Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Margaret Thatcher’s Downfall

How did Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister come to such a brutal end? Anita Rani explores the battles and betrayals that led to Thatcher’s demise in Downing Street after 11 years, supported by extraordinary archive footage of the events that unfolded.

The Crown Season Four. Now Streaming.

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Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Margaret Thatcher’s Downfall

In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

100+ comentarios:

Abay Dulom
Abay Dulom:
I realised just now😲😲😲 that Gillian Anderson totally nailed the voice of Margaret Thatcher.
iused to
iused to:
One day we will watch “The Presidency” on Netflix and we’ll watch about how the pandemic and election of 2020 went lol
Gillian Anderson better win the Emmy.
Kem Armecin
Kem Armecin:
Gillian Anderson's portrayal as Margaret Thatcher may lead her to winning awards. And I can't wait to see her as Otis' mom again in Sex Education S3.
Sooji Choi
Sooji Choi:
Netflix, I really like these clips on your shows' historical content. Keep them coming!
Filipa da Silva
Filipa da Silva:
I don’t think Gillian “nailed” the impression of Margaret’s voice, but she definitely did a good job. People are being way too critical saying she “over did it”, but forget that Gillian’s voice is very unique and it’s impossible to get away from that.
Charlene Baltimore
Charlene Baltimore:
People who think she's doing a bad job at her voice don't remember her voice.
Christina Van Klink
Christina Van Klink:
Anyone else think the host looks like Meghan Marcel...
Gâteaux Addicted
Gâteaux Addicted:
But seriously Gillian Anderson nailed the role & voice of the Iron Lady 😳😳😳😳😳😳
Man, Anita Rani’s (the narrator) voice is like silk pouring in your ears.
Scott Andrew
Scott Andrew:
I just came here to say I’m only half way done the season but Gillian Anderson is such a good actor she deserves multiple awards for this. Unbelievable.
In the end, Thatcher got the last laugh with Brexit. The pro-EU wing of the Conservative party that betrayed her is all but dead now.
Erivelto Martins Barros Junior
Erivelto Martins Barros Junior:
Personally, I'm still trying to grasp that Ms. Thatcher was chasing aliens as Dana Scully some years ago.
Raynard Yu
Raynard Yu:
Who else has been watching all these supplementary content after finishing the new season?
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman:
99% comments on "Gillian Anderson better win Emmy" & she should
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
Today, November 15, 2020. Prince Harry is to the day the same age as Princess Diana when she died. No better day to drop the new season of the Crown
Dawn I
Dawn I:
Gillian Anderson deserves ALL of the awards for her portrayal
jurgen gibson
jurgen gibson:
Thatcher visited my primary school when she was PM. The parents were not told and police guarded all gates stopping the parents from picking kids up. At that time we were quite often regional targets of the IRA so they were frantic. We came out so excited to have met and talked to the PM. Our parents not so much.
Heidi Fanning
Heidi Fanning:
I abhor Thatcher's politics, but I found myself agreeing with her bad impression of the royal family as portrayed in The Crown. They do seem like frivolous, snobby, useless people whose strange idea of what work is, is really laughable.
The main problem is Gillian Anderson is too good looking to impersonate Maggie T. But I have to say she definately gave her best. Her voice was spot on.
juanita dark
juanita dark:
"The Battle of Trafalgar"? Are you sure they weren't just called the Poll Tax riots?
Juan Miguel Surposa
Juan Miguel Surposa:
Gillian Anderson really became Margaret Thatcher on her role, The most brilliant part is. You almost come to think of it as if she really was Margaret Thatcher while watching The Crown.
Cornelius Rue
Cornelius Rue:
Gillian's portrayal of her was actually very comical and exaggerated, from her posture, to her facial expressions and to her voice which sometimes sounded like a very old woman.
as, if not more polarising than trump, but a hell of a lot smarter and even as a woman i loathed i did respect her as an individual
Matt Evans
Matt Evans:
Seems Thatcher had the last laugh. Her chosen candidate won, and Heseltine lost. Proving even in her final moments, she could still deliver, a knock out blow.
Mia Veranika
Mia Veranika:
The narator lady could be my history teacher and I would love to hear her tell story all day!
Because of Thatcher we got a lot of Classic New Wave songs in the 80's, and for that I am always greatfull ;-)
