Beloved Actor Fred Willard Dies At 86 | Sunday TODAY

Comedian Fred Willard, a Hollywood favorite known for his roles in “Best in Show” and “Modern Family,” died Friday of natural causes at age 86.
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Beloved Actor Fred Willard Dies At 86 | Sunday TODAY

89 comentarios:

Tbone productions
Tbone productions:
Thanks for the laughs Mr. Willard. You will be remembered fondly
Jordan Bass
Jordan Bass:
He will be missed he was funny in how high 2020 sucks everybody dying this year
David Brandenburg
David Brandenburg:
he was a great actor, and will be missed!.
Glenn Thompson
Glenn Thompson:
R.I.P to a very funny man whom I laughed at as a child well until.
Funny without profanity or hate!
Dennis Morris
Dennis Morris:
Condolences for this charming comedian and to his family.
Micro Tasker
Micro Tasker:
Was hoping for some clips from Fernwood Tonight. Him and Martin Mull were a hoot.
Rickard Kaufman
Rickard Kaufman:
My mother was so shocked to hear his death. She loved him on Modern Family.
Jim McCracken
Jim McCracken:
Criminally underrated comedic actor.
Jeanie R
Jeanie R:
Awwww Fred....I love Fred Willard. Rest In Peace. Sincere condolences to your family.
Ed So
Ed So:
when i was a preteen in the 80's , my first experience with Fred Willard was on a show called "Real People". He was the best host, most natural and funny. He soon was on the David Letterman show because of Real People. Didnt see him for years (thought he had died or retired), then I went to see Waiting for Guffman in the mid 90's.... and there was Fred! .. lol He had a huge resurgence after that and never let up.
Alexander Gomes
Alexander Gomes:
This is a true loss of a great man RIP
Tennille C
Tennille C:
What is going on this past week or so has been crazy with all these stars passing away 🥺 it hurts my heart.
RIP, this reminds me of the episode of the review where Forrest takes his father in law to space...
Patrick Marcoux
Patrick Marcoux:
"Hey!! Wha' Happen!" RIP, Fred.
Oh dear.. loved him. RIP
Yes Colonel, I did go down to Kansas City and saw 4 Jacks and a Jill perform and it was great
A Hassan
A Hassan:
Rest in Peace!
Ross Hoyt
Ross Hoyt:
He brought happiness to so many! My favorite bit he did was with Tim and Eric, but he has a ton of classic roles. Talanted man and great person.
Spicy Crouton
Spicy Crouton:
Loved his part in anchorman where in his situation his son drops acid and fires a bow into a crowd
Crazy Chick Sheena
Crazy Chick Sheena:
We Will miss you willard a great actor 😢😢💖🇺🇸
scampt dizzler
scampt dizzler:
So sad. I loved his work in everything I saw him in.
Wow, I didn't realize he was that old. R.I.P
Jason Edward
Jason Edward:
Thank you for all the laughs and great acting, you will be missed! R.I.P
Zelltz ll
Zelltz ll:
Rip fred he will truly be missed and will always be in are hearts 😩❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
This is Spinal Tap cameo. Love it.
Astrah Cat
Astrah Cat:
As man, I love that guy
Sebastian Hurtado
Sebastian Hurtado:
RIP. Thank you for the laughs
Kimmel must be really2 sad....
i always like Fred W... RIP Sir...
jeff mitchell
jeff mitchell:
I love fred Willard. His "mighty wind" run was hilarious ("I dont think so!!" & "hey wha' happen?")
mary dupree
mary dupree:
RIP - Truly a loss ...
Warren Applin
Warren Applin:
RIP legend
Valerie Lake
Valerie Lake:
Make God laugh Fred. God speed.
Julia Simpson
Julia Simpson:
Miss ya Fred!
Supreme Tez VLOGS
Supreme Tez VLOGS:
Chris Strader
Chris Strader:
RIP Fred we will miss you greatly
william Bott
william Bott:
Thank you Fred, for making this unbearable world bearable.
Austin Lavey
Austin Lavey:
He lived a good life .
Mc. Raid
Mc. Raid:
Another great one lost. RIP
The Incredible MJ
The Incredible MJ:
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.
Scottie Dunnavan
Scottie Dunnavan:
RIP:( he looked exactly like my grandpa:/
Carol Dingle
Carol Dingle:
Rip he was a great actor
Pi Noy
Pi Noy:
His last tweet May 11 was saying goodbye to Jerry Stitler...imagine not knowing he is next. RiP !
Sherry Altman
Sherry Altman:
Great actor
Isaac Solis
Isaac Solis:
Well he lived a long and funny life and he died of natural causes. So it's not all bad. Better to live a long and funny life than the polar opposite.
Montez Moore
Montez Moore:
How High was his Opus to me because he was cussing and got high and he was still hilarious! RIP kind sir. I'm sure you'll have angels laughing as soon as you get there 👼
