Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Margaret Thatcher’s Rise to Power

How did the daughter of a greengrocer become Britain’s first ever female Prime Minister? Join Anita Rani to examine Margaret Thatcher’s rise to power and how her beliefs changed the United Kingdom forever.

The Crown Season Four. Now Streaming.

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Beneath The Crown: The True Story of Margaret Thatcher’s Rise to Power

In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

100+ comentarios:

Mike Thieman Jr
Mike Thieman Jr:
It’s a trip to see Thatcher talking with her daughter Carol... who was played by Olivia Colman in “The Iron Lady”
Lucy Billington
Lucy Billington:
Please someone else comment that “Thatcher wasn’t head of state”. Jeez, we got the memo!
Ratatoskr the Squirrel of Doom
Ratatoskr the Squirrel of Doom:
Judging by the comments section, it's either I'm ridiculously early or people just don't have strong emotions about Thatcher... I'm early, aren't I?
Daniel Valencia
Daniel Valencia:
Head of government not head of state. Her majesty is head of state.
Davide Orsini
Davide Orsini:
Gillian did a better job than Meryl Streep, and Meryl was amazing in the Iron Lady! She won an Oscar! I think Gillian deserves the Golden Globe or Emmy as Best Supporting Actress in a drama series
Horatio Huskisson
Horatio Huskisson:
The Prime Minister is Head of Government. The Queen is Head of State.
I am more interested now in “Beneath the crown” than “The Crown” itself.
Very dishonest and unflattering portrayal of Thatcher. Shame they stopped caring so much about history this season.
“Controversial” = exceedingly popular and successful and we hate it!
Ki-Sean Excell
Ki-Sean Excell:
Already into episode 4 and Gillian is serving the Iron Lady Justice with her roll. She’s cold, strong, convictional and hardworking. Casting was perfect.
Ramon Hara
Ramon Hara:
3:02 I love The Crown, but come on Netflix, Thatcher was never head of state. Only the sovereign can be head of state, in this case, The Queen, your show’s protagonist.
Margaret Thatcher was never head of state . She was as PM Head of Government. The Queen is the Head of State .
Gâteaux Addicted
Gâteaux Addicted:
I just watched the 3 first episodes & truly Gillian is a genius actor - I think I will watch it all by next 2 days 😁😁😁
Ian Southward
Ian Southward:
She was hated - until everyone found out she was on the team that invented Mr Whippy smooth ice cream... just saying.
anand deepra
anand deepra:
The Prime Minister is not the head of state, that would be The Queen.
Max Lewis
Max Lewis:
This is totally bias - can you please mention the success she achieved economically and the massive long term in economic growth and jobs by the early 90s!

Outrageous and inaccurate
Darren Thorn
Darren Thorn:
Binge watched all 10 on Sunday. Gillian is a wonder!!!! Absolutely nails Thatcher!!!! Great season, already buzzing for season 5!!!!
Po A.
Po A.:
Gillian did a great job doing thatcher..... i do have to say she CHANELLED Meryl Streep's Thatcher almost to the T.... they even look alike in Thatcher makeup!!
Thatcher was never 'Head of State'; that's the Queen. Thatcher was 'Head of Government'. A small slip of the tongue by Anita, but one sometimes forgotten by Thatcher herself. By the way, when Thatcher came to power, she was determined to reduce the size of the state and control public sector pay in particular. However, one of the first things she did was to give the Police the biggest percentage rise they have ever had - before or since - she knew she was in for a fight at home. Part of paying for that was major cuts to the Defence budget. Had Argentina just waited 18 months, those cuts would have meant the UK could not have recovered the Falkland Islands.
Manny Antunes
Manny Antunes:
she wasn’t head of state. that’s the queen.
Eric Plunder
Eric Plunder:
The impression that Thatcher lacked compassion exists is because Thatcher lacked compassion.
2:53 What happened between 1951 and 1979? That entire "Rise to Power" part was missing..
Watching Season 4, Episode 3 - after the scene where Margaret gets her nails painted, you see a mouse Scurry across the screen! Look closely at the floor!
Feels like im on cbbc
Odd camera framing, kept getting distracted by a white shoe waggling around in the bottom right corner.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith:
Give Gillian Anderson the BAFTA already.
Flávio Sousa
Flávio Sousa:
"Tatcherism", you meant Neoliberalism
Max Blomqvist
Max Blomqvist:
Video: First female head of **government**

Comments: Well actually, the queen is the head of state, not the PM.

