BEN GODFREY - Welcome to Everton! Defensive Skills & Passing - 2020

Watch highlights of Norwich defender Ben Godfrey during the 2019/2020 season. He has become one of the rising young players in the Premier League this season, the Englishman’s technique on the ball, aerial prowess, and physical attributes have come across as quality attributes.
Godfrey is an exceptionally good progressive player, driving the ball forward and making cutting passing beyond the opposition midfield and get the team up the pitch quickly. With his only recent move to the defence he does lack the ability to sense danger but is very strong in 1v1 defence situations.
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anthony mckenzie
anthony mckenzie:
Welcome Ben Godfrey to the people's club an honest club we'll look after you Ancelotti will guide you properly and soon enough you'll be in the England squad like Pickford,Keane & DCL. If Holgate wasn't injured he'd of been there to so the future can be Pickford Keane & Holgate partnership with Godfrey in front of them or Godfrey with Keane & Holgate in front with DCL up front. Either way lad your at a proper team now surrounded by good thing's going onto good big things. Well done congratulations for coming welcome to the family up the toffees 🙂
Norwich just agreed fee with Everton 😊
Ace_ Michu
Ace_ Michu:
It's sad to see Norwich go down they have a very solid squad with lots of talented youngster. Hopefully they would be back on top soon.
Tony C
Tony C:
Anticipates,gets a foot in,plays in bandages....we'll have him.Cheers Norwich.COYB
John Eccles
John Eccles:
I think he is going to play him as a defensive midfielder in front of the centre half’s
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas:
I've never really noticed Norwich's backline till now cause they have been leaking goals left and right... But damn they have really good players like Aarons and Godfrey
Kevin Birchall
Kevin Birchall:
welcome to everton
bulbul yare
bulbul yare:
1:29 look jorginho running like my grandma 🤔
Everton FL
Everton FL:
Welcome to Everton Ben Godfrey 💙
Danny Pinkus
Danny Pinkus:
Looks class good signing for us
Dave Walker
Dave Walker:
Wow you where early making this video like!!!!
Stephen slick
Stephen slick:
Just what we need, another fantastico signing.😊
Santiago Rubio
Santiago Rubio:
Everton Champion, good team! 🔝🔥
Dephika Channel
Dephika Channel:
Good signing
chidera ejike
chidera ejike:
Welcome to everton
Danny Farley
Danny Farley:
Everton football club will. Get him
Mr Monk
Mr Monk:
Norwich couldn't really turn down £26m+ for him. Has the potential to be great, but was at fault for so many goals last season. He is replaceable
Tommy Martin
Tommy Martin:
how did you know he'd sign for everton 2 months ago 😂
norwich hucks
norwich hucks:
He has to be good if Pickford is behind him !
Fran Riding
Fran Riding:
I know it all his best bits in the footage but he looks brave on the ball and always looking for the vertical pass.
Music for the pandemic
Gregg Taylor
Gregg Taylor:
Very good signing for Everton
good leader still. jheeeze career mode with everton first i think
evertons won the league then
Vincent Joe
Vincent Joe:
It's should be on Chelsea player and hire him as a Captain as same as John Terry does
j b
j b:
He really was a good defender, particularly at his age. Its a shame his CB partner he was paired with would generally let him down. I would say his only weakness would be his marking in the box for low crosses.
Zeeshaan Jappie
Zeeshaan Jappie:
United know who they must buy now😂😂🔥
jay cordt
jay cordt:
How did you upload this 2 months ago?!
Mr Chode
Mr Chode:
30 million for someone who can't defend is insane. Hanley is better than him defensively. Will flop for that sort of money.