Frankie Gunnz
Frankie Gunnz:
Sad news. RIP Fred!
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges:
So sad what a loss I remember him in Harold and Kumar bring in some fresh diarrhea I mean dry towels! Rip thanks for all the laughs
shwkat ali
shwkat ali:
Funny dude rest in peace sir
Mark Schultz
Mark Schultz:
Seems like a generation passed away now
Saifuddin Ahmed
Saifuddin Ahmed:
RIP Fred, your quirky humor won me over, you never failed to make me smile. We love you and will miss you. The world is a better place for having had you in it.
Thank You for the laughter. 💔😪
Reggie Bambino
Reggie Bambino:
R.I.P Mr. Willard
Ivan Richard Mamuyac
Ivan Richard Mamuyac:
I don’t know a Ned!
He played in one of my all time favorite movies American pie. RIP. Fred Willard
Rest now Aslo✊😔😞
Zion Nuby
Zion Nuby:
He carried Stephen Colbert Trump sketches 😭😭
Danyal umut-bejarano
Danyal umut-bejarano:
this is the 10,000 famous old person this week right?
Metal Momma
Metal Momma:
RIP Fred Willard
In total shock
CuredTheAddict onTwitter
CuredTheAddict onTwitter:
The hemoglobin trotters
Anita Gillis
Anita Gillis:
I like this.
SteeLo Kasino
SteeLo Kasino:
RIP Freddy
zixto torres
zixto torres:
So sad.
Benjamin Bilbao
Benjamin Bilbao:
So saddened by the news. He was a very funny actor who brought years of laughter when it was needed most. My condolences to his family. R.I.P.
He die at 80 not 86
Unique. Funny. Comedy Genius.
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio:
Seems like everybodies dying
Elaine Yvette
Elaine Yvette:
He was so funny. RIP.
Carol Spencer
Carol Spencer:
Fred Willard also played on a mid 1970s late night show entitled " Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" I think he played either a game show host or talk show host/co-host. Anyone else remember that crazy show? A soap opera spoof.R.I.P. Mr. Willard. Talk show... Fernwood Tonight... Take off of Mary Hartman show.
Eusha Pokemon 2
Eusha Pokemon 2:
No No No Please No No No Oh God Please No No Nooooooo Creed RIP
Oof they late.
Sherry Altman
Sherry Altman:
He was good in American pie wedding
Roger Vallejo
Roger Vallejo:
I know why Steve Carell found Fred Willard funny. Willard played the clueless, un-self-aware character to comic heights. Carell perfected this character in Anchorman I & II, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and The Office. Willard's understated archetype was hilarious. I'm sure he winked all the way to the bank as have Carell and Will Ferrell for mastering this same character.
Dog Feva
Dog Feva:
Did he die of corona virus 🦠
Monte Cali
Monte Cali:
So you me to tell all the great senior actors are dying in 2020 because of natural causes not because of the sickness that 1,000's are still dying from🤔🤔🤔🤔 when we going to keep it real American?
Salute. A few years I will be next; but I will not even be a whisper because the world does not know me except a few of my family. I need to really pray to Jesus Christ every day and should pray as the Prophet Daniel who prayed 3 times a day. As God commanded, Pray everyday so you may be counted worthy in the day of judgement; but I procrastinate.
The DJ gamer
The DJ gamer:
2020 sucks
Trump’s A FatAss
Trump’s A FatAss:
wow this sucks. this guy was funny in everything. i was hoping to see him in the schitts creek movie that i wish was being made.
I, Spartacus
I, Spartacus:
Is it just me or have there been a lot of elderly deaths this past month not related to covid. I think its this stay at home thing to be honest. People die when they lose purpose. This virus is killing people that dont even have it.
Alexander Sheppard
Alexander Sheppard:
Herbie NYC407
Herbie NYC407:
Why is it everyone else died from the coranvirus but not him.

Let me add its no disrespect to his life and his career I truly liked him as a actor and comedian.
Gheorghe Petre
Gheorghe Petre:
It's funny how people who died of natural causes who are not actors, the doctor saids died Of coronavirus. And the actors who die of coronavirus they say they died of natural causes!!😂😂😂
Daniel Johnston
Daniel Johnston:
Hey! How about Phyllis George? She's gotten zero coverage! Wasn't she just as famous? Female sports broadcasting pioneer! She opened the door, and paved the way for countless female broadcasters! But, NO coverage? Maybe she was a Republican?