Boz 360
Boz 360:
Did anyone else notice that the character of Mrs. Thatcher on The Crown acted a whole lot like Shakespeare's Richard III?
Scott Sterling
Scott Sterling:
Head of state. She probably saw spitting image
Juyong Park
Juyong Park:
A hard-working man was her idol -- her conviction was a sound one.
Juan Rubio
Juan Rubio:
The Queen is Head of State. The Prime Minister is Head of Government.
Monique Sinha
Monique Sinha:
The host is wonderful and her outfits are always so chic ❤️
Mark Gable
Mark Gable:
Let's just say Thatcher dragged Britain into the 21st century, and bwoy did it hurt.
David I
David I:
At Oxford "she was surrounded by the rich and privileged and had trouble making friends..." and then spent the rest of her life trying to make life easier for those rich and privileged people by screwing over the working class.
Dr T
Dr T:
My paternal grandmother's family were also Roberts in Grantham. My great aunt, having the same surname and being in same year group, sat next to her in class and became her friend. My gran and other siblings didn't like her.
Joshua Waring
Joshua Waring:
Thatcher was like an anti-feminist, what are you talking about?
john will
john will:
She was very close to her sister. There is a very interesting doc on letter exchanged by the two.
Sowrya Kasim
Sowrya Kasim:
How do you do an entire show about the Queen and then go on to call Thatcher the head of state?
Darryl Delorey
Darryl Delorey:
Love her or hate her she definitely left a mark. I respect anyone with strong convictions even If I disagree. She was tough no doubt about it. Yet maybe It was for the greater good? The fact she was looking out for her son's business interests in South Africa, preventing the sanctions, was quite shocking. If that claim can be substantiated.
Le blanque
Le blanque:
She was head of government not head of state! You would have thought they would have gotten that right!
aldix 007
aldix 007:
I'm really fascinated in Margaret Thatcher politics. I'm not really have strong emotions as not British, but Thatcher has influence on other country, for example Poland, which she visited. I'm planning to dig into her career and to make my opiniom about her. But I know now that she is really influence figure, even you don't like her action.
Can't wait to see Gilliam Anderson as her!
Tom Servo
Tom Servo:
if only we had puppets to demonstrate the complex social conflicts during this time
C. Brogan Savage
C. Brogan Savage:
A lot of Thatcher’s ideology came from Enoch Powell. Also - I imagine her and Nixon would have gotten along given their work ethic and hatred of the privileged elites.
Sweet Suite
Sweet Suite:
The definition of quitting: insert here

The opposite of that: Margaret Thatcher
Stipe TV
Stipe TV:
It was 11 and 1/2 years. Yes, there was ice, frost and glaciers in between, but I'm sure there was a little bit more as Maggie Thatcher was given the Order of Merit, which The Queen had only given before to Winston Churchill. I've always admire Maggie. Last episode of this season confirms that The Queen also did. You also missed the attempt on her life!!!
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker:
Ah Thatcherism, aims to bring down taxes outcome uk tax bill goes up, aims to cut government spending outcome expenditure increased to record levels, aims to reduce the power of central government outcome more bureaucracy, aims to resist European federalism outcome Britain is taken deeper into Europe.
Akhtaruzzaman Joy
Akhtaruzzaman Joy:
2:37 she reminds me of my college gf who was stone and power hungry individual. Looks also similar.
would anyone know where there lovely lamp can be seem for sale
“bugger the miners”
Gillian Anderson did a remarkable job as Margaret Thatcher, but I think she overdid the voice. The real Thatcher had a deeper tone and Gillian was too familiar with Meryl Streep's potrayal as they both speak in higher pitch. Tho they both share the calmness.
Melanie O'Hara
Melanie O'Hara:
Just saw the whole of Season 4–brilliant! Thanks for this info on Maggie. Cheers from Wyoming!🌹
Nice elaborate addition to the marvelous series 'The Crown'
Veronica Avila Honores
Veronica Avila Honores:
We want subtitles!!!
Cool Christiangirl
Cool Christiangirl:
I always find it interesting when a self made politician that came from a low class treats the lower class when they get into power. Thatcher and her policies reminds me of Alexander Hamilton and his policies, which largely gave power to the rich and made them richer at the expense of the lower class, where he came from. Are they trying to prove themselves by hurting the poor and helping the rich?

