Ben Affleck Finally Reveals Why He Got Back With Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck Finally Reveals Why He Got Back With Jennifer Lopez

It’s official you guys - Bennifer is back and they’re reportedly crazy about each other.
J-Lo and Ben were recently spotted on their first public date together and sources close to the pair are saying Ben is over the moon he’s back with Jen 17 years after she called off their engagement.
So what did Ben reveal about getting back with Jennifer after so many years apart?

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willow pillow
willow pillow:
Old love never gets rusty.
If there once was a spark, it can start all over again ..
We all love a real romance. I still love my first love and if he came back, I'd go for it.
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith:
I believe you get 1 true love in life, I wish them the very best.
jigi w
jigi w:
i'm bennifer fan's 100% agree, they go back together.
Lydia Reaves
Lydia Reaves:
How quickly people forget the devastation he left behind when they parted ways. He is a cheater with booze and gambling addictions who seems to have a long track record of leaving destruction in his wake. If he has changed, I'm a wizard!
Soulmates if it's meant to be it's meant to be.
Bonnie Wagner
Bonnie Wagner:
First loves never die! I would know! I am back with my first love and we have a beautiful daughter together now. We went separate ways for 11 years, but we still remember how much we loved it each other and how we were always together and how much we connect! So good for them!
Lisa Silva
Lisa Silva:
Have you ever wonder how it would be if you had a second chance with one of your exes that you really loved? Well here is her chance, I know everyone says that they are moving too fast but you got to think about it they already wasted so much time apart and they known each other for so long, they both had time to grow especially her.
Jem Allen
Jem Allen:
You belong together. Ben...take her to Greece just the two of you. She said she'd like that.. Get married, make it intimate. Stay strong, fight hard for your love 💘
Nita Fy
Nita Fy:
Hopefully they work this out and settled down and put God in it for guidance without God we are nothing.
I’m all for Beniffer 2.0! 💗
Kelly Craig
Kelly Craig:
She loves him way more than he loves her. Should be the other way around!!!!
He is the love of her life, the only time Jennifer was visibly in love around a man, especially if you look at those interviews 17 yrs ago, she was oozing love and chemistry ..after that no!
Nina Gold
Nina Gold:
Wasn't it Ben who called off the engagement? It was reported that he'd cheated with a stripper plus there were videos out of Ben harrassing women.
Chanta Peak
Chanta Peak:
I am here for all of it. So happy to see them or anyone working on their happiness! Love for the win! ❤️
Ginette Ramos
Ginette Ramos:
Everybody is the love of your life once he leave you you’ll find the next one
Arrania Winter
Arrania Winter:
There is something very comforting in old love
Ann Sikorski
Ann Sikorski:
People forget
he went to a strip club and she found out and ended their engagement. One of the strippers broke the news at the time.
Demarcus washington
Demarcus washington:
Whatever ben affleck revealed it better not be bad something that can broke jennifer lopezs heart but I'm hoping it's something really nice and blessing you go jen and ben
They both deserve happiness and if that’s being together, so be it!
Jan Berestecki
Jan Berestecki:
Ben is a train wreck! Jen run as fast as you can!! Take time to get to know yourself!!!🔥🔥🔥
Funda Ulufer
Funda Ulufer:
Text book definition of a Twin Flame relationship. This is the reunion phase.
Britt Albach
Britt Albach:
I always was under the impression the HE left HER and that she was the one much more in love with him than he with her.
Hope I am wrong cause I love them both, just hope he wont break her heart once he is over his disappointments with Garner and Ana de Armas.
a wise man once told me:
"when it over its over, if outside conditions brought you apart, then yes you can come back together, but if the split was your own, it wont work again, why? cuz the reasons of the split , will surface again, as theyll always do"!
Ceiana Nunez
Ceiana Nunez:
Oh yes, I believe in "Happily Ever After's!"
Jessika Ormston
Jessika Ormston:
I'm happy for them I just feel she needs some alone time she breaks up with a man and starts dating another man and not saying that is wrong . I just feel she should be alone for a bit since she has never been single .
