Best Of Lakers Vs. Nuggets Season Series!

Ahead of Western Conference Finals Game 1 TONIGHT at 9:00 pm/et on TNT, relive the BEST of the Lakers vs. Nuggets season series!

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jeb beeson
jeb beeson:
That lebron block broke the advertisement so inspirational man.
Ozan Ercin
Ozan Ercin:
Lakers killin it this season, but denver is playing incredible in the playoffs
Swanky Pants
Swanky Pants:
4:57 the sound of his dunk. gorilla dunk..
Tik Tok For Life
Tik Tok For Life:
This series will be very interesting, Nuggest not gonna back down!
Donbezzy Thompson
Donbezzy Thompson:
I'm impressed by Alex Caruso he puts on a show .
One 1
One 1:
Basketball is simply the greatest game ever
weird indian guy
weird indian guy:
lakers stay humble!!
D Thomas
D Thomas:
Lebron running through the west like he did the East.
Jackson Yon
Jackson Yon:
Fun fact: we see that plumlee wears 24 in this video. He changed it to 7 to honor Kobe after his death
Lenext Owens
Lenext Owens:
Watching the game in the arena with the fans is amazing we all miss it 🇺🇲🏀
Mr. Pointman
Mr. Pointman:
Playing against denver is REALLY is like a Playoffs game
this is gonna be a close series
my best experiences that I'm watching basketball goal
I really want the nuggets to win but it’s very unlikely
tristan tobar
tristan tobar:
That kyle kuzma game winner was a knee slapper, hope to see him perform well and have fun
Gravy Yt
Gravy Yt:
The nuggets lost that bubble game because they played there bench the whole time and the nuggets where still making the game hard for them
Kenneth Bui
Kenneth Bui:
Does anybody remember when LeBron said postgame after he put up a triple double vs the Nuggets that it felt like a playoff game?
Just looking at fans in the stands makes me sad😥
i pray anyone that sees this is successful in life......
You are the national basketball association can we get 1080p like cmon my PlayStation uploads better quality smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ respect your fans
Just Browsin'
Just Browsin':
I like the matchup. This is gonna be good.
Sn4ke is meh
Sn4ke is meh:
i don't expect denver would go into semifinal and that's an awesome achievment . Good luck to both team
Damn weird feeling when there is crowd watching
Russell Fiscian
Russell Fiscian:
0:00 always gotta start the vid with Bron😩
Harvey Madu
Harvey Madu:
Just thinking lebron is going to retire soon haunts me 😥
Michael Kim
Michael Kim:
Show me Denver win on semifinal.
Let's go Denver. Revolution will work.
Denver literally won because Bron didn't play..
Sad news: Giannis won MVP and not LeBron :(
The game looks so different now without the fans there.... I kinda forgot how it looks.
Chilling to realize that half these people in the crowd are probably dead now. Damn you, Covid-19 DAMN YOU!
Jenn Jenn
Jenn Jenn:
Lakers will win the finals for Kobe & Gianna ❤️
Abhir Appaiah Kuppanda Aiyappa
Abhir Appaiah Kuppanda Aiyappa:
truth truth
truth truth:
Damn Nuggets played with bench the whole 4th quarter
Anja Turner
Anja Turner:
Bro they're 3-1 in the season. 👀
Devin Funck(ST)
Devin Funck(ST):
this is going to be a good match up between the lakers vs nuggets game 1
*me playing cod*

