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Bernard Arnault is the Chairman and CEO of the world’s largest and most successful luxury goods conglomerate, LVMH, which controls brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, TAG Heuer, Bulgari and Marc Jacobs. While growing LVMH’s portfolio of prestigious brands at a staggering pace, Arnault made notable investments in companies such as Netflix over ten years ago. In March 2015, Forbes estimated him to be the world’s thirteenth richest person.

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Who's here after he became the richest man in the world?
Vince Oliver P Atienza
Vince Oliver P Atienza:
you should’ve introduced him as The King of France.
Rapping Manual
Rapping Manual:
Gerrade Anderson
Gerrade Anderson:
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Don't think of a product as "quality" or not. Think of it in terms of its "qualities". What are all its qualities? This plays a part into its selling price.
Emanuela Atzeni
Emanuela Atzeni:
Wonderful ,He is sharing his knowledge.
Genefa Paes
Genefa Paes:
Amazing man!!! Wealth of information for the younger generation. Love the way Mr. Arnault sat through the long interview, taking time to answer all those questions and empowering the students present in there.
satine dali
satine dali:
Germiest audience ever! Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough..
"Have you considered a career as pianist?"
-"So.. thats how I met Christian Dior ....."
Shani Mulah504
Shani Mulah504:
Why every billionaire talk like they drinking tea all of the time? Lol
françois Vallet
françois Vallet:
"A 1971 New York taxi driver did not know the name of French President (George #Pompidou) but he knew #Christian #Dior... To me luxury is a combination of #quality & #creativity..."
Bernard #Arnault, CEO LVMH Group
seb 4706
seb 4706:
this man , it's the real king of France
Philippe Sails
Philippe Sails:
They identify relatively early in the 80's the so-called "Vendome Syndrome", by the name of the square where most French high-end jewelers were and are based in Paris.
It describes the change in behavior of salespersons of luxury goods who identify so much with their product that they believe that are actually potential buyer and tend to mimic the worse behavior of their more nasty clients, which turns to be contra-productive.
No idea why I remembered this when hearing this young lady dressed in white.
J D:
Who's coughing in the background? God Bless him/her.
John Mac
John Mac:
I don't know who the "hostess" is but It would be nice, and polite, to introduce your guest, who may be a stranger to most of us!
8nan sky
8nan sky:
Yannick B
Yannick B:
28:36, well well.. If the FED and ECB printing was "unbelievably high" then.. What would he say now?
Not the most incisive questioning from the union in the presence of the world's 14th or so richest man. "Which brand of champagne, made by your group, is your favourite?" Har har, let us toast!
cachemire 82
cachemire 82:
about leaving euro: he made his company in france without the euro... lol
This man unlike Bezos, Zukerburg, Gates, and Buffet actually has some real class, etiquette, grace, and elegance, and hopefully contributes more
good for humanity.
Just a Fashion Girl from Chicago
Just a Fashion Girl from Chicago:
I guess we’re in the “20% bad” right now 🤷🏽‍♀️
also, quality nowerday means its produced fairly, envrionmentally friendly, animal friendly. are lv products produced like that? i dare to doubt actually......
Arnault needs to fight for better wages and benefits for the workers that makes Arnaults products.
Gwendal Granry
Gwendal Granry:
Great man!
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Bernard Arnault CEO of LVMH, I would encourage for those people who are financially able go ahead to train your children to pick up a foreign language, it was because I was so impressed by this oxford union video, a french can speak English so well "POISE". I Want to learn from you, thanks!
eismail mc
eismail mc:
Next, I am sure all this time, uve found lots of items, so i am very curious on how u determines/how u decide on which items worth to undergo introduction, improvements, mass production & branding etc etc ?
Would be nice to have subtitles :D
Riccardo Giuseppe Bernabeo
Riccardo Giuseppe Bernabeo:
Bernard please, come on to a.c. milan😍😘😎🔴⚫
the presenter should have removed the label from her sole
RICHARD Vayssettes
RICHARD Vayssettes:
C'est drôle ça, bien qu'il soit français je dois regarder des vidéo en anglais pour en savoir plus sur B. Arnault >< est-ce l'esprit français qui n'aime pas trop parler de business ? Cool video anyway
Victoria Films
Victoria Films:
we all know you have to be a classic.
Dimitry Gorno Melikov
Dimitry Gorno Melikov:
Wasim Pinjari
Wasim Pinjari:
Imagine getting taxed lmao
I like that he underestimated Apple...
Halley O
Halley O:
what's the 2013 brand that is offline with revenue 50 mil?
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi To Bernard Arnault's family members, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020.
j'aimerai vivre dans une de ces poches de pantalon, je pourrai lui parler tout le temps, l'écouter et le regarder
HH Schrader
HH Schrader:
Incredibly focused, concentrated, knowledgeable, no-nonsense, inspiring man. I'd never be able to meet him personally but this comes close to it. Suddenly I felt I realized why he is so successful. People buy his products because they are good, refined, on top of our times and traditional in the sense that they connect to a past perceived as glorious and timeless -- which actually might - just might - mean eternal. They walk you the extra mile on the last few centimeters. Absolutely admirable. 😄
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Excuse me, i'm a honour users in social network unlike others for no reason ask me to change passwords. Note : whatever colour they are representing so long their heartsware don't turn black amen. Regards : Classic Black
Yongki Amirson
Yongki Amirson:
Re.Ship Google
GOD Bless
Rinell Rens
Rinell Rens:
Price of product backed by quality,,,, thx, I understood