Fun fact. The Thatcher government decided to introduce the Poll Tax a whole year earlier in Scotland, because the Scots hated all she stood for.
Cornell Bromo
Cornell Bromo:
Anita Rani's voice just made me loose my saliva supply for the week
Judith Wilson
Judith Wilson:
Gillian Anderson is amazing as Thatcher, she actually manages to make her more dislikable by her brilliant acting.
Another cracking outfit, Anita!
David Sebastian Hartono
David Sebastian Hartono:
Netflix should make a documentary about Mrs Thatcher. Her story is very interesting because it discusses sexism, power and leadership.
Cam And Minnepeg
Cam And Minnepeg:
Somewhere @Plumbella is making a cuppa to calm down.
One click
One click:
Anyone else think the host looks like Meghan Marcel...
I like how the Iron Lady used the royal "we" hahahaha.....
When she openly admitted to her daughter that her brother was her favorite because he was "stronger" and kept kissing his behind after he came back from Algeria, was so disgusting that I had to come here to see how she ends.
I didnt quite like G.Anderson's portrayal of Thatcher..... I find she over did it....
Chayanika De
Chayanika De:
can i just say Geoffrey Howe's casting was the most perfect in this season .. although other actors were brilliant
David Revaza
David Revaza:
Gillian Anderson is absolutely brilliant. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher will lead her to win highest awards 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sectionc saisai
Sectionc saisai:
She is such a great human being
Kathy Navin
Kathy Navin:
One day we will watch “The Presidency” on Netflix and we’ll watch about how the pandemic and election of 2020 went lol
Kate Smyth
Kate Smyth:
I’ve read that some reviewers think her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher is exaggerated. Well I was there, and I can assure you that it is spot on.
Gillian didn't nail the accent in my opinion. It was way too strained, especially when you put her and Thatcher's voices next to each other.
agung purnomo
agung purnomo:
I really enjoyed this 9 minutes 32 seconds of my life watching this. Very informative short feature.
Nelinho Domingues
Nelinho Domingues:
Gillian Anderson was more Thatcher than Margaret herself
Bruce Robertson
Bruce Robertson:
According to the Crown she was called the "Iron" Lady because she spent so much time ironing.
Just listen to the real Thatcher. The actress obviously tried too hard, especially the voice.
Lisa Schuster
Lisa Schuster:
(Echoes of the American Revolution!)
Neil Roberts
Neil Roberts:
Two things to note:
1) Howe was in support of the EEC, it wasn't called the EU back in 1990 and was entirely different
2) Hurd and Major did not put their names forward until after Thatcher withdrew
Irina Krugler
Irina Krugler:
I couldn't wait for season 4 release, the best historical drama series Netflix has ever done in my opinion. Costumes, palaces, acting, story line (sometimes not historically accurate), opulent production left me breathless. However, Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Margaret Thatcher was disappointing to me. She made Thatcher look like a waxed figure with her unnatural facial expressions that was almost a caricature.
nmh ol
nmh ol:
The "poll tax" (if you will), was yet another glaring example of Thatcher's alternate reality, or delusional reality. It was the last straw to an overburdened populace and her political death knell.
Oh look how she talks about the 100 police injured at The Poll Tax Riots, but never mentions the number of civilians battered with clubs and trampled beneath horses. Obviously a tory.
ripped the heart oot a this community
Craig Denno
Craig Denno:
She was right....there were no suitable successors to her Prime Ministership. John Major was dreadful
Gotta love that "funding terrorist groups in Ireland" girl power
Tony Johansson
Tony Johansson:
30 years ago. I remember being a child, watching my mother go sad and my dad go happy, on this occation.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly:
She nailed the part.
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor:
Jackanory was less patronising, albeit for kids. Old hat and who needs the muzak?
Chardonnay Smith
Chardonnay Smith:
Gillian did her role like Lady Dedlock on acid.
Mel Christensen
Mel Christensen:
I think Gillian Anderson is an amazing actor, first off. But she did not do a good portrayal of Thatcher. Her voice and mannerisms were exaggerated to the point where it felt more like a caricature than any homage to the original MT. Not sure why they ran with that angle. I can only guess that they imagined a large portion of their audience did not grow up having to watch Thatcher give her speeches on the TV and so weren't familiar with her.
For those of us who were, however, Anderson missed the mark.

