Ben Godfrey has signed for Everton from Norwich City for an undisclosed fee, penning a five-year deal until the end of June 2025.

The 22-year-old central defender, broadly regarded as one of England’s brightest prospects, captained England Under-21s on his full debut in September 2019 and was an integral part of Norwich’s Championship title-winning campaign in 2018/19.

Godfrey, who has also played in central midfield and at full-back during his fledgling career, graduated through the youth system at hometown club York City before signing for Norwich on his 18th birthday.

He is Everton’s fifth signing of this transfer window following the arrivals of Niels Nkounkou, Allan, James Rodriguez and Abdoulaye Doucoure.

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100+ comentarios:

Josh Kellett
Josh Kellett:
Footballers, take note: that's how you do an interview! Welcome to Everton!
20m could end up being a steal for an English player with this much upside.
Logen M
Logen M:
This could be Everton's season to win the Prem if they keep improving.
Adob Debunkology
Adob Debunkology:
Finally, we've signed someone to replace Pickford.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith:
Sad to see him go but wish him all the best, got loads of potential and passion and deserves the move. Hope you guys continue on the up this season, would be refreshing to see Everton in a title race 👍OTBC
EFC Matty
EFC Matty:
he’s a big lad, i’d fancy him in goal against the shite tbh
Shaney_ncfc -
Shaney_ncfc -:
Take good care of him from a Norwich fan !!
sai srini
sai srini:
Great signing blues!!
Dont lose the momentum....keep it moving and lets destroy liverpool after the break.
Lets goooo!!!!!!
Look Again
Look Again:
Absolute class signing.
Kid Charlemagne
Kid Charlemagne:
Q What's the time?
A Seven past Adrian.
Great signing. Be hard to get into first team at the minute after that display from yerry mina against Brighton and Keane being a regular starter for the don carlo
S Cross
S Cross:
Fair Play Moshiri for forking out for ANOTHER big money signing. COYB!!!
Ad_ Zark
Ad_ Zark:
A bright lad with awesome answers. Not to mention he's so cool n composed. Gd luck 2 u dude!
Cesar Tenorio Toro
Cesar Tenorio Toro:
Greetings from Colombia. I hope you win the Premier this season! James Rodríguez is a Top player!
sahil rehna
sahil rehna:
Liverpool vs Everton....After Watching Aston Game....Liverpool Backline And Goalkeeper 😂😊
Lucas Ericson
Lucas Ericson:
0:54 “Yeah, of course”

Gerrard: Dear God
Neil Proctor
Neil Proctor:
Welcome to the Toffees Ben!