I am not ripping on Thatcher and Hamilton, I’m just pointing out an observation.
Gillian At Home
Gillian At Home:
Getting big Lucy Worsley vibes from this host ❤️
Marisol Diaz
Marisol Diaz:
Gillian Anderson, Amazing👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Louis Drolet
Louis Drolet:
The narration by Anita Rani is excellent.
Dixie Normous
Dixie Normous:
Weird how much her dad looks like dennis. 👀🤔🤣
Reese Hendricksen
Reese Hendricksen:
As far as I know, and feel free to correct me, Thatcher was instrumental in recreating the UK economy. From the previous century the economy was dominated and fueled by the empire, though with its passing the economy didn't change it only shrank and continued to do so. Thatcher created the environment to support the UK economy by private UK business' rather than state firms and policies of the empire, hence creating the modern UK economy. Please let me know where and what you agree or disagree with.
typical guy
typical guy:
Somehow I was rooting for Margaret Thatcher, as the queen and her family looked like bullies, between the two ladies, clearly Margaret seemed stronger
Her policy made UK great again.
B L:
They should have included the Poll Riots in the show.
Corbin Lubianski
Corbin Lubianski:
I really enjoy these videos!
Jonathan Andrews
Jonathan Andrews:
Keeps confusing head of state with head of government, pretty big thing to overlook since the distinction is such a big part of the show...
david lincoln brooks
david lincoln brooks:
Beautifully done discussion here. The UK produced some of the very best pop music records ever made, during this time... paradoxically?
CX A340
CX A340:
So many of the people denouncing Thatcherism here have no memory, probably because they were not even born yet, of how painful inflation was in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and how it crippled every working person - inflation is a tax in work and on savings.

Even worse the UK as well as the US was actually experiencing stagflation in the late 1970’s which is the horrendous combination of stagnation and inflation - so you have no prospects of getting a job and the money you have saved becomes worth less and less every day.

There was no other alternative for the West but to take the very painful medicine needed to bring inflation under control, and to deal with the economic fallout of closing loss-making state run enterprises that demanded more and more of the budget while punishing ordinary working people with less and less services and higher and higher taxes and public debt.
Fresh Turkey
Fresh Turkey:
Someone please tell Netflix, it is the Queen who is the Head if Britain.
Graeme B
Graeme B:
Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! Dead! Dead! Dead!
Orsen Carte
Orsen Carte:
Didn't Thatcher have something to do with Mad Cows Disease ?
Walter wicks
Walter wicks:
The definition of quitting: insert here