No great loss, it was still an enjoyable watch. Even if they tried to make ole Maggie more sympathetic at the end of the day. Didn't work, unfortunately. Too many of us had to grow up under Thatcher's policies and we haven't forgotten the damage she inflicted.
Media Management
Media Management:
I never will understand why the poll tax was the hill she chose to die on.
Kahless the Unforgettable
Kahless the Unforgettable:
These mini-docs are very well done!
Anna Tamparow
Anna Tamparow:
Notice she used the royal plural 'we'! The joke at the time when one-pound notes were swapped for coins instead was: What is big, round and wants to be a sovereign?
Vig Gleeson
Vig Gleeson:
Riveting storytelling - Great authority and voice - Beautifully narrated
Christian Eduardo
Christian Eduardo:
Can we, people of the world, nominate Gillian Anderson as Sexy Prime Minister of Netflix ?
Arman Strong
Arman Strong:
Disappointed they didn’t add the hong kong passing to china
Toni Idowu
Toni Idowu:
Anita looks gorgeous🤩✨
Wow, that’s a impressive feat there major, being the youngest prime minister.

It would be a shame if someone came along to take that away
Luis Pablo Seit
Luis Pablo Seit:
Ché, por qué no hacen una serie sobre Margaret, y listo!
Terrie Josia
Terrie Josia:
Gillian Anderson stole the show and the season. Give her all the awards
devyn escatell
devyn escatell:
"The Battle of Trafalgar"? Are you sure they weren't just called the Poll Tax riots?
8Bit Maniac
8Bit Maniac:
Started to watch and was feeling sorry for Thatcher... so I had to stop. When the most down to earth and reasonable person in a show is somebody that wrecked millions of lives you've gone wrong somewhere.
Jim Mork
Jim Mork:
No mention whatever of those mangled by the Thatcher juggernaut. Typical.
Cory Reynolds 2001
Cory Reynolds 2001:
I loved this series... I just literally remember straight away all of the Mps from Spitting image, John Major Appearence on the last episode... Could be interesting to see him in the new season if there's another one ❤
I feel like Millicent Martin could have played the role of Margaret Thatcher better than Gillian Anderson. Plus they talk and look alike!
No no no, I think Steve Nallon has the voice. The rest are ok, they don't have the 90% mark.
nikos GR
nikos GR:
Well Thatcher got what she deserved even a bit delayed. As she put it , no room for the weak and she was the weak at the end!! Anderson was excellent in the part.
A McDonald
A McDonald:
Ah the story of how the slime ball tried to overthrow his leader to sell out the UK to the EU.
Yvan Krzeslo
Yvan Krzeslo:
Thank you for this interesting conversation
Sick Pup
Sick Pup:
John Major went on to win the 1992 General Election against all odds. The election that Labour was "meant to win".
Ludovico Gnutti
Ludovico Gnutti:
Wish we had politicians we balls the same way she did. 😂
David Chinna
David Chinna:
At least she was ousted without ending up like caesar
Ones foes are those of ones own household or cabinet
Heseltine was always jealous of Mrs Thatcher
She's reading the autocue out like its a Jackanory story on kids TV!
Subhrajit Gupta
Subhrajit Gupta:
Gillian Anderson was good but felt exaggerated and old in the role at times. Meryl Streep was the best as Thatcher. Gillian nailed the voice though.
Lauren G
Lauren G:
Oh god this is so good. Bravo worthy
Tom Murray
Tom Murray:
God I’m so glad she’s in the mud
Peter Sicheri
Peter Sicheri:
Love the host... Perfection beyond compare 👌
Dictation eloquence and very British The perfect Host
Nass Khan
Nass Khan:
Gillian Anderson did an excellent job.
You have a fantastic voice and presentation of your programme. Congratulations.
Paige Finnegan
Paige Finnegan:
Weird that I’m watching this on 22 Nov. (2020)
Keshon Smith
Keshon Smith:
One of the three legendary Prime Ministers of the 20th century and we focus on a resignation. 11 and half years in office and we focus on a resignation. Inflation at an all time low and we focus on a resignation 😐. Unemployment at record lows and she focuses on a damn resignation 😑.
James Pout
James Pout:
Maggie’s in the mud👌
Gillian has to win an Oscar for her role!! ♡
Miqueias Martins
Miqueias Martins:
Margaret Thatcher was an extraordinary woman... the nickname "Iron Lady" fits her perfectly. Unfortunately, The Crown fell short to portray her 11 years in power, there was so much material that she could be on the show for 2 seasons, imagine Gillian Anderson playing some of her battles on the parliament, or some Falkland war scenes... I missed that on the show, it was too little and too fast... almost like the producers were in a hurry to finish. Well... at least Gillian Anderson was perfect as Thatcher, she did a GREAT job and I love The Crown.
Charles Horn
Charles Horn:
How could the series ignore the Fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of Soviet Union. That is a massive gap that turned the Crown into a soap opera.
Ronni Adam
Ronni Adam:
Gillian you are truly superb, you really nailed Mrs Thatcher, the crown is totally yours. 🌹
Megane Sergerie
Megane Sergerie:
These extras are so well done!! So interesting!
daniel Bang
daniel Bang:
No one going talk
About the stuffed cat in the back 🤦‍♂️
So many of the protests against Thatcher are called battles