Beautiful to hear. Love that they’re happy
Mary Rose Moskowitz
Mary Rose Moskowitz:
Unless what broke them up in the first place has been addressed & resolved it will not work in the long run. Ben seems charming but doesn’t he struggle with abusing drugs?
Just what I like... !
Just what I like... !:
Don’t know the back story ... but I hope they’re both in it for the “Happily Ever After” ending♥️
Maleigh Johnson
Maleigh Johnson:
Omg from one man to another! This woman can’t go more than 3 days, if that, before being in another relationship!
ANina Kose
ANina Kose:
I always support this two right from the beginning back in days .
Jackie Davenport
Jackie Davenport:
Beautiful couple!! I, for one, wish them lotsa luck!
Magaly Herrera
Magaly Herrera:
They look so cute with each other and Ben is handsome I really like them as a couple. There is a saying What is meant for you, nothing or nobody will take it away...
Wonderlyn House
Wonderlyn House:
I am really happy for them, they're chemistry together is on 🔥 I love how Ben swept Jen off her feet with his first compliment to her on Twitter for all to see when he asked her where was she hiding the fountain of youth because she still looks as good as always😍My eyebrows were raised then and for good reason. I think the kids are just happy to see their Mom so happy.
Bless them both. To get a second chance is the most wonderful thing and I hope that they grab it and hold on for dear life. I also wish their ex-partners happiness too.
Desiree G
Desiree G:
She always seemed the happiest with Ben. True love never dies. I'm so happy for them.
Rebounding left overs is a no go area
Carolyn Crider
Carolyn Crider:
God grant them peace. Get married in secret, something small, and intimate. On the beach with the kids would be great..
Autira N.
Autira N.:
I'm here for it...whatever makes JLO happy... She deserves a true happily ever after.
Fab Orchid
Fab Orchid:
Didn't he say in an interview, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn’t. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity..."
After an exwife and 3 kids, he's still struggling with sobriety, dating porn star and 20 somethings!? Honestly, she needs to stop overlapping her situationships and he needs to stop being a manchild.

He'll break her heart again.
Dashia James
Dashia James:
They belong together. Cuz they're always really close to each other. A-Rod & J-Lol really weren't as close as J-lo is to Ben. They are true soulmates. Nothing more. Hope they'll stay together..!! #SOULMATES
I would love to be wrong and I wish them the best, but it won't last with him either!!
amina a
amina a:
Awww I hope I get back with the love of my life thier will never be another like him I love him soo much
Sharon Floyd
Sharon Floyd:
Love to see them together❤️❤️❤️You never stop true love if it’s meant to be you will find your way back to each other. Power couple.
Real All d Way - RAW
Real All d Way - RAW:
Always dating... never settling.

Sometimes you need a break from something you are not good at.
You can never heal if you keep doing the same thing over again.
She is addicted to dating and afraid to be alone.
Of course it would feel like love, it is called brewing moment. It is called A HIGH.

Caused by addiction.... to dating.
Ellen Muleya
Ellen Muleya:
Is it only I thinking these 2 kept in touch the whole time they were married to their spouses?
Bel wolf
Bel wolf:
But he came close to actually leaving her at the altar. I saw her dress at Vera Wang, it was beautiful and at that time called cursed because he called off the wedding days before. I don’t know the story but I did see that he was seeing Jennifer Garner, still married to her husband and this started around the time he was getting ready to marry JLo…. I’m not going to say I’m happy for her because it’s been
my experience he’ll hurt her again….. geez I hope I’m wrong, but I saw her wedding dress just hanging there and I thought she must’ve been devastated.
Lioness Queen
Lioness Queen:
I don’t care when they were together she released her best album this is me then. I hope she’s happy & it works out.
Love is timeless..Sending best wishes to Bennifer.. I love that she is relentless in finding her Fairy Tale Love.. they deserve another chance.. Don’t we all? Have a great day💕
Chris Topher
Chris Topher:
A bird is a bird. Ben really needs rehab. The dudes a mess.
