Bella Thorne's All-Natural, DIY Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

Actress Bella Thorne has always been unapologetically herself. In this episode of #GoToBedWithMe, the 21-year-old opens up about her journey with acne and blemishes—and reveals the all-natural products she swears by.

Her Three Ingredient DIY Face Mask:
Coconut Oil

Find Bella's new book, "Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray" here:

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100+ comentarios:

Cult Leader
Cult Leader:
This is a throwback to when I was five mixing potions in the bathroom and pretending to sell them
shandi bullington
shandi bullington:
“The under eye is a really sensitive area” *continues to rub a sugar scrub on her under eye * girl
Kt TT:
“ natural isn’t better”

I really can’t believe that I hit 1k likes ahhhhhh
Thanks 😊 for all the likes I really appreciate it.
L V:
*has a lemon and sugar scrub*

Bella: it smells like lemon and sugar
Doll Face
Doll Face:
Bella is like the anti-vaxxer of skin care. lol
Melina Gaitanopoulou
Melina Gaitanopoulou:
Good Lord, I'm glad this didn't come out when I was 14 otherwise I would've completely wrecked my skin by listening to her
Mauricio Benavides
Mauricio Benavides:
"coconut oil is an antibacterial"
also a highly comedogenic substance that will clog your pores
“Moisturizer or anything crazy” girl u have dry skin USE MOISTURIZER
didi dids
didi dids:
that scrub jar contains more bacteria than a toilett seat
Isadora Kindel
Isadora Kindel:
The most annoying thing is that even though she doesn't wash her face in the morning and rub it with sugar, her skin is wayyy better than mine '-'
Kayleigh Thornton
Kayleigh Thornton:
when she said “i brush my teeth with coconut oil” i was done... i was just done, smh smh smh
Lilo Ril
Lilo Ril:
Her voice sounds like alcohol, drugs and hungover in the same time
Brylee L
Brylee L:
“slapping is for the bedroom not your skin care.”
Maria Paula SG
Maria Paula SG:
The thing that scared me the most was that she said she’s realizing her own skincare line
The most disturbing part here is that she is SO confident on what she’s saying!
Floor Van Der Boom
Floor Van Der Boom:
"I don't like to use chemicals on my skin"

*splashes water in face*

V V:
This is a small stupid thing but it bothers me that she still has on her rings while she washes her face lol
Bigbella Lilbella
Bigbella Lilbella:
You can tell she really believes she’s educating us😂
Orange Juice
Orange Juice:
Are you sure the makeup artist that slapped your face just didn't like you
She is wearing two watches and still can’t tell IT’S TIME TO STOP
Slapping your skin doesn’t “wake everything up”, also her skin got better cause of micro-needling not her skincare
B Pizzolato
B Pizzolato:
When she started scrubbing her under eyes in a “circular motion” I about died!!!!!! Then when she started slapping her face?!?!?!? WHAT?????
Swirlcookies9 AJ
Swirlcookies9 AJ:
I can’t wait for her to find out water is a chemical
Sara Nalen
Sara Nalen:
This is so awful and honestly irresponsible of her to recommend these damaging DIY masks when she obviously has no idea what she's talking about. She seems quite smug about it too, which is hilarious. I cringed so hard through the whole video. Girl, good luck.
Jessica Her
Jessica Her:
"I don't use moisturizer."

In 30 years - "Damn! should've used moisturizer."
She sounds like a self-taught dermatologist
Maud Forman
Maud Forman:
"The skin under your eyes is really delicate"

*Scrubs with abrasive texture*
Kindle Fire 77
Kindle Fire 77:
*Every aesthetician is literally screaming and having a panic attack right now*
maybe try using raw pork on your face, heard that's also natural.
Laney Schaefer
Laney Schaefer:
she’s literally her own ecosystem
Weird woman 18,2002$
Weird woman 18,2002$:
*Me age 10 years old making “potions” cuz I’m a witch”
Bitch FromHell666
Bitch FromHell666:
if she gets another video then she's probably going to use grass as a cleanser, thornes as a expoliater, and poison ivy as a moisturizer because NaTuRaL pRoDuCtS cAn"t HuRt YoUr SkIn
Her assistant is probably pretending to use it but actually uses good stuff and then tells her it’s good because he doesn’t want to lose his job
Thisis Fakee
Thisis Fakee:
What do you brush your teeth with: coconut oil

