Bella Thorne Made How Many MILLIONS On OnlyFans?!?

Bella Thorne just made so much bank in 24 hours from OnlyFans, it’s unbelievable!
For those of you that don’t know, OnlyFans is a content-sharing platform that has become increasingly popular for...people that want to see explicit content from their fave celebrities and influencers.
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60 comentarios:

I want to start an OnlyFans so bad right now, lmao.
Kay Brown
Kay Brown:
Hi I’m Bella Thorne and your watching Only Fans
Lucy Davidson
Lucy Davidson:
i started rewatching shake it up on disney+... i can’t look at it the same 😂🤣
tife olasope
tife olasope:
🤭🤭🤭24 HOURS?!?
X⃞ A⃞ N⃞ D⃞ E⃞ R⃞
X⃞ A⃞ N⃞ D⃞ E⃞ R⃞:
OnlyFans make hella money it's INSANE
A P:
I heard she scammed them saying she was gonna post nudes but never did. Such an iconic women 😂
OnlyFans, capitalizing on the Thirst of Men.
OnlyFans speaks more about the _Simps_ buying the content than the Thots who sell.
Having said that, Bella Thorne deserves every penny she gets.
Random J
Random J:
Tbh who wants to pay for that? I mean she constantly shows herself for free
Imani Gordon
Imani Gordon:
Simps hella mad they getting played right now 😂
AP Rated R
AP Rated R:
Yikes.......oh wow
Ramtin S
Ramtin S:
RESPECT.... she said she won't share nudes.
I can't imagine making $1 or $2M in one day. That's just insane!!!!! Sis is rich AF!!!!!!
Onlyfans, I dont understand why anyone would pay?
Laura Castro
Laura Castro:
I bet it was her skin care routine
Ashanti Berry
Ashanti Berry:
Welp this is the least of my concerns
El Blanco
El Blanco:
W*men play on easy mode
: Darla
: Darla:
i guess is time to start an onlyfans🙄
She's beautiful
Apeach _01
Apeach _01:
I mean she ain’t doing nudes and even if she was she getting more bag then me so 🗿🚶🏽‍♀️
Milly Valvasori
Milly Valvasori:
She's too wild now
mel fierce fitness George
mel fierce fitness George:
Wow a million dolar 👏👏👏
Kelly Ng
Kelly Ng:
Wait what-
Easy bank for Bella, take that foolish simps. 😂
Mona 💚 Got7
Mona 💚 Got7:
Sussan omg love ur hat girl! So cute🙈☺️
lisa barnes
lisa barnes:
She just reposted her Instagram on it.
B E:
I can’t even
Suga Cookie
Suga Cookie:
fairy styles
fairy styles:
people use her as a meme, and she gets paid. win win✨🧚🏼
lisa barnes
lisa barnes:
Lyndsay Lohan should try this.
Marnix Princen
Marnix Princen:
Tana and Bella weren't in a throuple... They were in a polyamorous relationship, so they could both have other relationships with other people at the same time. It's different from a throuple where three people are in a relationship together
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles:
👍no nudity for Bella♥️♥️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👑well deserved well done!!!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Why does celebrity need an only fan account? Lol don't they make a lot on acting?
Matthew Martin
Matthew Martin:
I need to start an onlyfans. 😆
I don’t really understand the hype around her?! I mean she is a pretty girl, but there’s soooo many?!?! What makes people flip out so freaking much about her? No hate, just wondering what I missed 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Delt
Gabriel Delt:
Lmao I guess CC Jones stopped dancing and decided to find a side hustle
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid:
Does Sussan Mourad have an OnlyFans profile?
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie:
Not doing nudity. I get she lost alot of followers after that statement.
Get your coin, girl 😏
john harris
john harris:
Never heard of her until now! She's a pretty young woman, more power to her. Btw I'm 68.
*how much
Kookie Dough
Kookie Dough:
Jessica Zane
Jessica Zane:
I guess the joke is on us for picking the wrong professions in life. Who would have thought it was literally that easy to make that much money?
can i have a slice of wealth bella PLZ
Queen Fu Fu
Queen Fu Fu:
I wish her all the luck in the world
Gift Kadaluka
Gift Kadaluka:
It's because she's female and beautiful... Put a man there, see if he even leaves with a dollar
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis:
If you have it flaunt it she's a lovely looking woman and has a nice body. I personally wouldn't pay for it lol unless it was something more edgy then perhaps.
Felisha Estrada
Felisha Estrada:
Bella Thorne beautiful lady and she can be my best friend go girl make them dollars 💸
sweet vee tc playlists
sweet vee tc playlists:
YouTuber Yourwetsock did a review of Bella Thorne ' s OnlyFans if anyone is interested.
Maelyn Monettt
Maelyn Monettt:
she is iconic like get that coin 🤪
Lucas Tenorio
Lucas Tenorio:
I don't like OLYSIMP
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith:
So I’m guessing her career must not going well
K B:
Y’all don’t forget it is a lot of work to promote and make content 🙄 Don’t sleep on her hustle
Aundrei Freight
Aundrei Freight:
Just let her be, she earned that money, If you people are so mad/jealous about her making millions out of onlyfans why not make one for yourself and try what she does.
....I’m still a hater of Bella Thorn. And that’s just fine...with everyone 👀🤣💯.

...and I’m still to fugly to make my own *’OnlyFans’* account so relax 🤣😎
she did?
Navya sayal
Navya sayal:
Wait what did she make on that ?
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith:
I don't like her no feel .
the neighborhood #1
the neighborhood #1:
Love her
Harrison Mitchell
Harrison Mitchell:
no im not paying for onlyfans cause some woman act so fake