Voshawn Parker
Voshawn Parker:
If you ever had that one person that you have amazing Chemistry and love for, you will understand...
Patti Bates
Patti Bates:
These two can’t go a week w/o a new love...let’s see how long it lasts this time...I give it 6 months
deedee Seyer
deedee Seyer:
I'm happy for them...hope this is it.
Zion Ambrosini
Zion Ambrosini:
She callled many men the love of her life please 😩🤣🤣🤣
Der Erste
Der Erste:
It's so sad for Jennifer Garner!
Matilda Torres
Matilda Torres:
Good for her I'm glad that she found her soulmate they really look good together many blessings to them
Kelly Long
Kelly Long:
She dates cheaters. Hope it works out. She goes out when she’s dating that’s for sure. She’s never single
Beth Sp
Beth Sp:
I knew when he married Jennifer Garner it would never last. She just cannot be alone. Kind of sad. She has done this so so many times. She falls hard, breaks up quickly, then moves on to the next guy, or an old flame.
The getting back together was quick after her breakup, but sometimes things are meant to be, so I hope it works for them this time.
And this is a perfect example of click/bait.
J Carden
J Carden:
I give this 3-6 months. I hope they stay together but I doubt this relationship will extend beyond a few months. Jlo is just repeating the pattern of dating men without giving herself time to decompress. This will be a disaster. And Ben likes younger women anyways. Good luck
They look good together, hope it works out this time 💖they have a lot of chemistry together 💕
Eva Veliz
Eva Veliz:
This romance is real! Sole mates, God bless them, they both deserve to find true love; and now find out that they both love each other always. 🙏
Yup it’s what she attracts. She never seems to be by herself.
Caitlin Flaherty
Caitlin Flaherty:
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez:
The ONLY successful PART 2 was THE GODFATHER . That’s it .
Betsy Padilla
Betsy Padilla:
IDK, I do want to see Jen happy. Only time will tell. I do wish them all the best, and yeah, ARod who?
Leah Schroeder
Leah Schroeder:
Yay they are back together again.
Soulmates, in heaven. 💖💖
Patti stepupstaffing
Patti stepupstaffing:
these two always loved each other. Ben always looked unhappy with Garner. Why they broke up I don't know, but neither was ever happy with all those they got involved with. She wanted to try to move on and have kids. He probably did not want kids and not with Garner. I believe Garner jumped on the situation. He saw teh noose tighten. It was always Jennifer Lopez he wanted. Same for her. I think Hollywood had something to do with it all.
I can't stand when a guy refers to a woman he's dating as "the love of his life" after having a long marriage and children with someone else. What an insult to Jennifer Garner. I wonder if he spends 12 years with JLo if he'll STILL feel that she's the "love of his life"? I kinda doubt it.
Shelly L.
Shelly L.:
Omg she’s never ever happy with any man.
Nancy James
Nancy James:
I totally believe in that one true love/soulmate love, sometimes you have to separate in order to grow and learn but in the end come back together. I am living this now, met my soulmate too young, together for 5 years but broke up due to life circumstances. I got married and had kids, then divorce. Then that love that I never got over came back in my life 7 years later...our love never died and still feels just as strong as it did all those years ago. There is hope!
Brian Pearson
Brian Pearson:
Duh! I've seen Ben's movie, "Gone Girl." Enough said.
Virginia Constantino
Virginia Constantino:
All these comments are really crazy first she looks happy with all the men she's had in her life second everyone looks at Alex as a cheater but who's the cheater if she was still in contact with Ben she looked happy with Alex according to her so I guess she's not as happy as they say she's just filming a move with Ben to get back at Alex besides who goes and jumps back to an ex and than says she's in love and happy be for real I don't think she knows the true love she's been in love to many times she just wants to be in the stop light besides Hollywood is the land of Solomon and Gormrroha I don't believe either one of them I wounder who's next on her list
Amber J
Amber J:
Imagine if they had gotten married, been together this whole time and had kids together?
