Beneath The Crown: The True Story of the Queen vs Margaret Thatcher

What caused the clashes between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher throughout the 1980s? Anita Rani takes us on a trip to find some answers, with a wealth of rare archive material and enlightening facts.

The Crown Season Four. Now Streaming.

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Beneath The Crown: The True Story of the Queen vs Margaret Thatcher

In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

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Regears Tv
Regears Tv:
THE VOICE alone of Gillian Anderson is incredible
Damn, Gillian is devouring every scene she's in!
It is UNREAL how well Gillian embodies Thatcher. If Gillian doesn't win every award she can from this role, there is no justice. She plays the best Thatcher I've ever seen.
Just give Gillian the goddamned Emmy. I’m only two episodes in and I’m enthralled
Maekar I Targaryen
Maekar I Targaryen:
The Thatcher parts have been way more interesting than the Diana parts of this season so far; I'm 6 episodes in.
The shade thrown in that scene after Thatcher spent the weekend in Scotland was legendary.
golden melanin
golden melanin:
So if male leaders are fathers do we say they have much in common?
Such narratives really don't help our way forward
D N:
The Queen and Thatcher had a lot in common because they were both women, worked and had children? Come on, Netflix. You are revealing more than you want to with that statement.
Serah Mwinzila
Serah Mwinzila:
The last phrase, 'No one would remember the story of the good samaritan if he only had good intention you see he had money as well.
The Rolling Gangstas
The Rolling Gangstas:
So when two men are in power do we call them fathers? Or just men in power?
Basically these are the general synopsis per episode. Cant wait!
I think Gillian is better at being Margaret Thatcher than Meryl Streep , Jesus I thought Maggie was back there at the end 😰
Meryl Streep was a caricature. Gillian Anderson is Thatcher.
Jack Matthews
Jack Matthews:
"The UK's head of state and sovereign were both female"? They are one and the same. Thatcher was head of government, the Queen is head of state.
Raúl Alarcón
Raúl Alarcón:
Anita's voice sounds like silk being poured into my ears. What a pleasant, soothing voice she has.
Tom His3
Tom His3:
The Queen is the Head of State AND the Sovereign. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government.
Gender shouldn't be a determining factor when attempting to determine one's suitability for leadership. Nor race, creed, ethnicity or orientation.
Its what's in your head, heart and what you do that matters.
The Sage Traveler
The Sage Traveler:
And Hilary Clinton snubbed Margaret Thatcher by leaving her out of her book about "gutsy" women simply because MT was conservative. She's one of the gutsiest women in history.
Gisela Swaragita
Gisela Swaragita:
It's nov 15 already now in Indonesia i want the new season NOWWW
charli otero
charli otero:
calling the queen a "working mother" is a bit of a stretch, i think
juanita dark
juanita dark:
"...and gave funds to countries with dictatorshis she wanted no association with." But Pinochet was okay? Guess it's only dictators Thatcher wasn't partial to.
Rupert Murdoch - one of the most dangerous people in USA, GB and AUS... and Thatcher gave him the opportunity to rise and shine
Kyle Harrison
Kyle Harrison:
For all the talk of the Queen not getting on with Margaret Thatcher, which might be somewhat true based on the fact Margaret Thatcher was doing some pretty radical things. But post her resignation she never showed signs of dislike quite the opposite, she attended her 70th and 80th birthdays. Something she certainly never had to do. She also made her a Knight of the Garter very quickly. Something she has not done for Tony Blair or Gordon Brown. She also gave the go ahead for her public funeral and chose to attend, the first funeral of PM she has attended since Churchill.
