronika Wise:
every time i watch this video i literally wanna cry... love movie midnight sun sooo much
Bella is bella
sleepy Bunny
sleepy Bunny:
Disney ruined her but when she left she blossomed beautifully!
Love Descendants
Love Descendants:
I love this song so much🔥😍
Gabrielle Costa
Gabrielle Costa:
Ameeeei o filme ❤❤❤❤ todo meu amor a Bella Thorne que a cada atuação me presenteia com seu talento.
miranda villalba
miranda villalba:
bella has potential to be really good at singing and i think if she starts to take lessons and work on her singing voice she would be amazing but beacuse she thinks shes bad she doesn't even try it and everytime she sings in public she does it joking and people end up thinking shes bad
Solgaleo and Lunala
Solgaleo and Lunala:
kaotiane seachao
kaotiane seachao:
She’s so gorgeous and he’s so handsome

Who’s thinking so?
Il giovane dal golfino rosso
Il giovane dal golfino rosso:
Sexy and with an angelic voice. I love you, Bella Thorne.
chloe alfa
chloe alfa:
I accept bella thorne so much i dont care if many people judge her because she is feeling so much pain, she chooses her life and thats how she lives
Song Mingi
Song Mingi:
This version needs to come back
Mikeal Mccormick
Mikeal Mccormick:
Bella Thorne I wanna be your friend and you seem like you'd be a real friend
I like the actress version bella. The feminene type.
Um Benevides
Um Benevides:
Filme incrível 👏♥️. Hj 02/05/2020 em plena quarentena ( Covid-19).
Euleana Silva Moraes
Euleana Silva Moraes:
acho vc super linda, amo os seus filmes e te acho uma inspiração para mim, gosto muito do seu trabalho, e uma encanto de personagem
Zenda Malik
Zenda Malik:
Im crying deeply in the last 20min of the movie... And the soundtrack is so saturrated
Yetseul Mendez
Yetseul Mendez:
I love this movie soooo much!! Just watched it and I literally love it. I recommend watching it, always appreciate what you have because many things that you have others don't have. Peace.
little girl
little girl:
Whenever i listen to this song i can feel it because. I'm related to Katy price🙂 🤗🙂
Yasmin Souza Martins. Yasmin
Yasmin Souza Martins. Yasmin:
Eu amo e se filme muuuuuuito mesmo meu filme predileto
Taylor Steinbruckner
Taylor Steinbruckner:
Okay, I’m digging this “innocent” Bella. She’s way more attractive than the Bella who dyes her hair wacky colours, wears crazy makeup and sings about putting salad dressing anywhere. 😂😂 I know that this version of Bella seems more manufactured, but I’d be quite happy if she acts and releases songs like this in the future. I might stan forever. ❤️
Eduardo Segovia
Eduardo Segovia:
This Bella thorne is bae ❤ not the other one im sorry
Hery Wolf
Hery Wolf:
Jordana Schrier
Jordana Schrier:
Bella Thorne is so beautiful!!!!
Kellyn Carrigan
Kellyn Carrigan:
She's my favourite I watch the movie every day and my name is Bella
Ri Ranjo
Ri Ranjo:
I actually really really love her as an actress. Hope she gets more breaktout roles!
Victoria Corrêa
Victoria Corrêa:
i already watched it and i'm still crying so hard 🖤😢 they're perfect
The Evil Spirit
The Evil Spirit:
Фигура у неё конечно шикарная ,да и в целом внешность !
Seriously the " Midnight Sun " made me cut onion at midnight...😖😖😖😖😖😖
Cleissiane x Wellington
Cleissiane x Wellington:
Simplesmente a melhor❤
Karine Leite
Karine Leite:
Meu filme favorito
Charly Gutierrez
Charly Gutierrez:
Linda ella y sus canciones 😉
Ross VLOG:
I cried a lot while watching her movie midnight sun😢😢
Alexzandera Brenckle
Alexzandera Brenckle:
I cried my heckin eyes out! Bella is such an amazing actress! And the story of Midnight Sun is beautiful and real. I wanna cry again now gosh! Imma turn up to this song and Charlie's Song so heckin much gosh! Beautiful job Bella!
" her and him " :)
B R O O K S:
Una pregunta ella esta viva en vida actualmente 😍🤩
Harry Aldieny
Harry Aldieny:
when you order Bella straight from the factory
THEY NEED TO MAKE A SECOND FILM!!! I'm not entirely sure how that'll work without Katie in it though.... I love your songs btw. :)
that's not my name
that's not my name:
isnt it so weirddd seeing bella in roles of these girly girls when you know how she usually dresses etc? good job on her pulling it off 👏🏽
Subhendu Panda
Subhendu Panda:
She used to look stunning during her early days ...
I don't know why she looks now absolutely wreck . Her hair and face looks now totally out of focus .
Ioana Ioana
Ioana Ioana:
If you like this movie, you should watch All the bright places❤
I love it
Patrícia Silfer
Patrícia Silfer:
Essa, música deixou uma marca em mim!
Jheara Thompson
Jheara Thompson:
No se si soy la única que habla español, pero ame la pelicula y lloré hasta tener dolor de cabeza. Solo duraba una hora y varios minutos pero duele toda la vida 😭❤❤❤
Daphne Cramer
Daphne Cramer:
i stan this version of bella thorne she’s so pretty 🥺❤️
nounou kasber
nounou kasber:
This movie was the first who made me cry 😭
Eloise lima
Eloise lima:
Midnight sun ❤🙂
Karine Leite
Karine Leite:
Isso é muito importante por incentiva tanto as pessoas que estão doente quanto as pessoas que não estão doente para fazer o quer logo não deixa pra depois pós sera muito tarde eu já assisti várias vezes e não canso porque me incentiva cada vez mais tem muita garota que tem vergonha de falar pro garoto que ela gosta os sentimentos dela e também tem muitos garotos com isso também mais se vc ama vc fala aqui fica meu agradecimento por todos que escreveu vez esse filme PARABÉNS estou muito feliz pos mim a corajou a não ter medo de nada porque se não fazer agora talvez amanhã não de.😊😊😊
little fox
little fox:
"Полночное солнце" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nicole Plainte
Nicole Plainte:
Molly Keelean
Bella Thorne
She is kind
And sweet
do além
do além:
Além de linda ainda canta casa co migo linda
Yirma Amaya
Yirma Amaya:
Alguien habla español .2019
Paulo Souza
Paulo Souza:
Muito lindo suas músicas, essa eu amei ❤️❤️❤️😊👏👏👏
Vera Egorova
Vera Egorova:
Полночное солнце....😍😍😍
Micah Torres
Micah Torres:
Swan masked singer
gazelle hirose
gazelle hirose:
I really love this song 😍💖
I WATCHED THE MOVIE : there are some parts of the movie that made me remember of A WALK TO REMEMBER / THE FAULT IN OUR STARS / EVERYTHING EVERYTHING... but this is still a BEAUTIFUL TEEN MOVIE ; I LOVED IT !
Ралина Байшева
Ралина Байшева:
смотрела фильм на карантине 2020 из-за короновируса, пришла песню скачать
Jade A
Jade A:
I love everything about this movie it make me laugh,dance and cry
Victor vance
Victor vance:
The New Testament indicates even more clearly that our identities will remain unchanged. While sharing the Passover meal with His disciples, Christ said, "Take this [cup] and divide it among yourselves; for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes" (Luke 22:17-18). Christ was promising that He and His disciples would drink the fruit of the vine together again--in heaven. Elsewhere Jesus makes a similar, but even more definite, promise: "Many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven" (Matt. 8:11).

Furthermore, Moses and Elijah appeared with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration. Even though it had been centuries since Moses died and Elijah was taken to heaven, they still maintained a clear identity (Matt. 17:3)--Peter, James, and John evidently recognized them (v. 4), which implies that we will somehow be able to recognize people we've never even seen before.

