Best Of David Alaba - The Record Champion's Greatest Goals, Skills And Assists

Bayern München's defensive boss in the spotlight

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David Alaba is one of the most complete players in the world. His versatility in particular makes him every coach’s dream. On top of that, there's his attacking threat – his crisp free-kicks are fearsome. So it's little surprise that at the age of 27, he’s already one of Bayern’s most successful players of all time. He's won an unbelievable nine league titles with the Munich club to date – nobody has collected more. An incredible career, and one that's progressed at speed. We look back over his best moments so far. What do you think: what can David Alaba still achieve? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Jay igbolomi
Jay igbolomi:
They always do this when a player gonna leave
Bayern Munich fan
Bayern Munich fan:
Alaba is one of the best defenders in the world hands down
He has been at his peak for soo long and it feels asif he is playing from a long time and his age is 30+ but actually he is 28 !!
One of the best Or if not The Best left back in the world . But his position has evolved to a CB so he plays in both roles
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
What a consistent left back, nonetheless one of he best in the world
PRM Gaming
PRM Gaming:
David Alaba taught Davies everything he knows(except pace)
Anas Ashraf
Anas Ashraf:
Alaba is simply a forward player that plays in defense😎
Rahul Choudhury
Rahul Choudhury:
David Alaba best player ever, he is Bundesliga legend. i hope he stay at bayern munich! ❤️
He is not leaving Bayern.. no need to post these things..
Will extend, i'm sure, stay legend, u are Davies mentor and everybody want u to say <3
Vishnu Mahesh
Vishnu Mahesh:
Did any chelsea fans get recommended this today? YouTube’s algorithms are amazing
He's been at the top for so long and is still only 28
Sinobuhle Mbatha
Sinobuhle Mbatha:
One of the best left backs the world has seen
Mdibrahim Junior
Mdibrahim Junior:
Bayern munich has the best speedy left back david alaba and alponso davies
He is what you call, pure magic! He's also one of the pieces that help Bayern achieve anything.
Tarini Prasad Sahoo
Tarini Prasad Sahoo:
Every manager like to have Alaba because he can play as a LB,CB,LM,LW,CM
Ashwin Joshy
Ashwin Joshy:
David Alaba! Welcome to Real Madrid!⚪
Life is a Game of knowing your role
Life is a Game of knowing your role:
Alaba Is something else to be honest I have never seen a more complete footballer then him #legend
Jonathan Freund
Jonathan Freund:
Im so glad that Davies came cause Alaba has been my favorite player since i was 7 years old and i was not looking forward to the day he would retire but now Davies is here it's like a version 2 of him. A legend and will always be. Best player to play every position ever
Ralston Bodhi
Ralston Bodhi:
He also scored a good goal in that 8-2 against Bayern what a hit son!! 🔥 🔥
Daniel Ramones
Daniel Ramones:
Those free kicks, amazing
He is the most complete player ever!!!! He can play as a full back, centre back, defensive midfielder, and winger.
Rithik Sebastian
Rithik Sebastian:
He has been consistently good for so many years. Hard to find players like that.
Why Not Football?
Why Not Football?:
Bayern's treasure, with great consistency and versatility🔥
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs:
Welcome to Madrid David!
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
David Alaba has got some very awesome moves!!! Rocksteady player on my favourite Bundesliga team!!! MiaSanMia ❤️
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Wait wait wait!... Don't tell me he's leaving?! 😭
Treble szn
Treble szn:
Sooooo versatile
King A
King A:
He's been at the top so long you'd think hes like 32 by now. Such a legend and I hope Davies is the next Alaba if not better.
Koka Nakalasinan
Koka Nakalasinan:
love Alaba...Top high..
Suranjan Kapil
Suranjan Kapil:
Really he is also the main cause for Bayern's 9th title!!!!!!
Ayush M
Ayush M:
Rehan Zahid
Rehan Zahid:
*player appreciation video* : *exists*
Fans: iS hE LeaViNg😮
Christophe Oosterwijk
Christophe Oosterwijk:
what a corner and a goal!
Arthik Kalyanpur
Arthik Kalyanpur:
Welcome to chelsea 💙💙💙
Pure Progression
Pure Progression:
Favourite Alaba moment? 🤔 When he joins Lewandowski @ Everton 💫💫💙💙💙💙
Akshay Shivratri
Akshay Shivratri:
I can't wait to see him at barca 😍
Golden boy
Golden boy:
One of the best LB in the world 👏❤🙏🔥✌
we need him play for real madrid 😍
Barça would love to have you. Please consider joining.
Salman Farsi
Salman Farsi:
I like Alaba's all moments.