Marisol Diaz
Marisol Diaz:
My God the Acting of Gillian and Emma is just fantastic, still crying, that last scene of Gillian she didn't say a word and I feel everything ❤️♥️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Kanwar Ghuman
Kanwar Ghuman:
Windsor and Thatcher had a lot of respect for each other, even when they disagreed. I don’t like Thatchers Irish policies and her sanctions stance but to earn the respect from the queen that only Churchill had gotten before her is quite incredible, especially given how much Windsor loved Wilson
Frances Zapata
Frances Zapata:
Please include closed captions so that the information is accessible to everyone
Terence Wong
Terence Wong:
Gillian is a better Thatcher than Thatcher herself... 🤔😁
What a stunning performance by Gillian Anderson. The voice, the mannerisms, the facial expressions, you really got a sense she put everything into it. I have no doubt she spent countless hours watching footage, reading books and listening to speeches of Thatcher. Flawless portrayal of a very difficult role.
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson:
Whilst it’s true they didn’t get on for a large period of the 80’s by the end of Mrs. Thatcher’s time in office they had a huge mutual respect for each other with the Queen attending Thatcher’s funeral, something she only did for two of her PM’s.
Watching Season 4, Episode 3 - after the scene where Margaret gets her nails painted, you see a mouse Scurry across the screen! Look closely at the floor!
Kyle W.
Kyle W.:
Lol an enlgish person calling the queen a “working mother” is hilarious hahaha
Hector's Mommy
Hector's Mommy:
Apparently I am in the minority here. I thought Anderson's portrayal of Thatcher was forced and affected. It bothered me so much I fast forwarded through some of the longer segments, especially when her lips and chin started wobbling from strain of keeping them in an unnatural position.
JackJincklesJones Jr.
JackJincklesJones Jr.:
Incredible, did Thatcher actually do a press conference bragging about her support for apartheid?
John Hill
John Hill:
Just like alpha males tend not to get along, alpha females are more often to lock horns than getting along.
mike M
mike M:
Why isn't there more outrage that thatchers kid was in south africa when she stood behind there not being sanctions?
Gaby Gaby Toy
Gaby Gaby Toy:
The queen is an ornamental figure... not necessary,
Sebastie Cortes
Sebastie Cortes:
Gillian was so brilliant at her role that it made me hate her a Thacher lol
Dhel of the Zhangkani
Dhel of the Zhangkani:
What made their relationship uncomfortable you say? The other one fought and clawed their way to power, while the other was born with a golden spoon. Of course, Margaret would never bow down to someone weaker than her.
Adriel Sebastian
Adriel Sebastian:
One fact about Thatcher: she's one of the only Western European leader that opposed the reunification of Germany in 89. She was scared that a united Germany would eclipse Britain as the main power in Europe. She even called Gorbachev to increase troop presence in the East.
If Gillian doesn’t win an Emmy for this season it’ll be daylight robbery. I will be calling the police.
Daniela Vilu
Daniela Vilu:
WOW! So, we've got Thatcher to thank for the Murdoch era we are living in right now? Thanks a lot!
Ki-Sean Excell
Ki-Sean Excell:
Gillians voice and walk and mannerisms is really just thatcher in the flesh
Marty Bodrogi
Marty Bodrogi:
the PM is not the head of state in the UK.
I wish more of this had been part of season 4 - it is really quite an interesting contrast between Old School conservatism and Neo.liberal COnservatism.
Chea Does-Things
Chea Does-Things:
Me, a Grenadian, hearing about this powow: 🙂
Hair Dreams
Hair Dreams:
Nobody should come to a head to head with the Queen when it comes to ruling and power...... That woman has seen numerous world leaders rise and fall... They come into power, they lose the power or even die ....while she stays standing... Say what you may about the Queen..but she's MADE OF STEEL. I can't help but respect!
Noah Rendon
Noah Rendon:
Imagine still being a part of the Commonwealth and not becoming independent.
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez:
I love learning new things like this while doing my morning routine 😇
Gary C
Gary C:
That blows my mind that Gillian Anderson, who played a very American Scully from the X Files also played a very British Margaret Thatcher soooo perfectly. Holy crap. I didn't even know it was her until I saw the comments. How is that possible that she did such a phenomenal job on playing Thatcher?
