Benjamin Bonzi vs Emil Ruusuvuori - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020

Benjamin Bonzi vs Emil Ruusuvuori - Round 1 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the match between Benjamin Bonzi and Emil Ruusuvuori in the first round. Benjamin Bonzi won in four sets 6/2 6/4 4/6 6/4.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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13 comentarios:

Expo Hero
Expo Hero:
Tough match for Ruusuvuori. The conditions were pretty hard and Bonzi managed to execute
You can hear Nadal at 1:44 :)
G Man87
G Man87:
2 jobbers! A Nothing match! NEXT!
Ibrahim Farid
Ibrahim Farid:
Very odd play for Ruus, he kept handing the ball to Bonzi for down the line shots and then not getting into position. That's just free points for Bonzi!
DHL mao
DHL mao:
Cleetus Cleeterville
Cleetus Cleeterville:
So we’re doing the same thing as the open. Just spoil the winner I guess?
Alex Mlnr
Alex Mlnr:
Bonzi en force !
Riku Moilanen
Riku Moilanen:
Ruusuvuori needs a new coach to take him to the next level. Not enough to train in Finland with coach Ricci any more.
That counter punching & ball pushing 3m behind baseline will not lead into anything.
Tournament in Hamburg had a much more "normal" competitive athmosphere than RG! I feel sorry for the athletes to play under such bad conditions.
Ich Ironie
Ich Ironie:
The Highlights are to long
本間 英輝
本間 英輝:
People creating these highlights don't provide what the fans want. There are in total 88matches [44matches (men's singles) and 44matches(women's single)] done. There are many seed players losing (HIGHLIGHT CONTENT RIGHT THERE!!!!), but you only uploaded 12 highlight videos. Only 14% of the matches played by now??? That's soooo minimal.
I see voices that there are game highlights they want to see or voices that say your highlights are terrible.
Also, why do you create low-quality videos like "Story of the Day"? Use that time to make more highlights.
Step up your game editors.

[Used Google Translate, so I don't know if the French is correct]
Les personnes qui créent ces moments forts ne fournissent pas ce que les fans veulent. Il y a au total 88 matchs [44 matchs (simple masculin) et 44 matchs (simple féminin)] effectués. Beaucoup de joueurs de départ perdent, mais vous n'en avez uploadé que 12. Comme 14% du jeu ??? C'est tellement minime.
Je vois des voix qui disent qu'il y a des moments forts du jeu qu'ils veulent voir ou des voix qui disent que vos moments forts sont terribles.
Aussi, pourquoi créez-vous des vidéos de mauvaise qualité comme "L'histoire du jour"? Utilisez ce temps pour faire plus de faits saillants.
Améliorez vos éditeurs de jeux.
Pierre Lorthios
Pierre Lorthios:
this year, for roland garros you need : a warm coat - a beanie - a heater and a Federer action figure
Ruusuvuoiri is a really bad tennisser