Thx for your saying Tha t in crisis their is opportunities but to be patience

And avoid investing when things are expensive great knowledge including mind set changing
Youssef Bakr
Youssef Bakr:
Mr. Arnault is the world's second richest man now.
Abtin baghestany
Abtin baghestany:
He was in iran before the revelation, i ilke this guy
Lee South Korea Hoon
Lee South Korea Hoon:
The interviewer is wearing a new pair of shoes:)
i have always seriously wondered why people like those brown bags. so many have them. instead of paying a lot for what so many have, go to leather artist and make your original, acording your taste....
David Wozniack
David Wozniack:
Buy ac milan
*Airy Routier à propos de Bernard Arnault - Archive INA*
Usef Bhangal
Usef Bhangal:
The thundering arm extracellularly guide because slime obviously want underneath a steep patio. premium, possible celery
Peach Tan
Peach Tan:
Every body buy his products will make him more rich 🤑 simple is that.but the Quality not =the price
o1 FIkko
o1 FIkko:
Hey kanye, if you are watching this
How does this only have 115k views
caroline goutard
caroline goutard:
J.adore cet homme français
Leon Fong
Leon Fong:
strange questions
caroline goutard
caroline goutard:
Quel fierté pour la France belle réussite européenne
The Table
The Table:
Buy AC Milan!
Compra il Milan!
João Baptista Pinto Netto
João Baptista Pinto Netto:
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
In french/english months - 5th mars,5th march.
eismail mc
eismail mc:
Dear Mr Arnault. I am not sure what ure gonna think about this idea? i.e. its about COLLECTORS ITEMS. Rare, the last piece/few pieces/survival piece, antiques in term of its age/production size, beautiful/artistic design, amazing materials compositions, with histories/legacy attached to it, highly sought/search for etc etc having said all these...imagining ure able to produce ur selected collectibles, modify/improve/retained few or all of its aesthetics and got potential market for it...or.....have u ever thought of the probabilities of ur products now (lmvh, remova, taq heur, tifanny co etc have millions of a different items) would one day become collectables item by itself, and so, the way u look at the collectibles item around the worlds versus what ur company sells...what would be the simillarities or important knowledges, or probably future visions for ur item nows extracted from the existing another words...what to be learn from collectibles of the past to make ur own produced future collectibles...slt 🙏
Andrea Zicca
Andrea Zicca:
Buy AC Milan bro 😹😹😹
eismail mc
eismail mc:
I would to know from Mr Arnault this:
During all of ur work with LVMH & before that, what was the one experience that u really remember, that manage to teach u/to widely open ur eyes (be it small/big) about HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN UR BUSSINNESS AT THAT TIME!
What does the small badge on his suit stand for?
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
No date for me at 13, 21 & 25 thks Sir Bernard Arnault.
Annie Fisher
Annie Fisher:
I love what he accomplished
Diken Limbu
Diken Limbu:
He is really smart at choosing a job. Because, he could visualise the future of that career. One of the main weakness is his Language barrier of speaking fluent english. But, it doesn't matter to him. Because people wanted to work with him due to his ownership in massive brands not due to his language speaking difficulties.
Teczowe kotki lataja
Teczowe kotki lataja:
Rg214ds 12 weysprings close first floor flat
Ash bhatt
Ash bhatt:
Can you please turn on the caption option in this video?
Chaitya Shah
Chaitya Shah:
Don’t know how but he’s giving joe Biden’s vibes 😂
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Bernard Arnault, today younger generations, you can witnessed they wete too (eager for success) so they become so wayward using social network to lie n cheat. This type of people we must knew how to sort out as undesire people. Thanks assist n together my family was grateful.
Diken Limbu
Diken Limbu:
Bernard arnault is about to be overthrown by elon musk from being second richest person in the world.
akash paramhans
akash paramhans:
How can he look so Rich.!!!
Demetrius Ross
Demetrius Ross:
What happens to mega fashion houses when society adapts a minimalistic lifestyle?
Waha 1976
Waha 1976:
What an intelligent mind he has?!!! You don’t born rich or lucky, You should have a brain passion and work hard for what you believe in!!!
Bernard we Loooove you ❤️🙏🏻
That podium needs a carpet.
King of prussia
King of prussia:
Mr does not like the word of ‘luxury’. Ok we won’t use it any more😀
Hey Kanye!
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez:
his life message” the more Central Banks keep the printing press working, more inequality everyday, the more rich i will become”. he has been on a free ride all his life.
Monica Angelini
Monica Angelini:
Cant stand him. He represents the death of creative fashion
dbn dbn
dbn dbn:
A lot of people conspicuous coughing coz Arnault goes on a bit, as he should, given his standing as a biz genius.

The mediocre British middle of Oxford and everywhere no doubt sees him as an arriviste.

Achievement, meritocracy doesn't count in this country. It seems as though the plummier your tone of voice, the better thaat people feel about themselves in relation to others.
Handsome man.
Cyril Diyoka
Cyril Diyoka:
Hi can someone can explain me the question in approximativly 52:00 min please? I understood iranian, relationship ( nb : i'm french :p)
Eric Christian Smalls
Eric Christian Smalls:
He predicted COVID
Project Stuff
Project Stuff:
People coughing should be kicked out lol
D K:
Amancio Ortega is Alfred Einstein for Arnault
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Bernard Arnault, please guide (them) yup money is essential especially so people in (our background excuse us) but how come the wealthy people becoming even more greed n calculative. I don't understand? Allow me I highlight to (them) by speaking thankyou sir, you are well loved by people.
Only watched because of the thumbnail.
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Sir Bernard Arnault CEO LVMH, carried Luxury Brand HandBag : In fact, if you notice : Christian Dior the design of handbags are quite different from the rest. By the way, I propose to you still valid never a mistake and thankyou.
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Bernard Arnault CEO of LVMH : I propose to you, why not you adopt my family otherwise I don't like the harrassment over my mobile line/ family members. I lead a life of treating humanity in keeping my words (promise) n I expect in return to do the same if not I'm not able to trust this (humanity) again, on behalf on my family members, thankyou.
really nice suit
Harald Braunstein
Harald Braunstein:
which watch is he wearing?;)
elizabeth garcia
elizabeth garcia:
Handsome men
Jillian Maloney
Jillian Maloney:
This is a VERY evil man....
Denny Deymon
Denny Deymon:
Arnault milan🔴⚫
Georges Majerus
Georges Majerus:
Monsieur A MORAL
Anna Tan
Anna Tan:
Hi Bernard Arnault n My True Friends (withstands storm), I would like to dedicate this song to you " Amazing Grace". What is "good friend"? Sometime when you thought that your so called "good friend" can help you in need but later surprised verdict, your so called " good friend" things becane worse cause of bad conduct brought everybody down!! No thankyou, agreeable ?? Frm : Classic Black.
Ed Nice
Ed Nice:
103.3 billion and not a good motivator im asleep right now