Best Of LeBron James | 2019-20 NBA Season

Check out the best of LeBron James from the 2019-20 season so far!

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Zach Bob
Zach Bob:
>when Lebron's mid-season highlights look better than most players career
Alex Carrillo
Alex Carrillo:
Passing like Magic. Getting to the rim MJ. Pulling up like Kobe. This man is just incredible.
John Carlo Ramos
John Carlo Ramos:
he actually looks faster and quicker than his legendary 2018 season imo.
Isaiah Ngowi
Isaiah Ngowi:
RIP to my NBA streaming site. How tf did the link lead me here smh
When this man retires, the whole of the basketball world will remember his name.
AciN 29
AciN 29:
As I've observed, in this season, every opponents homecourt, fans cheered for LeBron even though it's not lakers court. Mama there goes that man..
Jinwook Kim
Jinwook Kim:
the most hyped basketball player ever and he somehow lives up to it
LeBron James
LeBron James:
14:10 "Kobe Bryant in attendance tonight" hits so different man that shit hurt while i was enjoying these highlights.
Thank Bron for bringing joy to this Lakers season and revitalizing the org. Let's get this chip for Bean!
Arjun Veettil
Arjun Veettil:
8:08 somebody said “I know that they’re Lakers but DAMN”
Averaging 26/8/11 on 50% shooting in his age-35 season, leading a team with the league's 2nd best record in the harder conference. Lakers are nearly +11 points better when he's on the floor. An easy top 3 player in his 17th season, with a good argument for being number 1.
We will probably never see someone like LeBron James again.
Carravaggio Mikelson
Carravaggio Mikelson:
I don't know how someone can hate this man, the passing is unreal , the unselfishness is unreal , the scoring is unreal (27.1) career points ppg
Must be scary playing against a player you know can score at will and instead chooses to pass instead
He won’t be old. Win or lose he is entertaining and never give up
Gavin Shay
Gavin Shay:
This mans season highlights are literally better than most players career highlights 😂 to be doing this at 35 & in his 17th season is just unprecedented.
Walid Waloda
Walid Waloda:
defending, assisting and scoring, you rarely see such a kind of players like him.
the real meaning of a complete player
Wolf Trey
Wolf Trey:
3:00 Lebron Advocating for the 5 point line.
Heavy Chevy
Heavy Chevy:
😂 dayuuuum you gotta love watching LeBron work! Rip to Kobe, I’m glad we got LBJ at laker nation to keep the highlights alive like Kobe use too!
Big B!!
Big B!!:
This man is the GOAT been watching him since I was young, it’s gonna be tough the day he retires
Javier I. Sampedro
Javier I. Sampedro:
One of his best seasons, no doubt. Playing like a freshman, unbelievable skills
Yaniel Mendez
Yaniel Mendez:
It’s gonna be a real sad day when this man decides to hang up the jersey. Thank you bron!
Astro Mcknight
Astro Mcknight:
14:11 "kobe bryant in attendance tonight" dang i miss kobe 😔😔
2:55 I love when he just randomly does this.
14:11 Commentator says "...and of course Kobe Bryant in attendance tonight ..." this is hearth breaking, who knew?!😪
Thomas Labelle
Thomas Labelle:
Never in my life I've seen a sports magazine be more on the money than Sports Illustrated back in the days when they had him on the cover saying "The Chosen One"
Junior Barthelemy
Junior Barthelemy:
They had me at “Kobe Bryant is in attendance tonight”
Aspie Einstein
Aspie Einstein:
Lakers gonna win that 2020 NBA championship! I ❤️ the Lakers, who's with me?!
8:08 “I know they’re the Lakers but damn” LMAO
Hoops Historian
Hoops Historian:
It's unbelievable the level of athleticism this guy still has at 35 years of age.
Aitken Lee
Aitken Lee:
it is amazing if a guy got 25.5.5 average in a season. But its would be known as 'not good', if the data is for LBJ
Brandon King
Brandon King:
8:07 "I know they the lakers but damn" that one hit lol
I hAte SnAkEu YaLL
I hAte SnAkEu YaLL:
who's here after dynamite? i saw the 'lebron' word on jk's lyric LMAO
RJ Quick
RJ Quick:
Man this dude season by season highlights are just beyond amazing!!!!! Mr. Non-Stop Action with the Dunks, Blocks, Shots and Passing.

He really is the total package!!!
VA Visuals
VA Visuals:
8:10 “I know they the lakers but damn” 😂😂😂
I Dont Even Know
I Dont Even Know:
“Kobe Bryant in attendance tonight” 😭😭😭
Jaden Klipa
Jaden Klipa:
And yet the day after LeBron passed Kobe. Kobe passed away with Gigi😔
This is why I love Lebron.
Some of the best basketball highlights I’ve ever seen and it’s a half of season worth. 🤯
Its actually insane that so many ppl in the comment section can’t even praise lebron without comparing him to somebody else.

“yea he’s good but he’ll never be as good as...”

“yea he had the best year 17 seasons ever but...”