What about shampoo and conditioner: oh easy olive oil and coconut oil

What about deodorant: just coconut oil and cornstarch

Is it just me that thinks that she isn’t very nice smelling after this video
Ashleigh Davis-Chavez
Ashleigh Davis-Chavez:
She said “dry skin that’s oily underneath” ...she made all this shit up on the fly.
anny chua92
anny chua92:
I think Harper’s Bazaar should be really selective of the celebs skincare routine videos they’re uploading, people may be following them blindly & end up damaging their skin even worse lol.
Jamie Rocke
Jamie Rocke:
sis has two watches on and still can’t tell that it’s time for a new skincare routine 🤦🏾‍♀️ fix it Jesus
Lol girl you would've been better off eating the cherries
Faye Reid
Faye Reid:
Okay so I'm 100% convinced this is satire after she said "It smells like sugar and lemon" when the only ingredients are sugar, lemon and oil
Jessica Wang
Jessica Wang:
She acts like she knows exactly what she's talking about and knows a lot about what she's doing to her skin when she doesn't. I cringed so hard watching this. 😓🤢😖
Jialin Hu
Jialin Hu:
She’s making her own skincare line ? Guys, I think I found something worse than Kylie Skin
Su Shi
Su Shi:
Bella: *does not use a moisturiser*
Also Bella: "I have dry and dehydrated skin"
Jennifer Bleil
Jennifer Bleil:
Natural isn’t better when it comes to skincare literally skincare is formed in a lab for years with chemicals that are meant to help your skin..everything is a chemical🤦🏼‍♀️
so zen
so zen:
Bella, honey, help me understand here.

If I can make all of this stuff at home, why should I buy your skincare?
I wasn't gonna follow your advice anyway but it's a counterproductive marketing tactic.
Sherley H.
Sherley H.:
this girl needs to use 'The Ordinary'
Natalie Kay
Natalie Kay:
PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST THESE AND PRETEND YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SKIN CARE WHEN YOU CLEARLY DON’T omg okay my head hurts imma go use my jade roller and nourish my healthy skin with some ChEmiCaLs. Girl you’re a chemical 🙄 some people really think that chemicals in skin care means straight up lysol
Viktória Kovács
Viktória Kovács:
Her affect is so low. She is either on something or she is trolling.
baby yoda
baby yoda:
me in the bathroom at 9 after watching a “diy slime” video
namra tariq
namra tariq:
I came here after hyram's reaction to watch full 😂
Ema Tique
Ema Tique:
I can def see how she was dating Tana Mongue now
Linda T
Linda T:
She doesn't have any vocabulary, that's so sad how she ends her career
Passi T
Passi T:
Her “chemical this chemical that” also a smoker brushing with coconut oil also she’s a druggie
and a year and a half ago before she started all natural she still had clear skin so basically she’s doing this just for money her career went down hill what’d you expect
" the skin cant concentrate and relax" genius of the generation....
Hello There
Hello There:
She acts like she’s in the skin care industry. Sis doesn’t know anything 😳
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano:
Her tone of voice, her attitude. She really thinks she’s right and educating us 😭 she will age like milk
"I'm very oily on this area and dry on this other one so I constantly have to exfoliate..." By exfoliating constantly you're triggering your skin, which will start producing extra oil to make up for the barrier you just destroyed. It's like being thirsty and drinking salt water. Bella, you're stupid. Very stupid.
Samantha Jones
Samantha Jones:
Bella: So this makeup artist...
Also Bella: I do all my own makeup for sets.
Sophie e
Sophie e:
I've never heard someone talk this much bull**** at once. I mean good for her if she's happy with this skincare routine but don't be out here spreading false information and acting like you know all these things that you clearly don't and don't try to give false advice like that. This can actually harm people's skin and well being!
Camera man:
What the....