The opposite of that: Margaret Thatcher
Josh P
Josh P:
I'mma go get some coffee and just wait for everyone to find out that Thatcher was a hardline nationalist conservative.
Sebastian Harrison
Sebastian Harrison:
This video is full of inaccuracies
Interesting to see how a war that cost hundreds their lives can be someone else’s saving grace
Karla Tanaka
Karla Tanaka:
Love Maggie, such a strong figure
Ling Ouyang
Ling Ouyang:
Pretty Maggie
Rhett N.H
Rhett N.H:
Slay the poor people queen!
I think a lot of her ideas were decent and came from a good place but her execution was dreadful and resulted in a lot of awful side effects. It’s a shame because she could have been amazing and exactly what we need nowadays, someone strong and decisive. But just not with the mass unemployment and the attempt to privatize the NHS among may other things.
She was ultra based
Claire Magnuson
Claire Magnuson:
Thatcher sounds terrible. I’m young and American and all we learned about her in school was that she was the first female prime minister, and that she was like the British, female Ronald Reagan. This video and the crown didn’t paint a prettier picture. By the end of the season, what was most disturbing to me was the length of her reign and her refusal to adapt. Not sure if that’s totally accurate, but she was called the Iron Lady. That length of reign and that attitude reeks more like a despot. Also, using wars to hold onto power, glory, and imperialism makes my blood boil. I think it would’ve made sense if she served one regular term, and then was voted out for making the lives of many of her citizens worse, and for not understanding the mechanisms that keep the poor poor. Lastly, I’m guessing they overdid this in the show, but it sorta seems like she completely failed to recognize her obvious privilege (white, secure nuclear family, inspiring hard working father, her immediate family didn’t get disrupted by WW2, some natural smarts, no major physical maladies, and the fact that I doubt she could’ve done all she did today without some more cash. And our today is very much shaped by reagan and thatcher, unfortunately).
Taylor T
Taylor T:
So.....y’all still hate Thatcher or she did a good job in retrospect?
MOST TERRIBLE VOICE EVER! WTH happened with Margret Thatcher's voice HOW could you allow whatever that Sound was that came out of Gillian Anderson's mouth be portrayed as Margret's voice NETFLIX I don't have any problems with her acting But you should have DUBBED the voice
Vile woman
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson:
Head of State?!
Vishnu Vish
Vishnu Vish:
0:38 my whole life changed thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Vijay Raghavan
Vijay Raghavan:
What a shallow review. Thatcher was much much more.
Tâm Phạm
Tâm Phạm:
I want you to add English subtitles on videos.
Sunray Major
Sunray Major:
More Thatcher, less shill. Stopped watching.
M Amadeus
M Amadeus:
"Make Britain Great Again"
And no one called her a racist for doing it. Imagine that.
Jerome Atangan
Jerome Atangan:
Love her or hate her but you got to admit that atleast SHE had the balls to change the game especially since she was at office during one of Britain's desperate times.
Alif Nurfakhri
Alif Nurfakhri:
I believe that government should be run just as Sir Humphrey said, "it's better to be heartless than mindless"
I like Anita Rani too :)
Chazzer g85
Chazzer g85:
I dont agree with Thatcher on many of her policies, but she was a strong willed and determined woman, which ive got to admire
Sunray Major
Sunray Major:
She worked her way up from humble beginnings to become PM. But gets little credit because she was Conservative...always referred to by the commie media as "controversial".
Bart Van Os
Bart Van Os:
I miss a lot of her controversial politicus, like poll tax, clause 28. Also when she became the face of the Tories in 1975. And her near escape of a terrorist attack in Brighton in 1984.
Zach C
Zach C:
Controversial? You mean the greatest?
A guy From Ireland
A guy From Ireland:
She saved Britain
Shirsha Chakraborty
Shirsha Chakraborty:
Did she support the apartheid regime in South Africa? The series left me confused on that.
TrueFree Thinker
TrueFree Thinker:
I lol at these Feminists praising Thatcher, but if a man had the same politics as her they would hate him. They only like her because she was a woman.
Lílian N Souza
Lílian N Souza:
How would be Britain without Thatcher government? We usually criticize what was or what happened by comparing it to what we think it should have been. But "what we think it should have been" doesn't exist to be scrutinized. It is easy to claim a better hypothetical world.
Reality has its tough rules, no matter who we want to blame. Ignoring the rules of nature is always the most expensive path.
I live in a country where the government distributes a lot of money and keeps inefficient companies under its control. The inflation is high and, day by day, more people see no reason to work while they demand more public money (after all the prices are rising). But the prices also get higher for those who are diligently working and facing so many uncertainties. Is it fair?
Life is not a fairytale. Government can print money, but still someone has to sow the rice.