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Mags Designs
Mags Designs:
many people will come here after djokovic being disqualified by accidentally hitting a line official.
Tommy Greenwood
Tommy Greenwood:
3:38 Neymar would be very impressed
Prakash Rajamohan
Prakash Rajamohan:
Novak is a rare sports personality. He is jovial, humble and when it comes to grand slams he transforms into a warrior. Proud of you Novak.
I don't follow tennis that much but he is really cool dude
He can play, he can dance, he can impersonate, he can speak languages, he can make me laugh!! He's the best!!
Benjamim Mattos
Benjamim Mattos:
4:30 "Give me your best shot" 😂😂😂😂😂
Che Lazar
Che Lazar:
He also spend a lot of money for Serbia and Italy in Corona times great Men
He is the most humorous player
Fure ZF
Fure ZF:
I eddited this comment so that you dont know why i got so many likes
That thumbnail 😏🤣 Jelena made him sleep on the couch after that!
4:29 was that a revenge for his imitation? 🤣
Нико Димитрий Полетаев
Нико Димитрий Полетаев:
So much love for Djokovic.. 🇷🇸 ♥ 🇷🇺
El Valen
El Valen:
Two words: Charisma and Talent
vishal sharma
vishal sharma:
Its amazing that he has haters .. but I guess thats a prerequisite of being successful
Chris S
Chris S:
Love a pro athlete who doesn't take himself too seriously.
Bob Marley
Bob Marley:
Who is watching after Wimbledon 2019 victory over Fed?
4:36 what he said exactly?
Juan Ermení
Juan Ermení:
No way, this man is a whole good guy
Mister Lister
Mister Lister:
The Sharapova imitation gets me every time 😂😂 he's brilliant
4:30 Novak: give me your best shot
She did 😂😂
Onur 4107
Onur 4107:
4:33 hahahah sharapova know where to throw.classic russian girl.
Who is watching after Australian Open 2020 victory over Dominic Thiem?
Arik Ahnaf
Arik Ahnaf:
0:57 was emotional
I'm a nadal fan, but if I had to choose the best personality of the game, def. djoker.
Renan C. Maia
Renan C. Maia:
He is the BEST in every sense!!!!!
ved doctor
ved doctor:
Unbelievable that such a man is disqualified from the US open for hitting a line referee with the ball 🎾
Lenieda X
Lenieda X:
GLADIATOR: "he knows exactly what is Rome. It's not its politic, it's its population".
marley Mathers
marley Mathers:
He’s just incredible. The world would be so much better if more were like him. Tennis players can be notoriously funny, kind, generous, big hearted and the most thoughtful sports athletes of all
M 69
M 69:
A pure soul. love and Respect.
Fredrik Karlsson
Fredrik Karlsson:
I just love his personality, he is funny and he have a heart of gold <3
2:27 hilarious :))))
ریحان ارشد
ریحان ارشد:
He's such a jolly character. Beautiful human
When he did Sharapova 😂
Lucas Narváez
Lucas Narváez:
The vibes that this guy transmite are the best feelings ever!
Mian Aatzaz Hassan Siddiqui
Mian Aatzaz Hassan Siddiqui:
I love this man .. He enjoys ground and let's the ground enjoy him ..
Arnav Jaydev
Arnav Jaydev:
Djokovic's doing what he loves