Did she just put cherries on her face
Mauricio Benavides
Mauricio Benavides:
is she just trying to scare us with the word cHeMiCaLs?
charlotte m
charlotte m:
im deathly allergic to cherries, should i rub them on my lips at night? idk if it would work as a tint but natural alternative to filler for sure
Lumorniel Sycamore
Lumorniel Sycamore:
"What about when you stop using that product? Is your skin reliant on that product?" Sorry Bella, you're cool and all but if you have dry skin and you use a moisturizer you're going to have to use that moisturizer regularly otherwise you'll just go back to having dry skin. Of course your skin wwill always be reliant on the products you use to make it look the way it looks.
My heart stopped a little when she started scrubbing under her eyes.. I’m like GIRL WHAT
Yall should stop with the hate comments........ I can’t like them all!
Luna Hernandez
Luna Hernandez:
Bella:I have so much scars🙁
Dermatologists:well you put lemon on your face and don't wear sunscreen what you expect???
Jessica Dedmon
Jessica Dedmon:
I cant handle the way she is talking. She’s trying too hard to be “cool”
Gracie Gallagher
Gracie Gallagher:
bella: *uses cherries to stain her lips*
also bella: *smears it on her face*
like girl what
Ray Gin
Ray Gin:
Bella be like:
fillers=👌🏻 bleach=👌🏻 alcohol and drugs=👌🏻 moisturizer=❌❌❌
Marissa Bollinger
Marissa Bollinger:
As an Esthetician I don’t not approve of this skincare routine 😭 I love Bella but this ain’t it
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie:
I swear when I read the title of this video I read it as “Nightmare Routine” instead of Nighttime routine and I’m seeing that would have been fitting
Literally you just showed us the exact reason why you have the problems you have lol. I cannot believe you don’t realize this. 😂
Foreign shibers
Foreign shibers:
Bruh is she a sociopath. I’m genuinely asking.
Abigail Hesser
Abigail Hesser:
Is no one going to talk about how she "brushes her teeth with coconut oil"

angelina ballerina
angelina ballerina:
I love how at least a third of the ppl in the comments don’t watch skincare videos but even they know that this is terrible
shay woods
shay woods:
I can't wait till she says that this is a prank lol 😂
“This is really sensitive skin right here”
It’s Addi
It’s Addi:
Bella: I am all natural
Also Bella: gets lip injections
Seoyon Shin
Seoyon Shin:
Me when I was five rubbing cherries on my lips pretending it was lipstick
• m o c h i • c l o u d s •
• m o c h i • c l o u d s •:
I’m sorry but isn’t water, and like everything a chemical?!
Mirelly Miranda
Mirelly Miranda:
she has surface dryness because she doesn’t use moisturizer... its not a skin type.
Haley Hansen
Haley Hansen:
“hopefully this inspired you to go all natural”

She says as she takes down her bleach ruined hair.
anna nylander
anna nylander:
Her: it’s kinda like a stain “applys to lips” ooo
Her: *applys to her face*
Emkat And dogs
Emkat And dogs:
Bella: I don't like or use chemicals and want to be as natural as possible

also, Bella: uses water (a chemical), Has many tattoos (obviously not natural), does drugs and drinks alcohol (smh), and gets obvious lip filler

Literally everyone: o_O
Doo doo poopy head
Doo doo poopy head:
Michelle English
Michelle English:
Yes all natural products, only coconut oil to brush her teeth but drinking alcohol and doing cocaine is totally fine!
Bali Simon
Bali Simon:
"Why was she wearing two watches?" My dad kept asking me😂😂😂
Jennifer G
Jennifer G:
Your skin needs to "concentrate and relax" lmaaaoooo
lola brini
lola brini:
5:28 "mkp doesnt cover texture"
so true: it looks worse when we see uneven texture under foundation. Like something putrefying under a cover.
Marjolaine Arias
Marjolaine Arias:
I can see the dryness of her skin through the screen and she’s like “i dont use moisturizer or anything crazy 🤪” lmao ok dryface
"All i do is this one diy scrub and mask... and also microneedling."
Alivia Showers
Alivia Showers:
In another video she puts on moisturizer but in this one she don’t like who’s lying ?
Andrew Ortiz
Andrew Ortiz:
Bella Thorne and this "skincare" is the female equivalent of BroScience.
bella they don't give me lemon scented hand towels in the plane...
Vi Haze
Vi Haze:
This entire routine is like when you forget that you have an oral presentation due, so you wing it and try to sound like you know what you're talking about, even though you clearly don't.
Starla Smith
Starla Smith:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the like to dislike ratio? 😂😂😂 thankfully not all people are blind to stupidity
Strawberry Artist
Strawberry Artist:
Y'all gonna freak when you learn water is a chemical!
Katilyn Boyer
Katilyn Boyer:
What MUA convinced Bella that she was slapping her face for HER benefit? 😂 That MUA needs to be in the acting business instead 😂
Arely Pacheco
Arely Pacheco:
Just throw the whole skin care routine away
Jasmin Robertson
Jasmin Robertson:
I get such an "I'm not like other girls" vibe