gf:babe can we go to the mall today?
me: no im tired

*gf slaps me from behind*

me: 8:54
View Portal
View Portal:
I respect both teams
Ian Soriano-Gueta
Ian Soriano-Gueta:
Lakers and Nuggets are 3-1 in season matches respectively..... hmmm.... is it a pattern? lmao
mpj has to be the xfactor for denver in this series. He needs to.
Napo litano
Napo litano:
Nuggets in 7 😆
PP_ givva
PP_ givva:
This gave me to much confidence in the Lakers rn 😂 more than it should I hope we have a long memorable series Lakers in 7 💪😎
Patrick Kumah
Patrick Kumah:
Nuggets home court lightening is the best. Lakers 2nd
SePtic Toad
SePtic Toad:
The nuggets have also developed MPJ in the long while and Jamaal Murray is looking like a different person
Lakers gunna lose game one then win all four in a row
Mr.yuzo Advincula
Mr.yuzo Advincula:
Dekitang laban to bukas,,,game1
Carl Chester Villamor
Carl Chester Villamor:
Sino pilipino dto?
Kaye Ruddock
Kaye Ruddock:
I totally agree with everyone who thought the umpires had a hand in last night game. I'm a basketball player and a Raptors fan but it was very obvious that the game wasn't been officiating fairly and the umpires had full control of the game. It was very sad and upsetting to watch a NBA semifinal game been umpired like that and games continued to be officiating unfairly. It's the same way Clippers 1st two games against Denver were umpired. I've never imagined a semifinal for Lakers had to be official like that.... 32 free throws in the 1st half only for the lakers and 5 free throws in the 2nd half. Clearly the 2nd half and the 4th quarter had been umpired differently.
#NBA umpires need to be educated on how to keep it professional and fair. They can't be officiating the games if their favorite team is playing.
Reverend Brown
Reverend Brown:
When Kyle kuzma has the sisqo hair he doesn’t play good
Andre Wilson
Andre Wilson:
Didn't watch one of their games, highlights look like nuggets cant get the crucial stop but are right there.
I think that Lakers dont have a chance in this duel!
Levi Jerome
Levi Jerome:
Going get the broom
Certified Yungeen
Certified Yungeen:
So they never beat us😅
Y. K
Y. K:
Marco Quiroz
Marco Quiroz:
Who’s here because you on your smartphone?
Shakiban Watt
Shakiban Watt:
I do not owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Anthony Aureada
Anthony Aureada:
Lebron james king of the east and king of the west
João Franco
João Franco:
Boueka abraham
Boueka abraham:
LeBron doesn't won the MVP
Tonight he will gets the nervosity
He will break all things
Cristian Ciriaco garcia
Cristian Ciriaco garcia:
Primero 1
Kshithij S
Kshithij S:
Every time i hear the word Lakers, i think about kobe
John williams
John williams:
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truth truth
truth truth:
JOKER was All NBA First team last year and second team this year,definitely best big man in NBA
Akah Ra
Akah Ra:
Lakers should sweep in a cakewalk...4-0 all blowouts and Lebron doesn't even need his STEROIDS!!
Dont mess with the King
Crazy Ballerz
Crazy Ballerz:
1:39 look at that
Only blowout was a denver W 🥱. Denver in 6
Евгений Пронин
Евгений Пронин:
За Денвер сегодня ночью!
Kuzma Ftw
FaZe Showdow gaming
FaZe Showdow gaming:
Marija Glisic
Marija Glisic:
The last clip is it their game 1 in semifinals 2020?
you’ll have to wait
you’ll have to wait:
Look at alllllll that covid in the crowd😳😳😳😩
Fish_Repairs _
Fish_Repairs _:
Let’s go nuggs
Adam Goncalves
Adam Goncalves:
Who do you suppose is going to make the 2020 NBA finals and win the championship?!
2009 WCF Lakers vs Nuggets. Kobe vs Melo. Funny thing is that JR Smith was in the Nuggets roster at that time
Big Donkey
Big Donkey:
Let’s go rokets
bryle bacalso
bryle bacalso:
hey im 15 year old height 60
Turn the damm lights on Staples Center! It’s a basketball game not the Opera.
TYP Freshman
TYP Freshman:
Kobe and Lakers beat rockets in second round and beat Denver in conference finals and won his 4rth ring lebron beat rockets in second round and will beat Denver in conference finals lebron to win his 4rth ring
Bryan La Movie
Bryan La Movie:
Armando Salgado
Armando Salgado:
In light of the NBA supporting BLM, why isn't any body concerned with the girlfriends and wives of NBA, NFL players and other pro sports being violently assaulted ?
Make ItRight
Make ItRight:
Lebron you are sad
It's okay when cops get shot sitting in the car.
You say nothing but if a person of color gets you say a lot stick to bouncing
The ball.
shelby 614
shelby 614:
Lakers all the way. Wish Kobe was here to see them win (R.I.P KOBE) this years championship is for you. Hopefully many more for a couple years.
Cooper Sharkey
Cooper Sharkey:
The last digit of your like is what NBA player you are:

0. Luka Doncic
1. Nikola Jokic
2. Kobe Bryant
3. Stephen Curry
4. Anthony Bennett
5. Giannis Antetokounmpo
6. Lonzo Ball
7. Michael Jordan
8. Zion Williamson
9. LeBron James
David Torres
David Torres:
what was the result of the season series?
Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin:
NBA players- move to China and live with your fans and masters
I’m so hyped for this season and ones to come
Lakers in 5
Chad Stephens
Chad Stephens:
Denver please sweep Lakers send Lebron home back to LA where he belongs. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸USA
Cerilo naive
Cerilo naive:
I miss Kobe!!!when he smile and watch the game of Lakers!
Hey Game lovers let's the play with me✅🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇺🇺🇸😉
playing without a crowd totally changes games. This playoff is gonna be a lot closer than most think.
Alain Mancilla
Alain Mancilla:
Clippers in 5
Ja Leon Smith
Ja Leon Smith:
i guess this put a picture in our head of who going to the finals
Jonathan Childers
Jonathan Childers:
Beast why are you wearing a Cincinnati shirt
Shifu San
Shifu San:
Nuggets never beat the lakers this season. Maybe just maybe they'll win one.
Luccas Alcantara
Luccas Alcantara:
there's no way lebron lose to a team with paul millsap
Miami coming for you Lakers
keith warren
keith warren:
My superteam lakers will smoke this ordinary nuggets team.
Lakers in 4.
Ben 10 Gaming Zone
Ben 10 Gaming Zone:
I spend my most of time in "recording", "gameplay" and editing and uploading. I need all my brother's and sisters' support. 🙏🙏🙏