I'm talking about dancing not tennis 🤣🤣🤣
Jovan Stojanovic
Jovan Stojanovic:
Nole legendo....
Ashraf Shaikh
Ashraf Shaikh:
he is so nice, true sport
As a Korean, I am proud of Gangnam-style songs
Sheema Frames
Sheema Frames:
The Boy With The umbrella was the best. He felt so proud & Happy. The Cheers was just awesome!!
4:36 someone can explain please ?
Rx Hx
Rx Hx:
true longest tennisperson of alls times, i always impressed
Deja Tigar
Deja Tigar:
Jedan je veliki Novak Đoković legenda Srbije.
Priyadarshan Nag
Priyadarshan Nag:
2:29 I anticipated the scream but didn’t expect it to be so exaggerated 🤣🤣🤣
Djokovic is the Best.....
Rick B.
Rick B.:
He's a showman, no doubt, but the part I like about him: He does it to make the crowd laugh....its entertainment..
BolsoGato Commeiavida
BolsoGato Commeiavida:
Que Pessoa humilde de bom humor..Parabéns.
Not only he's a great player but also hilarious and he's so gorgeous!
Beug Auen
Beug Auen:
in love with him
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef:
For me my favorite player Nadal but Djokovic so much lovely he is so funny
Subhan Khan
Subhan Khan:
nice people in serbia i love it
Hamza Gaba
Hamza Gaba:
0:53 this moment he earned respect from all over the world
Dorin New_life
Dorin New_life:
The way he took off his shirt and let those girls massage him though!!
David López
David López:
He´s the GOAT playing tennis and his personality is amazing. That´s why I´m a huge fan of him #NoleFam
Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner
Mary Rabêlo. S. Wagner:
For a world with more guys like this, please! 😂😍❤️
thekingpaj 7
thekingpaj 7:
Balkanci ima li vas? Posle 3 godine😁
He is good football player can also play tennis.

Susana Ortega Plock
Susana Ortega Plock:
I'm a supporter of Nadal, but I must say that Djokovic is quite amazing
Bryan Sibaja
Bryan Sibaja:
3:38 Neymar: mira ese potencial
Luka Jovanović
Luka Jovanović:
Lemon Lemonovy
Lemon Lemonovy:
0:36 is the right moment when all 4 girls actually got pregnant at the same time
Fighting Spirit
Fighting Spirit:
She’s not aiming his heads but thinking of his balls when she took that shot
Panji Fahmin
Panji Fahmin:
2:55 his skill better than Ousmane Dembele and Theo Hernandez
Suat Kaya tennis
Suat Kaya tennis:
The Three Goats

There are 3 contenders (Federer, Nadal & Djokovic) for GOAT, and there are multiple factors to consider in this debate:

Grand Slams won (RF 20, RN 20, ND 17)

ATP finals won (RF 6, RN 0, ND 5)

Masters 1000s won (RF 28, RN 35, ND 36)

Olympic golds won (RF 0, RN 1, ND 0)

All 4 above (RF 54, RN 56, ND 58)

Career grand slam (RF, RN, ND)

Career Golden Masters (ND only)

Head to Head (RF-RN 16–24 RF-ND 23–27 RN-ND 27–29)

No. of weeks as world #1

What can we conclude from these stats?

Federer clearly has won the most grand slams, but when you add the other big titles (ATP finals, Masters 1000 & Olympic gold), all three are pretty much at the same level (RF 54, RN 56, ND 58). Also, given where they are in their respective careers - Federer at 37 and Nadal with his war ravaged body - Djokovic is the one who is most likely to be the overall leader once all three hang up their boots.

While all three have won the career slam, Djokovic is the only one to have held all 4 grand slam titles at the same time. Further, the spread of grand slam titles is heavily skewed for Nadal (13out of 20 are French Opens, and he’s only won once in Melbourne). Federer & Djokovic both have multiple Australian Open, Wimbledon & US Open titles, but have only one French Open title each. Djokovic is likely to win more French Open titles, so he might end up with the widest spread of grand slam titles in the end.

Nadal is the only one with the Golden Slam - all 4 slams plus the Olympic gold (though Djokovic can fix that in Tokyo 2020).

But then, Nadal has never won the ATP finals, which should effectively be considered as the 5th grand slam. If you consider it as the 5th slam, then Federer has won 26, Djokovic 20 and Nadal 18.

However, Novak is the only one to have won all the 9 Masters 1000 titles, whereas Federer & Nadal have won 7 out of 9. So Djokovic is the only player to have won all the 4 grand slams, all 9 Masters 1000s, and the ATP finals.

And when you look at the head-to-head, Djokovic has a winning H2H record against both his rivals, whereas Federer has a losing H2H against both his rivals. Nadal leads Federer but trails Djokovic. This is a bad stat for Federer. Surely you can’t be the GOAT when you have a losing record against the two main rivals from your own era? A peak Federer was a better hardcourt and grassplayer then both Nadal & Djokovic fore sure and the Nadal is better than Federer & Djokovic on clay.