All the redeemed will maintain their identity forever, but in a perfected form. We will be able to have fellowship with Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Samuel, Moses, Joshua, Esther, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, David, Peter, Barnabas, Paul, or any of the saints we choose. For that to be possible, we must all retain our individual identities, not turn into some sort of generic beings.

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Paul's purpose in writing was to comfort some of the Thessalonians who evidently thought their dying loved ones would miss the return of Christ. He says in verse 18, "Comfort one another with these words." The comfort comes from the prospect of reunion. Little comfort this would be if in the reunion we could not even recognize one another. But Paul's promise that we will all be "together" forever implies that we shall renew fellowship with all whom we have known.

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Is it any wonder that the psalmist said, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Ps. 116:15)?
Luly Martinez
Luly Martinez:
Esa peli me mata llore en toda la peli😭😭😭😭es muy triste pero al mismo tiempo feliz al ver que cumplio su sueños de ver el SOL
Jaz Calma
Jaz Calma:
This movie made me rethink of how good bella thorne acting skills is.. again 😂
Maria Pia Bigliardi
Maria Pia Bigliardi:
Juana Sandoval
Juana Sandoval:
Un mencanta para quien les gusta la canción ❤️
Nathan Bolam
Nathan Bolam:
I watched the movie for the first time i enjoyed and i was crying
HiP HoP:
She is very cutely and little beautiful....
Ohh no noo noooo noooo she is your voice and u
Amrit Kaur
Amrit Kaur:
Midnight sun LITERALLY made me ball my eyes out, I don't want to ruin it but towards the end I was shocked. I love how she made the moments count every night💕🌈 It's a beautiful film.
Steven Tatam
Steven Tatam:
jacquii piløts
jacquii piløts:
Martina Castro
Martina Castro:
Quien en cuarentena? 2020
Hezal Meshram
Hezal Meshram:
The lyrics of songs of this movie just hit hard
Lay Svt
Lay Svt:
Sorry but I like her personality/roles in the movies more as in the real life😶
Daniele Lima
Daniele Lima:
Bella sou muito sua fã 💗💖 eu chorei muito nesse filme 😊eu moro no Brasil e gosto muito de você por favor me responde tenho12anos
prithika cmvg
prithika cmvg:
pls continue this type of songs this is the best song i have heard
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge:
fantastic song for a fantastic movie, midnight sun is out of this world. Bella thorne did one awesome job with her character in this move.
castine logronio
castine logronio:
i never cry in the movie but this movie is exceptional because it makes me cry also because of this movie i rethink about love and death
Im Sa
Im Sa:
I really love this song ❤️
Jervynne Leigh
Jervynne Leigh:
I love this movie, Bella and Patrick!
Irany Martinez
Irany Martinez:
No se como la película no es famosa si es hermosa y las canciones 😍
Zulima Perez
Zulima Perez:
Hey Bella I love your voice and this song and my dream is meet you.
Ming Ming
Ming Ming:
Bella is perfect for the role in Midnight Sun. They look good being a couple with Patrick😍
Chiyo Chan
Chiyo Chan:
i just finished watching the movie IT WAS SOO GOOD i was looking everywhere for her. her voice is so damn mmmhm GOOD AF
ace bbku
ace bbku:
What's the song title when Bella sang a song with guitar on sea side ?
Султанбек Косназаров
Султанбек Косназаров:
Last days of 2019
Gunamer's Travels
Gunamer's Travels:
When you realise she dates Big Arny's real life son in the movie.
Selin Eren
Selin Eren:
Probably the only "nice" movie she did in years...
Tiktok Compilations
Tiktok Compilations:
the movie that made me cry 😭
Jéssica Silva
Jéssica Silva:
I live in Brazil✌️
Jesus loves you Bella Thorne😭💙
Blue Daggert
Blue Daggert:
Ohh damn !! She's actually a singer 😀