Kangda Kong
Kangda Kong:
I love Meryl I genuinely do and I once thought her rendition of Thatcher was untoppable but Gillian has proved me wrong
able adelaide
able adelaide:
This "tension" is a total fabrication. Thatcher was appointed Lady of the Garter and awarded the Order of Merit, the highest honour in the land and the exclusive gift of the Sovereign. Furthermore HM the Queen attended The Baroness Thatchers funeral, only the second PM to receive such honour since Winston Churchill himself. Scarcely the actions of one with intense dislike for the other.
/\nuKET World Traveler
/\nuKET World Traveler:
Who played Margaret Thatcher? I was like Damn this the Women I remember!!!
Хосе Флорес
Хосе Флорес:
Can anyone tell me if was intentional the rat on “The Crown” season 2 episode 3 at 1.40min into de episode? Jajaja it was clever so funny is when Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother was waiting by the phone
Joanna Hampton
Joanna Hampton:
The Crown season 4 posted before dawn EST Nov.15
Vinay k
Vinay k:
Give Gillian the Emmy already..!! Just episodes in and I am already convinced..
Henrik Persson
Henrik Persson:
I guess you cannot have two queens at the same time.
Justin Cheng
Justin Cheng:
The Queen represents an older, more moderate, more noblesse oblige conservatism which IMHO came into conflict with Margaret Thatcher's neoconservatism which saw shrinking the State as the only priority above everything else.
Igor Moreira
Igor Moreira:
Is Gillian really spot on or does it seem a little bit mannered, contrived?
Arbe Bitbit
Arbe Bitbit:
Seems like a lot of stories here was not even mentioned in the series
William Lane
William Lane:
"Working mothers" in "public service roles?" I'm a QE2 supporter but c'mon
Anna Goodwin
Anna Goodwin:
I can't wait to watch The Crown
Georgie Simmons
Georgie Simmons:
This video is excellent! I luv the host she did such a good job explaining this complex political relationship between two strong headed women
Kanwar Anand
Kanwar Anand:
I learned that I should speak in a slow purposeful drawl from the character of Thatcher.
I could listen to Anita all night. Love her style and poise! I’ve been watching her series on the crown and can’t get enough. She’s stunning and inspiring.
Beatrice Portinari
Beatrice Portinari:
Well Thatcher hated communism and liked Reagan.. No wonder she didn't mind the Grenada incident..
Quintin Thomas
Quintin Thomas:
Finished the season....GILLIAN better get the nomination and award👏🏾👏🏾
Crystal Butter fly
Crystal Butter fly:
It is UNREAL how well Gillian embodies Thatcher. If Gillian doesn't win every award she can from this role, there is no justice. She plays the best Thatcher I've ever seen.
Schroeders Current events
Schroeders Current events:
This is almost entirely a lie... the queen and MT had a great relationship, personally, and for some reason these liberal producers actually blended history to make her look bad... unbelievable
I very much look forward to this season!
anand deepra
anand deepra:
This lady doesn’t even know the difference between Head of State and Head of Government, why should i listen to her any further?
Yam Yam
Yam Yam:
Why did they feel the need to Mention they were working mothers, It makes it sound like a surprise that women can have kids a well as a career.
All speculation, No evidence. Labor leaning production.
Marie Warne
Marie Warne:
I'm loving the Crown, season 4, but at the moment, I'm mostly loving Anita Rani's dress. Does anyone know where it's from?
"48:1" is Gillian Anderson's magnum opus, i will die on this hill
The queen has only ever gone to two prime Ministers funeral and one of them was thatchers.
Brilliant! Already worth a rewatch 👍🏽
Marta P
Marta P:
I expect Gilliam Anderson to win some awards!
Ricardo Neves
Ricardo Neves:
Gillian did impress me, sometimes actors do need to try different roles to portray even further their talents, what an outstanding performance.