Olive Branch
Olive Branch:
You can love someone and realize that they are not your "true love"
Some people change for better or worse overtime and grow apart. Love is not always a one- size- fits- all- forever- kinda thing for everyone.
JLO also is not the average every day kinda gal...
These people have entire teams around them sometimes 24/7 whispering in their ears and they don't always have the best intentions at heart. With that kind of environment anyone could be directed in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons thinking they are makingthe right choice. I think now that she is older, has experienced heartbreak, had children and grown into the mother and woman she was ment to be she may have a clearer perspective on things.
For those saying she needs to slow down and focus on herself; I would like to remind you all that you do not know how long they have been at odds for. Maybe they both checked out a long time ago. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Debra L
Debra L:
From watching her interviews I always thought she had issues handling all relationships anyway.
Sandy Morado
Sandy Morado:
When you’ve already dated EVERYBODY in Hollywood and have hit a dead end….😆
Jennifer is weird. She got with Mark Anthony three days later from the split from Ben and had kids with him. And now got back with Ben 3 days from the split with A-rod?🤔 Seems like She has no attachment or feelings for these guys to brush them off after 3days.
Madeline Abaza
Madeline Abaza:
I'm so happy they are back together, I love them both, its hard to believe they called it quits 17years ago and clearly looked like they were crazy about each other, they look great together Jen is a very talented hard working super star who deserves all the happiness in the world I wish them all the best now and forever.
Evelyn Rockwell
Evelyn Rockwell:
I'll never understand why she leaves one man &get with another man she needs to be to herself & think how to really settle down cause she has children & how they feel About so many men's in * their life cause they know mom was this certain guy & now hers another man for them to get use to I truly wish for her this time to make her happy & it last but when they were together long time ago he looked so sad & I guess this time they'll really be happy together second chance usually work out cause you've had time to Think about what went wrong b4🤩😍💖
eTheReal Deal
eTheReal Deal:
This video added no new info but yyyyyay bennifer!!!! I’ve never seen love sparkle like that between two people. It reminds my single self it’s possible
Yari's Squad
Yari's Squad:
I Like Ben..Great Actor and Person #Yarissquad
Linda Baek
Linda Baek:
You could tell they are soulmates. The way they look at each other is undeniable.
its lovely that they are back together but i feel bad for her kids tbh, it seems like she's constantly going from one relationship to another and i feel like that might be weird to them
v t
v t:
I still feel that Jennifer needs time to heal. This is a rebound and I believe they both know that. Why not wait a year or is Jennifer experiencing codependency? If this is right, take time to heal and wait a year. It's too soon for love for Jennifer imo.
Barb Kurschinske
Barb Kurschinske:
love to see them together bennifer fans ever
Carla Mulder
Carla Mulder:
They're a beautiful couple
I'm still really sad that he and Jennifer Garner broke up though.
Nancy Kassa
Nancy Kassa:
Didn't Ben just say not to long ago garner was the love that slipped through his fingers????
Sheepdog Ultra
Sheepdog Ultra:
So, the media screwed up their relationship. Hey, let's do it again! Vultures!!!
Milly Day
Milly Day:
I've yet to meet a successful couple where one or both are addicts! Anyone thinking about the kids?
C.C. D
C.C. D:
Strait Pride! We're Taking January For Our Own Straight Month And Parade in Every City, Every January, to Start The Year
Shelly Lavigne
Shelly Lavigne:
LOVE is just what it is...and unfortunately what it isn't
Sharon Peterson
Sharon Peterson:
She did love him .the media play a lot in there relationship .happy for them
Ana Fonseca
Ana Fonseca:
Todo lo qué haces me encanta , hermosa pareja .
Tus bellos hijos , suerte de tenerte como madre y a ti tus hermosos hijos 🥰🥰🥰
dee leon
dee leon:
The worst is to be trapped in the past!
haydee torres
haydee torres:
If you go back and watch their videos or can see how affectionate they were together. You don't see that in her other relationships.
Narcissists attract each other LMAO
Moses Memea
Moses Memea:
Haha man, I’d steer clear of her. Homegirl needs to see a therapist and find her self peace.