In terms of number of weeks as world #1, Federer at 310 weeks is far ahead of everyone else, but it is very likely that Djokovic (& Nadal) will close the gap in the next 2–3 years.

Overall, my conclusion is as follows:

Federer is the most beautiful tennis player in history and the best ever on grass;

Nadal is the greatest fighter in history, and the best ever on clay;

But stats show that Djokovic is THE best player in history, therefore he is the GOAT.

In any case, Federer, Nadal & Djokovic are undoubtedly the three greatest tennis players of all time. I must mention Borg here - who knows what he might have accomplished had he not quit when he was just 26? But he did, and that’s the end of that. What about Laver? A mixed amateur & pro career can’t be properly assessed, also he played when the sport wasn’t nearly as competitive as it is today.

All three - Federer, Nadal & Djokovic - are an absolute joy to watch, especially when they play against each other, resulting in many of the greatest tennis matches ever played. So, whichever one of them you might be rooting for (me, I’m just “Fed Up”), we are lucky that the three goats play in the same era.
Now i want to see him dancing on this is America.....(US OPEN 2020)😆😂
Lucas Caneta
Lucas Caneta:
The legend !
Panagiotis Michalopoulos
Panagiotis Michalopoulos:
He is electric. He is charming. He is the man that walks into a room and all they eyes turn and look at him. He has a fire burning inside him. An unending passion for life. He is the man and he knows it. He does not need to do something to attract you but just existing makes him attractive 😍
Kayser Soze
Kayser Soze:
So glad to see that he's back, great champion
Tip Fertilizer
Tip Fertilizer:
I'm a man, but I think he is charming
m shizuku
m shizuku:
Jojan Henao
Jojan Henao:
Que personalidad es Nova, tiene la mejor humildad de todos los tenistas a nivel mundial. 👏👏👏👏👏
Mercenary King
Mercenary King:
1:07 look at the opponent
He's a happy guy. One of the few who realized how lucky he's, that's why he's so cool and funny.🙂👍
Анатолий Зайцев
Анатолий Зайцев:
Это наш брат серб))
0:47 made me want to be his bestfriend
gaga nikolic
gaga nikolic:
he is the best, I love him
Tom OGorman
Tom OGorman:
He"s a cool charming cat. O'm 6'3", love woman and respect a guy with class and charm. At 55, I would say he's son in law material. Reminds me of another cool cat, one of the best...Andre Agass.
saimiou he
saimiou he:
He does know how to promote his image . Smart man.
Imran Rakib
Imran Rakib:
Fall in love with this guy
Luc Hof
Luc Hof:
Amazing sportsman with a heart
عبد الحق الراجي
عبد الحق الراجي:
The best of all time
bresnov engineering bresnov engineering
bresnov engineering bresnov engineering:
This is called real "sportiveness"
August Kapogiannis
August Kapogiannis:
Hahaha he is a legend 😂
Thamasha Ishani
Thamasha Ishani:
Im going to love you man. Thas incredible
Rob Oliveira
Rob Oliveira:
Esse é humildade pura
Active Tamal
Active Tamal:
Novak can play football really well.
Algerian-Desert-Warior DZ
Algerian-Desert-Warior DZ:
the world will look so much better if we have just 1 million persons like this formidable man ...Hail to DjoKo
Tunç Öztemir
Tunç Öztemir:
5:15 Nadal would have never stepped on the line. His OCD would not allow him.
_xXPigmenPlaysXx _
_xXPigmenPlaysXx _:
1:47 Mr Bean background laughers
Will Rizakos
Will Rizakos:
He’s my new favourite
Nole is love ❤️. No homo tho 😂
LOL, his Nadal impression was spot on.
belle Cantú
belle Cantú:
Regreso el rey!!!! Grande y único mi Nole!!!
Comment il imite Sharapova c'est juste magique. 😂
baa nai
baa nai:
Omg. What a great guy he is djokovic. Love u
いやん いやんぼー
いやん いやんぼー:
Josh Allen
Josh Allen:
How did he perfectly impersonate nadal like wtf this man can do anything
everyone: Novak Djokovic
me: Rob Swire