For those comparing Meryl's performance to Gillian's, I simply say you are comparing apples and oranges. The performances are based on two different displays of entertainment: film vs. tv, which both come with their different advantages/disadvantages. Also, the film was a biography and was not meant to to be seen through a political lens, a monarchial lens (like The Crown), or a British public lens, but a general veneer of Thatcher's life. Also, biographies tend to be kinder towards it subjects, which The Iron Lady was. Meryl's performance was great, Oscar-winning of course, but here Gillian was gifted the opportunity to portray Thatcher through a much different lens. I assume Thatcher herself would prefer and her most ardent supporters prefer Meryl's interpretation to Gillian's. So comparing the two doesn't solve anything. Both Meryl and Gillian are fantastic.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
This presenter does a good job!👍🏽
Joao Pedro Moraes
Joao Pedro Moraes:
Netflix Brasil põe legenda pra fente por favor
what will happen head of state and government end up fighting or disagree and they don't have those weekly meetings. is it so bad? does the head of government have to keep bowing to the state?
richard poole
richard poole:
Anita on Netflix’s 😍
John Erdmann
John Erdmann:
GILLIAN"S performance is perhaps the best of the whole series!!!!GIVE HER A CROWN!!!!!
good thing meghan markle is already an actress so when the crown comes to here there is no wasting time
Evelyn Harber
Evelyn Harber:
Thank you for presenting this for interested, curious, people. I have one request though, seems it may be an omission on someone's side of producing this video, There is no sub-text for the people who use sub-text to ensure not bother others or they are hearing correctly or the hearing disabled. I fall in between the latter two. Looking forward to actually reading what is being said, thank you for your presentation of this video and thank you in anticipation of the sub-text.
Jessica Gonzàlez
Jessica Gonzàlez:
Her appearance is incredible also...
Samuel Rummer
Samuel Rummer:
Gillian Anderson knocks it out of the park! Absolutely brilliant. She will definitely win big.. If there is any justice Gillian Anderson will win the Emmy award..
Gâteaux Addicted
Gâteaux Addicted:
Gillian has nailed the role & overtook the performance of Streep. I am speechless by her voice & walks. Scully has for sure grown up as a major leading actress. Respect 👍🌹🌹🌹
Ladislav Výsmek
Ladislav Výsmek:
I love Margaret Thatcher
Giovanni Alexander
Giovanni Alexander:
I have watched documentaries on Margaret Thatcher, and I never realize until now how much conservatives are so self centered. To think that she is the only person for the job. Power really goes to peoples brain.
Beatnik RN
Beatnik RN:
So glad fault lands where it deserves - Rupert Murdoch! I’m glad the hinted at that as well
Sleep Cove
Sleep Cove:
We all still benefit from Thatcher's polices in the UK. From Unions not holding the country to ransom at a whim, from the amazing benefits normal people had when they could buy their council houses (my grandparents included), from helping create the best financial hub and sector in the world that our public services reply on for their tax revenue funding. Of course she got things wrong and ex-mining communities still are deprived. But very bitter socialists who can't face the fact that socialism died in the 1980s will never forgive her. If you are a young person growing up in the UK, and listen to the BBC you would think she was not popular. She won 3 general elections and then Major won after her. The bitter leftists are just very loud.
Jeffrey McKinley
Jeffrey McKinley:
I had my doubts about Gillian Anderson playing Thatcher but after watching the whole season I think she did a splendid job. I will have to watch Iron Lady again to see if she outdid the great Meryl Streep.
Junia J
Junia J:
Anita, that dress 👗 is spectacular! Does anyone know the brand?!
Mark Mactwo
Mark Mactwo:
Pure bull she was getting advised on a weekly basis by the big noses in Westminster.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith:
Today November 15, 2020, Prince Harry is to the day the same age as Diana was when she died. No better day to drop the new season of the crown.
Divide? Thatcher was the only prime minister whose funeral the Queen attended other than Churchill!
David Stokes
David Stokes:
I doubt anyone will have much in common with Queen Elizabeth II .
I love Dennis and Margaret's scenes in Balmoral. Funny and realistic.