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ
ʀɪᴏ ᴍᴀʀᴛɪɴ:
My favorite lb 😍
ye boi jake
ye boi jake:
my favorite momement of this vudeo will be when alaba renews his contract please alaba stay at bayern
dur1 m4r
dur1 m4r:
best moment when he joined MU and helped them to become champions again... :D joking, thats only dreams
He is so underatted
Welcome to real Madrid 🙏🏻❤️
charles asamoah boadi
charles asamoah boadi:
Do best of Alphonso Davies
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard:
welcome to chelsea blues for life💙💙
lemoi konyak
lemoi konyak:
VsSoccer DM10
VsSoccer DM10:
Budesliga's channel. who is editor?? he is master. Much better than any other league's channel
Alvaro BLITZ
Alvaro BLITZ:
David alaba is a player of mystro
He can do anything becaus he is one of bundesliga leader🔥🔥🔥🔥👑👑
Alaba si tu me lit signe un nouveau contrat please 🙏📝❤️🤍
david archangels
david archangels:
If we comes to liverpool, damn 😉
Welcome to real madrid alaba❤️❤️
Kiril Popov
Kiril Popov:
That is my favourite footballer!😍😍🇦🇹🇦🇹
Alnaboolsy 23
Alnaboolsy 23:
غزال ♥ الاسمر
That's why I want to buy him in Fifa career mode!!!!!!
Selwyn Flores
Selwyn Flores:
Sham Singh
Sham Singh:
He is a Austrian🇦🇹 warrior
Krum Angelov
Krum Angelov:
I can't see his super play because I can’t watch Bundesliga. If he transfers to a team in another league, I can see his super play. But I don’t want him to leave Bayern...
Chronical 423
Chronical 423:
Who knows who’s first, maybe the first person to watch it didn’t comment!
Boss 98
Boss 98:
I think he need a new challenge because is a very top players and I want see him in another big team
Vatsal Shah
Vatsal Shah:
They only make this type of video, when that player is about to leave
Santiago Ch
Santiago Ch:
I'm not ready for this
Sayed Hasan Shawon
Sayed Hasan Shawon:
Welcome to the greatest club in the world
Ryan H
Ryan H:
Alaba leaving or something 👀
Maulana zufadlin
Maulana zufadlin:
Best of David Alaba
Zaber 0087
Zaber 0087:
this guy was downgraded to 83 rating in fifa 20 career mode foolish ea
Erwin Santana
Erwin Santana:
Alaba very good
Ashazur Rahman
Ashazur Rahman:
Archisman Chakraborty
Archisman Chakraborty:
Him Jordi and Marcelo a part of a generation
ayoube usmh
ayoube usmh:
Best moments his free kick
Kristian Goga
Kristian Goga:
Alaba is an insane player
jromero 177
jromero 177:
Since bayern are going to let thiago goal, wouldn't it make sense for Bayern to make alaba stay if they let him play in center mid like he always wanted to and seee if he can fill in thiago boots, alaba can make good passes too and tackle
Don't let him go yall.
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen:
I feel like Man Utd should go for this guy. He's better than Shaw, and even if we want to play Shaw as left back, we can play him as a CB or a CDM. He has pace, shooting ability and good pass range.
Fabio Lo Gerfo
Fabio Lo Gerfo:
When they do these videos it means that he is gonna leave
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali:
How much on earth is he rated 84 on fifa?!?!
Gabriel Olukotun
Gabriel Olukotun:
Good luck at real madrid
Poo Poo
Poo Poo:
He's a class act
M G R:
tout simplement le meilleur arrière gauche de la planète!
Rəvan Cəfərli
Rəvan Cəfərli:
David alaba super
siphosethu zulu
siphosethu zulu:
Who's here after the United link.
Guy Brown
Guy Brown:
Welcome to Liverpool!
Dharma Irmansyah
Dharma Irmansyah:
this is a goodbye video isn't it? lol
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne:
If Alcantara leave the team, why not Alaba in center middlefield with Kimmich?
Faathir Muhammad
Faathir Muhammad:
Does Coutinho has a permanent contract? Why he was appear in the ending of the video?
Narendra Fikri
Narendra Fikri:
Alaba Robertson alba
tiago games
tiago games:
i think alphonso davies could be the best left back in the world
Sreenath Reddy
Sreenath Reddy:
Who is here after he is linked to Chelsea?
Felipe Polacci
Felipe Polacci:
Zaturno 23
Zaturno 23:
It's all good
It's all good:
His time at Bayern is up. Too good to be on the bench. Once the defense lineup gets healthy he unfortunately is the odd man out. Pavard, Sule, Hernández, Davies. Kimmich at CDM
Hadyn Milton
Hadyn Milton:
No-one talking bout that a couthino goal?
Hashim Ali
Hashim Ali:
David Alaba Welcome to Manchester City
Pro gaming Tv
Pro gaming Tv:
Fruity Animal
Fruity Animal:
We don't need him if he rejects us
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
All best movents hai