Everything's Fun
Everything's Fun:
When this man retires, the whole of the basketball world will remember his name.😆😃
Daniel Ibañez
Daniel Ibañez:
He’s the real mvp ☄️🔥
7:50 he Just passed it like "nah i dont want this sh*t in my hands"
High School LBJ
High School LBJ:
The greatest player I’ve ever witnessed. The hate he gets is so unwarranted. Since high school he’s been expected to be the next MJ and Magic. He lived up to all the hype
andrew carrillo
andrew carrillo:
1:34 the day before Kobe died 😖 I was literally wearing his jersey on that day 😫
Kobe is the Goat
Kobe is the Goat:
“Romeo, Romeo where art thou HELP!” Lol JVG is hilarious
Lebron the goat James
Lebron the goat James:
22 minutes of greatness🐐🐐 great vid 👍💪
Larry Okoye
Larry Okoye:
He’s IQ is extremely impressive..
K i Double Z
K i Double Z:
As long as I have been watching the nba I have NEVER seen a player perform this well at this age. In my opinion he not only is the greatest of this era but now making the case for the goat.
KİNG of the world
KİNG of the world:
Everything for the kobe...
8:09 "I know they the Lakers but damn" 😂😂
Zachary Peterson
Zachary Peterson:
3:34 I never saw this game so at first I thought they just added a clip of him shooting a regular 3 lmao
ichbin ocean
ichbin ocean:
8:08 "I know they're the Lakers but damn" 😂😂😂😂
Unxtt Op
Unxtt Op:
1:11 “He’s GeTtinG rEaDy tO sHOoT iT”
James Awe
James Awe:
3:42 mans tryna take curry and klays record. Mans trying to make sure he’s at the top for every nba record possible before he retires
Logan Hector
Logan Hector:
LeBron: Fighting for more records, rings and respect.
Covid: Hold my mask
Lee Racing
Lee Racing:
3:28 is my favorite
Adrian Maddox
Adrian Maddox:
Awesome video NBA. As a life long Laker fan, to edit the video to where you show LeBron in Philly passing Kobe. Then to show one of Kobe's signature dunks done by LeBron, was brilliant and Love. Love our team!
Daniel Wong
Daniel Wong:
The best player ever!LeBron James!
8:09 gets me everytime "I know they're the Laker, but damn!"
Raph Gau
Raph Gau:
This guy having multiples prime time, for 17 seasons, is this guy from another planet? Thats some cheeeeeeese
Lee Lee
Lee Lee:
I'm here because Dynamite
The 9ine God
The 9ine God:
LJ improved on his shooting so well. He always had good form and could bank from beyond the arc. But my god his fucking range and vertical and form have improved to heights I never imagined man.
I just wanna commend brooklyn net's court, that looked mad sick
Raul Labadan
Raul Labadan:
NBA's never gonna be the same without him
Jack Buck
Jack Buck:
Who's here after he won finals MVP?
Josh Sanchez
Josh Sanchez:
8:07 "I know they the Lakers but damn"😂😂😂
Johnny Kallon
Johnny Kallon:
4:50 Look at Lebron he already knew the three ball was going in 💪🏾🐐🔥
5:41 nuclear explosion
Rage Devil
Rage Devil:
That really sting’s that game when he pass kobe in scoring😞😞😞

-Cause the next day the mamba died..
Random dude in the back "I know they the Lakers but DAMN!" LOL
8:08 “I know they the Lakers but damn” 😂😭😭🦾🦾🦾🦾
Boss Bhinta
Boss Bhinta:
Los Angeles Lakers have an obsession with the greatest players of NBA
KOBE, James, Jabbar, Johnson, O'Neal
Best Performances based on ESPN ranking Season 2019-20 on my channel,Lebron at 10 position vs Dallas
Jordan Jo
Jordan Jo:
At 8:07 “I know they are the Lakers but daamn” then the dunk by Lebron 😂😂😂Magical
6:08 CP be like : "nah, i aint getting posterized" 😂😂
Twinky Masters
Twinky Masters:
I love Lebron James 🔥🔥🔥
People are just saying that he is bad. They need to watch this video.
Logan Hector
Logan Hector:
LeBron: Fighting for more records, rings and respect.
Covid: Hold my mask
Keno Ocampo
Keno Ocampo:
I'll comeback 100% ready for the 17th 💍
Razor Desterock
Razor Desterock:
His is really strong
MVP candidates every season until now. Respect for him.
Marcos Cordova
Marcos Cordova:
“And of course Kobe is in attendance” hit me hard 😢😢😢😢still can’t believe
Maverick Cotsen
Maverick Cotsen:
14:15 Kobe in attendence...
Mr Blue
Mr Blue:
Looking at this you'd think Jordan's the one chasing ghosts 👻
C O:
You missed the highlight where he complained that some pesky manager had to support Hong Kong's protests for freedom, which may not help him make dough.
Kira Morris
Kira Morris:
The versatility of his game is EPIC! Love this man to death. G.O.A.T forever mane!
I really admire Lebron James. I've been watching him since 2003 and it's been an up and down ride with him. When all is said and done he could be a top 3 greatest who ever played basketball or argubly even D GOAT. Because of this he inspired me to create my own channel that talks about the NBA, its players and more! Long live the King!
Fernando Gabaon
Fernando Gabaon:
LBJ deserving to be a MVP this season
Bayou Bully
Bayou Bully:
8:08 “I know their the Lakers but damn bruh” 😂🤣😂
14:08 still cant figure out who was screaming l o l
5:10 this was similar alley oop from LBJ to AD in NBA finals game 5 on a fastbreak
A B:
Lebron “Goat” James
8:07 “ I know they the lakers but DAMN” 😂😂😂
Say Never Broke Agin
Say Never Broke Agin:
“i know they the lakers but DAMN” 🤣🤣
Trystean Davis
Trystean Davis:
8:08 " I know they the Lakers but damn! " Lmaooooo buddy is over it
maru kal
maru kal:
"terminator mode is on"i can not believe this guy is reall,am so inlove with him,how can he do that??the best at scoring in such epic ways,assisting,defence...i love him
Jacob Becker
Jacob Becker:
8:07 “Ik we the lakers but damn”😂
Zakariya Ahmad
Zakariya Ahmad:
When lebron’s mid season highlights are better then kawhi’s playoff highlights