Benfica vs. Liverpool: Champions League Quarterfinal Preview & Predictions | CBS Sports Golazo

The CBS Sports HQ team — Luis Garcia, Jimmy Conrad and Ian Joy — give a full preview and prediction as Benfica host Liverpool. You can stream the match on Paramount+. Coverage starts at 2p EST.

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15 comentarios:

If Benfica had many Americans on their team Jimmy would be saying Liverpool match up well with Benfica 🤣😂🤣
Luis Gomes
Luis Gomes:
What a classic. These used to be the two biggest teams in the world. Only Liverpool still maintains its reputation up to the level it deserves. Benfica used to be feared , not anymore
esperemos che El Benfica ganar a un partido spettacolare.
Mr. Challenge
Mr. Challenge:
That game benfica vs bayern 4-0...
Pay attention, that result didn't reflet the game it was, benfica was defending very well the first bayerns goal only came at the 70th minute, thanks to a free kick from a doubted fault, and then Benfica scored an own goal, unforntunaly and then they got demotivated and then bayern scored 2 more goals in 2 minutes, Benfica knew it was worthless defending anymore.
Fatima Isak
Fatima Isak:
3:1 it is
Benfica FTW!
Can't wait ynwa
Dave KikA
Dave KikA:
Benfica gona lose
Boris Negrarosa
Boris Negrarosa:
Ian Joy's opinion is irrelevant.
Parker Twigg
Parker Twigg:
I’ll be back to comment I told you so on all the people saying benfica will win
Valter Lucena
Valter Lucena:
All wrong! Benfica will win 2-0!
Celso Monteiro
Celso Monteiro:
The disrespect is too much
douby mezier
douby mezier:
This one is cup cake for Liverpool
Mr. Challenge
Mr. Challenge:
I have seen this kinds of comments before
Michael Vasquez-Lagunes
Michael Vasquez-Lagunes: