Best of Andrej Kramarić - Best Goals, Assists, Skills and More

Enjoy the best moments from Andrej Kramarić!

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Six goals after three matchdays is something we haven't seen for a long time in the Bundesliga. But that's Andrej Kramarić's tally this season so far, which even puts him ahead of a certain Robert Lewandowski. Do you remember his hat-trick against Köln, or his outstanding performance in the 4-1 win over Bayern? By the way, he's already Hoffenheim’s best ever striker, and now he wants to conquer the Bundesliga. We show you why that could happen with the best of Andrej Kramarić. What impresses you most about Kramarić? Let us know in the comments.

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35 comentarios:

Serge GOALnabry
Serge GOALnabry:
They guy is really underrated and one of the best strikers in bundesliga or maybe the world still can't forget what he did too us
His poker vs Dortmund including a no look penalty makes it even better
Bavarian Football Works
Bavarian Football Works:
He has an ić for goals! 🇭🇷
0:56 a backheel nutmeg, and I thought Suarez and zlatan score the most beautiful goals
Miron P.R.O.
Miron P.R.O.:
Croatian Lewandowski! 😁
Andy G
Andy G:
I’m surprised a top 6 premier league club, or mid table, didn’t pick him up!!! He’s one of the most underrated players in the world.
George Goal
George Goal:
Man, where is 442oons-Bundesliga?
Their videos together were beasts! I miss them… 😢
Footy Universe
Footy Universe:
Karmaric Vs Halland
Salman Farsi
Salman Farsi:
His goals and assists imprest me most.
Romel Negut
Romel Negut:
A goal scored every two games is a really good stat as far I'm concerned but hey, feel free to disagree with me.
Rizki Maulana
Rizki Maulana:
Everytime Bundesliga make this kind of video I always think that the player would leave the club and the league😂
Spy _88
Spy _88:
I didn't realised I was early after commenting 3 mins later 😅
I knew he was a star since 2017/2018
All in one
All in one:
Your channel is really inspiring because it inspired me to create my own channel.Thank you for inspiring. .
Shaneet Saha
Shaneet Saha:
Lovely work from Bundesliga editors. This is the reason why my fav. football league is Bundesliga. Alongside football, I would love if Cricket also becomes popular in Germany.
mario ehh
mario ehh:
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Haidar Thunder
Haidar Thunder:
Plisss real madrid buy this man 😁😁😁
So early adminho hasn't made a pun
Harry Kane
Harry Kane:
Kramaric should sign for Spursssssssssssssssss when I leave he issssssssssssssssss very godly
Ryan Kristell
Ryan Kristell:
Edgar Alba
Edgar Alba:
before he said his Age i thought he was like 23-24
Mr. Surya
Mr. Surya:
Second best striker in the league atm. 👍
Sandhya Jayaprathap
Sandhya Jayaprathap:
I bet you on a cookie🍪 that adminho will not give me a heart❤

Yeah I will give you a cookie🍪 if adminho doesn't give me a heart ❤and we meet

At least I think so🙄

Yeah so what's your decision adminho🤨
Mas Pedro
Mas Pedro:
get well soon andre
Its Timo Time
Its Timo Time:
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
This guy is on Bayern's radar now!
Fair Logic
Fair Logic:
Hoffenheim with this striker is a suspect this season
Tangeni Iiputa
Tangeni Iiputa:
Haaland will score the most goals this season in the bundesliga
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy:
Kramaric is the best among Modric, Rebic, Perisic,
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
Simon Becker
Simon Becker:
And now he has Corona
Mahad carte
Mahad carte:
If age younger then 29 will be Robert replacement but sorry his age don,t supports him
Steven Greaves
Steven Greaves:
How bad he was for Leicester
Fran Carević
Fran Carević:
But now he has corona😪