And whilst I'm here ... 7-2 ... 😆😂🤣😂😆😉
Jay Runs
Jay Runs:
If we get a goalie today as well where more than set
Esteban Vidal
Esteban Vidal:
Welcome to Everton FC.
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor:
Welcome to everton lad💙
Daryl Novhiandy
Daryl Novhiandy:
Shrewd piece of business once again. Looking at the team sheet alone, Everton now have more quality than the 2005 side who finished fourth. Would like to see The (Serial Underachiever) People's Club go even better.
Jones St
Jones St:
If liverpool fc doesnt win epl, then I'll be glade if everton win this years, cause honestly I'm a fans for this two liverpool club.
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel
The Toffee Blues - Everton Fan Channel:
Brilliant signing! Up the toffees🔵
Great news ! Now go and buy a proper goalkeeper.
Wahyu Sarif hidayat
Wahyu Sarif hidayat:
always playing with a good performance, Everton can become champions this year,my name is Wahyu, from Indonesian
Jay Pono Ponting
Jay Pono Ponting:
Get in welcome mate UTFT
rory _3
rory _3:
welcome to the best team in liverpool
Mark-Alex Morridian
Mark-Alex Morridian:
Made up with this signing! He looks a talented lad and if he has any trouble breaking in to the squad we can always stick him in goal 😂👍
Bruno Lazão
Bruno Lazão:
Big signing! He's quick, smart and have great defending. Perfect addition to the team, hope he goes to the first XI in every game
Willie Kelly
Willie Kelly:
He speaks with a steady steel... Welcome Ben, Good Luck!
Juan Quintero welcome to everton
anouar taizoukt
anouar taizoukt:
Welcome to everton 💙💙💙💙💙
Sheila Kirwan
Sheila Kirwan:
Welcome to our great club. Hope you do really well here. 💙💙💙
34 wilfridus soinbala
34 wilfridus soinbala:
My favorite time, I love Everton 😁😁
Michael Ficetola
Michael Ficetola:
Looking forward to seeing Ben playing for us COYB
sai srini
sai srini:
The GOD is here and he is perfect - a young guy , great mentality and can play as right back or dm with allan. Change him carlo change him to his prime 💪🏼🔥💥
Reece Willoughby
Reece Willoughby:
Take care of him from a york city fan
Raine Shepard
Raine Shepard:
Welcome God!! I’m falling back in love with my club again. Thank you Don Carlo, thank you💙
ARMAN Mobin:
Everton is doing awesome on all fronts lets hope it continues the whole season
Ema Yarangga
Ema Yarangga:
Welcome to Everton 😊😊🙏👍
Ya Boy
Ya Boy:
Welcome to your new home🏡 Look forward to seeing you in the royal blue jersey lad 🔵
Trailing Arm
Trailing Arm:
Please tell me you've got a brother who's great in goal!
V Shenoy
V Shenoy:
Great signing! Will be huge for depth.
love from Nepal.
lets go Everton. time to win the league. Then Conquer Europe.
sai srini
sai srini:
Welcome ben!
Any other signings today?
Steven Melia
Steven Melia:
Welcome to Everton Ben 💙💙💙💙
Everton FL
Everton FL:
Welcome to everton Ben 💙
Gordon Hutchison
Gordon Hutchison:
Welcome to Everton Ben your at the best club
Seems like a good lad too !! Wish him all the best UTFT !!! 🔵🔵🔵
Free Fitness
Free Fitness:
Welcome to Everton, I once the blue has touch u, it will never be the same again. nSNO. cOYB
truth seeker
truth seeker:
Pickford has Zero competition.
Almost Robbing a Livin!!!
Welcome Ben it’s gna be a pleasure watching you grow with us an I for one am very excited aba you signing an like you’re mindset am sure Carlo will get the best out of you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
aj mccartney
aj mccartney:
Welcome, good luck
Tengku Dirga
Tengku Dirga:
From salford to everton at universe CJM!
Sir Robot Gaming
Sir Robot Gaming:
Could he be used as a right back if he's got pace and likes to utilise that on playing out from the back and pushing forward
Duks Billz
Duks Billz:
Love how Ancelotti is proving this Everton side
martin longford
martin longford:
good interview
Graham Lloydy
Graham Lloydy:
Speaks really well seems to have drive looks a physical specimen with speed looks like a great buy 💙💙
Seems a good honest lad with a willingness to work hard and play well
slindo Dlamini
slindo Dlamini:
Yea its definitely Everton vs Aston villa title race
Neil Leggat
Neil Leggat:
Good luck to Ben...joining a great set up.....thanks for all you’ve done for us Canaryneil 👏👍
Tanmay Sabharwal
Tanmay Sabharwal:
Great signing 💙
True Blue
True Blue:
Allans lil English bro 💙💪🏼
Daniel 11
Daniel 11:
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias
Muhammad Adib Arham Alias:
Can't wait to see match between Everton vs Liverpool, who will beat who
jeff ollerhead
jeff ollerhead:
Welcome Ben onwards and upwards x
A Class act welcome and enjoy your time 👍
last season liverpool..this season everton!
Love from Kenya. New Everton fan. Wish Everton all the best
Cal-EFC 1878
Cal-EFC 1878:
Sounds like a proper Everton player👌🏻
Life With Pops
Life With Pops:
Welcome to Evertonnnnnn!!! Best of luck lad.
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
Marchellinus 2603
Marchellinus 2603:
Go Everton
Will Lewis
Will Lewis:
Welcome Ben 💙
Yuyo Ramírez
Yuyo Ramírez:
We hope Everton become a great champion
Nelson Woldsen
Nelson Woldsen:
Just a goalkeeper away from the title
antonio herrera
antonio herrera:
Gran fichaje, sumará alternativas a la defensa del equipo👍
Kevin Deegan
Kevin Deegan:
Welcome Ben 🔵👍
mal jro
mal jro:
Nice buyying for transfer window Everton 🔥🔥
Tim Corrigan
Tim Corrigan:
Good luck Ben. Welcome
Tu Verus
Tu Verus:
Welcome, welcome. COYB
Fred Gomez
Fred Gomez:
Your welcome, brother to the family 👍👍👍😜😜
Likin Stories
Likin Stories:
Welcome, Ben Godfrey !!!
วราวุธ กองพิมพ์
วราวุธ กองพิมพ์:
Football Highlights
Football Highlights:
Im my fan everton
Mark Williams
Mark Williams:
I like the cut of this lad's jib 👍🏻
Bernie Crilly
Bernie Crilly:
Welcome to the very TOP Ben
Sean Roberts1991
Sean Roberts1991:
Welcome Ben
Everton please look after him as you don’t know the quality you truly have! 25m in the current market due to the covid shit is a steal as he’d have been close to 35-40m otherwise.. he will break his back for the club he is playing for so treasure him as you have a gem 💎🔰
Vernon Howard
Vernon Howard:
Get RLC on loan and sign Romero
Ernie Corbett
Ernie Corbett:
just need a keeper now
Cristol Dsouza
Cristol Dsouza:
What is Pickford still doing in the team?
Made Devi
Made Devi:
Gila..everton ada d pncak klasemen..sdah brapa thun tdk mlakukannya..good job.trus prthnkan prmainanmu
Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke:
Welcome here Ben UTFT
Jacob Zlot
Jacob Zlot:
Everton needs actually a DC if Calvert Lewin got injuried dont you Think?
Pedro Maverick
Pedro Maverick:
Welcome lad, top of the league, shite getting beat 7-2, derby next, DCL England call up, James, Carlo, new stadium. Good times ahead 💙